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As @NAACP_LDF honored the legacy of the Brown v. Board of Education Decision on its 60th anniversary in 2015, issues in Gardendale, Alabama that same year shows that the fight for educational equality is far from over. #DecadeRewind #BrownvBoard
Along with the Honorable U.W. Clemon, LDF litigated the appeal to the ruling in Stout v. Jefferson, which allowed the predominantly white Gardendale to partially secede from racially diverse Jefferson County. #DecadeRewind…
“We will continue doing everything in our power to ensure that state and local governments facilitate the integration of all children.” --@SamSpital, Director of Litigation #DecadeRewind…
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Let’s talk about racist presidents. [Long, long, long thread]
The condemnations of Trump’s latest racist statements are heartening. And: those who say his comments were “not who we are” or “un-American”—though well-meaning—lack historical perspective.
Racism was a cornerstone of this nation’s founding. And racism has been a foundational operating principle for the vast majority of our presidents. We shouldn’t be so quick to venerate our best intentions without also interrogating our impact.
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Yes. We continue to await the congressional apology for the Southern Manifesto - an agreement signed by members of the House & Senate in 1956 to resist #BrownvBoard. This led to years of “Massive Resistance,” the often violent refusal by whites to accept school integration.
Learn more about the Southern Manifesto, drafted by Senator Strom Thurmond, here…
Read the Southern Manifesto here…
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We honored Doris Raye Jennings Brewer & her twin Doris Faye Jennings Alston who tried to enroll in the white school in Hearne, TX in 1947. The Black school was a WWII barracks for German prisoners of war held up by old tires. Thurgood Marshall represented the Jennings. #BrownvBd
Our final honoree today was Leona Tate. In 1960 she & two other Black girls (age 6)desegregated McDonough School 19. Every white parent withdrew their children from the school. The three girls (who remain friends) attended the school as the only pupils for 2 years. #BrownvBoard
Today the Leona Tate Foundation in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward owns the old McDonough School 19 bldg which they are turning into a civil rights museum. Learn more about the Leona Tate Foundation here
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Debate has begun on the House floor on the #EqualityAct. Follow @HRC for live updates.
“At this moment we have an opportunity to continue our march towards justice…We cannot accept the situation in this country where someone can be married on Sunday and fired on Monday because of who they love.” - @RepJerryNadler on historic passage of the #EqualityAct Jerry Nadler
“The forces working against progress are strong, but together, we are stronger.” - @RepCicilline on the #EqualityAct Rep. Cicilline
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Today marks the 65th Anniversary of #BrownvBoard. It transformed our country and elevated modern democracy that ushered in an America that must grapple honestly with the promise of equality and opportunity for all of its citizens. #OTD…
#BrownvBoard "is widely seen as one of the Supreme Court’s greatest moments, with the court’s unanimity sending a powerful message to a segregated nation." #Brownat65 #courtsmatter…
"With its transformational opinion eviscerating segregation and codifying the modern contours of equal justice, Brown remained above partisanship, ideology and everything else.” -- @Sifill_LDF…
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On May 17, 1957 civil rights activists gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to demand federal action on implementing the 3 year old Brown v Bd of Education.
Southern states were resisting Brown by nearly every means, defying the Supreme Court & advancing white supremacy. At this rally 3 yrs after Brown, #MartinLutherKing gave his first speech before a national audience.
The speech he gave - “Give Us The Ballot” - positioned voting rights at the center of the struggle for civil rights. It remains one of King’s most important speeches. On this 65th anniversary of Brown, it resonates just as powerfully. Voting rights remains the linchpin.
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The #BrownvBoard ruling followed an arduous, spirited, and inspired legal strategy pioneered by Charles Hamilton Houston: taking aim at segregation and the pernicious precedent of Plessy v. Ferguson through a series of challenges throughout the country. #BlackHistoryMonth
The Supreme Court declared the longstanding doctrine “separate but equal” unconstitutional in Brown v. Board of Education (1954), one of the most important and celebrated legal cases in American history. #BlackHistoryMonth2019
Houston died in 1950, but his protégée Thurgood Marshall continued to carry the torch, litigating Brown, a coordinated effort which linked five lawsuits against school districts in Kansas, South Carolina, Delaware, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. #BHM
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#BrettKavanaugh is the ninth Justice of the Supreme Court. 1/
A man who has been proven to have lied under oath multiple times about his role in torture under Bush43 and about multiple details surrounding at least 2 (possibly 3) credible allegations of sexual assault made against him... 2/
A man who wrote that Native Hawaiians (and by extension Native Americans) are NOT due the terms of their treaties with the US—sovereignty over their own elections... 3/
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It is hard to overstate the importance of #BrownVBoard. A quality education isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. And until #BrownVBoard, it was a necessity that was denied to generations of Americans under the guise of “separate but equal”
While we commemorate #BrownVBoard, we must also remember that the dream of providing an equal educational opportunity for all children is still unfulfilled 64 years later, & wide disparities in resources still exist between schools and districts in many places
The fight isn’t over to ensure every American, no matter their race or ethnicity, receives equality and justice both in and out of the classroom #BrownVBoard
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Sixty-four years ago, #SCOTUS decided the landmark civil rights case #BrownvBoard. Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee is voting on three Trump nominees for the federal bench who refused to say that it was decided correctly. For shame.…
Judicial nominees are asked tough questions during the confirmation process—committing to the basic principle that racial segregation violates the Constitution isn't one of them. I call on my colleagues to reject the nominations of Wendy Vitter, Andrew Oldham&Michael Truncale.
Wendy Vitter's dangerous, demagogic views on women's health are completely out of touch with basic facts&sound legal principals.…
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