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War, Haunted Pasts, Historical Debts, and Arrogance

A good argument is irresistible. Especially a bitterly-fought one replete with personal attacks, which, although it might be a little uncomfortable to watch at times, . . . a 🧵 1/
#AnneWill #Germany #Ukraine #MelnykAndrij
is much like the proverbial train wreck, impossible not to watch.

What about an argument about life and death, or guilt and obligations, or the fundamental value of human life? An attention-getting event, certainly. More on that in a moment. 2/
The Ukraine war has thrown harsh light on many faulty and dysfunctional notions about how to deal with international conflicts. Nowhere is this more true than Germany, where the “peace through trade with Russia” policy of and yes, Merkel, turned out to be an utter disaster. 3/
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Si dice che solo un folle ripeta più volte la medesima operazione aspettandosi che essa abbia risultati diversi. Il problema è invitare giornalisti e politici Russi nelle TV Italiane. Non è #maccartismo, non è #censura evitarlo. È evitare uno spreco di spazio. E vi spiego perché:
sappiamo che, per legge, da marzo ogni cittadino russo si può fare 15 anni di galera se devia dalla propaganda del #Cremlino. Vale a dire che in ogni singolo momento da qui alla fine della #guerra, se intervisti ogni singolo russo quello ti dirà che…
non siamo in guerra, ma siamo in una improbabile "#Operazionespeciale di #denazificazione" contro un esercito di nazisti gay ebrei terroristi che vogliono omosessualizzare i virili maschioni sovietici e privarli dei loro valori perché #Soros li vuole tutti col boa di struzzo
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1/ Dear all, many among you have asked me about my opinion on #oil, #logistics, #pipelines, price movements and a reality check on the #german #embargo plans. So I decided to make another explanatory thread. Grab a beer, this may take a while to read.
2/ It has often been said that oil is a global #commodity that travels on the seas. That view is not wrong, but incomplete. In fact, much oil is shipped by pipelines, on all continents. For an imcomplete but illustrative overview, see…
3/ Most pipelines either distribute incoming seaborne supplies to inland consumers (e.g., refineries), or they route domestically produced oil to seaports where it is loaded on #tankers.
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Corruption and organized crime has actually been around since the Tsar era, throughout the Soviet era and into present day Russia. My first encounter with corruption and organized crime was back in late 1970s in USSR. I continued to witness this as it grew and became more and
more apparent after the fall of the USSR.
From the early 1990s onwards corruption and organized crime were to reach the level where they had reached the top of the political stage and you got nowhere without bribes and help of organized crime groups.
Even the mayor of Moscow had his dirty fingers in as many dirty pies and at least one of his sons ran one of the largest markets in Moscow which back then were run by organized crime gangs like the Chechens or azeris.
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Today 73 years ago the #Soviet occupation forcibly deported more than 20 000 people from #Estonia to #Siberia. In total they deported more than 90 000 people from the three Baltic states, including many children and the elderly. Prime example of a crime against humanity🧵1/12
Mass deportations were used by Soviets many times over the years. The biggest waves took place in June of 1941 and March 1949. So who were targeted? Mainly women, children and elderly. Why? According to the occupiers they were “anti-Soviet elements” 2/12
There were no trials that had legally found out that someone was an “anti-Soviet element”. They just went to peoples homes and forcibly shoved them onto trucks and later threw them into railroad cattle cars! 1949 deportation included roughly only 10% of working age men! 3/12
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#Moskova’da savaş karşıtı yürüyüş
#Москва #Moscow
#Москва, выходи!
#Moskova, dışarı çık!
St. Petersburg'da savaş karşıtı mitinge katıldığı gerekçesiyle bir adam küçük çocuğu ile birlikte gözaltına alındı. #StPetersburg
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#HumanAnimalEntanglement. - Today: "The Curious Case of the #Dancing #Cranes".

1/ Among the many naturalistic animal depictions at early #Neolithic #GöbekliTepe in southeastern Turkey there are some bird depictions with suspiciously odd legs ...
2/ Generally, birds seem to take up a noteworthy role in the iconography at #GöbekliTepe (and other related #Neolithic sites).

The #cranes mentioned above in particular stand out due rather muscular legs and what seems a more human-like #anatomy, including 'knees' and 'toes'.
3/ Do these #crane representations evoke the impression of #masked people?

Yet it was suggested that this even could be more than simple #masquerade: The visualisation of a transformation into the animal itself in the course of #shamanistic rituals?…
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It is fire season in Canada, Russia, Spain, Cyprus, various parts of the US, various parts of Brazil... From Siberia to the Amazon, this is the fire thread:

See where fires are raging in July 2021 🧵#ClimateCrisis #extremeweather ⬇️…

This is the fire thread: See where fires are raging in July 2021 🧵#ClimateCrisis #extremeweather #Siberia +…

This is the fire thread: See where fires are raging in July 2021 🧵#ClimateCrisis #extremeweather #californiawildfires +
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The Saint Lukas medical train 🚂 in the Russian Federation🇷🇺 has delivered healthcare to people in #Siberia for many years, providing a health lifeline directly to remote communities.

Photo essay 👉
The Saint Lukas medical train 🚂

🚞 travels 1⃣0⃣ times a year
🚞 makes 2⃣-week journeys
🚞 stops at about 8⃣ stations
🚞 covers 4⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ kilometers in #Siberia

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The train 🚂 is fitted with modern equipment incl.:

✅ an X-ray machine,
✅ ultrasound diagnostics,
✅ laboratory diagnostics,
✅ a dental office,
✅ urological and surgical rooms,
✅ a telemedicine consulting department & more.

Read more 👉
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Valentina was my @PeaceCorps host mother in #Ukraine in 2007. She loved life and her family, and treated me like a son. Before I married Heidi I brought her to Valentina, as my parents were already gone. Valentina died Friday in Kamchatka, Russia at 82. I am heartbroken. ImageImageImageImage
She left #Kozelets, Ukraine a few years ago after Andrey, the love of her life, passed away. The way the looked at each other and flirted, after 40 years together, brought me so much joy.

Recently she returned to her homeland of #Siberia, as if to see it one last time. Image
When I moved into their home I spoke little Russian & they spoke no English. It was a challenge but we quickly formed a bond.

She taught me how to cook, drink vodka, and which women were worth pursuing. But most importantly she loved me, an American she had no obligations to.
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#MeltingPoles: Unprecedented Arctic Heat Leads to Second Lowest Sea Ice Minimum this Year…

(📸: @NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio) Image
#GlobalWarming is regarded to be the primary reason behind the increasing melting of ice sheets over the two polar regions of the Earth.
This year, however, the warming over the north polar region witnessed a new high with some parts recording up to 10°C warmer than normal temperatures.
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Thread. Latest alarmism by BBC reports of #Siberia (duh cold) burning! Except, what they don't tell you is its normal for Siberia to hit high 90s in summer, & LONG history of cyclical EXTREME #fires seasons going back centuries. Arson also factor last year for eg.
#DefundTheBBC ImageImageImage
Now notice that latter graph is from their OWN report last year looking at satellite date which concluded
"although fires this year have wrought significant damage to the environment, they have been worse in the past"
But you know, the Ministry of Truth changes its mind from Image
time to time just as in the Orwell book. Fear & moral panics sell news after all, and perspective doesn't. Particularly with the 'agenda' driven by the Davos elite atm. Now not this means climate change may not be a factor, but this is pure propaganda for dramatic effect playing
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Analyses of organic matter aerosol optical depth, based on 🛰️ obs, showing large-scale smoke transport around N Hemisphere from #Siberia #ArcticFires (& #CaliforniaFires) between 1 Aug to 2 Sept 2020. @CopernicusECMWF Atmosphere Monitoring Service @ECMWF
#ArcticFires were very active in first week of August 2020 but reduced to more usual activity for most of the month with slight increase as summer came to an end. #opendata from #CopernicusAtmosphere Global Fire Assimilation System based on MODIS 🛰️ obs… ImageImageImage
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Peak #ArcticFires activity seems a long time ago but Sakha Republic & Chukotka🇷🇺still experiencing above average daily total #wildfire intensity for late August in #CopernicusAtmosphere GFAS data to 24/08. #TerraMODIS🛰️imagery shows continuation on 25/08 ImageImageImageImage
#Wildfire activity in other parts of #Siberia has been relatively low all summer. Krasnoyarsk & Irkustk have been experiencing increased daily total intensity over last 2 weeks close to 2003-2018 mean & << 2019. ImageImage
Global Fire Assimilation System data based on MODIS obs (only Terra available since 17 August)➡️…
Latest maps➡️…
NASA imagery➡️
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#AlexeiNavalny My question:-
Having been poisoned before & tea having been used as a vehicle for poisoning of dissidents, WHY DRINK TEA PREPARED BY ANYONE ELSE?! @AJENews
I, however, pray for Mr. #AlexeiNavalny's COMPLETE RECOVERY in the #GermanHospital he was flown to, belatedly, from #OMSK, #Siberia! 🙏
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Protest for #Navalny in #Siberia. Attempted poisoning of #Navalny augments anger over the jailing of a popular local governor on trumped up charges. Will the Siberia Navalny protests spread to #Moscow, or is fear of death already the object lesson? #KGB #Putin #NATO #Belarus
1) Coverage of the protests by #Belarus's largest TV station. As U can see, #Lukashenko has lost control of at least part of the media & no one seems to be stopping them. Earlier in the week it was reported that some #Belarus military units were also in the protest. #Putin #NATO
2) Meanwhile, #Lukashenko announced that #NATO is marshalling forces for an attack & has ordered most of his forces to his western border. This conveniently gets his troops out of harm's way if #Putin invades from east to stop #Lukashenko's collapse. NATO denies intent to invade.
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Greatly reduced #ArcticFires over the last week in #CopernicusAtmosphere GFAS data as the season starts to change although latest map… shows several continuing active #wildfires in #Siberia south of the #ArcticCircle ImageImage
Daily total #Siberia #wildfire intensity for Sakha Republic &Chukotka Autonomous Oblast showing some increase at or slightly > 2003-2018 mean in recent days but << the activity earlier in August ImageImage
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Cloud affecting NASA #AquaMODIS🛰️obs & daily intensity of #ArcticCircle #wildfires possibly leading to last few days of 2020 #ArcticFires if following 2019 & 2003-2018 average in #CopernicusAtmosphere Monitoring Service GFAS data… ImageImageImage
Comparing #wildfires in different regions of #Siberia & far eastern #Russia since between 1 June to 11 August shows #ArcticFires differences between 2020 & 2019: most activity in Sakha Republic (&Chukotka) but much less activity in Krasnoyarsk & Irkutsk. ImageImage
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#ImageOfTheDay #ClimateAction
After a short break due to meteorological conditions, #wildfires have regained intensity in #Siberia
The resulting smoke cloud is as large as ~ 1/3 of Canada
⬇️#Verkhoyansk engulfed in smoke, as seen by @CopernicusEU #Sentinel2 🇪🇺🛰️ (60km wide image) Image
A different image processing, using near-infrared spectral bands highlights the hot spots from the #wildfires in the #Verkhoyansk region, Sakha Republic 🇷🇺 Image
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New precedent in scale & intensity of #Siberia/#Arctic #wildfires compared to previous 17 years in the #Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service GFAS data based on MODIS obs… (145 Mt CO2 in July 2020 vs. 182 Mt CO2 total for 2019) #ArcticFires ImageImageImage
Daily cumulative estimated #ArcticCircle #wildfire carbon emissions for 2020 (red) were already increasing faster than in 2019 (gold) but increased significantly in the 2nd half of July Image
Comparing the annual total estimated #wildfire CO2 emissions for the #ArcticCircle from 2003 to 2020 (up to 31 July 2020) shows that this year is already the highest for the region in the GFAS dataset. Image
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#Brasil 🇧🇷 #Amazonas Decenas de incendios afectan a: Parque Nacional dos Campos Amazônicos, P.N da Amazônia, P.N do Jamanxim, P.N do Rio Novo, Estação Ecológica da Terra do Meio...El Amazonas vuelve a arder con fuerza. Imágenes Aqua MODIS
Más al sur, así está el Parque Nacional del Pantanal Matogrossense
#Argentina 🇦🇷 Así está la situación al noroeste de Buenos Aires
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#ImageOfTheDay #ClimateAction
The #Batagaika crater is located in #Siberia & is the largest permafrost crater in the world
It is growing year after year as the warming #climate thaws the frozen ground.
⬇️ #Sentinel2🇪🇺🛰multitemporal image showing its evolution from 2016 to 2020 Image
High Definirion image available for download at…
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