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New Frontiers of #Terrorism- Earlier SocialMedia now #Cyptocurrencies.

🔶 With conventional means of funding #terrorism is under tight scrutiny by #India , #terrorists are finding it hard to survive, So its time for a new means & new #technology has come up .
🔶Its #cryptocurrency. With expertise & access to #DarkWeb & cryptocurrency available, its hard to track the agencies or souces funding them .There was a time when one could take cash secretly & perform transaction without fear of tracking by regulatory agencies.
🔶Digitisation of financial system deprived them of privacy. cryptocurrencies promise to return privacy & anonymity to #terrorists , #cryptocurrency or ‘virtual currency’ does not have govt backing. It has no legal existence in any financial system.
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If @realDonaldTrump‘s O2 sat level really is in the mid-80s like the #DarkWeb v of reddit has people leaking like crazy (impossible to verify) then the risks of #AmericanCivilWar just shot way the frack up to 50% before Nov 15 2020.

If Trump dies, 90% odds #MAGA rebellion
We have two people claiming to be nurses, three WH staffers, and an anonymous supposed senator claiming to have seen the O2 levels and him being put on a BIPAP.
A lot of this is coming from screenshots of text messages supposed to have come from these, but the *supposed* anonymous senator claims to use Tor directly.

I dont post evidence cuz it goes against #DarkWeb ethos and also very unsubstantiated rumors.
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Here is my tutorial on How To Access The #DarkWeb safely and securely.

As you’ll find out, your next big challenge is how to find DW sites, but that’s part of the fun. You’ll soon be in an Elite group!

I only frequent the #DarkWeb conspiracy/intel sites.
@JuliansRum, @Trinitydraco1, @jenniferatntd, @DrEricDing, @DrEricBall

Dear Mz. Zheng: As an IMPORTANT and anti-#CCP journalist, it BEHOOVES you to learn not just #DarkWeb but also #TailsOS for confidential sourcing. It was developed after the #SnowdenRevelations.
If anyone find a security flaw w/ this demo, for God’s sake, publicly share it here so we can warn people. If it’s bad enough, I’ll take down this video, edit it and reup.
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⚠️ Ransomware ⚠️
¿Qué es? ¿Qué pasó con migraciones? ¿Cómo nos afecta lo que sucedió a los simples mortales? ¿Nosotros podemos ser víctimas de estos ataques?.
Abro hilo para intentar contestar a esas interrogantes y para que lo compartan si creen que a otro puede interesarle.
No es un hilo técnico-jurídico, voy a tratar de ser claro y conciso: ransomware es un secuestro extorsivo, pero en lugar de secuestrar una persona el objeto del ataque son sistemas, datos y/o archivos. Por supuesto se exige un pago como rescate, de ahí el componente extorsivo.
¿Cómo secuestran un sistema? Ejecutando un archivo. Suele hacerlo la propia víctima al descargar el “virus” que venía en un #Phishing simulando ser algo distinto (¿recuerdan la historia del caballo de troya? Lo mismo, parece un regalo y adentro tiene escondido al enemigo).
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/19/2020-2

Podcast: Galileo and the science deniers, and physicists probe the mysterious pion…
#Science #Galileo
Meet the ‘psychobiome’: the gut bacteria that may alter how you think, feel, and act…
#action #gut #bacteria #feel #think
How do children spread the coronavirus? The science still isn’t clear…
#Children #spread #coronavirus
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Pakistani serial rapist/pedophile employed by Save the children's org and world bank despite a long list of prior charges.

A descriptive thread on one of the perps by @misterzedpk…
Convicted serial child rapist and pedophile Sohail Ayaz went to the UK on a 2 year skilled workers visa to work for the well-known charity Save the Children - in 2009 he was sentenced to 4 years in jail for raping minors and for possession of child pornography & then deported
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[THREAD] 1/ In light of the #humantrafficking cases of Jeffrey Epstein & R. Kelly this week, we want to share some of the #hightech ways orgs are working to catch & prosecute #traffickers while protecting children. A summary of our white paper on 40 #ToolsAgainstChildTrafficking.
2/ This #whitepaper presents a list of technologies combating #childtrafficking. By providing this resource, we hope to consolidate core knowledge and enable law enforcement, government agencies, and nonprofits to select and combine strategies with maximum effectiveness.
3/ A prominent #hightech method to fight trafficking is #ImageRecognition. Orgs are able to identify victims (@thorn), create #videofingerprints to filter & #eliminateCSAM (@_project_vic, @twohathq), and scan the internet for photos of missing children in ads (@marinusai).
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Wouldn't you think #ErnieAllen with all his credentials and background (#NCMEC, #USSS, top security, #darkweb, head of Human Trafficking w/ #mccainfound) would know what's going on at his border w/ #ChildTrafficking??!?! Why is he silent? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
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Exposé: How ISIS steals our Heritage & sells it through the Dark Web for terror-funding.
Read the full thread on #BloodBuddhas 1/n
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