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On Tuesday, the @EUparliament passed a groundbreaking policy framework that will make electric vehicle batteries sold in 🇪🇺 more sustainable – and can serve as a blueprint for battery policies worldwide.🔋⚡️

Here are 4 key aspects of this policy in a short 🧵.👇

#EVs #batteries Image
1⃣Responsible and sustainable #mining.

The regulation mandates due diligence obligations for companies selling batteries in 🇪🇺.

Companies are required to identify and mitigate social and environmental risks in the supply chain of cobalt, lithium, nickel, and natural graphite.
2⃣Lower emissions in battery production.

The regulation mandates that companies assess and declare the #lifecycle carbon footprint of their batteries.

From 2028, only #EVbatteries produced below a maximum carbon footprint threshold value can be sold in the 🇪🇺.
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#Commodity sector continues its strong start to June with the Bloomberg Commodity Index trading up 3.5% to a three-week high
Technical perspective: #copper, #gold, #silver are all showing signs of bottoming out with multiple factors adding support (1/5)…
Apart from a softer dollar providing a general lift following weeks of strength, we are seeing increased speculation that the Chinese government may step up its support for the economy and some signs that demand is holding up
Overall, the Bloomberg Commodity Index remains down 8% on the year with losses being led by the energy sector, not least a 56% slump in US natural gas, as well as industrial metals suffering from a so far, less commodity intensive post-pandemic recovery in China. Image
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EV sales are soaring and oil use is about to peak

(quoting the article from Bloomberg - don't shoot the messenger...although I have often mentioned the stat on the right that energy bulls don't seem to care about)

Thread of 4… ImageImage
Sales of combustion-engine vehicles peaked six years ago and are now in long-term decline. Oil demand from road transport is also very close to cresting. Image
BNEF estimates that between $24 billion and $57 billion in battery and component plant investment is needed each year to keep up with demand. It’s looking good: Spending already totaled $59 billion in 2022. Image
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1/ Die #Inflation ist zuletzt global gefallen und in der letzten Woche in Europa sogar stärker als erwartet.
Dies wird nun teilweise als das Ende der Inflation gefeiert.

Ist das so?

Ein Thread 🧵der meine Sichtweise beschreiben soll. Image
2/ Die fallende Geldmenge ist definitiv ein Argument für eine weiter zurück kommende #Inflation in den kommenden Monaten.

@DiegoFassnacht hat das zuletzt mehrmals angesprochen und erklärt. Vielen Dank!

3/ Ein weiteres Argument sind die kontinuierlich fallenden Produzentenpreise, die gerne als Vorläufer für den #CPI dienen.

Diesen Zusammenhang verdeutlicht die Graphik von @AndreasSteno eindrucksvoll. Mange tak! Image
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One of the best ways to learn about the Copper Industry is by studying the Top 10 Global Producers.

I read each of the Top 10 #Copper Producer quarterly reports so you don't have to.

Here's a thread on the most important data and themes from the world's largest players ... 🧵 Image
1/ Codelco $CODELCO

• Copper Production DOWN 9% to 357.1Kmft

• Cash Costs UP 33.7% to $2.04

• Reasons for Product Decline: Operational difficulties, lower production and ore grades, and mine shutdowns

• Reasons for High Cash Costs: Higher input prices (diesel & electric). Image
2/ Freeport-McMoRan $FCX

• Copper Production DOWN 4.3% to 965Mlbs

• Cash Costs UP 33% to $1.76/lb

• Reasons for Production Decline: Lower ore grades, unplanned maintenance, weather

• Reasons for Cash Cost Increase: Lower volumes, higher labor and energy costs Image
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Hello Wednesday! 🐫

$NIKK > 30,000 for the 1st time since Nov '21
#Bitcoin back < 27,000
#Copper eviscerated
$WTIC teetering at 70
$USD firm at 102.69

Let's dig into the market 🧮!
Asian democracies ↗️

$NIKK 30094 +0.85% ⬅️♉️
$SSEC 3284 -0.2%
$TWII 15925 +1.6%
$HSI 19529 -2.25%
$KOSPI 2495 +0.6%
$IDX 6672 -0.05%

Australia ↘️
$ASX 7199 -0.5%

India ↘️
$BSE 61393 -0.85%
Europe treading water ↔️

$DAX 15953 +0.35%
$FTSE 7749 -0.05%
$CAC 7397 -0.1%
$AEX 756 -0.05%
$IBEX 9183 -0.05%
$MIB 27130 -0.25%
$SMI 11488 -0.3%
$MOEX 2626 -0.3%

$VSTOXX 16.90
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With the increased M&A activity in the #copper sector, I think it’s a good time to share how I think majors want to spend capital going forward and how this relates to copper juniors hoping to get bought out during the cycle.

Clearly, 1st priority is to buy existing production as we've seen with $BHP / $OZL, $RIO / Turquoise Hill and now $GLEN trying to buy $TECK. Buying producing assets
provide buyers with instant cash flow. Building mines have probably never been harder and more expensive, hence it makes sense to buy/merge with other companies. However, there is a limited number of companies available to buy and buying existing production doesn't solve the
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I've been following #copper for over 15 years at leading hedge funds including Citadel & Millennium.

Investors often underestimate the insights that copper prices provide as a barometer for the economy.

Here is what you need to pay attention to:
Because of its use across many sectors, copper is seen as a leading indicator of economic health.

Copper prices are the fist to react to any economic uncertainty.
But copper also plays a major role in "electrification" providing it with a long term demand support.

• Over 65% of the world's copper is used in delivering electricity
• EVs use up to 4x more copper than ICEs
• Renewable power gen uses 4-5 times more copper than fossil fuel Image
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I recently spent two weeks in #Zambia, mainly in Lusaka, meeting clients, conducting research, speaking to government officials. Here are some of my key takeaways 🧵🇿🇲
DEBT - this issue came up everywhere, and with good reason. Not only is it driving macroeconomic instability, but the government is nowhere near concluding a deal. And why? Because its largest creditor, #China, isn't happy with the terms laid out by the G20.
It's NB to note Chinese debt is both bilateral (i.e. issued by govt) and private (e.g., held by companies/individuals). Govts generally don't mind debt repayments being deferred, but private creditors are different - they usually want their money back sooner, even at a loss.
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Time to talk about #gold. Gold does well during destabilizing deflations/depressions as real interest rates fall. It is a time tested (longest used currency) store of value (supply grows slowly due to mining activity). Gold is likely to burst to new all time highs as Fed panics.
One can physically own gold (always advised) or can own a fund that can be redeemed in gold (eg $PHYS ) or own precious metal streamers (eg $FNV) or own miners. Streamers are expensive now though and miners as a whole have a very bad LT return track record: Image
I currently preferred jr miners w/ a gold component because 1) the entire space is bombed out & dirt cheap, 2) super inefficient markets, 3) insane upside leverage if pick correctly, 4) company specific catalysts separate from gold bull market, 5) also get #copper bull.
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I bought 5% of this company at 33c or higher for what it’s worth. Trading at 20c now making me look dumb. But massive #copper and #uranium prospects. Already significant uranium. Both assets have the potential to be massive. If the market don’t want to finance….
I plan to keep at it. The nature of both assets has me believing that funding exploration will result in 10x + returns with in 10 years. And it has the potential for 10x that. Tiny cap and the right address for both deposits.
If you like lottery tickets with very good relative odds this is the sort of play. In a hot market for either copper or uranium assets like these get $100mln caps. (Each vs tiny cap today)
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Time for a thread on large scale #copper expl/dev companies.

There is no good way of comparing these simply, so let me start out the thread with size and EV/lb multiple and we go from there.

When listing the companies by EV/lb multiple it is easy to be fooled. Some look super cheap and present +5x return opportunities and some are "value traps".

How do we determine which companies present opportunities and which doesn't?
Look for:
1. Proven management teams with strong backing and good share structures.
2. Project quality and potential buyers.
3. Do majors think the asset can be developed?
4. Is the potential reward worth the risk?
5. Catalysts / events that will narrow the valuation gap.
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🧵Compilation of 20+ viral #mining #exploration posts.

Please retweet to help other investors learn and make the industry better 💪 Image
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🎉 Lo ammetto, sono esaltato da questo mese di Gennaio che mi ha regalato forti emozioni e ottimi profit 🤑

Ma stamattina ho sentito un certo rimorso verso quel povero chair della #FED.

Questo thread è per te, Jerome 💙 🧵

📈 Posso soltanto provare a capire come ti senti, #jerome. La riapertura della Cina e i dati positivi sul CPI infiammano le #chart.

Sempre più investitori si buttano sui mercati senza pensare a come ti senti tu quando vedi una candela verde.


⚠️ Non parliamo poi dei mercati #riskon. Ma lo sai che nel settore #crypto ci sono praticamente soltanto i piccoli holders di #bitcoin che stanno comprando? Per non parlare di quello che succede sui futures: 495M di short liquidati.
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1/6 Most of the new #discovery announcements and good first holes ends up as a minor discovery.

How to spot significant discoveries as an investor?
2/6 Three steps to follow🪜:

1) Study significant discoveries
2) Study the failed discoveries
2) Learn the essentials of geology

Let's dig in.
3/6 Do the following:
• Select commodity of interest e.g. #copper #nickel #uranium #gold
• Study top discoveries made in the last years
• Look at announcements (grades, footprint, structures, geophysical anomalies etc.)
• Put it into a system
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Majors ideally want a large deposit, long mine life & safe jurisdiction

✅IP target tonnage ~4 BILLION tons
✅Poly-metallic w/ 10 of 31 critical #metals
✅Safe location 🇨🇦
✅Long mine life potential
#copper #gold #cobalt #scandium #commodities #mining #stocks


"Climate change policies may lead to one of the largest redeployments of investment and capital"

"We believe the clean technology transition is igniting a new supercycle in critical commodities, with natural resource companies emerging as winners"…

There are many pieces of the puzzle, here is 1 of many pieces imo
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LiCoO2, LFP, LTO, NMC, LMO y NCA son tipos de baterías de iones de #litio que se utilizan comúnmente en vehículos eléctricos #EVs. Cada uno de ellos tiene sus propias características y ventajas #invertir #mining 🧵👇 Image
LiCoO2: Las baterías LiCoO2 utilizan un compuesto de cobre, hierro y cobalto como material catódico y tienen una alta densidad de energía. Sin embargo, también son relativamente sensibles a los cambios de temperatura y pueden ser menos duraderas que otras baterías.
LFP: Las baterías LFP utilizan un compuesto de hierro y fósforo como material catódico y tienen una baja densidad de energía. Sin embargo, son muy estables y resistentes a los cambios de temperatura y tienen una larga vida útil.
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⚡China's Jan-Nov surplus (in USD terms) $802.04 billion
#Imports +2.0% y/y
#Exports +9.1% y/y
1/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
#China's Jan-Nov surplus (in yuan terms) 5.34 trillion yuan
#Imports +4.6% y/y
#Exports +11.9% y/y
2/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
China November trade balance(in yuan term) 494.33 bln yuan; Est. 486.0bln, Prev. 586.8bln;
#Imports -1.1 y/y ; Est. +7.1%, Prev.+6.8%;
#Exports +0.9% y/y ; Est. +8.2%, Prev.+7.0%.
3/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
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China October trade balance(in USD term) $85.15bln; Est. $95.97bln, Prev. $84.75 bln;
#Imports -0.7% y/y ; Est. +0.0%, Prev.+0.3%;
#Exports -0.3% y/y ; Est. +4.5%, Prev.+5.7%.
1/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
#China October Yuan-denominated trade data
Trade balance +586.81 bln yuan; Prev.+573.57 bln yuan;
Imports +6.8% y/y, Est.+10.0%, Prev.+5.2%.
Exports +7.0% y/y, Est.+12.7%, Prev.+10.7%.
2/ thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
3/ #China's Jan-October #trade with
ASEAN +15.8% y/y to 5.26 trillion yuan
🇪🇺EU +8.1% y/y to 4.68 trillion yuan
🇺🇸US +6.8% y/y to 4.21 trillion yuan
🇰🇷Korea +6.5% y/y to 2.02 trillion yuan
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👉#Copper shot up 7.57% on 4th November 2022.

Do you know❔
👉When was the last time we saw such a wild move in copper❔

It was
🔸on 6th Feb 2009
When copper shot up 8.57% in a single day.

🔸So what happened on 4th was "Move of the Decade"🧵

👉Like & Retweet if u like d work
But why did copper rose like there is no tomorrow ?

- On optimism that there might be relaxation in China’s Covid policies

- A steep decline in the dollar

- Historical low inventory of copper
Why is falling dollar good for copper ?

- A slumping dollar boosts purchasing power for commodities consumer countries like China.

- Yuan appreciated the most against USD since 2005.
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The tight supply of raw materials will be the main bottleneck to Tesla's 50%/yr vehicle growth target this decade. It is NOT a good thing $TSLA feels the need to get into mining. Rather, it is a huge warning sign...
that there won't be enough raw materials for most OEMs that have multi-million vehicle/yr growth ambitions. That means the battery input costs will get bid up until OEMs either begin dropping out of the EV race OR the supply of these raw materials increases significantly. Image
The latter is unlikely anytime soon. Depending on technical challenges, jurisdiction, permitting, feasibility studies, financing, etc. new #Lithium, #Nickel, #Graphite, and #Copper mines take 5-10+ years just to start production, let alone scale. E.g. On $TSLA Battery Day... Image
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I've been saying this before and I'll say it again, #Bitcoin is trading as a digital commodity 💯

The rules are simple...

If you are bearish on #BTC you are bearish on #Copper. If you see new ATHs for COPPER you are seeing new ATHs for BTC as well 🫡

#Bitcoin is here to stay, whether you like it or not.

The big difference between the two is the volatility of a new asset. Where one does 100% the other does 1000%. The same goes for HTF pullbacks.
The math is then pretty simple.

We live in a world of unlimited credit/fiat money, where governments/CBs, even if they don't want to, will be forced to "print digitally"

But we also live in a world of limited scarce assets.

Infinite credit will be chasing finite assets.
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China September trade balance(in USD term) $84.75bln; Est. $80.3 bln, Prev. $79.39 bln;
#Imports +0.3% y/y ; Est. +0.0%, Prev.+0.3%;
#Exports +5.7% y/y ; Est. +4.0%, Prev.+7.1%.
1/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
#China September Yuan-denominated trade data
Trade balance +573.57 bln yuan; Est.+564.30 bln yuan, Prev.+535.91 bln yuan;
Imports +5.2% y/y, Est.+8.4%, Prev.+4.6%.
Exports +10.7% y/y, Est.+11.3%, Prev.+11.8%.
2/ thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
3/Thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
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