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Tomorrow a new market analysis will be out, followed by updates on the new macro data. This week will be huge.

meanwhile today I'm watching at something no one is looking at.

#Whales are accumulating they say.

A short thread 🧵

#onchain #BTC #Bitcoin Image
So let's take in consideration for a minute the fact that we can divide the cohort and call them as we want.

@glassnode divide the 2 cohorts we are gonna talk about today like this:

#Whale (1,000-5,000 BTC)
#Humpback (>5,000 BTC)
Meanwhile here we are looking at:
#Whale (1,000-10,000 BTC)
#Humpback (>10,000 BTC). ImageImage
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1/10 Tonight question was about #TVL on #DEFI, and i just asked myself is there any TVL leakage from DEFI since the turmoil we are all facing the past 6 months? Let's dig into some data here as parf of my 2nd 🧵and see where the #smartmoney has been going ?👇
2/10 TVL on @Defilama is now sitting below 100b, decreasing by almost 28% in a week and divided by 3 since $BTC #ath. Image
3/10 On the other hand, #crypto total market cap is sitting at 898b, and as the DEFI TVL, "just" decreased also by 26% in a week and divided by 3 since $BTC #ATH. Image
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A great day to enter the #crypto market, everything is on sale!

What will you be buying today?

Here's my list.


My 🐻 strategy.

1. Revisit your investment theses
2. Find conviction in strong picks
3. Sell if fundamentals change
4. Portfolio consolidation (≤ 10)
5. Rotate #altcoins into #bluechips
6. Dollar cost average on red days
7. Market ⬇️ = Accumulation ⬆️
8. Enjoy the discounts

My 🐻 picks.

1. $LUNA
2. $UST
3. $ETH
4. $RUNE
5. $NEAR
6. $AVAX
7. $GLP
8. $FTM
9. $SOL
10. $BTC
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#raportzportfela #sezon2 #portfeldywidendowy
Zapraszam Was do zapoznania się z najnowszym raportem z portfela :
💫 saldo początkowe ▶️19 472,33 pln
💫 suma dopłat w 2022 r. ▶️ 17 766 pln
💫 rentowność w 2022 r. ▶️ +0,92%
💫 gotówka ▶️ 58,15 pln
📄 Poniżej wyciąg z portfela.
Do portfela wrócił pakiet akcji #voxel. Cena zakupu 39,90 pln.Decyzję o zakupie podjąłem 23 marca. Wtedy to pojawiły się większe obroty. Technicznie walor jest mocno schłodzony. Do tego #voxel posiada politykę dywidendową.
Kurs konsoliduje się pomiędzy 38,5 pln-40 pln. Na wykresie tygodniowym RSI jest już wyjątkowo nisko. Jeśli #analizatechniczna ma jakieś atuty, to najbliższe dwa tygodnie są okresem, w którym #AT ma szansę to udowodnić.
#ike #ikze
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Hoy vamos a profundizar en una de las #altcoin en la que, ya os adelanto que voy bien cargado. Lo haremos fácil, para todos los públicos😏

👉Deja tu RT y tu like que nos vamos de caza juntos 🦅👇
🌚¿QUÉ ES Terra $LUNA?

Es un protocolo blockchain que busca crear un ecosistema centrado en generar aplicaciones DeFi, sobre una blockchain de gran velocidad y con facilidad para crear stablecoins, ancladas a las principales monedas fiat
🔎Según su Whitepaper:

Combina la "estabilidad de precios y la amplia adopción de monedas fiduciarias"
✅ Protocolo y blockchain propia que no depende de otras como #Ethereum o #Solana
➡️ Esto significa que su infraestructura funciona de manera AUTÓNOMA a otros proyectos
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#DeFi is changing the game at a massive scale and is evolving each day💸

Here's how three cognitive biases are holding you back from realising #DeFi's full potential and how to conquer them.

A short thread🧵, that will enable you to make all the right decisions.
1/ Ever felt like your personal belongings were more valuable to you, than they're objectively worth?

That's the "endowment effect" playing tricks on your mind.
2/ Ever doubled-down on a wrong decision from the past? Congrats, you've become a victim of the "sunk cost fallacy"⚓😳

The sunk cost fallacy makes it hard to abandon ship when you've already spent time and/or money on something. Sound familiar?
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#Cryptocurrency like #Bitcoin are known for being volatile. Here's an overview of how $BTC price fluctuated over the years:

Read our previous thread about Bitcoin here:

#Bitcoin has seen significant growth since its start in 2009 with some major price drops. $BTC price remained below US$2, for the first few years but in June 2011, the price shot up to US$31, before it plummeted down to a single digit. 📈📉

In April 2013, #Bitcoin’s price grew to US$200, and by November, it was valued at more than US$1000!
From this, the price skyrocketed to US$10,000, in November 2017 and in just 4 years, $BTC price rose to around US$68,990, in November 2021.

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#DeFi Daily 09/03/22

$BTC rose 4% during Tuesday’s Asian trading hours, and traded near the upper bound of a widening channel during US trading hours. Hourly, BTC has been making higher lows without higher highs – a strong resistance on its downward trend line.

Read more: 🧵👇 BTCUSD Graph
$ETH shows a similar price pattern to $BTC. It is now at a critical crossroad with price near its yearly support. For now, ETH has found support from the line on the daily as yesterday’s daily candle closed above the line.

/1 ETHUSD Graph
#DeFiTVL A small uptick to 195.4bn from yesterday as users gain confidence from the small boost in #crypto markets last night. @wavesprotocol and @terra_money led this rise. Liquid staking platform @LidoFinance contributing a 1.3bn increase in #Terra overnight.

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Vous êtes vous déjà dit : "J'ai acheté trop tard" ou "J'ai vendu trop tôt"! 

Rationalisez votre stratégie d'investissement grâce à la plateforme

Venez découvrir cet outil d'aide à l'investissement et rendez vos positions lucratives sans stress Image

Les méthodes et #outils présentés dans ce #thread ne constituent pas un conseil en #investissement.

Par ailleurs, s'appuyer sur cet outil ne vous dispense pas de réaliser des recherches sur les fondamentaux des projets. Image

Investir dans les #cryptos, c'est être prêt à y passer du temps et à vivre du stress au quotidien.

La volatilité, les rebondissements sur le marché chaque semaine, les nouveaux #projets prometteurs.

Tous ces facteurs demandent un investissement personnel important. Image
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1️⃣ Uzun vade yatırım yapmak isteyip hisse ya da coin alan arkadaşlar bazen uzun süre zararda kalmaktan dolayı usanıp satmaya karar veriyorlar. Saygı duyarım. Kaliteli hisselerde ne kadar sular altında kalırsanız kalın bir noktada kara geçeceğimizi hepimiz biliyoruz.
2️⃣ Ama bazen size de oluyor mu “ya bu hisse hep sular altında oluyor, hiç gün yüzü göremiyoruz” dedirtiyor mu size de? Hadi şimdi önce birkaç yabancı hisse örneği üzerinden başlayıp sonrasında da Türk hisselerinden birkaç örnek üzerinde bu konuyu incelemeye çalışalım.
3️⃣ Ele aldığım örneklerin tamamı temettü ve sermaye artırımlarına göre düzeltilmiş veriler olacak. Hisse zirveyi görüyor herkes hevesle giriyor, sonra bir düşüyor bir gün yüzü göstermiyor dediğimiz sinir bozucu hisseler var mı aklınıza gelen? Bir ona bak bir de S&P500’e bak.
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1/ #BITCOIN thread, monthly update

NO, the Bullrun is NOT over, IMHO
Where do we stand? Stay with me, this will be a mega long thread, sorry, lol!

My current view for $BTC
FAR, FAR AWAY from a MACRO top.

2/ I am really bullish and I do think this bullrun is far from over, yet we have to take in mind that it COULD be over.
Oh, and I could be heavily wrong about the current state, so please DYOR and don’t take this thread for granted.
Rely on yourself.
3/ Yes, the bears have a fair point, we can’t deny that.
Price was in an uptrend.

We were all screaming for 100k at 65k, myself included.

That changed, and we dropped a significante amount.
Plus, we’re below the 200 EMA.

Until MS changes to bullish, beras are in control.
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The latest #OCC guidance allowing settlement through #stablecoins is exciting but with many side effects. There are threads that link it to the #Bitcoin price and ATHs, #Tether ,#Libra , #JPMorgan #WallStreet , #DCEP. I'm watching out for 6 aspects 👇1/n
1 - What most have caught on to is that stablecoins getting linked to banks will eventually make them more regulated and justify full AML/KYC disclosures. This will eventually be required everywhere, not just in the US. Another impact would be on reserve management..2/n
2 - There are few credible audits on the reserves of stablecoins. This will have implications for the #Bitcoin price. Many are aware that Bitcoin rice pumps are often correlated to heavy #Tether minting and movements from whale wallets. 3/n
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1/34 #Bitcoin thread, update from begin oct at $10k

#ATH! We made it! We’re all geniuses!

No, we’ve not all made it, but with a look at all the underlying stuff, we can make it.
So where do we stand, fa/ta wise?
TLDR at 29/30

Let’s go!🔥🔥
2/ 2 Year MA Multiplier
This indicator uses, as it says, the 2Y MA. The green line is the 2Y MA, red line is the same MA x5
2ya MA multiplier is rising and at ~43k rn. Roughly, I think we’ll touch it ~mid ’21 and have like the last half year of extreme parabolic advance after Image
3/ Relative Unrealized Profit/Loss

Paper p/l in $Btc. U can use it to track investor sentiment.
Looking at the price being at an Ath and market sentiment, it makes sense we are at greed.
As you can see we can stay around greed for a whole year. Makes sense, above Ath territory Image
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Round 2 of weekly Reliance Ind fund raising? This time for Retail?

BofA: RIL has offered all 13 investors of Jio Platforms (including Facebook, Google etc) the option to invest in its Retail unit. Image
Round 2 has started for Reliance Industries

This time for Retail

Private equity firm Silver Lake to invest Rs 7500 crore in Reliance Retail for 1.75% stake… Image
Mukesh Ambani:
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Hello Traders, Below is our trade plan for upcoming week. It will be a buy & hold portfolio with time frame of 30 trading sessions #NIFTY #BANKNIFTY #fmcg #INFY #TCS #GranulesIndia #Bayercorp #SBIcard #Cipla #tataconsumer #Alltimehigh #Dhoni #DhoniRetires #ThalaDhoni #CSK Image
Below is the link to chart where we have tried explaining the idea behind buy on Granules #Granules #API #momentuminvesting #alltimehigh #ATH…
Below is the link to chart where we have tried explaining the idea behind buy on Tata Consumer #TataConsumer #fmcg #Nifty #banknifty…
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1/ When I post I expect grind & easy money has been made I’m not joking or just flaming perma-bears. I’m serious. Let’s use IBD as a metric. Here is a pic of the current IBD signals, or I should say signal. It’s unbelievable really. 82 consectutive sessions on “Confirmed Uptrend”
2/ Here is a pic of 2009. 42 Sessions off the “CUp”. Then mixed signals started in...and they are coming real soon now to 2020. No more all clear! IBD is as easy as it gets really. Since 4/6 it’s been basically an all clear. What furu gave you that? Again, just IBD as a metric.
3/Since 4/6/20 it’s been an all clear essentially. And now with $SPX within less than a 100 points from #ATH many have missed this & now it will get dicey as “Uptrend Under Pressure” signals come in due to high distribution, chop, undercutting lows will make buying more difficult
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🟢NEW #GEM (2.0)🟢

It's time!

Let's talk about one of the most #underrated and #undervalued projects in the whole cryptomarket.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the $LTO @LTOnetwork.

1/ What exactly is $LTO?

It's a hybrid blockchain for securing, verifying and exchanging business critical information.

In short: businneses use $LTO blockchain to cut operating costs. Image
2/ Examples of $LTO USE CASES

Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure use LTO Technology to save $7 million annually by sharing data and business logic with competitors and governments. Image
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Hello Traders, Below is our trade plan for upcoming week #NIFTY #BANKNIFTY #RELIANCE #INDIANCHEMICALS #TRADING #FNO #SENSEX #relianceagms2020 #FMCG Image
The list of stocks mentioned in the above list have recently crossed their All Time High #ATH #Momentum #Chemicals #Agrochem #FMCG #Telecom
Below is the link to chart where we have tried explaining the idea behind buy on Tata Consumer #Tataglobal #Tataconsumer #FMCG #Breakout #Momentum…
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