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And privileges, while a #rewards program allows you to win a share of the weekly prize pool. Cafe Casino's games, which include blackjack and roulette variants as well as a good selection of live dealer games.…

Have all been tailored for mobile play.
While payment options are limited in comparison to some competitors, reimbursements are at least lightning fast and dependable. 3. Ignition - The Most Beneficial to Caesar's Empire.…

Bitcoin is accepted as payment.
Fantastic casino bonuses, Excellent for poker. Ignition Casino is an online casino well known for its poker room. There are daily tournaments galore, as well as a range of different people.

To compete against.
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Did you know that currently, approximately every 10 minutes, $6.25 #Bitcoin are minted and released into circulation?

A Quick #Thread on
#Block Rewards and #Bitcoin Halving
A #Bitcoin halving is the process of dividing by half the rewards of mining #Bitcoin after each set of 210,000 blocks is mined/ approximately every 4years.

💡In 2009, When Bitcoin was created, the #Rewards for each block was 50 #bitcoins in addition to the transaction fees

That was from 2009-2012, 50 #Bitcoins were minted as block rewards every 10 minutes(it takes approximately 10 minutes to find the hash of a block)

After the first halving, the rate of Bitcoin emissions reduced by half and as at

💡2012, 25 #Bitcoin was the Block #Rewards

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Official Announcement

Where are we at? What's next?

In this thread you can find a lot of useful information about $MARBLE project:
📸 Snapshots
💰 Incentives
☯️ #DAO
💡 #NFTs
👀 Socials

A month has passed since the $MARBLE #Airdrop and we are glad to see that the community is getting stronger.

Many people are excited about our plan to bring real #Art in the #NFTs market. Many others provided inputs and new ideas.
Even if the team comes from #Ethereum and #Solidity world, @cosmos is our new land and $JUNO is our new home.

Thanks to its scalability and interoperability, incredibly new opportunities will open up.

$MARBLE & $BLOCK are on @osmosiszone, what a wonderful thing is the IBC!
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Here’s everything you need to know about the Unique crowdloan, bonuses and #rewards in one thread 👇

#IAmUnique #MintFest
The crowdloan is LIVE! You can contribute $DOT below. Your $DOT will be bonded and locked up. If Unique wins a parachain slot, you will receive $UNQ tokens in return for your $DOT contribution, and your $DOT will be returned after the lease period.…
Up to $150 MILLION $UNQ will be allocated for rewards for crowdloan contributors. The sooner you contribute, the more $UNQ you receive.
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[THREAD] Le move to earn @STEPNFrance 👟

⚡ Le Concept : Courez 🏃🏃‍♀️et gagnez des $GST

Toutes les infos à savoir sur ce projet très prometteur 👇

#Stepn #running #NFT
A 100 🔃 je vous explique comment obtenir votre paire gratuite 💰 (coût normal 8-9 $SOL) Image
Tout d'abord l'appli distingue deux portefeuilles.
🕸️ Wallet : c'est ici que vous envoyez vos $SOL, la cryptomonnaie indispensable au jeu
👟 Spending : c'est cette partie là que vous utilisez pour acheter vos #sneakers, recevoir vos #rewards ImageImage
Vous êtes prêt à acheter votre première paire de #baskets 👟

Il en existe 4 types :
- Walker 1-6 km/h
- Jogger 4-10 km/h
- Runner 8-20 km/h
- Trainer 1-20 km/h

À vous de choisir le type en fonction de votre utilisation 😉
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Decide beforehand if you want to play safe or adventurously. For those who like to play the odds there is the #classic bet which pays off 35-1 if you can guess the next number. The split bet is when you select 2 numbers so your #rewards are less,… only 17-1 if you can guess the correct number. For those who like to play it cautiously there are the outside bets where you bet the ball will land on red or black or odd verses even and in accordance the payoff is 1-1. Lower risk so lower rewards. You need to be able to walk away, in other words know when it is time to quit. For instance if you have been loosing consistently, for the last ten minutes, then it is time to take a breath of air and leave the table.
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Distribution phase 1.1 completed 80% , a snapshot of all #SuperRareBears holders has been taken.

Each unique address will receive an #Abominator #NFT 💉☢

This rewards every holder, regardless of the amount of 🐻s they hold.

FAQ below 🔽 #EGLD

1.What does the Abominator do?

When used in conjunction with your SRB NFT it mints a new NFT (SRB Abomination) and burns the Abominator syringe

2. How many NFTs are in the SRB Abomination collection?

There will be 3999 randomly assigned NFTs, of which several Ultra Abominations will be animated

3.When can I use the Abominator?

Once the collection has been completed, est time ~3 months
Drawing had already started
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[#Thread] Après plusieurs semaines de test intensifs, il est temps de vous faire un récap sur le #PlayToEarn @CrazyDefenseEN pour répondre à : 

🔸 Qu'est ce que c'est
🔸 Les points forts/faibles
🔸 Mon avis
🔸 Combien peut-on espérer #gagner en $

Sans plus attendre... 🧵⬇️
La découverte

@CrazyDefenseEN m'a été présenté par @CryptoGaryy de chez les @TheDiggers_io lors de l'un de ses #thread.

Les quelques images de ce jeu m'ont donné envie d'essayer et de l'exploiter pour voir ce que ça donnait en termes de #crypto (et les gains potentiels).
Concrètement, c'est un #TowerDefense, un peu dans le même type que @NFTCastleDef sur lequel j'ai passé pas mal d'heures.

Il faut empêcher des #troupes de #créatures sanguinaires d'atteindre certains points représentés par des drapeaux bleus.…
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[#Thread] Après une petite absence, revenons aux choses sérieuses et parlons des #YieldOptimizer dans la #DeFi !

Qu'est ce que c'est, à quoi ça sert, un exemple ainsi que les avantages/inconvénients.

Enfin... Tout ça s'il vous reste un peu de jus bien sûr ?
Avant les #YieldOptimizer

Avant qu'ils existent, chaque utilisateur qui souhaitait obtenir ses #intérêts utilisait directement les pools de liquidité.

Pour cela, il fallait déposer ses #crypto sur une plateforme et revenir plus tard pour réclamer ses récompenses.
Mais beaucoup de problèmes pour du #farming long terme :

- Penser à retirer régulièrement ses récompenses
- Convertir ses #tokens pour réinvestir
- Déposer les nouveaux jetons
- Payer des frais de transaction à chaque interaction avec la #blockchain

Pas super opti...
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Especially since registration takes a short time and may require minimal effort, and for newbies, today's online casinos offer many #rewards and game bonuses such as deposits and distribution of gratuitous free spins.

Participation in #tournaments: The additional opportunity… to make profit Participation in tournaments held in casino halls can be a pleasant gift and a plus for your account. It does not force any additional actions or costs. Players need to familiarize themselves with the rules of the tournament,… each of them has its validity period and the rules for participating in it. Most often, players compete for points in the loyalty system, but there are also cash prizes. Depending on how the prize fund is formed, two main types of competitions
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Our first real life white hat #hacking exercise came to a happy end 🥂

What happened? 👇

[hardcore #solidity security nerd warning!]

🧵 1/16 HOPR developers build a whitehat smart contract to recover u
If you are interested in learning advanced #solidity - maybe try to find the issues yourself 🧐

In fact, you are looking for two issues in the #staking contract, can you find them? 🔍…

🧵 2/16
Hint 1: A bug in the HOPR #staking smart contract prevented users who manually claimed rewards after the end of the program from unstaking their principal & boost #NFTs 🛑

🧵 3/16
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1/ @harmonyprotocol approves 21 more proposals for its $300M Ecosystem Fund 💙

💱DeFi: @epnsproject @AnChainAI @perpprotocol @freyalacrypto

💳Payments: @Allbridge_io @MIM_Spell @klever_io @Trustee_Wallet

🎭NFT: @TheDeFimons @KangaFinance @StoreyTheApp @NiftyRow

And more ⬇️
2/ @finance_unite is the first algorithmic #stablecoin on the @harmonyprotocol ecosystem. Users can #stake their UNITE tokens and earn daily rewards💰


#DeFi #HarmonyONE #Blockchain
3/ The Ethereum Push Notification Service (@epnsproject) is a decentralized communication & notification protocol for Web3. With it, any smart contract, dApp or backend can send on-chain or off-chain #notifications tied to wallet addresses 🤩

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#Rewards and Incentives
Advantages of online slots are innumerable, one of them being the ability to enjoy extra value from rewards and bonuses. It is a strategy adopted by networked casinos, to attract #gamers to their site.… On the contrary, gamers easily give in to it intentionally, as their objective is to earn additional amount. Here, generous amounts are offered as sign up extras. However, bonuses are not only limited to sign up incentives but also revolve around gaming frequency or the regularity of a gamer in an online casino. All of these are presented in the form of free spins, direct cash rewards, and additional chips to motivate them further.
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Some of You may be already familiar with @standarddefi but If You are somehow not, check what is coming from this #MultiChain #protocol for #synthetic assets. Standard Protocol is coming with lots of goodies for #Dotsama #Defi degens. Check this thread to know what to expect…
1. Standard Protocol Decentralised exchange with own AMM module launching on @ShidenNetwork with swap functions, LP provision and unique #Standard #dividends pool. Users will have a great Opportunity to generate revenue from DAY1 of #mainnet launch on #Shiden
Users will have unique #opportunities to generate #revenue on Standard DEX, with #STND and #SDN @ShidenNetwork tokens. #Defi #degens from #Dotsama ecosystem can try all those on testnet in from of mainnet Launch

You can join testnet Here:
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Što je #centralizirani #VPN?
VPN je bitan alat za Internet privatnost.
VPN je posrednik između #internet korisnika i #weba. Korištenjem VPNa internetski se podaci s vašeg uređaja kriptiraju i anonimno šalju putem VPN poslužitelja prije nego što stignu na odredište.
Ista pravila primjenjuju se kada podaci dolaze s web stranice: podaci moraju proći kroz #centralizirani VPN poslužitelj prije nego što vam se vrate.
Centralizirane VPNove kontroliraju i njima upravljaju centralizirani subjekti (obično privatne tvrtke).
Te tvrtke svojim korisnicima omogućuju pristup skupu privatnih poslužitelja putem kojih se upravlja njihovim VPNom.
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What is #centralized #VPN?
VPN is an essential tool for Internet #privacy.
VPN is an intermediary between #internet users and the #web. By using a VPN, Internet data from your device is encrypted and sent anonymously through the VPN's server prior to reaching its destination.
Same rules are applied when data is coming from a website: data has to pass through the #centralized VPN servers before coming back to you.
Centralized VPNs are controlled and operated by centralized entities (usually private companies).
These companies provide their users with access to a set of private servers through which their VPN is operated
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Vlasti u #Rusiji nastoje kontrolirati internetski promet i cenzurirati sve što je protiv vodeće stranke. Aleksandr Litreev, popularni softver programer, sada gradi #decentralizirani #VPN za ruske građane i druge potlačene ljude širom svijeta, u borbi za demokraciju.
Najnoviji projekt Litreeva je @solarlabs_team, decentralizirani VPN temeljen na #blockchain i potaknut kriptovalutama. Platforma Solar Labs omogućit će ljudima diljem svijeta da ugoste vlastite VPN poslužitelje, za što će im biti plaćeno tokenima kriptovalute Solar Labs.
Ako dovoljno ljudi iz različitih zemalja ugosti vlastite VPN poslužitelje, bit će nemoguće ukloniti sve poslužitelje odjednom.
"Čak i ako će vlada učiniti sve što je potrebno da blokira našu uslugu, neće uspjeti ako jednostavno ne zatvore cijeli internet za cijelu zemlju".
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The authorities in #Russia seek to control the internet traffic and censor whatever is going against the leading party.
Aleksandr Litreev, a popular software developer is now building a #decentralized #VPN for Russian citizens and other oppressed people around the world, in the fight for democracy.
Litreev's latest project is @solarlabs_team, a decentralized VPN that's based on #blockchain and incentivized with #cryptocurrency.
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It's time for some educational fun. It is important to always keep your wallet recovery phrase secret. If anyone gets access to it they have access to your coins. With that in mind, let's have some fun!
For this first-of-its-kind global treasure hunt, the rules are simple. Guess all 12 of our riddles and recover the metamask wallet. Anyone can send it coins so keep checking to see what is inside!
Wallet address 0x1d593097Ea77d546389fbfe73c3b59cff1f84873
Day one:
"A $Pussy likes catnip, a $DOGE likes a ____"
The first answer will be confirmed in our discord once someone guesses it. Good luck! 😉

#Crypto #cryptogivaway #treasurehunt #erc20 #education #Cryptoeducation #doge #thefutureiscrypto #Pussywallet
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Let's demystify @graphprotocol and understand #what does this do? #Why developers use it? What problems it solves, #how it works and how to get started!

A #thread 🧵 👇 Image
1/ The #web 🌐 of today has a client-server architecture that grants tremendous power to whoever runs the server. This favors #centralization! But we may have reached the peak of centralization & the power is now slowly getting distributed!
2/ Web3 is the new layer that will enable #decentralization on a mass scale! Blockchains like #ethereum will be the north star of this new movement. 🚀
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/24/2021…
The COVID-19 response illustrates that traditional academic reward structures and metrics do not reflect crucial contributions to modern science…

#rewards #metrics #ScientificContributions
The Years of Work Behind Washington’s Best-Liked Man…

#TheFed #leadership #biography #OpEd
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/25/2021…
Study: Folklore structure reveals how conspiracy theories emerge, fall apart | Ars Technica…

#structure #ConspiracyTheories
The 1 Percent Rule: Why a Few People Get Most of the Rewards…

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We recently explored: A Rockefeller communication manual on #contacttracing, the [Share] Verified (UN/Purpose) guide on vaccine #communications, & insights from The #Vaccine Confidence Project.
Here is another from The Behavioral Insights Team - "at the heart of the #UK gov't".
Spun from the "heart of the UK gov't", The Behavioral Insights Team expanded to a global consulting firm "w/ offices around the world... Our work spanned 31 countries in the last year alone...Our growing portfolio of #BI #Ventures makes #behaviouralscience-backed tools..."
The strategic & coordinated campaigns for global vaccine roll-outs & uptake, must be understood as #advertising/ marketing. The more subtle, the more effective. Billions $$$ have been invested for one simple reason: huge returns. What we see today - has been years in the making.
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How to use token transfer system created by @ranchimallFLO using FLO WebWallet to send tokens and FLO Scout to verify your token balance.
Blockchain Crowdfunding: Fund a project through blockchain crowdfunding
@FLOblockchain @FLOcommunity

#blockchain #crowdfunding #FLO #FLOWebWallet #FLOScout
Blockchain Crowdfunding.
Step 1 - Create tokens using RanchiMall's token transfer system. @ranchimallFLO @FLOblockchain @FLOcommunity

#blockchain #crowdfunding #FLO #FLOWebWallet #FLOScout
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