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1/10 #CDNpoli #ForeignInterference @ElectionsCan_E @rcmpgrcpolice #Elxn43

It appears RCMP will need to investigate if the allegations of voter fraud in #ABleg have now tainted the federal election

More than 1 person from Alberta has come forward with an illegitimate voter ID
2/10 #CDNpoli #ForeignInterference @ElectionsCan_E @rcmpgrcpolice #Elxn43

For the record, I have not engaged in doxing Mr. Gabriel

He made his complaint & photo of the illegitimate voter ID card public, with a request that everyone shares it widely…
3/10 #CDNpoli #ForeignInterference @ElectionsCan_E @rcmpgrcpolice

Moreover, Mr. Gabriel's example illuminates that voter ID cards are being distributed to non-Canadians via post office box numbers & not physical addresses, so any foreign entity could easily interfere in #Elxn43
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A thread on Justice and the Canadian Way 1/15...

Today @JustinTrudeau released Fmr Justice Anne McLellan’s report on the MOJAG. In it, she outlined recommendations to avoid future ethics violations in dealing with public prosecutions #cdnlaw #cdnpoli

The crucial points:
She did not believe that further structural change is required to protect prosecutorial independence and promote public confidence in the criminal justice system. #cdnlaw #cdnpoli
She suggested that removing the Attorney General from Cabinet would also affect the credibility and quality of legal advice they provide.
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Some questions for @cbcjones, award winning investigative journalist with the CBC who wrote an article that serves to undermine the public’s confidence in the judiciary without providing evidence of wrongdoing in the judicial appointments process except for conjecture: #cdnpoli
1) Did you contact the NB Law Society to ascertain how many qualified lawyers there are in the province, and how many have been called to the bar for at least 10 years? Law is a small world and many lawyers know each other. Especially so in smaller provinces.
2) Appears you tried to find out how many others applied for the NB vacancies. When you were unsuccessful in finding out from the govt, did you try another way to learn about the applications & appointments process?
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1/25 #CDNpoli

I was asked to comment on this video

By @RobertFife & @VassyKapelos on @PnPCBC

RE Jody Wilson-Raybould & the #SNCLavalin affair

But it was so problematic that it requires a #THREAD to address these troubling #CDNmedia & #ethics issues

2/25 #CDNpoli #CDNmedia #SNCLavalin

In chronological order:

The @PnPCBC interview (in post #1) begins with libeling @SenDuffy, by inferring he was guilty of breach of trust charges, when in fact he was exonerated & thoroughly vindicated by the court…
3/25 #CDNpoli #CDNmedia #SNCLavalin

It's amazing that @VassyKapelos would spin the intro so dishonestly when @CBCNews covered @SenDuffy's exoneration - rebutting her own characterization to falsely boost @RobertFife's rep

Duffy's lawyer @BSB_Law will be disappointed, @ChuckTCBC
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1. Sad state of our democracy: If there’s any political interference occurring in the Norman case, it’s by Scheer & the CPC distorting what’s happening in the case to score political points. And the #cdnmedia is directly facilitating or unwittingly allowing this. #cdnpoli #cdnlaw
2. Recap of the key players & their roles:

DEFENDANTS: Mark Norman & Matthew Matchett, civil servants are charged with breach of trust for allegedly leaking government documents classified as Secret to a Quebec company that had a contract with the govt
3. EMPLOYER - The government (Privy Council Office, PMO, DOJ) is involved because the accused are *government employees*. It is a special employer since breaching government rules, such as leaking Cabinet confidences, can give rise to criminal offences.
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1) Khadr is back in the news, and some who have recently proclaimed to be ardent supporters of the rule of law, seem not to know, or care, about what the Supreme Court of Canada, the top Court in the land, has said about his case. Here’s some of it. #cdnpoli #cdnlaw
2) Recall, as a child, Toronto-born Khadr was sent to Afghanistan by his father, who had connections with Al Qaeda. He was 15 when the US military took him into custody following a battle in which a US military person was killed. Khadr, who was injured, was charged in the death.
3) SCC in 2010: “Canada actively participated in a process contrary to its international human rights obligations & contributed to K’s ongoing detention so as to deprive him of his right to liberty & security of the person, guaranteed by s. 7 of the Charter, not in accordance...”
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1/25 #THREAD On the #ethics of Jody Wilson-Raybould recording a convo with Michael Wernick RE #SNCLavalin

Read further to debunk the #CDNmedia & partisan spin + public's grasp of #CDNpoli #CDNlaw that's circulating social media

(Ex. of that mythology)
2/25 #SNCLavalin #CDNpoli #CDNlaw #Ethics

It's not possible for pundits & partisan actors to have their cake & eat it too

Due to the barrage of biased misinformation about Jody Wilson-Raybould's role as attorney general vs justice minister, it's necessary to explain the basics
3/25 If Jody Wilson-Raybould assumed the role of solicitor to the govt in this #SNCLavalin matter, it wouldn't be unethical to record her calls w clients & witnesses #CDNpoli

This is standard practice in #CDNlaw, so lawyers don't forget details & properly document billable hours
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Bill C-71 — Canadian Senate Committee on National Security and Defence (SECD) resumes review of Bill C-71, the government's planned law against hunters, farmers and sport shooters.




Senator David Richards on Bill C-71 against hunters, farmers and sport shooters:

"I think it’s a subtle bureaucratic way of profiling rural Canadians."

If you are afraid your spouse/bf/gf is going to murder or beat you, call the police or helpline immediately. Maybe consider a new relationship?

Don't lobby the government to pass new laws. Murder and beatings are already illegal.
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1/ A few thoughts on the history of police, semi-automatic assault-style rifles, and the murder of police officers in Canada since 1970s. #cdnpoli #cdnhist #cdnlaw @rcmpgrcpolice @StamatakisCPA @BillMooreCACP @CPPOM @BillBlair @CACP_ACCP
2/ Sale of guns like AR15 led Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (@CACP_ACCP) in 1977 to say “semi-automatic firearms are basically designed as an instrument of war” that had “no sporting use.” Association asked that such guns be made restricted. (Ad: Canada Gunsport, 1976)
3/ In 1986 @CACP_ACCP noted increase in "commercial advertisements, firing ranges, gun clubs” that led to “proliferation of handguns and restricted weapons.” Asked governments to “take the steps necessary to end this increase in available weapons.” #cdnlaw #cdnhist #cdnpoli
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1 of 80) Please bear with me, because the following is filled with plenty of foul language & I'm taking off the professional mask to speak with you as a human being. I've had enough & I've hit my limit, putting up with all the #MeToo bullshit in #CDNpoli, #ONpoli, & #CDNmedia
2) For the past 2 years, you've been ruining my #FamilyDay because the lot of you picked this holiday to shove an alleged child molester down my throat. It's the ultimate in sick behaviour & your choice of holiday is astounding, to champion the cause of #ChildPorn in #CDNpoli
3) What's worse is that forcing me to say those words actually makes me appear like I'm out-to-lunch. Your outrageous acts of gaslighting, censorship, & obstruction, have made it impossible for anyone to tell the most important #MeToo story in #CDNpoli currently
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