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Informative speech from @SuellaBraverman to @Policy_Exchange. Stella’s stated aim was to provide ‘legal clarity’ Here are some highlights from her speech where she talks of her concern at laws being ‘misinterpreted’.

#edutwitter #WomenEd
@SuellaBraverman has seen many concerning examples of inclusion being used to trump fairness & incorrect interpretations of Equality Act 2010
@SuellaBraverman is clear that in England & Wales we do not have a system of ‘self ID’ for obtaining a gender recognition certificate.
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Workplaces are slave to meetings- but are they really the best place to make decisions? A thread 🧵 on why I think our conventional view of meetings needs to change, inspired by reading this article #WomenEd #SLTchat 1/
Meetings are usually the standard default response to a project-“let’s have a meeting”. So, what is a meeting? A group of interested parties who come together at a time limited point to share/discuss ideas, reach consensus and identify actions 2/
However, I’d argue that most workplace meetings lack focus, drift according to whose loudest and don’t always arrive at the best outcomes. Why? 3/
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THREAD Once again we are deeply disappointed with @NEUnion's understanding of #safeguarding. The NEU is once again putting politics ahead of what is in the best interests of children. Their latest statement on conversion therapy demonstrates this acutely.…
The @NEUnion statement is full of generalisations & ignores all evidence & considered responses to the consultation that have been put forward by groups concerned about children's welfare. #conversiontherapy #edutwitter #womenEd #teachertwitter #UKEdChat #safeguarding #SLTChat
We would urge @MaryBoustedNEU to read our statement where we explain very clearly why including gender identity in this bill would harm children #safeguarding #edutwitter #WomenED #conversiontherapy…
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THREAD on DUTIES: I do approx. 13 duties per week. Mostly in the canteen. With a reasonable AHT teaching timetable on top, I have a vested interest in not using my voice too much and certainly not shouting. So here’s a thread with some tips for any less seasoned duty staff /#ECT
A lot of these are mentioned as good in-classroom techniques by @DougLemov , e.g. ‘radar’ ‘be seen looking’ ‘least invasive intervention’ but I shall summarise them here in my own words as pertains to my (secondary) school canteen…
1. POSITION - have a couple of default high-visibility positions, where you can see as much of the space as possible. For me this is often near the door so I can see in + out of the canteen, or further into the room with max visibility.
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Thoroughly enjoyed digging about in Leadership for Learning: A Review of School L’ship Literature.…
Particularly interested in the 10 criteria for l’ship learning design.

These are listed in the thread below👇🏻 Which ones require more attention?🤔 #SLTchat
1. Philosophically and theoretically attuned to individual needs and system requirements.

2. Goal oriented, with primacy given to the dual aims of improvement in student learning and achievement,
and school improvement.
3. Research informed by the weight of credible research evidence.

4. Time rich, allowing for learning sequences to be spaced and interspersed with collegial support, in school
applications and reflective encounters.
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Stonewall are relaunching “School & College Champions Awards”.

Schools must must refer to latest @educationgovuk guidance & their #safeguarding knowledge & not sign up.

@jo_bartosch for @LesbianGayNews

#edutwitter #LGBT #LGB #RSE #PSHE #ukedchat #teacher5oclockclub #SLTchat
“The awards cut across every aspect of the operation of the school...advising teachers to “introduce yourself at the start of the year using your pronouns and encourage students to do the same.”

This is compelled speech. #Teachers contact your unions.

‘in her evidence to @Commonswomequ
earlier this week Stonewall CEO @Nancy_M_K claimed: “one of the things that’s really important to say is that we don’t advocate for the removal of the single sex exemptions.” ‘

This is untrue.

#WomenEd #edutwitter…
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Yet more ‘historic’ child #safeguarding failures. But are these historic? Or are the same failings still happening today? Does everybody who has concerns always raise them? Or in another 20 yrs time will we be listening to excuses from people who..…
have concerns RIGHT NOW but are failing to raise them? Are we learning our lessons? Are we listening? Or do we continue to vilify those who raise concerns? Do we as adults accept our responsibility to safeguard all children? Do we really understand the mantra ‘You never...
know anyone well enough to say they couldn’t, wouldn’t or didn’t’? Or do we continue to ignore our instincts, excuse friends, family, colleagues, pillars of the community, to the detriment of children? Do we fulfil our duty to #SpeakOut? Or do we continue to allow ourselves...
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For #internationalwomensday2021 @WENWales have produced this toolkit which they are recommending to teachers for use in schools. It recommends material that breaches #safeguarding. Who signed this off? @wgmin_education @WG_Education
@fmwales? #edutwitter…
The recommended reading list for secondary children is on page 11. It includes a link to One of the first videos on the website opens with the actress saying ‘How do you want to fuck tonight, Daddy?’

#safeguarding #WomenEd #SLTchat #RSE #PSHE #ukedchat Image
This is some of the worst material we have ever seen recommended to children (and we’ve seen a lot). Who is paying for this? Where is the accountability? @JackieDP @DavidTCDavies @Baroness_Nichol #edutwitter #WomenEd #SLTchat #RSE #UKedchat #safeguarding

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Day 2: preliminary hearing #AllisonBailey v Stonewall

We are expecting the hearing to recommence at 9.30 am.

We will do our best to live tweet proceedings, technology permitting!

@ALLIANCELGB are also live tweeting from the court.
Background to @BluskyeAllison’s case can be read here. You can also support the crowdfunder if you would like.


It is an important case to follow for any #schools & #teachers working with Stonewall. The CPS ‘hate crimes’ schools pack, produced in conjunction with #Stonewall has now been permanently withdrawn, but the judicial review of the relationship between CPS...
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We are today attending the virtual hearing for #AllisonBailey’s claim against Stonewall & Garden Court Chambers.
Discussions on redactions in papers.

Ben Cooper QC for @BluskyeAllison arguing against redactions.


Ben Cooper trying to establish communications between individuals at Stonewall & individuals at Garden Court Chambers. Arguing names of individuals is relevant and they put in public domain.
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Good evening and welcome to the final #SLTchat of 2020. WHAT a year! Tonight, we'll be sharing some interesting blogs/articles we've read this year (although we don't even scratch the surface), followed by a series of school leadership reflections. These are ace!

Here goes...
1/25 2020: A new perspective for school leadership? @TomRees77 Tom kicked us all off with this meaty post from back in January.…
2/25 The school leader: using mental models effectively by @head_teach
“Solving problems is at the heart of what school leaders do.”…
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From today’s judgement in the #KeiraBell case: “The third Intervener is @Transgendertrd, an organisation that provides evidence- based information & resources for parents & schools concerning children with GD. @cwknews is the director of that organisation...
she has filed a witness statement in these proceedings.
She set out concerns about the lack of evidence as to the impacts & effectiveness of PBs & in relation to which patients it is most likely to help. Much of her evidence focused on the increase of referrals to GIDS of...
teenage natal girls & the cultural factors, including material on the internet & social media, which may play a part in this. She said that GIDS does not offer young people with GD a range of ways to interpret their experience, & the GIDS pathway offers a minimal challenge to...
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It is heartening how many individuals & businesses have responded to @MarcusRashford’s appeal to help children needing #FSM over half term. It is really encouraging that many people care about keeping children safe & healthy so they can grow up in the best possible circumstances
#safeguarding must always come first though. We are alarmed at some of the offers of help we have seen. We must not normalise unsafe practises such as encouraging online contact from kids, going to meet adults they don’t know & taking gifts from strangers. Safeguards must be used
We know people want to help but this must be done safely or the consequences could be severe. Sadly children have frequently been groomed with food. The guardian has reported here. Boys are more usually groomed into the drug trade. #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY
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.@Stephen__Adams writes about @bbcbitesize Pronouns article

We have made a formal complaint to the BBC.…
Tanya Carter says : “The BBC is promoting a damaging ideology to children. In so doing, they are breaching their own guidelines on editorial impartiality and the 1996 Education Act, which stipulates that an education provider cannot promote a political ideology to children”.
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@bbcbitesize deleting your tweet & then retweeting with replies disabled is not a solution to you promoting political ideology to children. This is against new @educationgovuk guidelines. We will be writing to @GavinWilliamson & @BBC to complain. @Baroness_Nichol @Tanni_GT #LGBT
The image chosen to illustrate the article on twitter & Facebook appears to show a mixed sex changing room. Mixed sex changing undermines #safeguarding.Here is the full article from @bbcbitesize. There are a number of concerns with the article itself.
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One of our supporters has successfully challenged her children’s school on their use of the Genderbread figure in #RSE. This graphic goes against latest @educationgovuk guidelines.
#edutwitter #WomenED #LGBTedchat #SLTchat #PSHE
#pastoralchat #LGBT #NQT…
The new @educationgovuk guidelines state that external resources used by schools must be ‘evidence-based’ & that ‘materials which suggest that non-conformity to gender stereotypes should be seen as synonymous with having a different gender identity should not be used’ #edutwitter
We thank her for sharing this so that other #parents & #teachers are able to adapt for their own use. We are a grassroots movement who rely on sharing skills & resources. Please see previous thread incorporating concerning use of the genderbread graphic.

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Safe Schools Alliance support good quality inclusive #RSE & #PSHE for all children. This must be biologically accurate, #safeguarding compliant & correctly represent U.K. law. The materials we have seen from many providers do not do this.
It is the responsibility of each individual school to ensure the suitability of any resources that they use with pupils. They must also comprehensively consult with parents. We will be releasing more guidance shortly on which organisations do not comply with new guidelines.
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We welcome @educationgovuk releasing this new guidance. We are pleased to see that our concerns have been taken on board and are beginning to be addressed.
#RSE #PSHE #edutwitter #SLTchat #pastoralchat #UKedchat #pastoralthings #teamenglish #LGBT…
We are pleased to see that this @educationgovuk guidance is largely in line with our own resources. We have a selection of factsheets & template letters on our website to assist teachers & parents assessing materials.…
This guidance stresses the importance of consulting with parents. It is in the best interests of children when schools & parents work together and there is transparency about what is being taught & how. #Safeguarding children is the responsibility of every adult in the community.
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Safe Schools Alliance Spokeswomen Victoria Edwards & Tanya Carter quoted in today’s @dailytelegraph article in response to @trussliz announcement on reforms to the Gender Recognition Act and self ID being ruled out.
#edutwitter #WomenED #LGBT #ukedchat
Full Quote:

‘We welcome the news that the government has decided not to use ‘self ID’ as a basis for being issued with a Gender Recognition certificate. It is heartening that this government have chosen to listen to the concerns of women’s groups & advocates for children.‘
‘When the original #GRA2004 was introduced, women’s opinions were not sought, nor was it assessed against our current child safeguarding frameworks.
There is still further work to do, to undo all the regulatory capture of organisations that have been working outside of the law.’
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Tonight we are at @Womans_Place_UK #WPUKagainstMVAWG listening to @K_IngalaSmith, Pragna Patel of @SBSisters, @polblonde @afsanalachaux speak about Men’s violence against women.
@Womans_Place_UK have put on this event for free but are requesting donations to the following organisations.
@afsanalachaux hasn’t seen her son for eight years. Please donate here to support her.…
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ALL children deserve
#safeguarding. Safeguarding is the responsibility of ALL adults in society. ALL adults should be subject to safeguard checks & scrutiny. Objecting to safeguarding enables the abuse & harm of children. Must read @VictoriaPeckham #CSE
The clips we have seen from #cutiesnetflix are appalling. Drawing attention to #CSE should not involve exploiting more children. Talking about ‘child sexuality’ is boundary pushing. Anybody defending this as an unsuitable person to be working with children
We have repeatedly raised concerns about unregulated groups, who clearly do not understand the importance of #safeguarding seeking access to vulnerable children. Being #LGBT does not exempt you from scrutiny. ALL children should be kept safe

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That's all folks!!!!! @karljrog Thank you so much! Your questions and hosting were excellent! Thank you to everyone that took part. Keep Chatting!!! Image
Thanks, #SLTchat. That flew by. Apologies if I didn't get to all your replies. I'm off to catch up on them now. A lovely end to a unique year!
Thank you Karl! First time hosting and you smashed it! Find out more about Karl at @BillesleySchool
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Official #NCW2020 Report thread 🧵

Full digital download available here:…

Officially our biggest year ever.

A huge thank you to every that engaged and supported via our CEO @NCWNewman

Check out all of our launch videos from key partners here:
Our Twitter statistics via @TweetBinder

Check out our social media snapshot.

Thanks to all organisations for their superb support and #makingadifference
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Now to the final question of tonight's chat.

>The third question is on the image below.

>Please remember to use #SLTchat in your response. Image
The #CoronaCast has helped me enormously! Cc @simonkidwell
The Local Authority has been excellent too @CambsCC Local Heads Networks too @PaulaAyliffe 🦆 #SLTChat
Q3 @WholeEducation colleagues have also been great! And the #TwitterChums on hete as well as the @HealthyToolkit Collective! #SLTChat Image
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