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First, you’re not speaker any more

And your party’s “ideas” were so soundly rejected during the midterm elections that you lost an historic 40 seats

But let’s go a little deeper. Let’s look at Trump’s “accomplishments” and see if we are “better off”
With Trump and the GOP gutting the ACA and fighting Medicaid expansion, people who pay for healthcare are certainly #NotBetterOff

But healthcare and drug companies, and people that own them, sure are. Just ask your friend Chris Collins.…
The millions adversely affected by the #GOPTaxScam are #NotBetterOff

On the other hand, all the companies and wealthy CEOs who used the tax cut to buy back stocks and become richer were probably thrilled…
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1/ I would like to start a DIALOGUE on #SexSlavery #Trafficking in the USA!

Please join me in discussing & dealing with this issue!

In light of Florida’s #Trafficking sting …
2/ It is a serious issue (that I have made fun of myself).

#Sex #trafficking accounted for 6,081 of more than 8,500 reported cases of trafficking in the United States in 2017, according to statistics from the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

The Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office, which is a part of the multi-agency crackdown, said 100s of people will end up facing charges, with dozens arrested so far.

The Florida sex trafficking sting resulted in nearly 50 arrests and 200 warrants & more are coming!
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This is your Commander In Chief ~ ❤️🇺🇸
Everyone who's in full freak out mode? 😂🤣😂 Yes, I'm looking at you democrats who thought you were tying his hands..As @ThomasWictor would say? HA!
This is what Trump set the table for ~ he KNEW what these dolts would do..Such predictable liars. #PoundSand
#DACA #TPS #AmericaFirst #SOTU2019…
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Thread by @LJT_is_me: "Really important! California Montana New Jersey Alabama South Dakota Mississippi New Mexico Mississippi Iowa Your free begins with making your voice heard! I want everyone to make their voice heard. That said, If they are liste […]"…
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I told @qzindia where many of my H-1B clients are from: A system so overburdened, hampered by new policy meant to hobble instead of run must be reformed. That starts by starving the beast.…
I've proudly served businesses in Northern Virginia and beyond to help them acquire H-1B visas and stay competitive. It can be hard to find qualified folks.

#H1B isn't perfect, but needs reform, not made unattainable.
That's exactly what the current administration is doing. And yes, it's for the same reason they tried to revoke #DACA, kill #TPS, sent troops to the border, and banned Muslims: they don't want people to come here.

The administration attacks legal immigration.
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'In the last of his major national addresses on the Democrat-created border impasse, the president offered the opposing party big wins on immigration. In exchange, he asked for common sense border security measures.

That’s how serious the president was.'…
Exerpts from the article by @Harlan:

'But as she did with every offer from him, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) scornfully rejected President Trump’s attempt at compromise.

This time she did it before he even spoke.'
'As the effective leader of one of the country’s major parties, that’s her right.

But she can’t then claim to be interested in compromise or solutions.'
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As the posturing of the conference committee begins, just wanted to provide some thoughts that I wish weren't provocative, as both chambers & sides of the aisle begin their talks. I should preface these thoughts to say that no one wants a shutdown at the end of this process. 1/
Part of the challenge in these convos is that both sides are in rhetorical political battles not real policy ones & so because each word could mean 29035 things depending on who is saying it the result is a bunch of fake conversations that result in nothing. And that is sad 2/
It's particularly sad when it's so obvious that a majority of Americans are actually for a narrow bipartisan compromise on increasing security & providing PERMANENT protections to #DACA recipients & #TPS Holders. & yet we find ourselves in an enforcement-only conversation 3/
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They are on deadline. Since one democrat proclaimed himself the grown up going into the room? Time to put up #AmericaFirst ! February 15th is now 16 days away.
The crisis has not changed Mr President, it's growing!
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NEW @intheMatrixxx Thread... I have done some research into The real him... #JefferyPedersen is his name... Let begin with how I found out his real identity... #QAnon #PayTriots #DigitalSellouts #CIA/#MOS #Crowdsourcing #QArmy
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @FBI
2/ The First Time I saw the Name #Pedersen Dropped was here...
The 1st Name Drop came from @ratisbonejr Who is “IN FACT”
💥💥 A Retired Law Enforcement Counter-terrorism Agent... 💥💥
HE KNEW SOMETHING!!! #QAnon #Paytriot
3/ I took that name straight to Livid & asked if it were him... For the record @Livid2point0 refused to partake in any Doxxing... But after name was dropped, aprox 5 women immediately came forward to confirm @intheMatrixxx was infact Jefferey Pedersen... #Paytriot #QAnon @FBI
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Lets Go Ahead & Get It Out In The Open @realDonaldTrump

One Question To All #Daca #Mexico #Mexican #Mexicans #IllegalAliens #IllegalImmigration
#Refugee #RefugeesWelcome #Refugees Especially The Children.When You Entered The US Border How Much Blood Did They Take From You?
Never Speak Of This But We Will Let You In & Help You Stay If You Donate Blood & Or Plasma

@realDonaldTrump This Is Why #humantrafficking Must Stop aside From Previously Stated Reasons But You Know...Dont You?
Did @realDonaldTrump Cut Off All The #DeepState #humantrafficking
#Blood #Plasma #Adrenachrome Supplies??? Is That Why They Are Traveling Out Of The Country So Much????
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Today I attended a hearing at the U.S. Court of Appeals regarding our lawsuit that challenged the Trump Administration’s termination of #DACA.
Approximately 42K New Yorkers have benefited from #DACA, allowing them to live & work here without fear of arrest or deportation.

Their presence in our communities is vital to our culture and our economy.

New York wouldn’t be the same without our immigrant communities.
I am grateful to the attorneys & advocates who have passionately fought for #DACA and I will always stand up and fight for immigrants at every turn.
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This is the Commander in Chief. ❤️🇺🇸🌹
Your Commander in Chief loves you. He's doing this so you'll get paid and he will use EO to address the issue. ICYMI we have some catching up to do people. Read this:…
I just realized Trump did a SOTU speech from the Rose Garden..By Feb 15th 800K federal employees will be paid. He's doing what @LindseyGrahamSC requested he do as a last resort..and you say WAIT we knew this a few weeks ago. Well did we know all of this?…
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Okay so here is some more procedural color:
- the next SCOTUS conference is 2/15 (this is the earliest next date a decision to take #DACA case could@come)
- Court could also relist it for another conference they have about 3 of those a month apparently, so basically all those 1/
Become potential “take the case” dates.
- Those dates hit a culmination point in June when they make decisions on things before summer break.
- other intervening timeline elements include other DACA cases in other circuits, those rulings could give other procedural options 2/
For DOJ to seek the court’s review.
- however - and with the caveat that the SCOTUS can basically do as they please- it seems that all of these options IF the court granted cert would result in a Fall hearing (Octoberish)
- Decisions from fall hearings don’t exactly 3/
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Semana 104 de Donald Trump en la Casa Blanca. Se cumplen dos años de presidencia. Y 30 días del cierre de gobierno más largo de la historia de EEUU
14 enero. Lunes. Continúa el cierre de gobierno. 24 días de shutdown. No hay avance entre republicanos y demócratas. Se echan la culpa mutuamente. El muro en el centro del debate. Trump asegura que está luchando por los estadounidenses
Cada vez más consecuencias…
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A few thoughts on Trump exchanging #DACA protection for $5.7bn in border barrier funding:
1/ This is not a good deal. You can’t trade border security for the integrity of a nation. It’s incoherent. It undermines the entire point POTUS is trying to make with the wall.
2/ While Dems probably won’t even accept it (which is what the WH is hoping for, no doubt), it legitimises the idea of allowing DACA folks to get amnesty for cheap.
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I don’t really have opinions of the last 12 hours of events, in wait n see mode, however in case helpful here is what the Bridge Act is: 1/ #DACA #TPS #Shutdown
The Act gives provisional protected presence for a period of 3 years to those who meet the eligibility. At the end of the 3 years those protections would end. 2/
The eligibility requirements are basically the same as eligibility requirements for #DACA. I have no idea what the temporary #TPS portion of something like this is, perhaps they’d just change that eligibility language, but again who knows. 3/
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This morning the Supreme Court is meeting again on whether or not to agree to the Trump Admin’s request to take up #DACA repeal this term. Cross your fingers they want no involvement. Will update as soon as I know anything. Could come this afternoon, Monday or Tuesday.
Update: still waiting here. There are some media reports that there wasn't an order here today, but we think that might have been a little premature. Hoping to hear concretely soon.
No orders today. Come back 9:30am on Tuesday. Everyday that goes by is another day that DACA recipients can renew. So take today as a victory! #ProtectDreamers
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#RIF #SchumerPelosiShutdown #FundTheWallNow ❤️🇺🇸🌹#HonorYourOath

What agencies and services are affected by government shutdown? An updated look…
“As President, I have often said that I have no greater responsibility than protecting the American people,” ~ President Obama

🇺🇸 President Donald J Trump agrees #FundTheWallNow…
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I truly appreciate the non-political folks calling for a #DACA deal as a route out of the shutdown. It’s VITAL to understand that this admin actually wants that cover in a public convo to mask what they’re actually pushing which is gutting asylum & putting migrant kids in jail 1/
The Pres ended DACA in Sep of 2017, he did it in a passive way cuz DACA is remarkably successful & popular. And then hid behind injunctions of multiple circuit courts that kept some pieces of the program in tact. But in reality his DOJ tried to hop over that in the 5th circuit 2/
That effort to bypass circuits failed as the 5th circuit case is still at the district court level. So then they decided to jump over the 9th & petitioned to SCOTUS anyway (the 9th has since ruled, but there is no circuit court conflict) 3/
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1. @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2643...
Repost of 2510 ==> Are we clear regarding #Mueller? This is the lower 1/2 of No. 2381.
#Twitter link to @brithume on #McClatchy emails which few in #CorporateMedia would pick up (even today) last March '18. ......
2. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2643...
Link to the @brithume #Tweet.

This a 14 page doc with correspondences between #McClatchy's #CletaMitchell & #PeterStone.
Here we're lead to research the epidemic of leaks that......
3. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2643...
started before this admin.…
#Q lays out the path to [AS] #AdamSchiff's leaks & his position on the #HouseIntelComm which he though gave him a buffer or #SafeSpace from future......
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#HonorYourOath 🇺🇸#FundTheWallNow~ I first tweeted this out during #Omnibus2018 and guess what? Here we are again! Meet @MickMulvaneyOMB
#HonorYourOath 🇺🇸Trump had the departments, including the generals there. He was...pissed. You could tell. The @WhiteHouse press release went out late.
#HonorYourOath 🇺🇸 What Executive Order was being discussed that night? This one..…
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Chuckles & Nancy didn't want the cameras in, they want another CR so they can pack it with 🐷 AGAIN.
The troops are funded. Shut it down Mr President.
Nancy has lied since 1987. Someone with some mad editing skills should do a loop of all of them saying they'd secure the border
#NationalSecurity is defending our borders. #FundTheWall 🇺🇸
Remarks by President Trump in Meeting with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker-Designate Nancy Pelosi… via @whitehouse
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BREAKING: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit today upheld a lower court’s ruling to block @realDonaldTrump’s termination of DACA, allowing ~800,000 DACA recipients nationwide to submit renewal applications. 1/ #DefendDACA
@realDonaldTrump Attention DACA recipients! The future of #DACA is uncertain but your ability to renew your DACA is in your hands. If you have DACA, or have had DACA in the past, you can still file to renew. Learn more at @UnitedWeDream & @FWDus 2/
@realDonaldTrump @UNITEDWEDREAM @FWDus Trump’s attack on #DACA more than a year ago upended the lives of hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth and their families. His administration has since gone to extreme lengths to end the program without regard for how it has impacted people’s lives.… 3/
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To #DACA recipients who follow me for immigration info - this thread is to explain the updates of today's litigation move by the Trump Admin for you, follow along below 1/
As you recall a couple weeks ago I was highlighting that DOJ issued a letter to the 9th circuit essentially saying "rule or we'll go to SCOTUS without your ruling on the 31st" - so we've been in wait n see mode since Halloween awaiting their filing. 2/
So what happened today is essentially the administration's follow through on their original threat letter to the 9th Circuit. During that period of time the 9th Circuit never ruled. What was a bit different that happened today that wasn't mentioned in their letter is that 3/
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