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Rest in peace Nord Stream 1.

#Europe is paying the price of decades of colonisation and of being colonised by the #US.

Do we think we are tough enough and allow ourselves to impose whatever sanctions on #Russia? We have a blow in our face and no Russian gas ahead of us.
Which solution is the #US bringing to Europe now? Image
Believe it or not, #Russia still delivering gas to #Europe via #Ukraine, but not for long.
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Hello again, nice to see you here for Tuesday's daily thread on #Russia's illegal war against its peaceful neighbour.

Day 216 of #Ukraine's Resistance. Also the last day of "voting" in the sham (illegal) referenda in Occupied parts of Ukraine

All the news, events and analysis⬇️
If you missed anything yesterday, here's the start of Monday's thread. Scroll at your leisure!

The British Intelligence daily update is out and it covers Putin's immediate plans over the fixed "votes" in 4 of #Ukraine's partially occupied regions.

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine Image
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#NordStream2 pipeline leaking in the Baltic Sea, according to #Denmark.…
Update: Two leaks also identified on the #NordStream 1 pipeline in the Baltic Sea, following a similar incident involving #NordStream2, according to Scandinavian officials.
No impact on security from the #NordstreamLeaks, according to @EU_Commission.
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JUST IN: Olaf Scholz (@OlafScholz), German Chancellor met Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE President on Sunday, and signed an accord on energy cooperation and the country's hosting of next year's U.N. climate talks.
Scholz is on a two-day visit to the Gulf region focused mainly on securing new fossil fuel supplies and forging fresh alliances against Russia.
Germany is trying to wean itself off energy imports from Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine, while avoiding an energy shortage in the coming months.
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JUST IN: 100,000+ businesses in Italy are in danger of closing down due to soaring energy bills, as reported by Carlo Sangalli, head of the Italian business association Confcommercio.
Sangalli said, "Already many companies are reorganizing or reducing services… Between now and the first half of 2023, at least 120,000 small businesses in the service sector are at risk… This is a cautious estimate that does not take into account the largest companies".
Sangalli warned that, due to this situation, there could be a loss of over 370,000 jobs. Energy prices in Italy are much higher than in other countries, which puts a strain on small and medium-sized businesses.
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JUST IN: A new survey by S&P Global revealed that the Eurozone’s economic downturn deepened in September, with business activity contracting for the third consecutive month. Image
The report found that manufacturers across 19-country unions were hit hard by rising energy costs, with the purchasing manager's index (PMI) sinking to its lowest level since 2013.
The PMI, which is seen as a good gauge of overall economic health, fell from 48.9 in August to 48.2 in September. S&P Global expects the euro area’s economy to shrink by 0.1% in the third quarter.
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JUST IN: Germany wants European Union citizens to be banned from taking up top posts at Russian state firms. Berlin is urging Brussels to ban EU citizens from holding senior positions at Russian state-owned companies.
According to reports, the document states that EU citizens should no longer be allowed to be on the supervisory or management boards of Russian state companies.
The proposal is justified by the problem of “strategic corruption”. It states that it is a long-standing Russian strategy to offer “well-paid positions in the governing bodies” of state companies to EU residents allegedly in order to exert political influence on EU countries.
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The Saxon Palace was one of the most distinctive buildings in prewar #Warsaw. It was destroyed by Germans in #WWII.
A 🧵:

#PolishHistory #Poland #ReparationsForPoland #BeLikePoland #unredeemed #ReparationsNow #PałacSaski

The Palace, erected as a result of the expansion of the 17th-century palace of Jan Andrzej Morsztyn (a leading poet of the Polish Baroque), was rebuilt many times in the following centuries. During the Second Polish Republic, it was the seat of the General Staff of the 🇵🇱 Army.
After the destruction of the Palace by 🇩🇪, the only trace of it that remained was a fragment of the 3 central arcades with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier–a symbolic grave commemorating the nameless soldiers who died in the defense of 🇵🇱”
#PolishHistory #WW2 #ReparationsForPoland
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Thread: 21 September 2022: Day 210 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
The former rector of the Moscow Aviation Institute, Anatoly Gerashchenko, had a "tragic accident" on Sept. 21, he "fell" - indeed, "flew" - down several flights of stairs and "received injuries incompatible with life".…
#Putin's delayed speech, delivered this morning, rambled through the war being necessary to stop #Ukraine having nukes, #NATO running Kiev's army and refusing peace, Novorossiya, neo-Nazis, and annexing the Donbas, to announce partial mobilisation.
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Thread: 20 September 2022: Day 209 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Russia "officially" preparing to "annex" the Donbas in eastern #Ukraine.

Should be noted, the Russians had such plans in Kherson and Kharkiv, which were derailed by the Ukrainian guerrillas before the Army liberated Kharkiv.
Imprisoned #Russian oppositionist Alexey Navalny comments on that video of Yevgeny Prigozhin recruiting prisoners for the war on #Ukraine. Sees it as a clear sign of the disintegration of the Army and notes such recruits can only make it worse.
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📍 Finally, the Turks were removed from the control of the Muslims of Germany!
The Supreme Council of Muslims in #Germany 🇩🇪 -which represents non-Turkish Muslims in Germany before the German authorities- has dropped all institutional and intellectual facades of 👇🏼 Image
the expired #MuslimBrotherhood, including the Islamic Center in Munich and the Student Union of the group
The council began investigating Brotherhood networks and the impact of extremist ideology and terrorism on the country, before the elections that were held 👇🏼
within the council on September 18
Ibrahim El-Zayat was also stripped of the council's membership
FYI, Ibrahim El-Zayat is considered the Minister of Finance of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany, 👇🏼 Image
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🚨🚨🚨 Please retweet! 🚨🚨🚨

Below is link to the copy of the report about the REAL Origin of SARS-CoV2 sent to the US Senate and Congress last week.

My declaration in the document was provided under oath with penalty of perjury.…
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Tuesday 20 September - Day 209 of the illegal war being waged by #Russia, welcome to the daily thread.

#Ukraine is fighting for democracy, for its very survival. Our fundraiser is at 18% of target - a good start. Photos added of what we will be buying.…
Many interesting stories late on Monday's thread

⚡️#Russia's soldiers sexually assaulted a 4 year old child.
⚡️🇷🇺embassy in Canada firebombed
⚡️Big (suspicious) fire in 🇷🇺 city
⚡️Employees forced to "donate" over 40% of their weekly wage to Russia's war

Here's a risky investment for Russians.

How about booking a New Year's Eve party at the #Kerch (Crimea) bridge?
New cruises being launched from next week.

Well, guess they like fireworks on 31 December. Why not try a #HIMARS light show experience?…
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#Deal agreement
#Slovenia will supply #Ukraine with 28 M55S tanks and receive 40 APC's (#Marder?) in return from #Germany Image
T-55 variant with british 105mm gun
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Thread: 19 September 2022: Day 208 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: "#Russia has highly likely lost at least four combat jets in #Ukraine within the last 10 days", a total of 55 since the invasion began. A "realistic possibility" this is because Moscow has stepped up airstrikes, and still lacks air dominance. Image
The "refusenik" problem within the #Russian Army is clearly at an operationally significant level.
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Ever heard of the train-tram?

Not the same thing as the tram-train!
A system that lets lightweight trains travel quickly between cities, but also operate on city streets like trams.
The RegioSprinter is currently operating in Zwickau, #Germany, though above video is from #Czechia ImageImageImage
They even trialled it in #Calgary #Alberta in the mid-90s. Note the name: DiscoTrain ! Image
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In Aug 2022, I investigated two inter-connected Chinese-origin apps on @GooglePlay that swindle money from Pak and Turkish citizens while falsely pretending to be a solar energy company in Germany.

@PTAofficialpk @GermanyinPAK @MFATurkiye

Receiving multiple DMs from fellow Pakistani citizens who are on the verge of a breakdown. I have advised them to do the needful and lodge complaints with authorities concerned. These people did not carry out due diligence, scammed against promises of 'high profit'.
Both apps use sophisticated forms of deceptive marketing. They claim that their 'head office' is based in Tulpenfeld, Bonn, Germany. The scammers even hired white models (a fake ginger-haired 'CEO') for marketing.
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Thread: 15 September 2022: Day 204 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Russian soldier talking to his wife is somewhat unimpressed with the commanders and even less impressed with the #Chechen Kadyrovtsy, the "Akhmat", who "fucked off (i.e. ran away), the fucking cowards" as the #Ukrainians closed in.
In #Mariupol overnight, #Ukrainians sang the national anthem in Liberation Square, knowing it can get them arrested and worse by the #Russian occupation authorities in the city. A sense that liberation is coming is spreading.
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64% of #Polish people say #Germany should pay reparations for the damage it caused to #Poland during #WWII according to a new Social Changes opinion poll (source: @wPolityce_pl, Sept 4)

#WarLossesReport #RaportStratWojennych #ReparacjedlaPolski #ReparationsForPoland #Statistics Image
The death toll in #WWII was enormous with millions of lives lost.
There was 1️⃣ country that suffered disproportionately, it was #Poland 🇵🇱

Chart: WW2 casualties as % of each country's population

#unREDEEMed #ReparationsNow #ReparationsForPoland #ReparacjedlaPolski #Infographic Image
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1/ The leading German newsweekly, Der Spiegel, is reporting that the Biden administration is "quite sympathetic" to the idea of #Germany being the first country to provide #Ukraine with modern, western-designed #tanks and other armored vehicles.…
2/ Spiegel: "US diplomats recently signaled to the German government on several occasions that Washington was quite sympathetic to an explosive idea: that Germany would be the first country to announce tank deliveries and thus possibly involve other EU partners." Image
3/ The Spiegel report, which notes that Washington itself is still undecided about whether or not to supply Ukraine with western-designed tanks, dovetails with reporting by the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung earlier this week.
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#SpaceThreatsOEWG Day 3, Session 2, exchange among Member States.

Follow live with this 🧵 by @JessLuella_West
#France draws attention to FALSE perception that some irresponsible practices might provide more advantages than disadvantages. Must deconstruct through transparency, cooperation, and commitments such as that regarding destructive DA #ASAT tests.
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#Algeria: Must go hand in hand with PAROS discussions

Need transparency and more ambitious confidence building measures. Particular responsibility of states with advanced capabilities to prevent PAROS.
#Algeria: Promote full access to technology through cooperation and tech assistance and capacity building in developing countries

Need to strengthen legal regime in outer space for a common future.
#NewZealand: Should not be focused exclusively on kinetic threats. Non-kinetic including #cyber pose significant threats and possible irreversible loss and damage to infrastructure on earth
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What are you afraid of @Bundeskanzler? Don’t you want to save people from russian occupation? My family spent 2 years under German occupation during WWII but it’s incomparable to months of russian occupation my family experienced this year. #RussiaIsATerroristState
Also I wonder how much of reparations from Germany were paid to Kyiv or reached Ukrainan SSR. Ukrainian territory was fully occupied and the frontline moved forward and backward on our land…you can imagine those consequences. #Ukraine #Germany
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Exchange of views on current and future threats to space, Session 2, Day 2 #SpaceThreatsOEWG.

Watch live or follow this 🧵 for reporting by @JessLuella_West Image
Livestream is available here:…
#Belgium: recognizes contribution of the paper by #Germany and #Philippines to identify threats and irresponsible behaviour in space.
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