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Saudi Arabia claims to promote entertainment and music, spending millions on Western artists to come to the country and perform.

A black Saudi woman rapper released a (dope!) music video called "Girls of Mecca".

After being subjected to racist harassment, she was jailed!
The Governor of Mecca said Asayel Slay's video, which praises women for being strong and beautiful, "insults the customs and people of Mecca"

And had her and others involved arrested.

Asayel's song is amazing. Everyone should listen and share it! This Afrobeat is 🔥

This is Saudi #BlackGirlMagic. This is the ethnic diversity and creativity Saudi Arabia should be helping to encourage, not repress!


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Y'all write this shit every 2 weeks NEVER once mentioning the disproportionately lower coverage she gets (3% of the top 4 polling mentions), the higher negative coverage,& smear SM campaigns. The REAL question is why is it Operation Block the Black woman?
This is how vvhite supremacy works...stack the deck then present the warped results as evidence of merit. #Kamala stands on the shoulders of
#ShirleyChisholm and understands the fight she has is 100x greater than everyone else BUT she is up for it.
For a little #MondayMotivation via @JanelleMonae, this goes out to all Black women (with a special shout out to #KamalaHarris). Our playing field is a TIGHTROPE is 50 ft in the air, yet we push thru, look fly, and with our head held high. #BlackGirlMagic
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So I was just listening to @NPR's #WaitWaitDontTellMe and I heard #TieraFletcher, who was so great, I had to look her up and read five articles about her.
She's brilliant, funny and at only 24 is BUILDING THE ROCKET GOING TO MARS.
#TieraFletcher is the woman we want all our daughters (& sons) to meet so they know girls can be ROCKET SCIENTISTS. Fletcher wanted to be one since she was 11. She graduated from @MIT with a 5.0 GPA. Yes FIVE POINT O.
@NPR has the transcript of her segment.
So when anyone tells you during this primary that a woman can't be president, tell them about #TieraFletcher and how if a woman can send people to Mars, people can send a woman to the White House.
Oh and Fletcher is available to talk to youth groups and schools.
I ❤ her.
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Story of black joy, brought to you by @lizzo: Today driving to work on my predominantly white university campus I had my windows down & Lizzo’s “Good As Hell” blasting. I was stopped behind a bus loading passengers & saw a black woman grooving to my music.
We caught eyes, smiling, during the “I do my hair toss, check my nails” chorus so I pointed at her and sang “Baby how you doin?” Without missing a beat she smiled & sang back “Doin good as hell!”
I nearly burst into black joy tears at this random, perfect little moment as the bus moved & I drove off. Thank you @lizzo for creating some unexpected #BlackGirlMagic in my life today.

#Lizzo #GoodAsHell #PublicJoy #BlackJoy
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Alright, ready for @DrDLStewart’s @TEDxCSU talk entitled:
Black Trans* Lives Matter
I am going to talk to you today about how Black trans lives matter and how race and gender have historically and currently intersected to shape the lives of Black trans people // @DrDLStewart
“My body defies the restrictions of a society consumed by boxes and binaries and ‘are you a boy or a girl?’ Independent of such conventions, my body clings instead to the long ago lore that understood its magic: I contain multitudes.” // @DrDLStewart
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Last night secret Roots show was 20 giant balls of fun!!! Who do you spot? #BlackGirlMagic
59 more seconds of the coven & The Roots🔥🦋
@YeshaCallahan you in there real quick 😊
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Did I Really Go To the Hill with @runningstart to Meet the New Women Members If I Don’t Post About It?: A Thread. #116thCongress #ILookLikeAPolitician
First stop: the office of @RepHaleyStevens of Michigan, who’s presiding over the House as I type! @SusannahWDC, @JessicaNGrounds, and our new intern Chloe loved getting to meet her awesome staff!

Warning: I was the designated selfie arm, so be prepared for tons of awk selfies 😂
Next: the youngest woman elected to Congress at 29-years old, the office of @RepAOC of New York (shoutout to the Bronx, where I used to work at @WomanHOOD_Bronx! 💜). She’s so impressive, and I admire her authenticity #116thCongress
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We are so excited to a present this... A thread of businesses run by women and non-binary people of colour and other under-represented groups that you can support this festive season, by buying their products as gifts! 🎄✨ #TOBgifts
For #African inspired Christmas gifts and stationery, shop Bonita Ivie Prints at and follow on Instagram @ bonitaivieprints #MySweetPlantain
Shop @ayokadeco for art Prints and Phone Cases inspired by African & Black culture, designed by emerging Black Artists. Each sale supports an artist!
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This is @CorEyPTownsend, clear your calendars and grab your best bereavement garment because today's the day we pay some R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the #QueenOfSoul: #ArethaFranklinFuneral #ArethaHomegoing
Our Editor-in-Chief @blacksnob is live at #ArethaFranklinFuneral and you’ll all be pleased to know that they did our auntie RIGHT.

The #QueenOfSoul is draped in a long gown, gold sequins and gold red bottom shoes. #ArethaHomegoing
They knew that they had to do the #QueenOfSoul right, because she would’ve been ready to tell each & every one of us about ourselves if we had her up there looking any type of way. #ArethaFranklinFuneral #ArethaHomegoing
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Omarosa has this White House on edge. They, including Trump, are really shook! Just spoke with my boss and she made a great point: like her or not (y'all know my thoughts on that), Omarosa is playing Trump's game better than him so far. She has tapes, likely lots of them.
There are so many of us who've had less than positive experiences with Omarosa, but she is very media-savvy, smart. She is political animal in her own right. We have NO IDEA what else she has recorded. Or Who. And neither does Trump or his associates. That scares them. A lot.
Omarosa may have broken security protocols that may get her in trouble (another story), but the fact that we don't know what dirt she has recorded on Trump puts her in a powerful position. She has a poker face and may very well have the high hand. We don't know. That's her power.
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Y'all. Y'all.

I'm talking to one of my former Ss, a Black woman, and the micro and macro aggressions that she faces everyday at work...

She's the marketing manager for Fortune 500 company. Youngest manager and only one of 10 black people in a division of 100. 2/
Exhibit A:

Her hair is in braids. A white man pulls the bottom of the braid and says:

"What horse you brought that from?"
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I had an interview with the Director of Communications in my school district for their newsletter. I always love doing interviews, but opening up about my school was a very personal experience for me
I always struggled in school. Not for academics, but mostly with identity & self esteem. I go to a majorly white school in a well-off neighborhood, and being one of the few black girls there was difficult emotionally
That middle school era is always awkward, but you don’t realize the difficulty of it fr a black student until you’re thrown against a stark white background. At a young age, I was forced to do a lot of soul searching in order to define who I was
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I think people fall into three camps: Informed, uninformed, and not concerned when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion.
Informed: You understand that advancing women and women of color in the workplace takes work, and you are a voice for others as well as a creator of more seats at the table. We applaud you for your work and your willingness to bridge the gap.
Frankly, it takes a village, and if true equality is ever to be obtained, we need women of all colors being resources and advocates for each other in a society that oftentimes thinks of WOC as an afterthought.
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