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Russia keeps going on about how it beat the Nazis during WW2.

The truth is russia was getting crushed and would have gotten crushed completely without the help of the west.

In this thread I will tell you just some of the things we sent them.

#Ukraine #Russia #War #NAFO #NATO Image
22,000 Tanks.

Like the M3 Lee/Grant, M4 Sherman and British Valentine and Matilda tanks. Image
18,700 Aircraft.

Including bombers, fighters and transport planes.

These included the Bell P-39 Aircobra, Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, and different models of the Hawker Hurricane. Image
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Korean light cargo military vehicle Kia KM-450 (4x4) in the service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Back in 2015, it was planned to produce their SKD assembly in Ukraine to replace obsolete vehicles, but then this was not implemented.


#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine #War… Image
Production was planned to be organized at the Bogdan Motors plant, which previously belonged to the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The company specialized in the production of buses and civilian vehicles.

2/7 ImageImage
Then they actively tried to renew the army and often presidential factories were chosen for this, but in this case the project could not be implemented, despite the fact that a certain number of cars were even brought to Ukraine.

3/7 Image
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0/6 Признание Бойца 155 отдельной бригады морской пехоты #RU, которое снял украинский видеоблогер в социальной сети Чат-Рулетка.
Возможно стоит обратить внимание.
#Ukraine #Russia #Wagner #War #UAF #interesting
1/6 Военный РФ говорит что за уклонения от мобилизации им дают срок 10 лет тюрьмы. Что будучи военным и севший в тюрьму в Вагнер не берут. Военный находится в #Rostov область на границы с Украиной ждут приказ о вхождении в Украину
2/6 Русский военный говорит что они особо не верят в масштабное наступление украинской армии. Он признается что он входит в 155 бригаду морской пехоты, которую разбили под #Vugledar и она понесла урон в 70% убитыми. Их сейчас доукомплектовали(скорей всего мобилизованными)
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#ItsDone #SunakBomba N°2.
cc: @ Circonscripti18
#Russian intelligence confirms that the #NATO-#Ukrainian #terrorist regime is preparing to seize the #Zaporizhzhia #NPP by crossing the #Dnieper. This was also announced by the PDT of the "We are with Russia" movement V. #Rogov ImageImageImage
Next #FalseFlag in the #HeavenlyJerusalem - #Zaporizhzhia.
#Satanic #Zionists do not care about the lifes of the #goyims, cuz according to the #Talmud they are comparable to #insects and must be eliminated.

- #AshkeNAZI #Zelensky at #MSC: "#AtomicBomb" Image
Chapter II.
#Christians are to be #Exterminated
- Art. 1. Christians to be Harmed #Indirectly
- Art. 2. Christians to be Harmed #Directly

#mRNA-#WEF-#UkraineWAR-#WW3 Revelation 3 9 Look at thos...The Talmud Unmasked  [The S...
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Friday Fact-Check Overview: 26-05-2023

#russian #Disinformation #Ukraine️ Image
#Eksplozja w #Chmielnickim. Brak dowodów na obecność #amunicji ze zubożonym #uranem

#Rosyjska #propaganda po raz kolejny aktywnie próbuje siać #panikę w #Polsce i krajach #Europy. Narracje te są bardzo chętnie powielane przez liczne konta w mediach społecznościowych. [1/3]
Na ten moment nie ma żadnych dowodów na to, by w #Chmielnickim znajdowały się magazyny, w których składowano #amunicję ze #zubożonym #uranem. Nie zaobserwowano wzrostu #promieniowania ani w #ukraińskim mieście, ani w #Polsce. [2/3]
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THREAD Re. today's expected flood of "Dear #Tito" tweets:
#OTD 25 May, is birth anniversary of former #Yugoslavia leader Josip Broz Tito. Many call it his #birthday although he has been dead for 43 yrs. I do not wish to rain on their parade, merely offer my own and my family's /2 ImageImage
THREAD to clarify, question in a PM: we were a normal & pretty ordinary non-Communist family. Not (openly) anti-Communist but not collaborating with the regime in any political capacitiy. Both my grandfathers were opposed to the idea of #Yugoslavia - they realized it may have /2 ImageImageImageImage
2/ been as a noble idea but was compromised by Greater #Serbian intentions to rule without allowing for any self-expression or federalism. My paternal grandfather (pic 4), whom I barely remember, he died when I was 6, used to say “both Yugoslavias [Kingdom proclaimed in 1918 & /3
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@guyverhofstadt @PM_ViktorOrban #EUArchives.
“The #Nazi Roots of the ‘#Brussels EU’” proves that the key architects of the #EuropeanUnion were recruited from among the same technocrats who had previously designed the plans for a post-#WW2 #Europe under the #control of the Nazis.…
@guyverhofstadt @PM_ViktorOrban The Hidden #Nazi Background Of #WalterHallstein, #Founding #President Of The Brussels #EUCommission | June 3, 2016
- #Hallstein’s role representing the Nazi government in official state negotiations…
@guyverhofstadt @PM_ViktorOrban Angela #Hitler '#Merkel'
cc: @ TaranQ
Another addition is the fact that #Merkel (#Hitler's daughter) now admits that the #Minsk peace agreements were never meant to establish peace, but just to give #Ukraine TIME to PREPARE for the #war against #Russia.
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You can be that way if you'd like, Daniel. No one's upset that you're a #Kremlin employee. Everyone has to make a living, right? 🤷‍♂️

Just understand that we shall continue to obstruct #Russia's plainly obvious #war of conquest—apparently your definition of "#warmongering."
1/ Image
I'd probably miss the old #Soviet days too if I was you. We can understand your desire to rebuild the old empire.

Although, for the sake of your mental health, I hope you're not too overly nostalgic. Now that we know what you're up to, we'll certainly thwart your ambitions.
2/ Image
We'd had high hopes that you'd choose a more enlightened means of restoring your respectability. 🌍

Unfortunately, like the fellow in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade film who foolishly drank from the necrotizing holy grail instead of the real one, "you've chosen poorly."
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This is a threaded version of Ch 9:

“Civilization & the Travesty of Morals:

“*Gilgamesh, Enkidu, & the Uncivilized “Civilized” Man”

of *Who to Be: Identity, Authenticity, & Crisis* (2020)

by M. Adzema*

CLICK a link to read entire chapter...…

WTB 9/1
WTB 9/2 “…in taking away all freedoms & rights from Nature & all its planetmates, eventually the rights of any being were no longer seen as of any concern. What another wished, intended, or wanted became increasingly unseen as a consideration… #psychology
WTB 9/3 “What another wanted became increasingly unseen as a consideration, including, eventually, what a woman might want in terms of her body...& what a man might wish to do with his time...or his life. Power became the basis of morality”… #civilization
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EU firms operating in Russia made a deliberate choice to stay despite the increasing reputational risks associated with the country's actions. Now, they are facing the consequences of their decision. 1/8
These companies were aware of the potential harm to their reputation due to Russia's war and even before that.

By staying in Russia, they willingly associated themselves with a nation that has been largely condemned by international community. 2/8
These firms were not blind to the financial benefits that the Russian market offered. Despite the reputational risks, they continued to see their profits from operations in Russia rise. 3/8
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Attention #NAFO It is with great pleasure that I announce our counter offensive against Russian propagandists.

𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚛𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗 𝙴𝚌𝚕𝚒𝚙𝚜𝚎

Thread 👇 Please like & RT so others know.

@exileoftza @Chairman_Meowed @1JessicaEliza @MindyNL79 @Central1Snipe @mexic0la_ Image
In this thread I will reveal some methods russian propagandists use against us and how to counter them effectively.
So if you read my previous thread you'd know that russian propagandists are reporting NAFO accounts and trying to silence Ukranian voices by reporting these accounts for TOS violations.

While they themselves have pretty much blocked all of NAFO to prevent us from doing the same
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#Ukraine #murdered the people of #Donbass and #Lugansk? Falsehood” Image
‘It was not #Ukraine that #murdered the people of #Donbass and #Lugansk

Sometimes anti-#Ukrainian #propaganda uses falsehoods – e.g. #fabricated documents or photos, through which it gives a completely new, #untrue context – or simply untruth.
This is the case here. In the post we read that the current Ukrainian authorities "#murdered the #people of #Donbass and #Luhansk due to their #ethnic origin."
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Raport z frontu:

Kupiańsk - bez większych zmian w przebiegu linii frontu. Od wielu tygodni nic specjalnego i ciekawego nie dzieje się w tym regionie. Siły UA miały w kilka obszarach odzyskać pojedyncze pozycje, ale bez większego znaczenia dla sytuacji w regionie. 1/ Image
Swatowo. Tutaj również "względna cisza" na froncie. Obecnie jest to chyba najbardziej spokojny fragment frontu. Samo Swatowo w ostatnim czasie nie jest zbyt mocno ostrzeliwane przez siły UA. 2/ Image
Kreminna. Również brak większych zmian w przebiegu linii frontu. UA próbują sondować rosyjskie pozycje w kierunki wsi Dibrowa, ale bez zbędnego angażowania się w walki. 3/ Image
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“Myth 9 – The #USSR and the #Third #Reich were Not #Allies from 1939–1941” Image
“The Essence of the #Myth

The #Soviet #Union never was an ally of #Nazi #Germany and in those cases where joint actions took place, this was motivated by #political and #military necessity.”
“Fast #Facts

This was not so much myth as taboo. The cooperation of the #USSR and the #Third #Reich was not written about in #Soviet textbooks or encyclopedias and was even circumvented in academic writings.
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“The Essence of the #Myth

The policy of the #USSR before the #Second #World #War only included support for world peace and stopping #Hitler’s aggression.
Only because of the West’s rejection of #Moscow’s peace proposals was the #Soviet leadership forced to conclude the #Molotov#Ribbentrop Pact in order to win some time and postpone the beginning of the #war.”
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‘The Essence of the #Myth

Terms: the name “#Great #Patriotic #War of the #Soviet People against #German-#Nazi Invaders” meant the unified fight against the enemy-adversary for the united Soviet Fatherland and was the only correct historical terminology.’
‘Fast Facts

The “#Great #Patriotic #War” – is the ideologically branded #Soviet name for the armed conflict between the #USSR and #Germany from 1941–1945, a component of the #Second #World #War.
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“Is #Ukraine a #Democracy? Separating #Fact From #FictionImage
“Free and Fair Elections

#Ukraine's president is directly elected by the people, while the country's lawmakers are elected in both single-seat constituencies and through proportional representation.
The legislature chooses the prime minister by majority vote, and the president appoints members of the supreme court after they have been nominated by the Supreme Council of Justice.
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@PiaAhrenkilde @EU_Commission @EC_AVService #mRNA-#Leyen-#Pfizer.
cc: @ Rabyna46
#WEF: At least 4 billion #UselessEaters must be #eliminated.
- #Schwab mentioned the #Chinese and #Japanese people as they have been regimented for centuries who accept and #obey #orders without question
@PiaAhrenkilde @EU_Commission @EC_AVService 1. Insider Jacques #Atalli Revealed "#Vaccine" #Genocide Plan in -81 | Dec 7, 2021
2. This missive from Jacob #Rothschild (Lifts the #Veil) was written in reply to this article which appeared at thetruthseeker | Jan 8
- "#Covid is a necessary #hoax"
@PiaAhrenkilde @EU_Commission @EC_AVService #Darpa-#WarpSpeed-#mRNA.
Revealing Symbols - Top of the Pyramid
- #Rothschild coat of arms
- The coat of arms where the knight has two blue feathers on the edges and one white in the middle belongs to the #Leyen fam
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#West has unleashed ‘real #war’ against #Russia, #Putin tells #VictoryDay parade | May 9
- President Putin insisted that the West’s “untamed ambitions, arrogance and impunity” are to blame for the conflict.…
#Putin tells #RedSquare parade 'real war' unleashed on #Russia | May 9
- “Today civilization is once again at a decisive turning point,” #Putin said at Moscow’s annual commemorations celebrating the defeat of #NaziGermany in #WW2.…
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@Europarl_EN #Merkel and #Hollande admit the west didn't want to achieve #peace in the #Donbas through the #MinskAgreements (2014 and 2015).
- They wanted to give the coup regime in #Kiev TIME to #prepare for #war - to help #CRUSH #ETHNIC #Russians Dec 28, 2022
@Europarl_EN cc: @ TaranQ
German '#Merkel' (#Hitler's daughter) in an interview with the German newspaper #DieZeit:
- "The 2014 #MinskAgreement was an attempt to give Ukraine #time. They used that time to get stronger, which you can see today.
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#Ukraine: the window of opportunity for the #counteroffensive has opened. Only the Ukrainian General Staff knows when and where it will take place, but it is imminent.

Some notes and points to watch:

- It will be a tough fight against the entrenched RU forces ..

🧵 1/10
.. and #Ukraine will not avoid attrition, but UKR has the necessary capability and a very realistic chance of success.

- The stakes of the upcoming operation are very high. If UKR will fail to achieve the strategic breakthrough, then the war might head into a stalemate.

2/10 Image
- If UKR forces will reach the shore in the south, then it will not only break the RU land bridge to Crimea, severely disrupting RU logistics, but will also reopen the access to the Sea of Azov. It would open a new avenue for operations in the sea and many problems for RU.

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The War That Isn't.

A🧵about problems to notice #war being waged.

Hybrid & asymmetric tools for conflict gained a prominent place in the discussion about security policy.
But where is the threshold when confrontation turns into war?
Is our perception of "War" outdated?
/1 From: The mouse that roared
Many ignore that Russia is at war with the West.
- our perception of war is lacking
- war is (oh wonder) stigmatised
- deescalation is a failing mantra
- RF aims for regime/governance change
- RF's pursuit of global change presents kinetic threat
- we have little defense
Boring part 1st:
What do we think war actually is?
Mostly it's seen as armed conflict between organised (political) groups. The means used may vary, but it's centered around some kind of military using kinetic force to achieve political goals.
But what about "War" v "Warfare"?
/3 From: Wikipedia
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1/ Having been an #InternationalRelations professor from 2014-2020 (now a researcher in Latin American studies, but still an IR scholar...), I kinda felt compelled to comment on this. I know it's perhaps not the intention of the author, but this does sound as if IR scholars...
2/ ...represented pro-Moscow views on the #Russian-#Ukrainian #War in significant numbers. Now, in Germany, for example, there are roughly 120 tenured professors in IR and closely related fields such as security studies - according to this list from 2017:…
3/ AFAIK, only two of them, one since retired, have uttered opinions that are clearly supportive of the RU govt's POV. There was another, hired after 2017, and since dismissed for plagiarism🤣. It's a small community, I don't think there are more. Therefore, most likely, less...
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