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We see a lot of #cryptocurrencies claiming to be green right now. At the IOTA Foundation, we believe we have a strong case for being one of the greenest. Here are some of the use cases in which #IOTA’s unique, feeless technology is helping to combat #climatechange.
#IOTA is being used to digitize measurement, reporting and verification of sustainability performance (known as @digitalmrv) in Chile, funded by the Canadian government -…
#IOTA is being used by @jaguarlandrover, @ENGIELabCRIGEN & @EntraASA to trace the path of energy from production in solar panels to consumption in electric vehicles in Trondheim, Norway -
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@Tesla has suspended vehicle purchases made using #Bitcoin, according to a tweet from CEO @elonmusk

Read more, below.. and why, quite frankly.. Elon - you're off your rocker, pal!
"We are concerned about the rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for Bitcoin mining and transactions, especially coal, which has the worst emissions of any fuel," Musk said in a tweet sent Wednesday.
Tesla reported buying $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin in February.

The electric car maker will not sell Bitcoin, but intends to use the digital currency for transactions as soon as "mining transitions to more sustainable energy."
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"Step into the light"

Introducing the one #currency which will replace all fiat currencies, the #Lumen. It can be transferred in #seconds for less than the value of a #penny and the supply is capable of scaling to meet the needs of a growing world population.

Continue Thread...
#TheLumen can be defined as the #luminous flux of light produced by a light source. #Lucifer is the bearer of light, the morning star.

Soon we will be sending Lumens using #LiFi, light used to transmit data.
Welcome to the age of #Lucifer.
#Chance is an #illusion It may appear that there are multiple #cryptocurrencies battling to claim top spot, the reality is that only one currency is needed and that one has already been released.
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Exponential Growth: a short thread with pictures

Physicist Albert Allen Bartlett said, referring to overpopulation, "The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function."

It's also the shortcoming of a #crypto trader atm.
So we all saw $ETC's face melting run recently. Look at this disgusting chart. Obviously #cryptocurrencies are all scams, and nothing means anything anymore right?
But have a look at it on Log scale. Log is an exponential scale (same distance between 1 and 10 as it is between 10 and 100).

If crypto follows an adoption cycle, follows Metcalfe's law, then we should expect exponential growth.

This chart looks normal, right?
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$AION @Aion_OAN's supply dynamics were confusing & frustrating for holders for years... until recently.

A thread: 1/10
Between its presale in 2017 until Nov 2018, ~18.3MM $AION entered the circulating supply *monthly* through token release schedules (TRS).

From Dec 2018 to Nov 2020, it was ~8.5MM *monthly* until the last TRS ended.

Since Dec 2020, however, the only $AION entering the circulating supply are ~4.5 AION per 10-second block, or ~1.2MM *monthly* (dubbed "the #Eighthing").

*Annual* circulating supply inflation rate went from >300% at inception to now only ~2.88%.

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Why #MetaWhale #GOLD (aka $MWG) is one of the best places to park your memecoin moon earnings.
Everyone seems like an expert trader right now, during bull markets thats what tricks inexperienced people into gamblers ruin.
Watching the transaction history of $MWG, you can start to see smart traders who have taken advantage of the moon missions from memecoins parking profit into it. Why? Because they know that "profit" can be fleeting, on something that is backed by nothing.
The reason why it has any value at all is because of hype. Nothing backing it means that eventually the hype fades, or worse gets taken over by a few people who control the whole supply (This unfortunately happened to #dogecoin, even @elonmusk has commented about this)
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Recap of the best quotes from the #BerkshireAnnualMeeting yesterday:

1. On Buybacks:

"If you’re repurchasing stock just to bull it higher, it’s deeply immoral. But if you’re repurchasing stock because it’s a fair thing to do in the interest of existing shareholders, it’s a highly moral act, & the people that are criticizing it are bonkers” - CM
2. On Robinhood:

“It’s become a very significant part of the casino group that has joined into the stock market in the last year or year and a half" - WB
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#Crypto Investment Tips: HOW TO RESEARCH CRYPTO COINS.

It is advisable that before you invest in a coin for long term holding, you need to thoroughly research the coin to avoid holding a shitcoin or coin that can quickly lose its' value.

#cryptocurrencies $BTC $ETH
Well, here are simple steps you can follow to research any crypto coins.

1. Read the whitepaper to understand the crypto project.
2. Try to find out the people behind the crypto project—what’s the track record.

#cryptotwitter #investing #UnknownGunmen smart Adeyemi Remi Tinubu
3. Market product fit and use cases: check to know if the crypto project has achieved market product fit.

4. What is the press saying about them and who are their partners?

#CryptoNews #Defi #DogecoinRise #research
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/23/2021…
I Have Read Thousands of Résumés, and I Have Some Advice…

#résumés #writing
Everything You Know About Passwords Is Wrong…

#passwords #security
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There have been various misconceptions about what The Pi Lifestyle is, and what they do.
I hope this short thread helps to clear the air and get you well informed👇
#pi #PiNetwork #thepilifestyle #bitcoin #LTC #Ethereum #blockchain #cryptocurrencies
Over 2,300 transactions done already on The Pi Lifestyle.
If you don't know what that means, just know it's huge and no economy or market place is doing as great as this today.
These are the Pioneers (about 20k Pioneers) who really believe in Pi and are ready to build a good future for it. And that's why The Pi Lifestyle take the risk of borrowing buyers their Pi just to create utility for Pi and help build it's value.
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The news cycle is a confusing space sometimes;

- #ElectricCars are the future for the planet
- Mining #Lithium batteries is destroying parts of Bolivia/Chile/Argentina

- Decentralised #Cryptocurrencies are the future
- Mining #Bitcoin = huge energy consumption
The narrative around everything nowadays is all about #Values

Corporates latch onto every opportunity

Individuals the same (just read some of the stuff on LinkedIn) 🧐

Life & business is essentially a game
#Winning is always key! (Be nice tho)

The rest is Perception=Reality
I'm a #football fan & I see a footy angle in almost everything I read! 🧐

Not sure if these connections stand up, but here's what I saw;

- #Bolivia former President #EvoMorales was ousted in 2019. Evo a #SimonBolivar anti-imperialist styled leader


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You want to join the Crypto wave and don't know how? And want to buy and sell your #bitcoin or other cryptos? I'd recommend you use @BinanceAfrica #BinanceP2P I've made a video tutorial just for you.
You can sign up for a @binance
Account with this Link…
How to identify trusted vendors with high completion rate, and protect you from fraudulent persons
@binance #bnb #busd #BTC
Once payment is confirmed, the assets Will be released to you automatically 👍
#BinanceP2P @cz_binance @binance @BinanceAfrica @BinanceAcademy

#BTC #Binance #BNB
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-- #Crypto 101 - Beginners guide (Part 1) /1 --

Content in Part 1:
🔹What is a #Cryptocurrency?
🔹How many Cryptocurrencies are there?
🔹Types of Cryptocurrency
🔹What are real world applications of Crypto?
🔹Pros and Cons of Crypto?
🔹Crypto, the future of Finance?
-- What is a #Cryptocurrency? /3 --

🔹A cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset based on a network that is distributed across a large number of computers
🔹Decentralization allows them to exist outside the control of governments and central authorities

-- What is a #Cryptocurrency? Cont'd /4 --

🔹Cryptocurrencies have many real word applications, i.e. secure payments online
🔹"Crypto" refers to the various encryption algorithms and cryptographic techniques that safeguard the entries
🔹The most widely known Crypto is #Bitcoin
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1. $GME update: What was predicted came to be, as sad as it makes me. However, do not doubt #GME. Same as $AMC, these #stocks will rip higher and then consolidate higher too. Do not fear the dip, as it allows new investors to get in. Hold and ...
2. keep in mind you should always have a balance to buy and play other #stocks, not only $amc and $GME. I will be posting good scalps where I see them and other swings. With profits, buy the dips on #GME and #AMC to average down and profit big time from the next rip.
My short...
3. term expectation is a dip to 120s where a huge support wall resides. If this time it takes over a week to break the resistance that will be formed, expect another dip to $80s. Stay strong, as this allows new investors to get in $GME and $AMC too. Follow to stay tuned!#amc #gme
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Yesterday, at the conclusion of my #NYU class discussing #Governance of #Bitcoin and #Cryptocurrencies, I posted this slide, summarizing my thoughts about what the #US can do to improve its #law and #policy related to #Crypto. A #thread on what we can and should fix:
First, establish an government wide-policy. What do we want? Are we pro -innovation? Do want to protecting consumers? Do we want to strike a balance in the middle?Do we want to facilitate experimentation? How much control will the govt take over these experiments? /2
Do we want to make it easier or harder to launch businesses/reach consumers? To make an effective policy, we either need an interagency group, or a new freestanding group focused on the subject. Whoever tackles it, step 1, what do we want? /3
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1. Good morning, everyone! Turns out it's not so simple for me to purchase shares of @Vemanti $VMNT. I must adhere by SEC Rule 10B-18. Our counsel is drafting up the memo. Will share with you.

Also, I want to give you a brief summary of what we're working on.
2. We have:

- #fintech M&A transactions which we expect to close by end of Q2. These are already-established players in their respective markets. One w/ 2M+ users. Part of our pan-Asia strategy. This will take us to another level in terms of P&L fundamentals and growth.

- a multi-layer yield #Blockchain #Stablecoin #Crypto project with key partners. Working through the operational details. Aiming to launch this in Q2. Goal is to use #cryptocurrencies to power #fintech products and services that real people and businesses can use.
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Thank you @MikeThaInvestor for hosting @DanSimerman! Dan starts out with "IOTA has seen quite a transformation" "We have taken a step back and really wanted to focus, build, and deliver." "The sleeping giant is awakening!" People don't realize the scale and scope of our vision.
Anyone can copy #Bitcoin or #Ethereum and say they are unique, but #IOTA really is unique in a very literal sense. Mike comments on the Tangle, a DAG instead of a normal blockchain. Dan: in 2015 the #IOTA founders realized a new architecture was needed to break out of limits.
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Cryptocurrencies Thread
$BTC $XRP $XLM $ADA $VET #cryptocurrencies #cryptotwitter Image
$XLM #Stellar "to bank the unbanked population as well as to compete directly with the likes of SWIFT and Ripple in the space of cross-border transactions." Image
$XLM #Stellar Partnerships, Integrations, And Collaborations:
IBM, Smartlands, Stripe, HTC Exodus, Franklin Templeton, Wirex, Baracoin, Novatti Group, Saldo, Tempo, Bitbond, SureRemit, .... more
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Something I realized recently about trading #cryptocurrencies.

It helps a lot to chart things against #Bitcoin as well as charting bitcoin over time.

I've used @chainlink as an example here: Image
We can see that chainlink had a great accumulation zone right at the beginning of the year that I totally missed (shown in green) and Bitcoin had an accumulation zone last year when coronavirus happened.
If you don't plot cryptos AGAINST bitcoin, you see them going up and think you made a great investment.

But when bitcoin rises, these cryptos will also rise (slowly) even in their little peaks and downtrends against #bitcoin.
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1. initial thoughts on analysis
2. trading analysis investigation
3. key resistances
4. targets
5. limiting factors

#vefam #vechain #vet #vtho #crypto #cryptocurrencies #ALTSEASON $alts #altcoins

1. initial thoughts on analysis

I've had the VeThorians in the #VeFam asking me to do an analysis for quite a while. While I've done TA here and there for them: (Jason Rockwood banned me so I was just poking fun 😜 )

I haven't done a complete analysis on them. Well VeThorians, that day has come and I'm excited to share this post with you 😉

Looking into the TA, I took into account two main trade pairs, vet/btc & vtho/vet. There's not a lot to gather from vtho/usdt except...
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Week 2 of 8 about to start. You guys ready? 😉

#vefam #vechain #vet $vet
Don’t fret over short term (intraday) movement. Stick to the bigger picture. Ill continue to give weekly updates and let everyone know if anything disrupts our run.

#vet #vechain $vet #vefam
read the statement prior.

this price movement changes nothing.

buy the dip.

#vechain #vet #vefam $vet #altcoins #alts #cryptocurrencies
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1. where we're at currently in our run
2. what we can expect from our run
3. targets for our run
4. what we should keep monitoring

#vechain #vet #vefam #crypto #cryptocurrencies

1. Where we're at currently in our run

Let's start with where we're at. We've continued to monitor the 1W 10MA low, and the 1W MACD/signal cross as our main indicators of this wave on the vet/eth & vet/btc pairs. I've gone into great detail here:

I excitedly posted about our vet/eth bottom here when I called it out: . At this point we've gotten our 1W 10MA low & 1W MACD/signal cross on both pairs (dia. 1, dia. 2), and 1 week before my conservative prediction (Go $vet!).
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BNY Mellon Digital Assets unit - A team dedicated to building the first multi-asset custody and administration platform for traditional and digital assets, including #cryptocurrencies.
Ripple Proof of Concept With BNY Mellon 2016
Full PDF…
Ripple : BNY Mellon: Reinventing Payments…
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#vefam #vet #vechain $vet
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