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1- Ünlü polis şefi #HanefiAvcı’yı tanımayan çok azdır. Şöyle ya da böyle Avcı’yı tanıyanlar acaba kimsesizler mezarlığına gömülen öğretmen Ali Uygur’u tanır mı?
2- İşte biz bu flodumuzda bir çuvalın içine -doğal sorgu yöntemi gereği - elleri kelepçeli bir şekilde kediyle birlikte konulan ve başına vurularak öldürülen #AliUygur’un hikayesi hatırlatalım, hatırlatalım ki unutulmasın istedik.
3-Bazı dikkatli okurlarımızın işkencede öldürülen öğretmen ile televizyonlarda üst perdeden akıl veren Hanefi Avcı ile ne alakası var dediğinizi duyar gibiyim.
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1- #Peker’in 13 Ağustos’ta 1980'lerin meşhur bombacısı, Hasan Yeşildağ'ı bombalı eylemler sonrasında arka sokaktan kaçıranın Fahri Kasırga olduğunu iddia eden paylaşımlar yapması dikkatleri Kasırga'nın hayatı üzerine çekti.
2- Hakkında yakalama kararı bulunan #SedatPeker , kendisine ait Twitter hesaplarından biri olan @delicavus_nth hesabından 13 Ağustos’ta yaptığı paylaşımlarda adı geçen Fahri Kasırga kimdir? Merak edenler için bu sorunun cevabının peşine düştük…
3- 20 Ocak 1953'te, Nazime ve Şaban çiftinin oğlu olarak doğan Fahri Kasırga #RİZE 'nin Çayeli ilçesinin Çilingir Köyü nüfusuna kayıtlı.
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So, as I tweeted in french, I was arrested in #Istanbul, #Turkey last night on my way to report in #Diyarbakir.
I was taken out of the plane right after landing in front of the other passengers by a police officer and taken in costudy for a 2hour interrogation session.
I was then told I represent a threat to the (Turkish) Republic's security and that I will be deported in the first plane in the morning. I was accompanied to the Immigration department's "guest house", which is a room locked from outside, where I would sleep without my phone.
Other people in the room included an Azeri couple (lady in the women's section), two afghanis, two penjabis, one bangladeshi, one Iraqi from Mosul and a syrian studying in Germany that was denied entrance to Turkey where he anted to visit his aunt. We were given Burger king menus
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#BREAKING:#Turkey has launched a military operation to target #Syria Arab Army bases in #Aleppo & #Idlib. Operation involves #THK's F-16 fighter jets, Anka-S armed drones as well as T-122 Sakarya & T-300 Kasırga of #TSK. Video shows launch of 122mm rockets minutes ago 👇
#BREAKING:Due to the fact #Russia has not yet permitted #Turkish Air Force to fly its fighter jets over #Idlib, F-16C/D Block 50+ fighter jets of 181 Filo from 8th Main Jet Base of #THK in #Diyarbakir flew over border with #Syria & launched SOM cruise missiles at #Aleppo! Image
#BREAKING: This video which is now verified by my sources prove that the F-16C/D Block 50+ fighter jets of 181 Filo flew over the #Turkey-#Syria borderline to launch their cruise missiles at #Syria Arab Army & Air Defense targets in Al-Nayrab, #Aleppo.
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1. No one's talking about the fact that the Kurdish forces that were our allies in N. Syria are largely a part of the Marxist-Leninist YPG-PKK. While there are good Kurd Christians in the middle of this, #Turkey has a very real security threat from these terrorists.
2. I was just in #Antakya, #Gaziantep, #Sanliurfa, and #Diyarbakir with my family in summer. Very few Americans drive through and visit these places. Roadblocks there because of terrorist attacks from PKK forces. Christians attacking @realDonaldTrump on this are making a mistake.
3. Turkey is not fighting against "the Kurds"; they are fighting against terrorist PKK, which many Kurds also oppose. Turkey does not need to be our enemy. Turkish people were overwhelmingly kind and civil to us on our trip and respected out Christianity.
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Preliminary observations on #TurkeyElections:
1) The opposition (#Nation bloc) making major gains, including the capital Ankara & Antalya.
2) HDP proved to be kingmakers - swayed votes to the #Nation bloc.
3) AKP losing significant votes & mayors to its #Peoples bloc partner MHP.
Preliminary prediction on #TurkeyElections: AKP cadres have seen that #Erdoğan's strategy of framing the elections around the theme "existential threat" has backfired, and will start complaining of losing votes, municipalities, & spoils to their ultranationalist partner #MHP.
Of #Turkey's 12 largest cities, the opposition is winning at least 7: #Ankara, #İzmir, #Adana, #Antalya, #Mersin, #Eskişehir, & #Diyarbakır. The largest city #Istanbul is a toss-up! #Bursa, too, is too close to call. AKP is losing Turkey's economic power houses. #TurkeyElections
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anybody interested in a #rant on the #earnings of #freelance #journalism? if so, let me first brew some coffee and you can fasten your seat belt.
only @brunchik? see, you folks don't even give a shit.
okay i'm ranting anyway, even though you don't care. #earnings #freelance #journalism
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