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Sen. @ChrisMurphyCt & other Democratic senators had a secret meeting with Iranian FM @JZarif during the Munich Security Conference last week.

Not surprised. Murphy is a regular at sessions held by #Iran’s DC-based lobby @NIACouncil.…
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil 2)
“Murphy is a frequent speaker at the National Iranian American Council, a lobbying group with alleged links to the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

He also criticized the killing of Soleimani, the world's most notorious terrorist, who also killed more than 600 US soldiers in Iraq.
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil 3)
“Republican Sens. Mike Braun of Indiana, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, and Ted Cruz of Texas recently asked the Department of Justice for potential violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.”…
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil 4)
Murphy is a hypocrite.
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil 5)
“Any effort to undermine our nation’s foreign policy – even during a transition period – may be illegal and must be taken seriously,” Murphy said in 2017 after anonymous leaks of Flynn’s phone call with Russian ambassador Sergey Kisylak were published.
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil 6)
Murphy “also strongly criticized the open letter some Republican senators sent Iranian leaders during the Obama admin's campaign for a nuclear agreement.”

Murphy prefers a return to the Obama years of full-throttle appeasement vis-à-vis the murderous mullahs in Iran.
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil 7)
“However, Murphy has previously defended rogue meetings if they’re done by Democrats such as former Secretary of State John Kerry.”

Kerry secretly met with an Iranian delegation in Paris back in May 2018.…
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil 8)
Kerry had met with Kamal Kharazi (Iran FM from 1997-2005). The one behind the door looks very similar to Abolghassem Delfi (current Amb to France). See photos for comparison. Please bear in mind these ppl aren't diplomats. They're diplomat-terrorists.

h/t @HanifJazayeri
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil @HanifJazayeri 9)
Kerry also had a very close relationship with Zarif.
It's quite obvious that Murphy is following Kerry's footsteps.

"Kerry is quietly seeking to salvage Iran deal he helped craft"…
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil @HanifJazayeri 10)
Why are Democrats, such as John Kerry & Chris Murphy, so interested in preserving Obama's 2015 Iran nuclear deal?

Is it a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Or is there an issue even deeper at stake?
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil @HanifJazayeri 11)
As mentioned before, Murphy has close relations with Iran's lobby @NIACouncil.

NIAC founder @tparsi enjoyed great access to the Obama White House (more than 30 visits) thanks to @brhodes.…
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil @HanifJazayeri @tparsi @brhodes 12)
Rhodes also attended NIAC sessions & had close relations with the Tehran lobby group.

NIAC founder Trita Parsi is a known lobbyist of Iran's regime & enjoys exclusive access to senior Iranian officials.
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil @HanifJazayeri @tparsi @brhodes 13)
NIAC has established close relations with other members of Congress, including:
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil @HanifJazayeri @tparsi @brhodes @RepDanKildee @DonnaFEdwards @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib 14)
@ethanazad is a staff member of @RepRashida's office & handles a "broad legislative portfolio, helping Tlaib’s office on foreign affairs… and government oversight."

Azad is quite vocal in defending Iran’s IRGC, designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S.
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil @HanifJazayeri @tparsi @brhodes @RepDanKildee @DonnaFEdwards @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @ethanazad @RepRashida 15)
@mahyarsorour is the Senior Legislative Assistant to
@Ilhan / @IlhanMN.

Sorour was a candidate for NIAC Action's leadership board back in July.
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil @HanifJazayeri @tparsi @brhodes @RepDanKildee @DonnaFEdwards @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @ethanazad @RepRashida @mahyarsorour @Ilhan 16)
@samira_says is a permanent Legislative Assistant in the Office of @RepBarbaraLee. That could potentially give her (and the regime in Iran) access to U.S. citizens' data.
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil @HanifJazayeri @tparsi @brhodes @RepDanKildee @DonnaFEdwards @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @ethanazad @RepRashida @mahyarsorour @Ilhan @samira_says @RepBarbaraLee 17)
Sep 2015
“NIAC’s most accomplished alum is Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, who is now National Security Council director for Iran in the Obama admin & the top US official for Iran policy, bringing together various departments working on US strategy toward [Iran].”…
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil @HanifJazayeri @tparsi @brhodes @RepDanKildee @DonnaFEdwards @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @ethanazad @RepRashida @mahyarsorour @Ilhan @samira_says @RepBarbaraLee 18)
@saharnow had worked on the Iran nuclear deal under former President Barack Obama.

While she may deny it, this card proves her previous membership in NIAC.
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil @HanifJazayeri @tparsi @brhodes @RepDanKildee @DonnaFEdwards @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @ethanazad @RepRashida @mahyarsorour @Ilhan @samira_says @RepBarbaraLee @saharnow @lsarsour 20)
NIAC uses its foothold in Congress to issue such letters by @Ilhan, @RepBarbaraLee & @RepRaulGrijalva that was probably drafted by Iran's mullahs. They're objecting to "the designation of Iran's Central Bank under terror authorities."
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil @HanifJazayeri @tparsi @brhodes @RepDanKildee @DonnaFEdwards @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @ethanazad @RepRashida @mahyarsorour @Ilhan @samira_says @RepBarbaraLee @saharnow @lsarsour @RepRaulGrijalva 22)
NIAC alumni, such as @NegarMortazavi, are also active in the media.
Mortazavi is quite fond of Zarif. It is worth noting that senior Iranian regime officials do not take pictures with people unless they are certain of their utmost loyalty.
Mortazavi is also close to @IlhanMN.
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil @HanifJazayeri @tparsi @brhodes @RepDanKildee @DonnaFEdwards @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @ethanazad @RepRashida @mahyarsorour @Ilhan @samira_says @RepBarbaraLee @saharnow @lsarsour @RepRaulGrijalva @NegarMortazavi 24)
There is a history behind how Iran uses so-called reporters & journalists in MSM.

Listen to the words of a former Iranian intelligence minister on this subject.
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil @HanifJazayeri @tparsi @brhodes @RepDanKildee @DonnaFEdwards @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @ethanazad @RepRashida @mahyarsorour @Ilhan @samira_says @RepBarbaraLee @saharnow @lsarsour @RepRaulGrijalva @NegarMortazavi 25)
There are many other such apologists/lobbyists linked to the mullahs’ regime in Iran through NIAC.

Legal action, as requested by U.S. senators, should go forward & swiftly.
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil @HanifJazayeri @tparsi @brhodes @RepDanKildee @DonnaFEdwards @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @ethanazad @RepRashida @mahyarsorour @Ilhan @samira_says @RepBarbaraLee @saharnow @lsarsour @RepRaulGrijalva @NegarMortazavi 26)
This short video of @tparsi, founder of @NIACouncil, further proves that NIAC is merely a parrot (lobby) of @JZarif's talking points & the Iranian regime's interests.
@ChrisMurphyCT @JZarif @NIACouncil @HanifJazayeri @tparsi @brhodes @RepDanKildee @DonnaFEdwards @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @ethanazad @RepRashida @mahyarsorour @Ilhan @samira_says @RepBarbaraLee @saharnow @lsarsour @RepRaulGrijalva @NegarMortazavi 27)
Final thoughts:
Sen. Murphy's met with Zarif in secret. If the meeting was legal, why in secret. If it was illegal, then there should be an immediate investigation.

Furthermore, the FBI & DOJ should investigate into NIAC, as requested by US Senators.…
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