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¿Por qué es tan fácil robarse el petróleo en Venezuela y a los corruptos les conviene que sigan las sanciones?

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Para entender esto primero debemos saber como funciona el negocio y transporte marítimo de los hidrocarburos.


También debemos aclarar que las sanciones son UNILATERALES. Es decir, solo EE.UU y algunos de la UE le tienen sanciones al gobierno, y eso hace difícil monitorear las mismas. Muy diferente sería si las sanciones fueran por parte de la ONU, como el caso de Corea del Norte.

¿Cómo se vende y despacha normalmente una carga de crudo?

El departamento comercial de PDVSA busca el comprador, acuerdan un precio, se genera una orden de compra y una factura proforma como en cualquier negocio.
Luego pasa a manos de PDV Marina (la naviera de PDVSA).

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Digital Currency For Electronic Payment. El Yuan Digital emitido por el Banco Popular de China (PBoC).

¿Qué es? ¿Cuál es su propósito? ¿Qué tanto ha avanzado?
¿Qué tiene de malo o bueno?


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China venía trabajando bajo perfil en esta moneda desde el 2014, pero fue en el 2020 que oficialmente lanzaron la noticia y que estaría anclada 1:1 con el Renminbi/Yuan.
No es una moneda estable y mucho menos una criptomoneda, si no una Central Bank Digital Currency CBDC.

No es una criptomoneda porque aunque está basada en una combinación de tecnologías digitales con criptografia, es 100% centralizada. Viene siendo algo así como el fracasado #Petro, pero más organizado y sofisticado.
Por cierto, el Petro no es una criptomoneda ni de cerca.

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不过别幻想 #OpenSea 又会来一轮新行情,这里中国要合法化的 #NFT 绝对不会是 #Ethereum 上的 #NFT ,而是 #DCEP 区块链上的 #NFT
2:央妈为了推广 #DCEP 操碎了心,为了吸引用户甚至还发起了红包,动员了商业银行、互联网巨头来支持 #DCEP ,不过人们早已习惯了支付宝和微信支付,所以 #DCEP 的市场数据应该比较尴尬。
3:#NFT 已经是被市场认可的商业模式,加上央妈急需推广 #DCEP ,所以大概率国内一定会推行自己的 #NFT 市场,让DCEP作为独占支付方式。
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@jnordvig shows $CNY 8% TW rise since Covid confounding expectations. Why? $RMB Reserve FX status requires $CNY trades strong during domestic crises [Covid, Trade & Evergrande] as Strength = Credibility with #DCEP launch imminent, thus why #BTC strength will
be resisted. As Jens highlights, China's FX reserves collapsed in 2015/16/17, falling 1.0 Trio USD. PBOC MU, the head of the digital lab told us at HK blockchain week in 2019 that the popularity of #bitcoin during this period lead the PBOC to fear for sovereignty of the Yuan. So
China decided to launch it's digital Yuan project as all the outflows were leaving the country. They broke the dollar peg in aug 2015, which crushed US stocks, and pivoted to tracking the CFETS basket a precursor to DCEP. China has changed its FX regime on avg every 5 years.
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The latest #OCC guidance allowing settlement through #stablecoins is exciting but with many side effects. There are threads that link it to the #Bitcoin price and ATHs, #Tether ,#Libra , #JPMorgan #WallStreet , #DCEP. I'm watching out for 6 aspects 👇1/n
1 - What most have caught on to is that stablecoins getting linked to banks will eventually make them more regulated and justify full AML/KYC disclosures. This will eventually be required everywhere, not just in the US. Another impact would be on reserve management..2/n
2 - There are few credible audits on the reserves of stablecoins. This will have implications for the #Bitcoin price. Many are aware that Bitcoin rice pumps are often correlated to heavy #Tether minting and movements from whale wallets. 3/n
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Grant and his guests always give you a ton to ponder. Agree with pretty much everything they discuss. 1 long energy. 2 #DCEP is a massive threat to…
Btc and 99% of the folks trading crypto have no concept of what is going on in china.( china is responsible for 65% of btc hash power)
@EconguyRosie post a few days ago that being —ve on btc is like calling your first born ugly and the visceral reaction being similar to tech investors in 99 or housing investors in 06 is
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Winners can receive their red packet by opening an e-wallet via the official Digital Renminbi App. The app is not yet available for public download, and it will be accessible via a link sent to the lottery winners.

E-CNY Image
China’s central bank-issued digital currency (aka E-CNY) in action in Shenzhen this weekend
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"The significance of Digital Currency Electronic Payment lies in that it's not the digitization of existing currency,but replacement of M0. It greatly reduces the dependence of trading process on accounts,which is conducive to the circulation and internationalization of #RMB. ...
... At the same time, DCEP can achieve real-time collection of data related to money creation, bookkeeping, etc, providing useful reference for the provision of money and the implementation of monetary policies. ...
... #PBOC has been studying #DCEP for five or six years, and is likely to be the first central bank in the world to launch a digital currency," said Huang Qifan, Vice President of #China Center for International Economic Exchanges, in #BundSummit #stablecoin #digitalcurrency
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