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17 Oct, 4 tweets, 2 min read
Alright so i'm about to go to bed, and i have a killer idea. Why don't i watch some looney tunes to make me feel better!

So i @youtube one of my favorites... No full episode. I try another, none. Rabbit fire FROM 1951! Isn't on there.

@warnerbros fuck you guys, back to piracy.
Oh and no I'm not gonna get a fucking subscription to 50 streaming services either.

Not because I'm not willing to pay but because I'm a freaking economist!

You think i didn't notice the whole tech world moving to sub models?!

Easier to jack up the price during inflation.
Recurring subscription costs can be raised while ad revenue craters during hyperinflation (if you think ad budgets are the first to go now WHOO BOY wait till 2023).

And if people don't own their stuff, the need to continue to pay/rent stays there with higher prices.
Thats the next step for the real poor in the US.

First use up your money;
Then run deeply into debt;
Then rent everything you have;
And perpetual servitude is complete. No way to pay off the debt, no way to build capital, no way to become rich.

Feudalism. As i said, it's back

• • •

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15 Oct
IT. IS. HERE. Article 2: Why i hate #Bitcoin and why #Tether will end up killing it.…

15,500+ words. Nearly 90,000 characters. And a decade of theorizing about Bitcoin, combined with the Ponzi Du Jour.

#BTC #Crypto #USD #Inflation #deflation #fraud
I'm really not going to short form explain this one. Simply because it's such comprehensive article. It is literally hours worth of reading time. Don't worry; i'll introduce a fix for that soon.

If you wanna read about tether alone; skip to about half way, until the first list.
As far as arguing about it goes; Gimme a day to recover. It's 5 am and i literally have a Gastroscopy in 4 hours where they shove a camera down my throat to see why my stomach hurts xD Still need sleep somewhere.

But my DMs remain open for contact! I'll get to it eventually.
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14 Oct…

Interesting read; and falls in line with how i'd expect oil to behave going into 2021.

The only thing i find missing is the perspective that War is good for the price of oil, US Shale *also* needs higher prices = more motive for the US-China war path.
Just to clarify, if we look at a #China-#USA conflict through the lens of #oil prices, i see:

1. The price of oil rises.
2. US #Shale needs higher oil prices.
3. China, being the worlds largest importer of oil by far, needs lower oil prices.
4. #SaudiArabia needs higher prices.
Higher #oil prices hurt Chinese industry while helping US industry (currency stays local because of #shale). It hurts the EU too but the US is pretty much past the point of caring about Europe, geopolitically speaking.

In this case, #Russia's the Red Herring. They don't matter.
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2 Oct
It's here! The long awaited sequel;

The Definitive September #COMEX #Silver #Shadowcontracts thread!

The amount of Shadow contracts this month has surprised even me.

NONE of the numbers make sense anymore!

So the Theme of this month will Be;

Let's start with clarification.

#Shadowcontracts don't have to be delivered on the same day, though #Comex doesn't display those numbers exactly.

Within 24 or 48 hours is enough to not-make-sense in a #FUTURES market. What about contracts made 15 minutes before closing? 2/z
It makes NO sense that in a #FUTURES market, On Monday the 28th of September, 47 contracts where made that HAD TO BE delivered on September 29th.

That was the Final September delivery date. All September 20th contracts HAD TO BE DELIVERED BY THAT DATE.

Why not wait 1 day? 3/z
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29 Aug
We are nearly a month later and BOY IS IT WORSE then i thought.

The Definitive August #COMEX #Silver #Shadowcontracts thread!

Summarized; I know I'm right now. The patterns that emerged this month have been enlightening.

COMEX. Is. Dead.

Picture first explanation later! 1/y Image
I would highly recommend first reading the other thread. But just to summarize; #Shadowcontracts are the contracts that are created, then delivered, on the same day.

This means that open interest goes up by 1, then down by 1, meaning there's 1 delivery to 0 OI change. 2/y
So if open interest changes by -10, but there where 15 deliveries, there where 5 #shadowcontracts.

Open interest being below the number of deliveries isn't a problem, it should simply never be above it.

As shown in the picture, It adds up to quite a few ounces. 3/y
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26 Aug

Thank you all for listening/considering my words when i was still considered a nobody! The key to seeing what's coming is to be able to consider information on it's own merit. I learned this year how rare that ability is really is. 1/x
So as a thank you, I'm gonna go through my entire stock portfolio! All of my current positions and my sisters, with the reasons why.

It's not Advice, don't blame me if you invest and ride down with me. But it exposes you to my logic thinking at the least, a good deal at best 2/x
HOWEVER! Since i've run out of money (i know nobody with any kind of even decent money) i DO have an offer for anybody interested in riding a *really* good stock up with me. More about that later.

This'll be a LONG thread!(gimme time to build) Without tags just for you guys! 3/x
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6 Aug
ALRIGHT it's here! The definitive Thread about #COMEX #Silver #Shadowcontracts starting to appear in July.

Picture first, explanation below. It's cobbled together from daily screenshots from their site… where you can check daily futures volume. 1/x
First off, small apology about missing a few days of final reports; i drew the short straw on long term #covid19 effects and it's been a rough year. Never the less it's accurate enough.

Let's start with the basic question: What do i mean by #silver or #gold #shadowcontracts? 2/x
By that i mean a contract for delivery on the #COMEX that is created - and delivered - on the same day. It's my explanation for why the open interest change doesn't line up with the deliveries.

I want to stress i don't know this, it's just the only logical explanation left. 3/x
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