@Inferbro while legally & technically the entire #ContentID-Fuckup of @YouTube is to be blamed 75% on the #CopyrightMafia, that's even assuming someone get's 50k subscribers and can make a living from Videos.
@Inferbro As a personal example: @4ltYT was killed by the #AdPocalypse, and now I've a single-digit € balance of #Advertising #revenue on my @YouTube's @GoogleAds/#AdSense with no reasonable chance to ever reach 1st payout of €70 cuz in the meantime, I had to get another #Job.
@Inferbro this really puts on a huge damper on my plans to release content, and with <1k subscribers on @YouTube it's not worth opening up a @Patreon, @Flattr or @kachingle for the few cents per month - espechally when this would be taxable income to file.
@Inferbro which reminds me of the fact that @YouTube's @adpocalypse came because some @GoogleAds customers complained that their ads were pre-rolled on #Daesh hatespeech & propaganda content.
@Inferbro @YouTube @GoogleAds
So instead of manually #vetting channels or at least "#grandfathering" existing channels that already get #monetized, they just rip away the floor of everyone else aka. lash out collective punishment to everyone .,..
@Inferbro @YouTube @GoogleAds
...who doesn't have enough revenue to pay a #lawyer to check whether or not that is actually legal within the T&Cs or existing laws governing contracts.
@Inferbro @YouTube @GoogleAds
Meanwhile serial #Copyright-#violators like #SuzyLu get support from inside #YouTube despite grossly violating even the most generous definition of #FairUse one could give her.

But @JohnSwanYT already made a video about that:
@Inferbro so regarding @YouTube and the underlying issue of #Copyright violations, @tomscott made a good video.

#FairUse has been abolished on #YouTube just as #Germany abolished the right to own firearms in 1972.

@Inferbro the really sad thing about this, is that @YouTube is being destroyed by a trillion #papercuts from the #Contentmafia and their own bs bigotry, so those who have substatial followers or likeminded colleagues will just move away from it...
...leaving only those on @YouTube that can't afford to host on @Vimeo or don't have enough #followers to constantly bombard platforms like @GunStreamer, @Full30TV, @WatchNebula, @floatplanemedia or whichever they might fit in with invite requests...
Also not everyone can just do it like Karl from @InRangeTV and just demonetize themselves.

@Inferbro with regards to #copyright|ed #content - espechally #music:

The only thing that should legally work is the "#GEMA-free solution" [named after the #Copyrightmafia who's "rent-seeking"/racketeering businesses for #music #licensing in #Germany:
Literally have written evidence that there is no content infringing any copyright whatsoever.

Even if that means one has to go outside and film hours B-roll & find some composer that is not under any lable or music licensing/collection agency whatsoever and negotiate.
And that's exactly what I did to prevent any claims from being possible.

Aside from false #privacy & #NetzDG claims, but those didn't happen to me up to this day either.
In fact, big channels like @LinusTech pre-upload their shit days in advance and keep it unlisted just to not get their stuff taken down by the #CopyrightMafia with 0 chance to make a correcting edit in time.

• • •

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17 Feb
cw: suicide, reactionary bs

One thing that really pissies me off are those facist reactionary "#ProLife" bigots.

And I'll explain in detail, WHY they are bigoted.

So strap in and hold tight...
Regardless if those advocate for the [very facist] idea of de-facto criminalizing #suicide or #abortions, "#ProLife" advocates aka. bigots are not willing to provide even a halfass alternative substitute as a figleaf to pseudo-legitimize their ideas.
I mean, regardless whether or not one person should be allowed to have a say into the health, life and well-beijng of another person is something agrees with [I think #ProChoice is the only non - reactionary-facist answer!]...
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Define the situation of #US #healthcare:

People literally commit crimes just to get jailed in order to afford medical care.
via @_SecondThought
I'm not making this up...
And that's in 2011, long before the current C-Virus ever brought out.

BTW: In Germany, you have €0 co-pay for a doctor's visit [previously it was €10 per quarter-year excl. referals by other doctors to i.e. spechalists]...
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16 Feb
Whoever made #DualStackLite/#DSlite, made it #RFC6333:


Also I think that #ISPs should be mandated to provide real, #DualStack internet access, since #CGNAT bricks #VPNs and thus is being weaponized for #censorship.

So I've to help a #RemoeWorking colleage to not only get their #ISP to migrate them to #DualStack instead of that #DSlite/#CGNAT bs, but also migrate a company #VPN to Dual-Stack...
Because @deutschetelekom, @vodafone_de, @o2de and all the #MVNO|s in #Germany don't Providence Prosper #DualStack on mobile, and at best do #NAT64 or #CGNAT on #RFC1918 address spaces but sometimes even do #IPv6-only or even #NAT66!
And they #WontFix thar even for #B2B customers. Image
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16 Feb
This is why @linusgsebastian from @LinusTech is neither a #SalesRep nor a #SystemsIntegrator by profession:

I'm pretty shure he's neither offering #certification & guaranteed #compactibility with video editing workloads for his setup nor #TechSupport.

And this is really agonizing #Sysadmins and #SystemIntegrators like myself:

Because @linusgsebastian from @LinusTech is - as per nature of his shows - grossly oversimplifying stuff to the point that it's insulting.
@LinusTech take a good example from @Level1Techs, which also provide their #documentation linked in the description!

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14 Feb
Die gezeigten #Reaktionen bestätigen mich darin, dass man seitens der #rechtsextrem|en den #Mord an #Lübcke und andere Formen von #Rechtsterrorismus als legitim betrachtet.

Ich stelle mir die Frage, wann man dies auch endlich politisch ernst nimmt.

Und damit meine ich nicht in Form von #Angstkultur & #Entrechtung, sondern damit, vielleicht mal 1% der #OSINT der #Antifa nachzugehen...

Ist ja nicht so, als seien deren #Recherchen streng geheim...
Deshalb eine #UnbequemeWahrheit:

#Antifa ist der bessere #Verfassungsschutz!

Das @BfV_Bund sollte sich schämen, dass #Ehrenamtler*innen weit mehr #Verfassungstreue beweisen.
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11 Feb
@MFeldenkirchen Besser wäre:

"Bundesinnenminister erklärt bundesweiten Katastrophenzustand. Bürger*innen werden angewiesen zuhause zu bleiben, bis KatS-Personal von Feuerwehr, THW & DRK...
@MFeldenkirchen ...allen Personen mindestens 1 Vollmaske (DIN EN 136), 1 wiederverwendbaren P3R-Partikelfilter mit Schaubanschluss, Reinigungsmaterial und 1 Schnelltester ausgehändigt haben. ...
@MFeldenkirchen ...Für die Kommenden 28 Tage sind bis auf Geschäfte des täglichen Bedarfs sowie Post- Paket und TK-Dienste alle Geschäfte und Büros ohne explizite Ausnahmegenehmigung (welche nur für Notdienste & Bereitschaftspersonal erteilt wird), geschlossen. ...
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