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Mar 10 • 25 tweets • 37 min read
🔴 What's the latest on the #WarInUkraine 🇺🇦?

➖ Foreign ministers from #Russia & #Ukraine to meet in Turkey Thursday
➖ Russia carried out air strike on children’s hospital in #Mariupol during ceasefire

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🇷🇺 Foreign Minister #Lavrov & 🇺🇦 Foreign Minister #Kuleba met in Turkey Thursday in the first high-level meeting between the sides.

Kuleba said that he came in to arrange a humanitarian corridor, but Lavrov could not commit himself.
"No progress" was made on a ceasefire, he said
🇺🇦Here's what Ukrainian's Foreign Minister Dmytro #Kuleba had to say to the press after his meeting with Russia's Sergei #Lavrov on Thursday.

For more coverage on the meeting between #Lavrov and #Kuleba, visit our #liveblog
🇷🇺Russian Foreign Minister Sergei #Lavrov spoke to the press after his meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro #Kuleba.

Saying that a ceasefire was "not the intention" of the talks, Lavrov justified Russia's invasion while saying "ready to negotiate solution" with Ukraine
🇺🇦🇷🇺What can we make of the meeting between Russian Foreign Minister #Lavrov and his Ukrainian counterpart #Kuleba?

"It doesn’t appear that the Russian position has budged at all despite this meeting" says F24's Philip Turle.

"There's been no progress on a ceasefire"⤵️
🇵🇱"There is no doubt that w our allies w the #US and #NATO, and w all countries that stand by Ukrainians, that we will be able to do everything we can to defend #Ukraine".

Polish President Andrzej Doda speaks at a joint news conference in #Warsaw Thurs with US🇺🇸 VP Kamala Harris
🇵🇱"What is happening in #Ukraine is tantamount to #genocide... we need to take a strong stance as representatives of the free world."

Polish President Andrzej #Doda speaks at a joint news conference in #Warsaw Thurs with US🇺🇸 VP Kamala #Harris
🇺🇸 "We have been witnessing for weeks, and just in the last 24 hours, atrocities of unimaginable proportions".

US VP Kamala #Harris speaks about the Russian attack of children's hospital in #Mariupol during a joint news conference Thursday with Polish🇵🇱 President Andrzej #Doda
🇺🇸 "The #UnitedStates' commitment to Article 5 [of the North Atlantic Treaty] is ironclad. The US is prepared to defend every inch of #NATO territory."

US Vice President Kamala #Harris speaks at a joint news conference in #Warsaw Thurs w/ 🇵🇱Polish President Andrzej #Doda
🇺🇸 “We are very clear, the #NATO alliance is stronger and #Russia is weaker after what #Putin has done.”

US VP Kamala #Harris spoke Thursday at a joint news conference with Polish🇵🇱 President Andrzej #Doda.

📲 For more coverage, visit our #liveblog
🔴 Taking to the air following #Russia's 🇷🇺 bombing of a maternity hospital in #Ukraine's 🇺🇦 southern city of #Mariupol, President #Zelensky accused Russia of committing "genocide".

This same attack sparked international condemnation at Russia's conduct ⤵️
🔴 #Ukraine's 🇺🇦 President #Zelensky said as many as 35,000 people were evacuated via humanitarian corridors this Wednesday.

This as #Russia 🇷🇺 continues its march on #Kyiv, and a heavy bombardment of cities countrywide. FRANCE 24's @payenc reports ⤵️
@payenc 🔴 Despite official denial from the #Kremlin, many experts have put #Russia's 🇷🇺 poor performance in #Ukraine 🇺🇦 down to the use of badly trained conscripts.

FRANCE 24's Bryan Quinn reports as Russia's advance continues ⤵️
@payenc 🔴 #EU 🇪🇺 leaders prepare to gather in #Versailles 🇫🇷, aiming to find consensus over the bloc's fuel crisis. This comes in response to #Russia's 🇷🇺 invasion of #Ukraine 🇺🇦.

FRANCE 24's Sinead McCausland reports on the summit ⤵️
@payenc 🔴 #LIVE: "We will have to overhaul our economy to make it more resilient" says #Russia's 🇷🇺 Prime Minister.

This comes as the #war in #Ukraine 🇺🇦 threatens to cripple the Russian economy ⤵️
@payenc 🔴 #LIVE: "The situation is completely under control" says #Russia's 🇷🇺 President #Putin, talking to the nation over his country's economic situation.

This comes as #western 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇪🇺🇨🇦 sanctions after the invasion of #Ukraine 🇺🇦 threaten serious harm to Russia's economy ⤵️
@payenc 🔴 Talks between #Russia 🇷🇺 and #Ukraine 🇺🇦 in #Turkey 🇹🇷 are unlikely to yield any positive results, says FRANCE 24's Phillip Turle.

So long as the #Kremlin insists there was "no Russian invasion of Ukraine", talks will go nowhere, he says ⤵️
@payenc 🇺🇦A few weeks ago, they were nurses, lawyers, violinists… but now they are #soldiers who have taken an oath to fight for #Ukraine.

As Russian forces press closer to the Ukrainian capital, #Kyiv has been transformed into a fortress.

Wassim Cornet reports⤵️
@payenc 🔴 FRANCE 24 speaks to pianist @BuniatishviliKh following her concert "United for #Ukraine 🇺🇦".

She recounts her experience of performing, and her motivation to begin fundraising efforts for the Ukrainian #war effort ⤵️
@payenc @BuniatishviliKh 🔴 "Sergei Lavrov did not come to this table to negotiate...he himself said it!" says FRANCE 24's @dougf24 on the ongoings talks between #Russia 🇷🇺 and #Ukraine 🇺🇦 in #Turkey 🇹🇷.

Russian obstinacy leaves no room for progress, he says ⤵️
@payenc @BuniatishviliKh @dougf24 🔴 The advent of war between #Russia 🇷🇺 and #Ukraine 🇺🇦 has made the future of industry in #Europe 🇪🇺 more uncertain than ever.

FRANCE 24's @nickspicerTV reports on the dangers of relying on Russian gas and oil ⤵️
@payenc @BuniatishviliKh @dougf24 @nickspicerTV 🔴 #EU 🇪🇺 leaders gather in #Versailles 🇫🇷, hoping to hammer out a bloc wide response to #Russia's 🇷🇺 invasion of #Ukraine 🇺🇦.

FRANCE 24's @ACatInParis reports from Versailles ⤵️
@payenc @BuniatishviliKh @dougf24 @nickspicerTV @ACatInParis 🔴 #Russia 🇷🇺 may be losing it's cool says @OzgurHisarcikli, after talks with #Ukraine 🇺🇦 in #Turkey 🇹🇷 appear to flounder.

This as the war continues to escalate ⤵️
@payenc @BuniatishviliKh @dougf24 @nickspicerTV @ACatInParis @OzgurHisarcikli 🔴 FRANCE 24's @LukeShrago reports from outside Vinnytsia, 200 kilometres from #Ukraine's 🇷🇺 capital #Kyiv.

"As fighting intensifies, people continue to flee west" he says ⤵️
@payenc @BuniatishviliKh @dougf24 @nickspicerTV @ACatInParis @OzgurHisarcikli @LukeShrago 🔴 As a part of the #UK's 🇬🇧 crackdown on #Russia's 🇷🇺 assets within the country, #Chelsea ⚽ football club has been slapped with regulations and sanctions.

FRANCE 24's James Vasina reports on the ruling ⤵️

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Mar 10
🔴 #EXCLUSIVE - "There are a lot of victims".

Deputy PM of #Ukraine 🇺🇦 Olha #Stefanishyna spoke with @FRANCE24's @mperelman in an exclusive #interview about the #Russian attack on a children's hospital in #Mariupol:
@FRANCE24 @mperelman 🔴 #Russian bombing of a children's hospital and maternity ward in #Mariupol: "there's no doubt that this has been a targeted attack".

Deputy Prime Minister of #Ukraine 🇺🇦 Olha #Stefanishyna tells @France24_en's @mperelman in an exclusive interview:
@FRANCE24 @mperelman 🔴 "#Russia has entered a new phase of this war, which is to target civilian population and infrastructure, including bombing hospitals and households."

Watch the Deputy PM of #Ukraine 🇺🇦 Olha #Stefanishyna's exclusive interview with @mperelman:
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Mar 9
🔴 What's the latest on #Russias's 🇷🇺 invasion of #Ukraine 🇺🇦?

➖ 🇺🇦 will evacuate civilians through six "humanitarian corridors" Wednesday
➖ 🇺🇦🇷🇺 will stop firing in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv and Mariupol from 9 am

Follow our #live for more ⤵️…
What does it mean to fight in a city that the #Russians 🇷🇺 consider strategic?

"It's okay. I'll get over it," says one of the wounded soldiers. ⤵️
#Poland says they are ready to transfer their fleet of #fighterjets 🛩️ to a #US airbase in #Germany.

But, providing #Ukraine 🇺🇦 with war planes poses serious risks and #NATO does not want direct conflict with #Moscow 🇷🇺 ⤵️
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Mar 8
The European commission says that the #EU is resilient to a sudden drop in #Russian gas and has enough supply to last through the winter.

@DaveKeating reports on the details ⤵️
@DaveKeating "It's time to start thinking of the collateral price everyone is paying for this #war."

Ghassan Salamé, Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs at #SciencesPo discusses the new #EU gas strategy ⤵️
@DaveKeating 🇷🇺🇺🇦 Are there parallels to be made between the crises in the #MiddleEast and the ongoing #Russian war in #Ukraine? ⤵️
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Mar 8
☮️ "Peace is not possible without women."

On #InternationalWomensDay the press is paying tribute to women and the price they are paying for the war in #Ukraine️ 🇺🇦⤵️
🟣 In a special edition, @_51percent focuses on the plight of #Ukrainian women 🇺🇦 : the ones that chose to fight against the Russian army in #Ukraine, and also the ones forced to exile.

#InternationalWomensDay #IWD2022 #InternationalWomensDay2022

🇺🇦 Olena Zelenska, #Ukraine's First Lady has been a key 🔑 player in keeping morale high on social media ⬇️
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Mar 8
🔴 Can #Ukraine defeat #Russia?

"We know that Russia cannot accomplish the objectives it set out to accomplish, which is to completely occupy and subjugate Ukraine", General H.R.McMaster @LTGHRMcMaster told @mperelman in an exclusive interview:
@LTGHRMcMaster @mperelman 🔴 #EXCLUSIVE - "#Putin invaded #Georgia in 2008, he invaded #Ukraine in 2014." He's been engaged in a sustained campaign of subversion against the former territories of the Soviet Union."

Watch the full interview with @LTGHRMcMaster:
@LTGHRMcMaster @mperelman 🔴 #EXCLUSIVE - "Remember #Grozny in 1999 (...) look at #Aleppo in #Syria (...) We can no longer have any delusions about Vladimir #Putin (...) He's going to destroy some of Europe's most beautiful cities."

@LTGHRMcMaster urges Western countries to do more to help #Ukraine 🇺🇦 ⤵️
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Feb 21
#LIVE 🔴: Russian President Vladimir #Putin holds a press conference after a Security Council session 🇷🇺

"The government in Kyiv has carried out impunity, military operations in Donetsk and Luhansk and it seems as though there is a third peak in military tensions now" ⤵️
🔴: "Across the world, and especially on the European continent, Ukraine is being instrumentalised agaist #Russia" said #VladimirPutin at a press conference about the #UkraineCrisis 🇷🇺🇺🇦
🔴 : "We have no guarantees. We need a document to be signed that is valid under international law," said Russian President Vladimir #Putin speaking about the promise that #Ukraine will not become a NATO member ⤵️
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