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Le côté obscur de l'IA a son seigneur Sith DarkBERT

Quels risques ?
#AI #DarkWeb #StarWars Image
🌟 DarkBERT n'est pas ton IA Jedi ordinaire. Elle a été formée pour comprendre le langage spécifique du DarkWeb, ce qui la rend incroyablement puissante pour détecter les activités souterraines. 🕵️‍♀️
💥 Parlons de la Force. DarkBERT a été mise à l'épreuve face à d'autres modèles de langage dans des tâches liées à la détection d'activités souterraines.

Et devine quoi ?
Elle a dominé les autres ! 💪
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Dark Web Data Leak Exposes RaidForums Members

Nearly half a million members of a notorious cybercrime forum have had their details publicly exposed after a key database was published on another hacking site.

#DarkWeb #RaidForums #Cybercrime…
"#Cybersecurity researchers at VX-Underground confirmed the news that over 478,000 users of RaidForums had their data leaked on up-and-coming forum Exposed."
"A screenshot shared by Emsisoft threat analyst, Brett Callow, shows the leak was posted by an Exposed admin known as "Impotent."

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Sources - Major Revolt brewing in BJP in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and UP!

Yogiji has ordered removal of Modi photographs from all Govt offices. Yogiji jockeying to replace Modi before 2024 polls.

3 way fight erupts in MP. Scindia removes BJP from Social Media Profiles. Image
Sources - @RSSorg has long been seeking to replace the #GujaratMafia. Growing feeling that the open corruption and loot by Gujarat Mafia is tarnishing #HinduRashtra and Sangh's reputation.

Growing feeling within RSS that Yogiji should take over and prepare for 2024 elections.
There is precedence.

#KeshubhaiPatel was elected CM of Gujarat. Modi was RSS pracharak.

Following Adani sponsored revolt where 40+ MLAs were flown to Khajuraho in a #JetAirways plane, Keshubhai was replaced by Modi.

Elections announced, #GujaratRiots happened and....well!
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Had to do server maintenance again last night so did some snooping around on the #DarkWeb on the side! ☺

A lot of Pvt jets registered to Indian businesses are making unusual number of trips to Male and Europe (via OTP or TBS) before returning to Gujarat.

What's happening?!
Typical pattern -


Sometimes added stopover in AUH as well. Sometimes MLE was substituted for MRU!

Some aircraft were doing this pattern 4/5 times a month!
My first thought was some Sethji must be getting his son/daughter married. Destination weddings have become the rage na?

But then I see the logs these flights are operating for past 3-4 months!

What's in Mauritius, Male, Abu Dhabi, Tbilisi and Bucharest?

Scene kya hain boss?
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(1/6) To all investigators out there who have heard of #Maltego before, but still looking for more information. Here's what you need to know about Maltego 👇 #OSINT #infosec
(2/6) #Maltego is a link analysis tool that helps you automatically pull and map data from over 70 public data sources (#OSINT) and third-party data providers, and your own imported or custom data integrations. All of this done with a few clicks on the mouse in one interface.
(3/6) You start by providing input information for your investigation (name, alias, domain, IP address, etc.), install the data integrations you want to use, and #Maltego will retrieve relevant Entities from the data integrations and visualize the data connections between them.
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[🚨CyberAlert, le compte à rebours est lancé pour la Bank Of Africa ! 10,000,000$ demandé comme rançon]

Après un nouveau balayage de quelques sites/forums du #darkweb dans la nuit, mes outils m'ont remonté et confirmé la #cyberattaque #boa #bmce ⤵️
💰💵Une rançon de 10,000,000$ est demandé pour supprimer les données de la #BOA. 10,000,000$ ou l'équivalent de ~6 129 007 000FCA... c'est beaucoup mais en en même temps pas beaucoup ! #dataleak #afrique #cybersécurité
Plus aucun doute, la filiale du #Mali du groupe #BankOfAfrica #BMCE a bien été attaquée ! (Leur communication laconique et "rocambolesque" rend caduque leur prise de position...)
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⭐️After Hydra, Russia's largest Dark Web marketplace site, was shut down last year, nothing changed.
It renamed itself Kraken and business is as usual.
The below clip is of the place where the servers of Hydra/ Kraken are.
The Russian-language Hydra Market platform was used for drug trafficking and money laundering and in 2020 alone had sales on 1.2 billion euros.
#German law enforcement shut down it in April 2022, what they say was the biggest illegal #Darknet market place seizing 23 million euros ($25.2 million) worth of #Bitcoin.
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I don't know what it is about Indians and their complete aloofness to #Privacy & #DataSecurity. 5 years back I used to get 1 spam call a day. Today I get 15-20. I have been asked to download @truecaller by 1 in 2 people that I know and could not stop laughing. Most folks (1/n)
(2/n) don't even know how #cookies & #consentmanagement works. Let's clarify a few things about Truecaller.
1) It's a firm registered in #Stockholm started by Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi. Mamedi is a Kurdish born in a refugee camp in northern Sweden, while Zarringhalam..
(3/n) is of Iranian descent. The apps biggest market in India because they how callous we are with our #PersonalIdentifiableData. Now let's understand how this app works. Even if you DO NOT consent to open up your address book, it can collect your entire personal data from a.....
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Prendo lo spunto dalla @LaScalza_ : siccome siamo pagati dai #poteriforti e dalla #dittaturasanitaria (e ancora non abbiamo visto un bonifico), e voi ci chiedete chi ci paga...
Chi è che paga questi soldi per le #challenge dei #V_V?
Chi vi paga? E siete voi che ci date la prova ImageImageImage
Il ragionamento della blogger (con la quale non siamo mai d'accordo) è chiaro: ormai le loro ragioni sono superate.
I #vaccini ci hanno fatto uscire dalla tragedia pandemica
Non c'è alcuna strage e quindi che si fa? Come si tiene in piedi questa narrazione? 1/3 Image
Siccome bisogna #boicottaresanremo2023, facciamo un premio della critica come il festival! E' l'unico modo per convincere un vero idiota a rischiare una denuncia e il risarcimento danni (e un processo costoso), a fare azioni totalmente inutili e possibili di deriva...2/3 Image
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#LOPMI et cybercriminalité
quelques nouveautés:
1/ Création d'une infraction spécifique visant les market place sur le #Darkweb et les plateformes d'Escrow (+ intégration dans les techniques spéciales d'enquête)👇
2/ Encadrement du paiement des rançons suite à une cyber attaque (notamment par #ransomware)
(entrée en vigueur dans 3 mois)
3/ Augmentation du quantum de peines encourues pour les atteintes aux STAD (piratage, etc)
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👇🧵Here are 10 reliable tools we use for research and discovery in the darkweb. A thread >> 🧵 1/12
Fresh Onions 🧅 - long-standing, ultra-reliable spider/scraper. Updates every few hours. Shows the Up/Down status of each site and its age. Many mirrors, #opensource 2/12 …hdrww7wnt5qmkoertwxmcuvm4woo4ad.onion
Ahmia Search - probably the closest you will get to “Google” on the Dark Web. Ahmia is stable, with reliably interesting results. Results can also be filtered by age, which not all engines allow for. 3/12
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▶️Le FBI chercherait à l'identifier, pendant que la légende #Satoshi, 20° fortune mondiale, continue à faire couler beaucoup d’encre.

Toute hypothèse reste possible...

- Thread que Musk, Biden, Macron, BFM & Goldman Sachs aimeraient pouvoir interdire

Censuré une 1° fois, RT♻️
- Et si un lobby technologique & industriel, la CIA ou le WEF se cachait derrière cette légende ?

Comment ? Pourquoi ?

▶️Revenons aux origines de l’émergence de la cryptographie :

#Bitcoin est né dans les méandres de la crise financière de 2008... Image
Alors que l’économie, le système financier & bancaire mondial étaient au bord du gouffre.

Afin d’éviter l'implosion financière imminente, les gouvernements ont opté pour des politiques de Quantitative Easing, misent en place principalement par l’activité des banques commerciales ImageImage
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▶️Le FBI et la CIA chercheraient à découvrir son identité, pendant que la légende #SatoshiNakamato, 20° fortune mondiale, continue à faire couler beaucoup d’encre

Toute hypothèse est possible à ce sujet

Étudions donc le phénomène avec un esprit cryptique.

@Jokaver x @0xTwareg
@Jokaver @0xTwareg - Et si un lobby technologique & industriel, la CIA ou le WEF se cachait derrière cette légende ?

Comment ? Pourquoi ?

▶️ Revenons aux origines de l’émergence de la cryptographie :

#Bitcoin est né dans les méandres de la crise financière de 2008... Image
@Jokaver @0xTwareg Alors que l’économie, le système financier & bancaire mondial étaient au bord du gouffre.

Afin d’éviter l'implosion financière imminente, les gouvernements ont opté pour des politiques de Quantitative Easing, misent en place principalement par l’activité des banques commerciales ImageImage
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Hey #OSINT, despite Tor browser is the most ideal browser to be used for darkweb access, you can connect your browser with tor network. Here we will show you how to connect to Tor using 3 different browsers:

1. Mozilla Firefox
Open Settings, go to Network Settings. Choose Manual proxy configuration, fill the SOCKS Host with with port 9150 or 9050. Tick on “Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5” and click OK. You can visit to check whether it works or not.
2. Google Chrome (on Linux CLI)
google-chrome --proxy-server="socks://"
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1)Today Ross Ulbricht starts his tenth year in prison for creating and running Silk Road, the first mass-marketed point-and-click #darkweb drugs bazaar. People often ask my opinion of Ross and his sentence. It’s complicated, but here goes. A #Thread 🧵
2)Ross Ulbricht is arguably one of the most influential figures of last decade. I’ll try and explain my reasoning. This is going to be long
3)First about my relationship with Silk Road. I wasn’t just reporting on it, I was part of it from almost the beginning right through to its end and beyond. I was the first regular contributor to the forums to be open and honest about who I was.
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We are closing in on the one year anniversary since the dark web's Whitehouse Market shut down. I thought I'd take the opportunity to list out a few of the notable #darkweb "ones that got away"
A #thread 🧵 with pics and links
Backopy - owner of Black Market Reloaded. After Silk Road fell, Backopy worried the tsunami of incoming traffic would make his site a magnet for law enforcement and chose to shut it down after letting users withdraw any crypto they had on the market
Vlad and Leora - owners of Atlantis. Rose as competition to Silk Road, took Litecoin as its preferred currency…
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Save this list of resources for your future #OSINT Investigations! Search engine for data breaches Search & monitor devices connected to the internet Scan a website incoming and outgoing links and assets Free IP search & identifications of IoC and IoA Identify an attack surface Cyberspace search engine, users can search for network devices Identify public data leaks Search for devices connected to the internet Get information about devices connected to the internet Search for email addresses
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Bir çoğunuzun haberi yoktur fakat geçtiğimiz hafta büyük bir kaç #ransomware vakası yaşandı. VmCenter açığından faydalanarak gerçekleştirilen bu saldırıdan 2 #datacenter etkilendi. Acilen olay yerine müdahale etmemiz istendi.
Saldırının analizini yapmak, zafiyete sebebiyet veren açığı tespit etmek, olası güvenlik tedbirleri vb çalışmaları yapmaya zaman yoktu. Yüzlerce sunucudan oluşan bir veri kaybının olduğu bir yerde önceliğin bu olması mantıklı da olmazdı zaten.
Birinci önceliğimiz tüm sistemi yeniden ayağa kaldırmak ve mağduriyeti gidermek olduğu için kolları sıvadık ve çalışmalara başladık. Öncesinde #hacker ile bazı iletişimler kurulduğunu ve bir miktar fidye ödendiğini olay yerine ulaştıktan sonra öğrendik.
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Draadje met achtergrond en duiding over de onder- en bovenwereld in Groningen.
Zes maanden lang deden onderzoekers @pietertops en Edward van der Torre in opdracht van de gemeente Groningen onderzoek naar de vermenging van de onder- met de bovenwereld.
#Groningsepraktijken Image
Onderzoekers Pieter Tops en Edward van de Torre:
"Maar het gemeentebestuur moet nog verder wakker worden. Ondermijning tast het sociale karakter en de leefbaarheid van de stad aan."…
Rapport Groningse praktijken:
Situationele criminele gelegenheids- structuren in en rondom de stad Groningen
1.Een sub-infrastructuur voor (drugs)criminaliteit
2.Regiofunctie stad Groningen
3.Groningse drugscriminelen: in de luwte…
#Groningsepraktijken Image
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Someone recently asked me to do a people of the Silk Road darknet drugs market - Where Are They Now update, so here it is in a Tweetstorm. Buckle in, it’s going to be a long one - a thread
#darkweb #darknet #silkroad #wherearetheynow
1. Dread Pirate Roberts - Ross Ulbricht - founder/owner/admin - serving 2 life sentences plus 40 years at the United States Penitentiary in Tucson AZ. He has exhausted all appeals and his only hope to ever get out of prison is a Pres Pardon. Tweets under @RealRossU
2. Variety Jones - Roger Clark - DPR’s Mentor/snr adviser - currently in hospital due to serious injuries following a fall from his bunk at New York’s MDC. Was extradited to the US from Thai prison and is due to be sentenced April 1.…
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Zero. Read text ⬇️ Revolution Populi: the leftist view (thoughts from Russian prison). $RVP
Only one NFT for sell… через @mintbase
@SeanCarrPhoto @SherZindaHai @exmalarky @BladesOfSins

RVP/ETH donate:
0x18cf2B3BD2E2107b64622f03B8696558F38b2722 Image
1. I first heard about @Rev_Populi already being in prison. I got a certain ideas of political economic meaning of Revolution Populi. In context of dark post-Deleuzian philosophy I am trying to outline my views now.
2. Fiat Economic Systems with markets of cryptocurrencies can be clearly explained by conceptions, which Iranian philosopher @NegarestaniReza uses for description of confrontation (and undercover complicity) of Global Capitalism with Islamic Fundamentalism #Cyclonopedia
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The Version 2 #facebookcorewwwi onion is being replaced by the new Version 3 service at …u7vnjjbiltxjqhye3mhbshg7kx5tfyd.onion

Regrettably that's too long a URL for Twitter to render. :-)

Proof Page / More Details:… Image
Many props to @wshackleton and the team of engineers at Facebook who work to keep this service the best-in-class onion service for size, uptime, availability and bandwidth.

The #DarkWeb is no longer "dark".

This is a nice feature regards getting past the version 3 "memorability" issue; it is not feasible to burden 2.5 billion users with a speculative "Onion-Location" header that only a tiny fraction will use, so instead, this: Image
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If @realDonaldTrump‘s O2 sat level really is in the mid-80s like the #DarkWeb v of reddit has people leaking like crazy (impossible to verify) then the risks of #AmericanCivilWar just shot way the frack up to 50% before Nov 15 2020.

If Trump dies, 90% odds #MAGA rebellion
We have two people claiming to be nurses, three WH staffers, and an anonymous supposed senator claiming to have seen the O2 levels and him being put on a BIPAP.
A lot of this is coming from screenshots of text messages supposed to have come from these, but the *supposed* anonymous senator claims to use Tor directly.

I dont post evidence cuz it goes against #DarkWeb ethos and also very unsubstantiated rumors.
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