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"Polly" (1989) is a made-for-television musical that aired on NBC's "Magical World of Disney." Disney adapted the movie from the 1913 novel by Eleanor H. Porter, "Pollyanna," which Disney originally made a version of the novel in 1960 under the same title.-A thread @DisneyPlus
The 1989 version comprises a majority black cast, and Debbie Allen is responsible for the film's direction. Due to the immense popularity of "The Cosby Show" during the mid to late 80s, the actors saw remarkable success in roles outside of their norm.
Keshia Knight Pulliam and Phylicia Rashad led an excellent cast of actors in one of the most underrated musicals.

This film isn't just any type of musical. It's brilliantly performed and well-made.
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..and now for another moment in #BlackGirlMagic

So Memphis police chief created the SCORPION police unit that brutally killed Tyre Nichols which is based on the REDDOG police unit she led in ATL. And who or what is REDDOG?…
Remember that song "Dirty South" by Goodie Mob, which had the opening hook,

One to da two da three da four
Dem dirty Red Dogs done hit the door
And they got everybody on they hands and knees
And they ain't gonna leave until they find them keys

Anybody from Atlanta back in the day knows all about REDDOG which terrorized black neighborhoods in the 90s. Real talk, I got chased on my bicycle by REDDOG when they jumped out their unmarked cars on me at the corner Northside Drive & MLK near the old GA dome. True Story.
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The only reason we hv a primary season & not single day primary voting is 2 protect frontrunners & incumbents. The establishment is terrified of having 1 day 4all the marbles. Why? They dont trust THE PEOPLE.

a thread w/bars.…
If we had single day primary voting instead of primary "season," Bernie Sanders would have been the nominee & NOT Joe Biden, which terrifies establishment Dems. But watch this, if you had a single primary day in 2016, Donald Trump might not have been the Republican nominee.
If you ask establishment Dems if they could do it all over again, I guarantee you they still would have preferred a Trump presidency under single day primary voting than a Sanders presidency under the same. And herein lies the madness of politics.
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WHY WE CAN'T WIN (except in my movies)

Everything you need to know about why I'm racial fatalist can be capture in the following two videos:



Take note of the nice genteel nonthreatening tone of Shontel Brown who is as much a puppet to Joe Biden & establishment Democrats as establishment Democrats claim Herschel Walker is to Donald Trump. Take note of the Oracle of Clyburnia, Jim Clyburn standing behind her.
I need you to view all black possibility in this country as being held hostage by this small class of black people that have the ears and purse strings of the white establishment. We will go no higher as a people on America soil than their thoughts, words and actions permit "Us."
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Manga panels you've never seen in shonen manga... Until now. If you get it, you get it. ImageImageImage
Manga is #ClockStriker, Shonen manga's FIRST black female lead (2013). Vol 1 drops in Jan 2023. published in @Saturday_am shonen manga digital anthology magazine! get app to read or read this issue online!…
Cast's Robotic arm is a mobile laboratory where the science #BlackGirlMagic happens! training to be a "Smith," though they aren't usually women, less so young black kids. Cast's a STRIKER (apprentice) to one of the rare female Smiths, Ms. CLOCK. Read Ch 1:…
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Black people,

I am a one of the few Black psychiatrists that exist in our nation and I have a message for us:

Yes we are strong.

But it is IMPOSSIBLE to be strong ALL THE TIME.
#CheslieKryst #BlackGirlMagic #BlackTableTalk #BlackWomen #mentalhealth
It is IMPOSSIBLE to be strong ALL THE TIME.

WHEN oppression feels constant…and is constant. @DrAyanaJordan @DrJessIsomMDMPH @drkarinn @DrKMSimon @ADocNamedDani
Ignoring or downplaying sadness, anxiety, despair, and hopelessness does not help you.

Telling someone else to ignore, pretend, or downplay sadness, anxiety, despair, and hopelessness does not help them.

@BNCNews @TiffanyDCross @CapehartJ @FWhitfield
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I've had a few folks ask how to get access to my new podcast #Aword from @Slate, so I figured I'd re-post a few of our episodes and share some background. Feel free to tag and share with a friend. #Thread
The premise of #AWord @Slate is that race is real, dynamic and everything from white supremacy to #blackgirlmagic plays a role in pop culture, economics and politics. I don't talk down to listeners, we want you to enjoy and catch up…
My discussion w/ @JIJennings abt #FalconAndWinterSoldier addresses some of the challenges and success in trying to make fun and realistic black super heroes in a large corporate environment like @DisneyStudios…
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Sooooo.... much does @BreneBrown center on Black women, BIPOC, disabled, LGBTQ?

not opposed to all boundaries per se

BUT am a bit skeptical 🤨 🧐 🤔

in context of #DEI & structural inequity & racism

This can serve as a convenient “opt out” as a part time “ally”
This is a reality for many of us WOC entering spaces defined by white feminists

Am not Black. No one tries to touch my hair. I “pass” in ways that reduces how much I navigate vs get to “be”

When will boundaries of WOC be respected?

(Keep hands to self)…
Is it your boundaries that cause you to quietly, when no one can see or hear, act like this? ✅ “I am a good person” for your own ego

while leaving black woman or BIPOC dealing with all the consequences

plus maybe 😒🤢😡😖😞triggered by flimsy, token support yet again
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Psyched for this panel, and will thread together my tweets in this thread. #BMM #AASLH2020
Felicia Bell: Adapt and Improvise

So true in this moment.

Museums cannot be community centers, but they can be at the center of their community. - Felicia Bell referring to recent words by @SmithsonianSec. #AASLH2020
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This story should outrage you. What's even more outrageous is that this is hardly the first time a Black girl has been punished instead of given the resources they need.

All too often, Black girls are pushed out, overpoliced, and underprotected. A thread:…
Black girls are disproportionately punished and incarcerated fro age-appropriate behavior.

In Florida, police handcuffed and arrested a six-year-old child for yelling and crying in her Kindergarten classroom.…
Desre’e Watson, the six-year-old girl who was arrested, was taken in the back of a police car to central booking where her mugshot was taken and charged with a felony.

This is a level of cruelty that is unconscionable and should be unimaginable.
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@kaitfeldmann @CCBCwisc 1/ A THREAD:

I tend not to respond, but maybe it is time I shed some light on this post and my assessment of lack of BIPOC in Kidlit. I am speaking as a #BlackCreator and #PictureBook writer.

This is not throwing shade at agents, or editors...
@kaitfeldmann @CCBCwisc 2/ I remember I was told that I will not get published because I do not write picture books the right way. What does that mean? It means, I do not write "The White Way," which is the character tries three times and fail.

I write stories. To get books in front of editors in...
@kaitfeldmann @CCBCwisc 3/ "THE BIG HOUSE," you have to go through agents. Many agents say, "I didn't connect with the story," or "The voice is not authentic," or "I pass because it is not what publishers want." Then you ask an editor what they want and they reply, "I know when I see it."...
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Meet Ruby Hall. At 6 years old, she was the first Black child to attend an all-White elementary school in the south, William Frantz Elementary School in Louisiana on 14 November 1960. This is her story. Thread. #BlackLivesMatter
For her to attend school her first day, men with guns had to make way through a crowd of grown men and women screaming “nigger”, threatening her life and waving confederate flags.
Nearly all the teachers abandoned the school except for one. In her classroom, all her classmates abandoned the class refusing to sit with the 6 yr old.
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Jill Scott and Erykah Badu are literally EVERYTHING #BlackGirlMagic is about. Pure Queen energy...what a blessing to witness #ForTheCulture ✊🏾✊🏾 #Verzuz #JillScottvsErykahBadu
Round 1
Erykah Badu- You Got Me
Jill Scott- You Got Me Live
Round 2
EB- On & On
JS- Getting in The Way
Round 3
EB- Didn't Cha Know
JS- Rolling Hills
#Verzuz Queen Tings 👸🏾
Round 4
Erykah Badu- Back In The Day
Jill Scott- Slowly Surely
Round 5
EB- Other Side of The Game
JS- Calls (w/Robert Glasper)
Round 6
EB- Appletree
JS-Whenever You're Around
#Verzuz #BlackGirlMagic
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Saudi Arabia claims to promote entertainment and music, spending millions on Western artists to come to the country and perform.

A black Saudi woman rapper released a (dope!) music video called "Girls of Mecca".

After being subjected to racist harassment, she was jailed!
The Governor of Mecca said Asayel Slay's video, which praises women for being strong and beautiful, "insults the customs and people of Mecca"

And had her and others involved arrested.

Asayel's song is amazing. Everyone should listen and share it! This Afrobeat is 🔥

This is Saudi #BlackGirlMagic. This is the ethnic diversity and creativity Saudi Arabia should be helping to encourage, not repress!


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From this @BookRiot list of anticipated 2020 SFF books (…) here are the 10 I find most interesting, but as iterations of my all-time fave, Janelle Monáe.

A PHOENIX FIRST MUST BURN, an anthology of #BlackGirlMagic--literally--edited by @whimsicallyours. ImageImage
DOCILE by @KMSzpara. Body and soul sold for debt repayment caused by capitalist forces? Sounds [uncomfortably] familiar. ImageImage
HARROW THE NINTH by @tazmuir. If anyone really needs this explained at this point, they're missing out already. But in @MiriBaker's words: "Lesbian Necromancers. That's it; that's all the explanation you need." ImageImage
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Y'all write this shit every 2 weeks NEVER once mentioning the disproportionately lower coverage she gets (3% of the top 4 polling mentions), the higher negative coverage,& smear SM campaigns. The REAL question is why is it Operation Block the Black woman?
This is how vvhite supremacy works...stack the deck then present the warped results as evidence of merit. #Kamala stands on the shoulders of
#ShirleyChisholm and understands the fight she has is 100x greater than everyone else BUT she is up for it.
For a little #MondayMotivation via @JanelleMonae, this goes out to all Black women (with a special shout out to #KamalaHarris). Our playing field is a TIGHTROPE is 50 ft in the air, yet we push thru, look fly, and with our head held high. #BlackGirlMagic
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Black. Educated. Talented. Magical. Dope. #USC #Scholar #Dancer #Athlete #BlackGirlMagic Image
Thank you @USC for such an amazing day! My favorite ballerina may be 12, but she’s got her eyes set on the Kaufman Dance program! Today was AMAZING!!!!!
Also, huge thank you to the track team mentors who took time from their busy schedule to speak life into my aspiring student-athlete! You carried yourselves with such grace and class! You are representing your school wonderfully!
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So I was just listening to @NPR's #WaitWaitDontTellMe and I heard #TieraFletcher, who was so great, I had to look her up and read five articles about her.
She's brilliant, funny and at only 24 is BUILDING THE ROCKET GOING TO MARS.
#TieraFletcher is the woman we want all our daughters (& sons) to meet so they know girls can be ROCKET SCIENTISTS. Fletcher wanted to be one since she was 11. She graduated from @MIT with a 5.0 GPA. Yes FIVE POINT O.
@NPR has the transcript of her segment.
So when anyone tells you during this primary that a woman can't be president, tell them about #TieraFletcher and how if a woman can send people to Mars, people can send a woman to the White House.
Oh and Fletcher is available to talk to youth groups and schools.
I ❤ her.
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Story of black joy, brought to you by @lizzo: Today driving to work on my predominantly white university campus I had my windows down & Lizzo’s “Good As Hell” blasting. I was stopped behind a bus loading passengers & saw a black woman grooving to my music.
We caught eyes, smiling, during the “I do my hair toss, check my nails” chorus so I pointed at her and sang “Baby how you doin?” Without missing a beat she smiled & sang back “Doin good as hell!”
I nearly burst into black joy tears at this random, perfect little moment as the bus moved & I drove off. Thank you @lizzo for creating some unexpected #BlackGirlMagic in my life today.

#Lizzo #GoodAsHell #PublicJoy #BlackJoy
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Alright, ready for @DrDLStewart’s @TEDxCSU talk entitled:
Black Trans* Lives Matter
I am going to talk to you today about how Black trans lives matter and how race and gender have historically and currently intersected to shape the lives of Black trans people // @DrDLStewart
“My body defies the restrictions of a society consumed by boxes and binaries and ‘are you a boy or a girl?’ Independent of such conventions, my body clings instead to the long ago lore that understood its magic: I contain multitudes.” // @DrDLStewart
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This is for the woman so nice, she deserves a dedication twice. Daisy Howard Douglas is without a doubt one of the greatest treasures you could find in our district. It's impossible to put into words all she does for our community. Image
From registering voters and providing them transportation to volunteering every way imaginable. Those are just a few examples of how she makes our community better. Image
She is idolized and adored throughout our community, as she should be, and it's impossible to put into words how grateful I am for the work she does. All I can really say is thank you. Image
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Last night secret Roots show was 20 giant balls of fun!!! Who do you spot? #BlackGirlMagic
59 more seconds of the coven & The Roots🔥🦋
@YeshaCallahan you in there real quick 😊
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Did I Really Go To the Hill with @runningstart to Meet the New Women Members If I Don’t Post About It?: A Thread. #116thCongress #ILookLikeAPolitician
First stop: the office of @RepHaleyStevens of Michigan, who’s presiding over the House as I type! @SusannahWDC, @JessicaNGrounds, and our new intern Chloe loved getting to meet her awesome staff!

Warning: I was the designated selfie arm, so be prepared for tons of awk selfies 😂
Next: the youngest woman elected to Congress at 29-years old, the office of @RepAOC of New York (shoutout to the Bronx, where I used to work at @WomanHOOD_Bronx! 💜). She’s so impressive, and I admire her authenticity #116thCongress
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