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These days we see a lot of this phrase "content marketing" globetrotting our cyberspace, especially where digital marketers are involved (digital marketers like to think they are IT people who can be having a serious convo and punching their phones really fast 😂😂) - I'm both 😎
What's content marketing?
Google's definition "a type of marketing that involves the creation & sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, & social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.
"social media is an integral part of content marketing"

However, that definition seems to make content marketing "online-centric" (New word 😛), because I'm pretty sure content marketing is way more than that, I mean the roadside pepper seller does not use the internet, so🤷‍♂️
The Content Marketing Institute says: "Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action."
Now, that's more like a broader definition of content marketing.

So simply put, content marketing is about putting your content out there, such that it attracts your target audience.

Content Marketing - - - - Equation 1

What is Storytelling?
This is pretty easy for you init?😎
I feel like 98% of us would define Storytelling as the act or skill of being able to tell stories-oh well, I would ask "what then are stories?"

I saw a definition that tells the true story about storytelling, & this is as defined by Berice Dudley (not the Dudley in Harry Potter)
"STORYTELLING is the art in which a teller conveys a message, truths, information, knowledge, or wisdom to an audience – often subliminally – in an entertaining way, using whatever skills, (musical, artistic, creative) or props he chooses, to enhance the audience's enjoyment,
retention and understanding of the message..." Boom!
(I quoted the text as is, and did not paraphrase, I'm well aware of the fact that using "... he chooses" could come of as being insensitive to some people. Please note, storytelling is not gender specific, so no fighting🙏)
Now we have:
Content Marketing - - - Equation 1
Storytelling - - - - - - - - Equation 2

Both of them have one thing in common - "Information"

Merging both together gives you dissemination of information in a very relatable manner.

You can market your content & without
that element of storytelling, it may come out bland and without substance.
If you add an element of "creative" storytelling to your content marketing strategy - there's a better chance of attracting a larger audience & also getting more conversions.

There's a reason I said
"creative storytelling" - if you're not creative about it, your content marketing could be blander than if you didn't add the storytelling element.

If you're observant on Twitter you may have seen bland content, and awesome content... @FamozzyyK is an awesome shoemaker & is the
brain behind @FootiesbyKent he has a creative way of combining stories and visuals in just one Tweet, and even if you don't buy, you'll retweet. There are several others like him who have gotten creative with their marketing tweets on here, and then we have the other others 👀
Content marketing through Storytelling did not start today, I still remember a lot of adverts and jingles from the early '90s (Omo, Joy, Imperial Leather, Vedan, Limca, Amstel Malta, TomTom, Peak, Pears, etc.) while there are so many adverts that died before they lived, because
they lacked substance.

How to Use Storytelling Content Marketing to Tell Powerful Brand Stories: 5 Methods
📌 Add Emotion (Relatable)
📌 Be Original with the Stories
📌 Use Storytelling Content Marketing Links Your Goals
📌 Get Personal, Drop the Blandness
📌 Be Creative
Add Emotion.
This is like one of the easiest and simplest ways to integrate storytelling into your content marketing. Have you seen the Glo and Airtel adverts?
It's one thing to come to Twitter to post:
"Torch lights available
Price: xxxx
Delivery: nationwide
Please Retweet"
And another to post:
"It was stormy, our transformer blew, so I couldn't go out to get fuel for the gen, and I needed to do this photoshoot. I remembered the two XYZ flashlights I got from ABC & voila! just check the photos & be amazed.

I have the flashlights for sale!"
There's a better chance of the second post getting more engagements than the first one--why? The content creator added emotions, made it relatable, I mean we know how it gets when it rains in Lagos, we know how power can go off anytime, especially when there's a storm, we also
want to see the flashlight and the results of using the flashlight for the photoshoot--your mind begins to think about other possibilities with the flashlight, like you could start thinking "Rechargeable ring light is like 50K, and this flashlight is just 5k ooo, I'm getting it"
There you have it. Make your storytelling relatable. People love sensational stuff, give them sensational stuff.
Be Original With Your Stories.

In trying to create buzz around your content, there's the tendency to want to go overboard, and in the process originality will go overboard with you and your story.

I'll give an example. Some years ago, a popular phone brand launched PR for a new
phone they were launching. They said the selfie camera of the phone was just awesome, and the PR picture could make you get a loan just to get the phone. It turned out the picture was a stock photo that the phone company bought and had edited--Busted!!!

So it is imperative to
pay attention to originality.
Use Storytelling Content Marketing to Link your Goals.

This is self explanatory. What do you hope to achieve at the end of your content marketing campaign? Sales? Awareness? Recognition? Your storytelling content marketing strategy should be a factor of your goals. Focus!!!
Get Personal, Drop the Blandness!

Sometimes we get used to old methods that we become complacent & get left behind. Your competitors are employing new methods to get customers, clients, consumers, partners, etc. You need to get personal with how you market your brand's content
Brands that have employed storytelling content marketing strategies have been able to get more connections, reach a larger audience, and gotten improved engagements because they got personal. Let your brand show that you're thinking like the human that you are.
Don’t be boring!
Be Creative!

Do I really need to explain that you need creativity? If you think it's beyond you to be creative with your storytelling content marketing, you should hire a good content creator.

Okay, now that you have the basics (these are actually things you know, right?)
You can go back to your drawing board, or get your team, and create that awesome content marketing strategy that'll tell amazing stories and improve your engagement.
Thank you for the retweets and likes 😁

Feel free to drop your thoughts and further explanations.

Time to go back to E-No-Concern-Me Twitter and Thick Aunties Twitter ✌️

*drops mic* *sips B milk* Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
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