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Democratic Capitalism - Marriage on the Rocks…
"In (the US) three people own more wealth than the bottom half of all Amercan society"
"A system ruled by greed and rigged against ordinary people"

It's OK To Be Angry About Capitalism…
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1· 🤔 On voit des enseignant·es faire cours les jours de #grève, organiser le #distanciel ou profiter des journées de #mobilisation pour avancer sur leur HDR : ne pensez-vous pas que nous avons quelques raisons de mettre l'#université et la #recherche à l'arrêt ?
🧶 à dérouler 👇 Baisse des budget par étudi...
2· ‼️ D'abord, il y a le saccage des #retraites, ces deux années de #travail que le gouvernement veut nous extorquer.
Personne n'est dupe : cette contre-réforme injuste et injustifiée aggravera les #inégalités, notamment entre femmes et hommes 🤬
Infos 👇…
3· 😡 Cette réforme aggravera donc les inégalités entre travailleuses et travailleurs de l'#ESR, et elle aura des effets spécifiques pour des chercheur·ses dont la carrière a été marquée par la #précarisation et l'#internationalisation 😱
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@AvantiWestCoast How come that the pile of crap called Avanti West Coast is still allowed to operate train services I will never understand. I'm supposed to be on my way to Wolverhampton. So far I got as far as Euston.
I've been here for a while now; and train after train after train from Avanti is being cancelled! Due to staff shortages. Why don't they just hire more staff?! (No, it's not a train strike day).
And I'm not allowed to catch the next Birmingham train as it's operated by North Western Service. How come North West Rail is able to staff their trains and Avanti are not?! The information board very helpfully says "ask staff" - WHAT STAFF?!
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In today’s #AutumnStatement @Jeremy_Hunt & @RishiSunak have unleashed a new wave of austerity on the British people and our public services. They claim to be “putting the #NHS first” with a £3.3bn funding increase. But in reality, this is a real terms cut -here’s why…
THREAD:1/6 Image
The context for this budget is that our health service is already at breaking point. After 12 years of Conservative governments, we’ve got millions on waiting lists, overwhelmed ambulance services, and underpaid and overworked staff leaving in their thousands…
This NHS crisis has been years in the making. A report by the Health Foundation revealed that the UK has spent around 20% less per person on health each year than similar European countries over the past decade. That’s a gap of £40bn.
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Jared Kushner, et al

~ A Study in Global Networks ~ Image
Dear #UK Friends,

Worried about #Privatisation?

Put this one on your #Watchlist Image
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Over two decades ago, in a most unjust and technically unsound and illegal decision, @AAI_Official expanded @mlrairport . We warned of disastrous consequences. None listened. All the way to @DGCAIndia , Karnataka High Court and also Supreme Court. /1
This is what happened:

Despite this disaster, the #airport has turned into a major international hub. And thanks to @narendramodi, it has been gifted to @gautam_adani 's Adani Group. /2
Like several other #ports, airports and public #infrastructure have been.

The lack of #transparency of such transfers notwithstanding, it is now immensely disturbing that Gautam Adani gets to decide and impose #UDF. /3
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We are suffering from privatised energy, water, rail and bus services. Not only are they adding to the #CostofLivingCrisis but they've given us sub standard infrastructure that will buckle under the #ClimateCrisis. Yet there is NO discussion of the failure of privatisation.
2/ Privatisation has gone further in the UK than any other rich developed country, including the US. We are paying the price for it everyday and that price will grow as the #ClimateCrisis worsens. Both mainstream politics and media simply refuse to even discuss it.
3/ Privatisation is no age old principle like freedom speech that should be beyond question. It's barely 40 years old. We should be discussing it and asking it if it has worked or not? If it we should renationalise?
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A K-W writes:
As a grateful beneficiary of the excellent Public Health Service in France - accessible, affable and quick to act I watch the systematic, and Tory ideology driven, death by a thousand cuts to justify privatization, of the NHS with dismay!
To make matters worse there appears to be the “general” indifference of a general public that seems to accept that “clapping” for the NHS is equivalent to “fighting” for the NHS!

Don’t be “gaslighted”!
Healthcare is a right not a privilege!
Anything but Tory!
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Question for twitter: Why hasn't there been a single new reservoir built for over 30 years in the UK?
We used to build loads:

#water #watershortage #drought #privatisation Image
Disclaimers: I made this graph by going through the 500-odd wikipedia entries for UK reservoirs and noting their completion dates (stuck alone at home with covid). Didn't include hydro-electric projects or canal feeders as far as possible. It's not comprehensive, but not bad
What I think this shows is that a +30 year gap in building new reservoirs is not normal. There hasn't been even a 5 year gap in the previous 150 years.
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Is #NHS #dentistry beyond crisis? Like rest of #primarycare, .@NHSEngland in its dominant position as market regulator has failed to manage the market. #NHS manages contracts, funding, nhs regulations, clinical policy, nhs #tech +entry & exit of workforce .@guardian 1/19
There will be those out there that’ll say but number of registrants has increased. That’ll suit nhs policy makers. Doesn’t account for people leaving NHS, working less hours for NHS, taking a career break or going into private practice or people taking up other careers 2/19
Certainly my experience in London is that many dentists don’t want stress of high needs #nhs practice. Are less likely to work full time & don’t want to work on abysmal NHS rates on offer in places like London. Many won’t be able to pay their rent /indemnity/ travel costs 3/19
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1/n ‼️ À lire en cette journée électorale : le bilan de 5 années de réformes de l’#ESR 👇

Merci à @AEFsuprecherche, @annabellallouch, Jérôme Aust, Julien Barrier, Hugo Harari, Christine Musselin et Emmanuelle Picard pour cette dépêche.

Fil à dérouler 🧶…
2/n Les chercheur·ses interrogé·es se rejoignent sur une note de regret : l’#ESR n’a pas été un objet de préoccupation politique centrale du quinquennat. @VidalFrederique a échoué à réellement défendre les personnels, qui reste “dans l’ombre de Jean-Michel #Blanquer”.
3/n Sans oublier les "réformes" à la chaîne : “Il n’y aura en effet pas vraiment eu de pause dans la création organisationnelle durant ce nouveau quinquennat, le symbole étant l’apparition d’objets nouveaux comme #Parcoursup, les EPE, les 89 campus connectés ou encore les CPJ.”
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Air India were nationalised by Nehru in 1953

Since it's merger with Indian Airlines in 2007-08,Air India never made profit

Accumulated losses at Rs70820Cr till Aug2021,showcase how #AirIndia was bled for decades by corrupt Congress

@narendramodi finally did what had to be done
As on Aug 31,2021,Air India had total debt of Rs 61562Cr

About 75% of the debt has been transferred to a SPV,#AIAHL,before handing over airline to Tata Group

Indian taxpayers will no longer have to pay Rs 20Cr per day,to keep loss making #AirIndia flying,thx to @narendramodi
Congress expectedly attacked the decision,as selling of family silver

What Tata is getting is not a cash cow but an airline which is bleeding &money needs to be pumped in to refurbish obsolete aircraft

No employee to be sacked for 1yr &resizing of staff only after paying VRS
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Alors que Macron s'apprête à défendre son bilan (continuant sa campagne sur fonds publics) nous avons préparé pour lui ses anti-seches: elles sont à lire sur
On en détaille quelques unes emblématiques ou oubliées ci-dessous
Bonne lecture !
Le quinquennat Macron, c'est la suppression de l'ISF. Il y a beaucoup à en dire, on en avait même fait un article dédié sur la blague des arguments avancés :…
On vous conseille aussi cet excellent fil qui complète :
#MacronTF1 #ISF
Le bilan de la suppression de l’ISF ? Un manque à gagner en faveur des plus riches:…
#MacronTF1 #ISF
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It seems tax-payers will continue to be responsible for bulk of #AirIndia debt even after #privatisation. AI had total debt of around Rs 62,300 cr FY20-end of which only Rs 15,300 cr is being taken over by Tatas. Rest will be the liability of us #taxpayers.
So in effect Tata Sons is getting aircrafts worth Rs around Rs 32,000 crore for Rs 18,000 crore. This is over and above landing & parking slots and the #AirIndia brand. This must be one of the best deal for Tata Sons ever.
Less than 2% of #AirIndia net losses in last 10-years were from operations. Rest were due to interest on debt and depreciation for its aircrafts. Ex these, Air India was profitable in FY20 and reported cumulative operating loss of only Rs 917 cr since FY11
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1/7 Merci @IanBrossat, le bien que ça fait !!
Ils éludent les contestations, multiples, les vrais difficultés auxquelles de nbrx Français sont confrontés tous les jours, détournent leur colère vers de faux pbs et des boucs émissaires... ms c'est la gauche qui ne convainc pas !!
2/7 Même certains #MédiasCoupables reconnaissent avoir créé un monstre dt Z est l'un des visages...
Qu'ils rabâchent les sujets sur la #précarité galopante à l'heure de #PandoraPapers, qd les gens triment pendant que d'autres optimisent, offshorisent, planquent les capitaux dans
3/7 des niches ou des paradis fiscaux..Qu'ils nous parlent tous les jours des #hôpitaux, de l'#Education qu'on détruit, de la vie des #étudiants, des #chômeurs, des #retraites de misère, de l'état des #Ehpad, de la #privatisation des #transports, des #servicespublics en général &
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There seemed to be some confusion about (the use of) words in @CommonsHealth Committee yesterday morning, so here's a [Thread] to try to clarify.

First "#commercial". It is of course the case that many parts of the #NHS use commercial providers, e.g. of software, whether that... @Microsoft365 for word processing, spreadsheets & e-mail; or IT systems to handle patients' records in hospitals (e.g. @CernerUK) & General Practice (e.g. @TPP_SystmOne, @EMISHealth, @CegedimHS); or software to drive complicated equipment like #MRIscanners, etc.

This is...
..entirely normal use of #commercial software & software services, for which the #NHS body is the #DataController. Apart from when that software goes wrong, I don't believe many would have concerns about this.

Then there are #commercial providers of #NHS services, about which...
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The @FT is reporting that @Channel4 is to be #privatised. "The UK government is lining Channel 4 up for privatisation by the end of 2022 and will launch a consultation on its future within weeks." from @alexebarker @MattGarrahan
@FT @Channel4 @alexebarker @MattGarrahan @catrionalewis of #NineLivesMedia, told the recent @PSBfuture conference that if @Channel4 were to be privatised, she thought @Channel4News, award-winning investigative current affairs programme #Dispatches+ #Paralympics would be the first items to be dropped.
Public service broadcasters including @Channel4 make over 32,000 hours of UK-made original TV productions a yr, compared to just c230 hours by streamers. Govt stats show UK's creative industries contribute almost £13m to UK economy every hour.
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#DirectSénat Les débats sur la #PPLSécuritéGlobale reprennent, pour les voir c'est par ici
#DirectSenat #LoiSécuritéGlobale Après avoir adopté les 1ers articles, qui augmentent les prérogatives des polices municipales, les sénateurs et sénatrices attaquent le chapitre "agents de sécurité privée"
Ca parait technique comme ça, mais privatiser la sécurité peut avoir des impacts sur les #droitshumains: par exemple, comment les agents privés seront-ils tenus responsables en cas d'abus de pouvoir? Et + on leur donne de pouvoirs, + ce risque↗️#DirectSénat #LoiSécuritéGlobale
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1) Ce texte est une bombe 💣 #StopLPPR

Est-ce une fable ?
Ou bien peut-on supposer que le sabotage du #CNU par la #LPPR/#LPR était programmé ?

👉 @VidalFrederique et @Hingrayj ont-iels ensemble fait un cadeau à @vpecresse, parachevant sa #LRU ?
2) Pourquoi procéder ainsi pour court-circuiter le #CNU ?

Introduire ces attaques dans l’avant-projet de #LoiRecherche c’était perdre les quelques syndicats qui ne demandaient qu’à soutenir tout le reste, mais qui n'auraient pas pu accepter ça. Malin !

#StopPrécarité #StopLPPR
3) Annoncer les attaques contre le #CNU, c’était surtout se contraindre à une justification dans l’étude d’impact, puis devant le CNESER, puis devant le @lecese (bon, quoi qu'il en soit @VidalFrederique s'est assise sur son rapport), etc.

Donc, on dissimule !
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❌ Thread. Rapport sénatorial sur la privatisation des autoroutes.

L'Etat français a perdu 6,5 Mds€ avec la privatisation des autoroutes en 2006 au profit de Vinci et Eiffage qui en ont aujourd’hui un contrôle total.…
Des dividendes très élevés pour les concessionnaires :

Au-delà de 2022, les dividendes versés atteindront 40 milliards d'€ dont 32 milliards pour Vinci et Eiffage.

À comparer aux 14,8 milliards dépensés à l'origine par ces sociétés pour mettre la main sur les autoroutes.
#Privatisation Sur la période allant de 2006 à 2036, l'ensemble des dividendes distribués uniquement à Vinci atteindra 34,5 milliards d'€.…
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मा.निर्मला सितारामनजी..देशाला खर्या अर्थाने दिशा देणारे जे ठराविक सर्वोच्च मंत्रीपदं आहेत त्यातल्या एका पदावर आपण विराजमान आहात..पण ज्यादिवशी पासुन आपण अर्थमंत्री पद धारण केले तेव्हापासून नेहमीच media समोर आपल्याला ऐकताना आपण मंत्री कमी आणि पक्षाच्या Image
प्रवक्त्या असल्याचा भास झाला..आणि माझ्या मताला बळकटी द्यायला आपल्या सभोवतालची मंडळी तेव्हढीच जबाबदार आहे..उदाहरणं देतो त्याशिवाय माझ्या thread ला आणि मताला बळकटी येणार नाही..
१)जेव्हा वाहनक्षेत्रात तीव्र मंदी कशामुळे चालुय अस विचारलं गेल तेव्हा आपण निरागसपणे म्हणालात,"ओला,उबर
मुळे वाहनांचा खप कमी झालाय,त्यांचा वापर वाढलाय म्हणुन कोणी गाड्या विकत घेईना"..मला वैयक्तिक वाटत की देशातल्या मेट्रो सिटी आणि महत्त्वाची शहर सोडली तर ओला,उबर दुसरीकडे कुठे अस्तित्वात नाही..मग त्याचा एव्हढा परिणाम कसा झाला?(माझ चुक असेल तर दुरूस्त करावे🙏)
२)देशात मंदी आलीय अस
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To those who're advocating #privatisation should note that they may rejoice now but later this medicine will not remain withing their reach.
Our public sector banks including RRBs operate in extreme areas with less than basic facilities like drinking water or fans or even washrooms.
People from all walks of life are equal here and their work gets done by the bank's without any discrimination.
Farmer or an industrialist both are treated equally more or less.
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