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(Thread) Pelosi is playing a long game.

Watching Pelosi and McConnell maneuver is like watching a board game when we can't see the board.

OK, so. Last week, Pelosi said she wanted to see McConnell's resolution⤵️before sending the Articles to the Senate.
1/ In this interview, Pelosi said that on Thurs., McConnell signed a Resolution to dismiss the case.
On Friday she said she’s ready to move forward.

Wait, what? She learned McConnell wants to dismiss and she's moving forward???
2/ She warned that if the Senate conducts a sham trial, they’ll pay the price later.

She also accused McConnell of engaging in a coverup in signing that Resolution.

Those are fighting words.
3/ Stephanopoulos asked why she didn’t wait to hear from the courts because voting on Impeachment.

She said their case is strong.

She pointed out that the cases are ongoing, and eventually the House will get their rulings.

So the Senators know all the evidence will come out.
4/ If they conduct a sham trial, the truth will be revealed in a few months, when the courts rule and the House gets all the docs.

When that happens, it will be clear that the Republicans engaged in a coverup.
5/ “Let’s be optimistic about a future that will not have Trump in the White House," she said. "Then months from now we'll have an election if we don’t remove him sooner."

She sidestepped the question of whether the House will call Bolton: “Let’s see what the Senate does.”
6/ “Let’s see what the Senate does,” is a dare.

Don’t call witnesses, she says, and you’ll answer for engaging in a coverup in November.

People who want instant results will be frustrated with Pelosi.

I've also frustrated people by saying in the end, it's about the election.
7/ Pelosi has said (and she believes) we can survive four years of Trump—but not a second term.

She’s doing everything humanly possible to have him removed now.

If she can’t, she’s making sure the Republicans pay the price in November.
8/ Stephanopoulos asked Pelosi what she accomplished by delaying the past three weeks.

She said the public sees the need for witnesses and documents (which Trump prevented from reaching Congress).

I talked about that Friday, if you missed it⤵️
9/ So when will she sent the Articles?

She told Stephanopoulos that on Tuesday her caucus will vote on when to send the articles.

So we still don’t know when.

(I noticed reporting that she was sending them next week, and wondered about it, because she never said that).
10/ But we know that the Democrats plan to keep the pressure on for a full trial, with #WitnessesAndDocuments like this⤵️

If you haven’t seen this clip of McConnell, watch it.
Tania, I have a FAQ answering some of the doomsday questions. I'll attach it in the next Tweet.

I'll remind everyone that one goal of Active Measures is to cause people to lose confidence in democratic institutions. . .
. . . because that's the quickest way to kill democracy.

Democracy is slow, grinding work.
It's often frustrating.
It's easy to lose patience.

Here's my FAQ ⤵️ I have a question on the courts.

Give your doomsaying pals my thread on Susan B. Anthony.
Don't try to convert MAGA people. You'll wear yourself out.

Winning with 58-60% of the vote would be a landslide.

That means 40% of the people can believe the nonsense, and we can still have a landslide..

For what you can do, see my list. . .

Turn your anxiety into action. That's what I do. For ideas, see⤵️

Volunteering not only saves democracy, it saves your sanity by lifting you out of the exhaustion of the daily news cycle. You can tune it out, knowing you're pushing back in tangible ways.
Some stats from this article help illustrate the argument. Here is a summary of recent polling about #WitnessesAndDocuments (see screenshot)


Part of the reason is that the Republican strategy is short sighted: Kick up Dirt. Obscure the truth . . .
They spent the entire impeachment screaming about how the Democrats weren't questioning witnesses in public (remember the underground bunker complaints?)

So now they're saying they don't want witnesses testifying in open court?

Here's the problem for the GOP Senators⤵️
If they vote for witnesses, they expose Trump's crimes.
If they vote for witnesses, they incur Trump's wrath.

If they vote against witnesses, and if evidence comes out later, they'll clearly have helped Trump cover his crimes.

(It will. Trump can't hide the truth forever)
The bad news, given the @FiveThirtyEight chart, it's unlikely to drop below about 36%, no matter what comes out.

Good news: Good luck winning a national election with these numbers.

And impeachment is clearly not helping Trump as it did Clinton.
@FiveThirtyEight Me too ⤵️
It's hard for us to wrap our minds around the fact that a certain segment of the population will fall in line with Trump--and future cult leaders who learn Trump's methods.

Finding better ways to deal with them will be our next challenge.
@FiveThirtyEight Yes.

Dare we say that Republicans are damned whatever they do, and the real test will be what happens in November?

And we'll have ups and downs along the way.

@FiveThirtyEight The truth will come out, and it will come out before the November elections.
Personally, I'm eager to read the documents and records Lev Parnas turned over to the House.
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