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Private equity firms are taking home billions of pounds as high streets die and thousands are unemployed.

#Dispatches studied the accounts of 10 well known brands including HMV, Cath Kidston, Debenhams, and Toys ‘R’ Us, that entered administration in the past three years. 1/
Nearly 29,000 jobs were lost, but we can reveal that across their broader investment portfolios, the private equity owners disclosed nearly a billion pounds of profit during the period of ownership. The 10 brands owed almost £50million in unpaid taxes when they collapsed. 2/
“Things stopped being replaced. They would break down. There was water coming through the ceiling.”

Former employees of Debenhams, bought in 2003 by a private equity consortium, told #Dispatches that after the takeover the business underinvested in the upkeep of its stores. 3/
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#Channel4 #ConditionCritical

Half the people in this unit are younger than me. Think about that. Working age NHS staff saying this.

Most nurses feel the pandemic has had a negative effect on their mental health.

How are we caring for them?

If anyone knows the @ handle of the doctor leading this programme please let me know.

I would just like to find a more personal way of recognising the hardship, grief and greenshoots. Especially for Nathan and all new medics and nurses and with her own family
Thank you THANK YOU @SaleyhaAhsan and Nathan and all your colleagues.

I know there are gainsayers out there but they are a tiny spit in the great sea of our gratitude.
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The virus has exposed not only gross incompetence, but cronyism & corruption at the heart of government

With contracts for chums and billions of tax-payers money siphoned off to the private sector

And unnecessary lives lost

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1/ #Dispatches #bbcnews #r4today
Testing and trace is a vital component of infectious disease control

Against the advice of public health experts, the government outsourced both elements of the process to favourable private companies, with no expertise

Resulting in a dog’s breakfast of incompetence

Deloitte was given the contract, of undisclosed value, to set up off-site testing centres & run the new Lighthouse Laboratories, bypassing existing NHS infrastructure

Deloitte then went on to outsource the running of the testing centres to numerous other corporations

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“The revelations from C4 #Dispatches...are breath-taking. It amounts to criminal negligence. Pure & simple.” @globalhlthtwit on #LockdownChaos

To understanding how the #ContractScandal fits into a much bigger & more sinister plan👇#Palantir #DidoHarding #SERCO #HerdImmunity
This diagram👆shows how the US & UK govts appear to have a joint/parallel #COVID19 strategy allowing the military-backed data-mining company, #Palantir, to control heath data

Parler, the SM platform is funded by the Mercers who funded #CambridgeAnalytica who worked with Palantir
“It’s very hard not to be speechless about this.”

Dr Tom Lewis on viewing #Dispatches footage taken by an undercover journalist exposing unsafe practices & “VIP processing” for paying customers, in the Randox testing labs. #LockdownChaos #COVID19 #coronavirus #Palantir #COVID
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@channel4 #Dispatches in Randox labs is quite something.

Basic SOPS (standard operating procedures) not in place. Leaking samples
Not adequately separated
Not upright

I am astonished
Who, apart from Dido Harding inspected this operation who has specialised lab QA background?
Randox “reported” a problem to T&T re “red top” tubes leaking in particular.

To whom exactly? How often? Where is the incident log? There must be one in a well run lab.

How were these samples tracked? And corrected with a retest of the individual? Protocol?
When was the Incident log inspected? How often? By whom?

What about the absence of reported incidence.

(In well run labs there will be incidents. Absence of incednce reporting is a bad sign, not a good one).

When was a Serious Untoward Incident called? Root cause analysis?
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I finally got up with #Dispatches. #BorisJohnson #DominicCummings #MattHancock have blood on their hands. The blood of thousands who have died because of . the neglectful, arrogant uncaring attitude of this government. A death rate that is almost the highest in the world. 1/2
A death rate that could have been avoided if #BorisJohnson had heeded the advice of experts. Instead, they were told not to send long documents as he wouldn't read them" .
Why not? Is he too lazy? Did #Cummings read them and feed Johnson what he wanted to hear? 2/3
When Italian football fans were banned from going to their own stadium to watch football because Coronavirus rate was high in Italy, they were allowed to come here to watch an away game.Thousands of them, coming through airports unchecked, to attend a game. 3/4
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On 3 February, The PM made his #GreenwichSpeech.

In it he said #COVID19 shouldn’t “trigger a panic & [measures] that go beyond what is medically rational to the point of doing real & unnecessary economic damage.”

Finally, #Dispatches have aired it on TV.
As #Dispatches makes clear, this speech is all about Britain going it’s own way - an English exceptionalism that regards WHO advice as “medically irrational” & thinks a #HerdImmunity strategy will avoid “real economic damage”.
#Covid #COVID19 #Dispatches
Hancock claims he was aware of the dangers of #COVID19 & told the PM “from the start”.

The #GreenwichSpeech was attended by political journalist & was the 1st time the PM talked about COVID.

The clue to #herdimmunity has been in front of us all the time.
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Has there ever been such a damning & devastatingly well sourced exposure of a Prime Minister's failings as tonight's #Dispatches?

Boris Johnson & Dominic Cummings are responsible for so many deaths through their arrogance & negligence.

They should be in jail, not in No. 10.
Boris Johnson & his ministers were so full of Brexit swagger they simply couldn't recognise that a disease already wreaking havoc in other countries could possibly be a threat to Britain.

Self-inflicted ideological blindness.

British exceptionalism at its worst.

Double whammy for Boris Johnson's govt tonight, with #Newsnight following #Dispatches with news that the UK deaths announced today were higher than for all EU countries *combined*.

A "world-beating" achievement, @BorisJohnson.

Is that why you professed yourself so proud today?
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Boris Johnson told Italy’s Prime Minister he ‘wanted herd immunity’, #Dispatches has learnt. The government denies herd immunity was ever a strategy. THREAD 1/
We’ve learned that on the 13th of March Boris Johnson called the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Conte recounted the call to one of his health ministers, Pierpaolo Sileri. He told us: 2/
The government has denied herd immunity was ever a strategy. No one from the government agreed to be interviewed but they told us: 3/
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If Britain had locked down a week earlier, around 8,000 hospital deaths up to the end of April could have been avoided, #Dispatches has found. THREAD 1/
Britain's official Covid-19 death toll stands at nearly 40,000. But how many lives could have been saved if lockdown came earlier? We asked a Leading Health Analyst, George Batchelor, to work out the figures. He said: 2/
Batchelor’s figures show that if Britain had locked down on March the 16th. A week before the decision was actually taken, more than a third of hospital deaths by the end of April could have been avoided. That's around 8,000 lives. 3/
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THREAD: One of the world’s biggest tobacco companies @InsidePMI claims it wants to end smoking and switch people to “reduced risk” products. It has hired expensive PR, advertising and lobbying firms to help it “Unsmoke The World” #SmokeScreen #Dispatches
@InsidePMI Tonight we show the “Unsmoke” campaign is in fact a marketing drive for its new heated tobacco product Iqos and a blatant attempt to detoxify its brand so it can influence policy and regulation #Dispatches #SmokeScreen
@InsidePMI Iqos releases fewer cancer-causing chemicals than cigarettes but does have health risks. Experts fear glossy advertising and glamorous launch events will entice non-smokers to start using it too, addicting them to nicotine #SmokeScreen #Dispatches
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When you are poor, and I mean poor, it’s like you’re watching life move around you but you’re not moving with it, you’re somewhere else, you’re excluded from regular life, most things aren’t for you, Holidays, days out, going out with friends, even public transport #Dispatches
80% of the supermarket you can’t shop in, the internet, restaurants, cafes, clothes shops, even chemists. You exist on the fringes of society. You don’t even acknowledge most things because they simply aren’t for you. You learn how to be very creative, even when it’s exhausting
I invented ‘mitten monopoly’ teaching a 4 year old how to play monopoly is HARD, but snakes and ladders won’t see you through 3-4 hours of darkness in the evenings in winter,with no heating, so you turn it ‘fun’ by candlelight wearing mittens, he loved it, I hated it #dispatches
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Re: #GrowingUpPoor. #dispatches
My mum was (and I guess still is) a single mum to me and my sister.
We lived in a run down council house in Bootle, my bedroom had damp and mould on the walls and was unusable. Every Friday
mum got dole money but it wasn’t really enough and on Thursdays we didn’t have anything left to eat and used to talk about what we’d get as a treat from the shop when we had money again, bellies rumbling.
Fridays were “food day!” Memories of the weekly shop, mum adding up each item as it goes in the trolley, hoping she hadn’t got it wrong and not having the right money to pay, having to put things back. The embarrassment. The shame.
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A few comments:
1. Having a mobile phone these days is not incompatible with grinding poverty.
2. Relationship breakdowns happen. Unpredictably.
3. Getting a job when you have childcare responsibilities is hard, even if the kids are at school some of the time.
4. Mental health issues aren’t always easily visible or obvious.
5. People in poverty may have a pet. It may be the only thing motivating them to keep going.
6. Many of us could live on a budget for a short time. But not 365 days a year.

7. Lack of hope is paralysing, and makes it impossible to live further than day to day.
8. It’s hard to lift yourself out of this situation in current system. Work can end up making you worse off.
9. Maslow’s hierarchy applies. Hard to plan when cold/hungry.

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"We try not to eat a lot in one day, even though most of us are really hungry."

Almost 1 in 3 children in the UK are now growing up poor, like Cameron and his two sisters whose family rely on a food bank to help fill the fridge.
WATCH - Growing up Poor: Britain’s Breadline Kids

Tomorrow at 10pm on @Channel4

If you would like to help the families featured in this film, you can do so by going to:
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THREAD: 1/10 Dispatches has found that secret meetings have taken place between senior civil servants and representatives of US pharmaceutical firms where the price the NHS pays for its drugs has been discussed.
2/10 A source with knowledge of the trade talks told Dispatches that British trade negotiators have already held six official meetings with their US counterparts to talk about what might be in any trade deal.
3/10 Precise details of what has been discussed has been kept strictly confidential. But a Whitehall source has told us that drug pricing has been on the table in all six meetings.
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Epstein wasn’t just a pedophile he was a pedovore. Along with his elite clients.. the worst crimes imaginable against children were committed on an island far from prying eyes with hills for underground torture chambers and located near a supply of children (Haiti/DR) #Dispatches
Celebrities would travel by private jet which will be [their] downfall because of flight logs.
Upon arrival at Little Saint James Island, kids will be brought in and immediately be taken underground. This is a $100m complex for killing children.
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THREAD: The next UK Prime Minister will soon be chosen by around 160,000 members of the Conservative Party – that's 0.2% of the population. Almost half of the members are now over 65, 71% are male and 97% are white.

[1/8] #Dispatches
To find out more about who they are and their beliefs, Dispatches commissioned a special YouGov Survey of 892 Conservative Party members - this is what we found:

[2/8] #Dispatches
54% of party members thought Donald Trump would make a good Prime Minister.

[3/8] #Dispatches
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After the #MetPolice tried & failed to frame me & after ex #MetPoliceUK turned private investigators @Surelock_ tried & failed to frame me & my mum, attempt number 3 was #EE & #UKMail. I had never used @EE but they made me their customer

#SwitchtoO2 #o2 #Vodafone #Three #LBC
#EE said I had ordered mobile phones & sim cards & #UKMail said they had delivered them to me (with me showing my passport) at home. I did neither. I didn't order any mobiles & I didn't receive any mobiles. It was a complete stitch up

#dontbuythesun #c4news #r4today #itvnews
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Absolute hatchet job from #dispatches on Jacob Rees-Mogg. Financial illiteracy masquerading as journalism, here are the worst of the mistakes filmmaker Antony Barnett made... /1
Barnett claims JRM "may have" earned at least £7m. This is based on Companies House filings freely available online. JRM correctly states this is a "figure you've invented". Here's why... /2…
It is impossible to determine the profit allocated to a specific member of a UK LLP by scrutinising the public CH filings in this manner. The 'expert' doing so is @premnsikka... /3
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Just spent my lunch break catching up on last night's #dispatches 'getting rich from the housing crisis' - some thoughts:
It's certainly true that we are losing genuinely affordable homes at a time when we need them more than ever - @CIHhousing analysis show we lost more than 150,000 homes for social rent between 2012 and 2017 alone…
The total figure is made up of 103,642 local authority homes & 46,972 housing association homes, mostly due to homes being converted to ‘affordable rent’ or being sold through right to buy - dispatches focused solely on housing associations & didn't mention right to buy at all
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Inside Facebook: Secrets of the Social Media Giant. #dispatches has been undercover inside facebook’s moderators. Watch on C4, Tues at 9pm to see the levels of violence, self-harm and hate speech allowed to stay on the site...and how the decisions are made. Presented by @krishgm
Great to see so much coverage in the papers today of @C4Dispatches Inside Facebook: Secrets of a Social Network. Please do watch tonight at 9pm on C4. #Dispatches
Facebook moderators ‘keep child abuse online’ - good to see @BBCNews write up our undercover Dispatches. Inside Facebook: Secrets of a Social Network. Do tune in tonight at 9pm on C4 #dispatches @C4Dispatches @krishgm @FirecrestFilms…
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