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I have learnt a lot about blockchain through some of the hidden gems in the following quotes.

I hope this blockchain quotes change your perspective, mindset towards blockchain.

I hope it changes your life.

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1- 1-"The invention of bitcoin, the technology that makes it possible, cannot be uninvented. It creates the possibilities for decentralized organization on a scale never before seen on this planet." @aantonop
2- Crypto is stealing from the talent pools of Wall Street institutions, large tech companies, and top tier founders. The industry has too much money, much excitement, & too strong of a belief in freedom - the incumbents don't stand a chance in retaining their talent. @APompliano
3- Centralized systems often start out fully baked, but only get better at the rate at which employees at the sponsoring company improve them. Decentralized systems start out half-baked but, under the right conditions, grow exponentially as they attract new contributors. @cdixon
4- Privacy is a human right. Secrecy is a privilege of power. We need to live in a world where secrecy is fickle and easily pierced, where power has to face accountability because they are under the spotlight of transparency @aantonop
5- Blockchains are a new invention that allows meritorious participants in an open network to govern without a ruler and without money. @naval
6- Conventional Wisdom: Go to school, learn how to do something other people are already doing. Do that as a career.

Bitcoin Wisdom: Blaze a new trail, do something no one is doing. Do that to grow the whole pie. @jimmysong
7- The beauty of voluntary systems is that everyone is completely free to disagree with each other, be as conservative or as risky as they want, expend their resources as they see fit, and own 100% of the gains or losses of their decisions. @jmcorgan
8- Bitcoin is neutral to the sender, the recipient, and the value of the transaction. That means it gives every citizen, every user of bitcoin, the ability to innovate in terms of financial instruments, payment systems, and banking." @aantonop
9- Bitcoin is a tool for freeing humanity from oligarchs and tyrants, dressed up as a get-rich-quick scheme. @naval
10- Bitcoin is a system of value which maintains itself by steering human nature to do what it does best: protecting and pursuing our own interests. @SDWouters
11- Scaling is a moving target. Scale defines the edge of today’s capabilities. As it moves forward, capability increases. Bitcoin is failing to scale. If we’re really lucky, bitcoin will continue to fail to scale gracefully for 25 years, just like the internet @aantonop
12- Use “crypto asset” instead of “cryptocurrency.”

Use “programmable ownership” rather than “programmable money.”

This revolution isn’t only about money. It’s about the personal freedom to own and transact any asset in the world. @APompliano
13- A bitcoin transaction can be transmitted over completely unsecured Wi-Fi. By smoke signal. By light signal. With carrier pigeons. It doesn’t matter. Nothing in that message can be compromised @aantonop
14- People once thought that AOL would beat the open web. Permissionless programmability and uncensorability seemed unimportant. Don’t bet against a distributed army of self-interested programmers. @naval
15- Authority is no longer the person who owns the printing press. Now the person who has the content is what matters . We just did this to currency through Bitcoin @aantonop
16- - Bitcoin is not:
A crypto republic,
Crypto democracy,
Crypto socialism,
Crypto communism

Bitcoin is crypto anarchy. @lopp
17- Bitcoin is a radical break from the past, so understanding the way traditional money works doesn’t help you understand bitcoin. @aantonop
18- First round of coin airdrops went to devs and miners.

Second round to investors and BTC / ETH holders.

Third round will try to reach every human on the planet. @naval
19- Every 30 or 40 years at least, things that have settled need to be disrupted. Because as they settle, power accumulates, they become centralized, and with centralized power, corruption happens. There is no more absolute power than the power over money. @aantonop
20- Networks have "network effects." Adding a new participant increases the value of the network for all existing participants. @naval
21- A bet against crypto is a bet against math and software code. @APompliano
22- You think people are freaking out about bitcoin? Imagine how much they freaked out when you told them that now, instead of trading in gold, they would trade in pieces of paper. @aantonop
23- If it can be controlled by 1 party, it is not a blockchain. If it is not fully censorship resistant it is not a blockchain. Don't be fooled by bullshit pump and dumps and by people trying to convince you. Remember why we are here. @CharlieShrem
24- The top two skillsets for blockchain entrepreneurs, in order:
Technology development.
Community development. @naval
25- On the internet, any company that stores your data will (eventually) get hacked. The response to the Equifax hack is not to demand "better security" but to demand the removal of these data banks. @muneeb
26- Bitcoin is an opt-in system. You choose to use it. You choose who you’re going to interact with. You choose the rules of the game by which you’re going to interact. That’s why bitcoin is going to win. It delivers innovation that consumers want and need. @aantonop
27- Cryptonetworks align network participants to work together toward a common goal :

the growth of the network,
the appreciation of the token. @cdixon
28- Bitcoin is the internet of money. Currency is only the first application. At its core, bitcoin is a revolutionary technology that will change the world forever. @aantonop
29- Decentralized networks can win the third era of the internet for the same reason they won the first era: by winning the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs and developers. @cdixon
30- Currency as a means of expression, currency as a tool of language, is no longer up to the issuer. It is up to us as individuals making a choice to use that currency, and we give it value through our use. @aantonop
31- On bitcoin, you don’t need to ask anyone to invent a new financial instrument, a new payment system, a new service. You can just do it. @aantonop
32- As society gives you money for giving society what it wants, blockchains give you coins for giving the network what it wants. @naval
33- Money itself is an abstraction. If it’s not an abstraction, then it’s not money—it’s barter. @aantonop
34- Eventually, every game theory textbook will have a chapter on public blockchains. @naval
35- In network-centric systems, attacks cause the system to adapt, evolve, and become more resistant. @aantonop
36- "Bitcoin is the money of the people." @aantonop
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