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#TrumpsWar is #ReagansWar and #TrumansWar and #LincolnsWar and #WashingtonsWar.

These events are linked.

They didn't start them but they made damn sure they did their best to finish them, saving millions of lives.

Never forget the work that has gone before. #WeGotThis
To expand on the points made:

There isn't going to be a #TrumpsWar in the way the appeasing, lying, fearmongering Democrats want there to be.

He is responding in lawful self defense to what was started in the Middle East after WWI. Yes, WWI.
History shows that yes, it is a binary choice. Kill or be killed.

Humans have defended themselves against aggression since human life on earth began.

Like it or not, the Middle East is crucial to world security because oil fuels transport & their oil is cheap to access.
You can't "keep it in the ground." Not gonna happen.

Did you know that the device you are using is made from oil? And the medical gear that could save your life one day. And modern life, fundamentally.

Become Amish if you want but I'm not joining u.

I'd die without plastic.
Literally, each day I use certain plastic products made from oil in order to stay alive. Insulin pens, for starters.

There are thousands of similar examples. No transportation alternative exists or is likely to exist in the next century to replace oil.

The oil industry worldwide matters.

Trump has already made the US energy dominant. But allowing the murderous Iranian regime to keep using its oil reserve to blackmail others is bad for everyone, incl. the region.

US citizens & companies can't exit the region, either.
Individuals & companies from around the world have a natural right to live & work in the Mid East if they want to. All our countries have a vested interest in security there. It's not gonna change.

European elites have a stranglehold on the anti-US narrative that enables Iran.
Oil for modern energy use was discovered in the US in 1859. By 1901 a second major discovery ensured that human life on earth would be transformed by oil, and importantly, that includes human self defense, in the form of how to sustain a war effort, such as in WWI and WWII.
We won WWII because Hitler ran out of oil.

The November 1942 British Empire victory at El Alamein in Egypt ensured this. Rommel could not advance through Cairo into the area that is now Israel, Jordan & Iraq.…
This meant that Hitler was forced to seek oil by engaging with the USSR, and we know how that worked out for him.

It tool the UK & US 2 years to gear up industrial production enough for D-Day in June 1944.

We were not #ready. Trump's top priority has been military readiness.
During WWI, Churchill the MP was in a job equivalent to the US secretary of the navy.

He knew that UK coal fired ships would ensure war victories by Germany or others. He ensured that oil made the UK ready. Others reduced her readiness, including the appeasers of the 1930s.
To get enough oil to make the UK military ready for self defense and a lengthy war at any time, Middle Eastern oil was the only option.

That's why the British Empire spent so much blood & treasure there, even before WWI.

Events there after WWI are the key to the present day.
The European elites (who started both world wars) fashioned a narrative that blames the UK & US for all the conflict in the Mid East.

Yet these same governments STILL trade with Iran, including with weapons & the financing of terrorism.

No wonder they try to scuttle Brexit.
Churchill was politically active from 1895 to 1965, that's 70 years.

There is arguably no greater living acolyte of Churchill than Donald J. Trump.

Obama (codename: Renegade) had Churchill's bust removed from the Oval Office.
Y'all accept that fighting Germany twice count as examples of a Just War, right? In particular, the US had no option but to join the wars, bc of the threat to herself & the ability of Americans to move freely about the world as they wish.

The German dream was to defeat the US.
For today's supporters of Nazism worldwide, the dream of defeating the US lives on.

This evil can never be completely wiped out, but Trump knew we needed to get the numbers more under control, and fast.

In 2016, ISIS was the front organization for the legacy of the 3rd Reich.
The Renegade wouldn't even say the words radical Islamic terrorism.

(Since that time I've realized that law abiding Muslims the world over hate jihadists like Soleimani even more than I do, so it's important to add the qualifiers "radical" & "terrorism.")

Zero wouldn't do it.
Zero remains at large. This doesn't bother me at all these days, bc there is a much bigger picture at stake.

Trump is educating voters so that the lesson will be learned for not just years or decades, but generations to come.

He is Lincoln. He is Washington.
For the Republic of the USA to survive, there need to be enough voters who become educated about what the hell happened to the country during and after the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, and especially after Zero entered politics in 1983.

Yes, you read that right. 1983.
Zero attended a Marxist-influenced high school & college, & graduated in 1983. He had already been politically active while there, of course, but my thesis is that he was radicalized over these years & that the Iranian regime was a sponsor of his career from day one.
I'm certainly nowhere near the first to argue this, & we're all indebted to the work of countless people in bringing the facts to light, esp from the early 2000s onward.

The Chicago Democrat machine still operates as it always has. A hotbed of Marxism that blends into Nazism.
Study the facts about people like Bill Ayers, Valerie Jarrett, John Brennan, and Peter Strzok. Michelle Obama knew Jarrett before The Renegade did.

Study the 25-point platform of the German Workers'Party in 1932. Compare and contrast with that of Democrats today.
So many lies. Lies told to our parents and grandparents about Nazism, socialism, and Marxism.

Lies about oil and the Middle East.

Lies about Carter, Clinton, and Obama.

Lies about Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 43, and Trump.
January 2nd, 2020 will be known as a day of massive historical significance.

A lot of wrongs put right. A lot of changes to come.

What an incredible year and decade lay before us.

Thank you, Trump.
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