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What technologies should every #OSINT professional know? Python? Basic Linux terminal skills? Maltego?

Lots of things...

But I think it's definitely worth actively using advanced search operators at ALL STAGES of work.

7 types of advanced search operators. Thread🧵
Let's start with productivity issues.

Type 1

Search operators for mailbox
(#Gmail, #Outlook, #Yahoo, #Yandex)

for quick filtering emails by date, recipient name, attachment type and size, filename and other parameters.

(All links to the docs are at the end of the thread)
Type 2

Search operators for cloud storages

Help quickly navigate through files and sort them by owner name, type, creation date, words in title etc.
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Busy month...

🔥 Two new products
🔥 Staking calculator
🔥 7 partnerships
🔥 Over 20 pieces of media coverage:

- Including @Cointelegraph (twice)
- #Yahoo & @CoinMarketCap

📺 YouTubers: @AltcoinDailyio, @Bitboy_Crypto, & @revolut20

🗓️ Major Updates

But most importantly, we’ve been building - with major updates to the terminal to come this week. Join our announcement channel:… to stay up to date.

🔧 Developments

Launch of Developer Kit:

Update to Orion Swap:

Launch of Launchpad Liquidity:

Staking Calculator Release:

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Sobre el tema de #WSBMemeIndex y lo que está sucediendo con $GME.
Pues bien, primero que nada hay que saber que #WallStreetBets es un grupo de la app Reddit que últimamente ha encontrado una alta concentración de inversionistas minoristas que, en una lucha bursátil al más puro estilo de guerra campal, está empujando para llevar a la quiebra...
A un hedge fund (fondo de cobertura) que ha apostado a que la acción de $GME bajaría... Y ojo acá, que tampoco es que #MelvinCapital tampoco es un santo para este tema pues las estrategias de fondos bajistas (que apuestan al descenso del valor de una acción)...
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So @TuckerCarlson finally gets its, most of us already knew, and in plain sight so will you.
#Voting #Manipulation #Democracts & #BigTech
1. Electronic Voting is not as secure as hand counting. Voters can see it and it makes them nervous. Leaders given every reason to not trust the technology.
2. #Tucker "The people who are now telling us to stop asking questions about #VotingMachines are the same ones who claim our phones weren't listening to us, they lie
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How to with a BREAKUP, Google?...

A Thread 🧵🧵on Allegations on Google by US Govt.

@Abhishekkar_ @FI_InvestIndia
@Sanjay__Bakshi @dmuthuk @ipo_mantra @RichifyMeClub @Rishikesh_ADX @FinKrypt @Vivek_Investor @join2manish #scamdemic2020 Image
The Department of Justice (DOJ) in the US has filed a lawsuit against Google, which could potentially break-up the company.

#Google #Commission #StockMarket #USA #DOJ #Scam1992 Image
But, why the case?

The Government alleges that Google is using unlawful tactics to maintain its dominant position in the search and online advertising market.

#DigitalMarketing #MarketingDigital #marketingtips #Scam1992TheHarshadMehtaStory Image
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Yet, there were many West Pakistani officers who took the strictest actions against these crimes. A student of mine, a Captain of a Battalion of the Frontier Force Regiment posted in East Pakistan (if I am not wrong 4 FF - Please confirm, Phaa Mushtaq: Lt. Gen. Mushtaq of Chak 2/
2/ 494 GB, Mamoon Kanjan, Distt. Faisalabad, if I am right, though knowing Mushtaq he will NOT be on SM, so could someone pass this message on to him please?) again from Faisalabad, took the law into his own hands when the local Station Master of a small rural Train Station, 3/
3/ a Hindu gentleman came to him and reported that his daughter had been raped last night by an NCO of his company, lined the Company up, and when the NCO had been identified by the girl AND her parents, proceeded to thrash the chap in front of his peers breaking his arm in 4/
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#BREAKING:There are a lot of #MSM reports that #GOP Senators, fearing a #Trump loss in November, are beginning to REBRAND themselves, with @tedcruz & @RandPaul for example, shoring up their "fiscal conservative" creds. Are you kidding me?

#TheResistance #SundayThoughts #FBRParty Image
Think about folks--SUPER Trumpers #TedCruz & #RandPaul still believe people will take them seriously as "fiscal conservatives" or "civil libertarians" after they BLINDLY supported Trump's authoritarianism and record deficits? MADNESS!!

#TheResistance #SundayThoughts #FBRParty
This was #TedCruz lamenting #Obama's supposed "imperial presidency". Boy, Ted Cruz's HYPOCRISY knows no bounds

#TheResistance #CNN #MSNBC #FoxNews #Yahoo #SundayThoughts #FBRParty…
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2 Stories To Begin With

1. #Nokia Refused Android
2. #Yahoo Refused #Google

Story over

1. Take Risks
2. Embrace Changes
3. If You Refuse To Change With Time, You Might Perish
2 More Stories

1. #Facebook buys WhatsApp & Instagram
2. #Flipkart buys Myntra & Jabong

Story over

1. Become Powerful, Make Competitors Your Allies
2. Reach The Top Position & Then Eliminate Competition
3. Keep Innovating
2 More Stories

1. Colonel Sanders Founded KFC at The Age of 65
2. Jack Ma, Couldn’t Get Job in KFC, Founded #AliBaba

Story over

1. Age Is Just A Number
2. Only Those Who Keep Trying Succeeds
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So, I was asking myself why was it that the #KHURPA @FarooqHKhan sniped at me, out of the blue, first incident going back many years. That was the time that I found he had stolen money from an Institution which had asked him to run a a fake newspaper for them and he shut up 2/
2/ Because he crawled out of his hole again a few days ago, again out of the blue, because I had criticised the #DOLTISH #SELECTED so-called 'Governor of Sindh' for quite stupidly referring to Azad Jammu and Kashmir as 'Pakistan Occupied Kashmir' in a tweet that he copied from 3/
3/ an Indian site quite blindly and lazily. So, I began to think why this #YAHOO chappie was tagging me again. I thought I'd do a little finding out so rang a friend this chap hangs out with at the Defence Club. It turns out that he is from one the two SS Courses that were 4/
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#BREAKING:Now #CNN reports that #Trump WAS BRIEFED about #Ukraine #Whistleblower complaint in August, took steps TO HIDE IT from Congress, and that 2 DAYS after Congress announced probe, he released the funds.Folks,..

#TheResistance #CNN #MSNBC #Yahoo #TuesdayThoughts #FBRParty
So #Trump goes out there, FINDS OUT what he's been accused of in the #Whistleblower complaint---#QuidProQuo---MAKES SURE to mention "no quid pro quo" to #Sondland, and now that becomes his defense. CAN'T MAKE THIS👆👆STUFF UP FOLKS!!
And then the CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE that's his @GOP, including @HurdOnTheHill and @RepStefanik, turn around and tell us IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL. #GTFOH!!
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#BREAKING:Now #CNN reports that #WhiteHouse officials MOVED communications between #Trump and several world leaders, incl the Ukrainian leader, to a DIFFERENT COMPUTER NETWORK. Folks,...

#TheResistance #Ukrainegate #CNN #MSNBC #FoxNews #Yahoo #Google #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty
(1) Who are these👆👆WH officials (2) why did they move the records (3) On whose orders were they acting (4) Did they violate PR Act......Folks, MOST #CORRUPT admin
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#BREAKING:#Kavanaugh registered his website domain on February 8, 2017. How did he know way back then that (1) Kennedy would retire and (2)he would be the nominee? Hmm--STRANGE

#TheResistance #SupremeCourt #CNN #MSNBC #Yahoo #WednesdayThoughts #FBRParty
So lets get this straight--On the one hand we had #Kavanaugh correctly "predicting" Kennedy would retire and he would be the nominee, and on the other hand Kennedy's son giving #Trump SHADY loans while at #deutschebank yet its CRICKETS from #MSM. Hmm…
Wonder what our good friend @SenatorCollins knew about this👆👆. Given her shameful "NO CORROBORATION" stunt👇👇, she was probably IN ON IT!!…
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#BREAKING:So let's get this straight. #Trump misled #DeutscheBank to get loans he won't otherwise qualify for, and the guy giving him the loans is Justice Kennedy's son. Hmm

#TheResistance #CNN #MSNBC #Yahoo #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty

Did Justice Kennedy's son KNOW #Trump cooked his financials before advancing him MEGA LOANS? Only @HouseDemocrats SUBPOENA can settle that

#TheResistance #CNN #MSNBC #Yahoo #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty…
How are Americans supposed to respect a Roberts #SupremeCourt featuring #Kavanaugh when 👇👇document PROVES that way back in Feb 2017, Kavanaugh ALREADY KNEW Kennedy was retiring and more importantly, that HE WAS his replacement?

#TheResistance #CNN #MSNBC #Yahoo #FBRParty
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