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What an exciting first day in #Iraq. It was a great pleasure for me to walk the streets of Old #Baghdad, to see its monuments which testify to the rich history of Iraq and to have direct talks with the Baghdadis. ImageImageImageImage
I especially wanted to go to #AlMutanabbi Street, famous in the Arab world to have long drawn bibliophiles. Its bookstores and its very dynamic life highlight the return of peace and prosperity to #Iraq through culture. #Baghdad ImageImageImage
I spoke with the booksellers and we have the same conviction: culture has a central role for the future of #Iraq. It is an important factor of social cohesion, as well as it is a source of job creation and economic activity. #AlMutanabbi #Baghdad Image
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ATTENTION: 🇹🇷| NOW: Preliminary 7.7 magnitude #earthquake hits southern #Turkey.
🇹🇷| URGENT: LAST MINUTE: Magnitude 7.8 #earthquake hits southern #Turkey; Major damage reported.
🇹🇷 #Erbil #Turkey, population is leaving the city.
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#American and #Saudi officials warned of an imminent #Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia and possibly #Erbil, according to the @WSJ. Here’s what else you need to know today from CTP and @TheStudyofWar’s daily Iran Crisis Update:…
At least 30 protests took place in 15 cities across 11 provinces on November 1. #IranProtests #مهسا_امینی
Unsubstantiated reports circulated that the regime flew around 150 personnel from Kataib #Hezbollah and other Iraqi proxies from Baghdad to Mashhad to support the protest crackdown.
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My long read on sex #trafficking in #Iraq is out as part of our @AJpeoplepower investigation.

Through exclusive access to authorities, traffickers and survivors, it sheds light on the power structures that fuel the exploitation of girls. 1/

For >than a year, @AJEnglish investigated the sex trade in Iraq, a growing phenomenon fueled by deeply entrenched socioeconomic factors & enabled by a tangled web of corrupt officials & armed groups, a toxic mix that has become the hallmark of the US' post-2003 legacy in Iraq. 2/
Prostitution exists around the world, but how are girls lured into it in a conservative society where extramarital sex is taboo?

Turns out that traffickers exploit these norms, literally SHAMING girls into the sex trade. 3/

Watch our doc here:

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Come promesso, oggi parliamo delle molte cose dette da #MoniOvadia, persona degnissima, contro la quale non ho nulla, che interviene molto circa #Russia e #Ucraina e che dovrebbe documentarsi meglio, perché molte cose che dice sono imprecise e parziali.
vediamo insieme perché
la sua pessima opinione sull'informazione italiana, in parte fondata, non gli impedisce però di presenziare giornalmente a trasmissioni come #lariachetira, dove esprime opinioni su cose che conosce evidentemente in parte.
ad esempio parla dei curdi:
1) le armi ai #curdi le abbiamo giustamente mandate, dal 2014 al 2018, USA, Germania, Italia, Svezia hanno armato i curdi dell'YPG, proprio quelli aggrediti da #Erdogan
Non mi ricordo di nessuno che dicesse che questo avrebbe "allungato la guerra".…
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Several rockets landed near #Erbil, #Iraq.
The rockets were fired from Kremlesh town near #Mosul and landed near Khabat town near #Erbil northern #Iraq.
The target of the rocket attack was KAR #Oil refinery which is located in Kawergosk but landed near Topzawa in #Erbil without any casualties or damages.
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Thread - War between Wars - tiny bit of the details.

Alright - this will probably be a tad ramlbe-ish as I put together some of what I believe key pieces that have lead us to last nights missile strike on #Erbil, some of the threads included delve
This small thread will be high level but it’ll just look at some of the larger incidents over the recent period to take into consideration that last nights strike on Erbil wasn’t just a random incident but part of a “bigger picture”, this will focus mainly on Israel/Iran
We start with some of the recent history, the tussle of tankers, the shift tides, which appears to be moving from the deep sea incidents to more on shore. The move of “on shoring” events shows we have gone full circle to using the supply chains through air and land. But…
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Update #Ukraine .
Im Überblick:
- WHO fordert Vernichtung gefährlicher Pathogene in der Ukraine;
- weitere Tschetschenen in UKR angekommen;
- brutale Straßenkämpfe in #Mariopol ;
- isr. Premier forderte Selenski zum Aufgeben auf;
- Kiew bittet den Westen um S-300;
Die Geschichte mit den Biolaboren in der #Ukraine , wo offensichtlich an gefährlichen Pathogenen und Viren geforscht wird, wird zunehmend zu einem Politikum.
Die WHO forderte die Ukraine auf, alle Pathogene zu vernichten, um ihren Ausbruch bei Kampfhandlungen zu vermeiden.
Zuvor hatte es eine Sondersitzung des UN-Sicherheitsrates gegeben, bei der Russland seine Vorwürfe gegenüber Amerikanern wiederholte, wonach das Pentagon Biolabore in der #Ukraine unterhalte. Angeblich werde dort an Viren geforscht, die auch militärisch eingesetzt werden können.
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#Iran launched six precision missiles Fateh-110 Iranian missiles against a Mossad base in #Erbil #Iraq in retaliation to #Israel killing of 2 Iranian officers in #Syria. No official statements were delivered by either side. These are "messages" both sides understand.
#Iran temporarily suspended the (fifth) meeting with #SaudiArabia in #Iraq programmed for next Wednesday the 16th of March following the mass execution carried out by #Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia executes 81 people in a single day via @AJEnglish

#Iran sources told @Almayadeen_News that "4 #Israel/i Mossad officers were killed and 7 wounded during the bombing of their base in Erbil, Kurdistan, #Iraq."

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Ricapitoliamo per tutti: c’è stato un attacco missilistico (6 missili balistici quasi certamente partiti dall’Iran) contro il compound del consolato americano ad #Erbil in Iraq. Atto grave, per fortuna senza conseguenze: a quanto pare NON ci sono vittime. Video dell’attacco ⤵️
Da fonti iraniane si conferma l’attacco e si dice che è stato fatto “in ritorsione per l’uccisione da parte israeliana questa settimana di due leader della Guardia Rivoluzionaria nel corso di attacchi aerei in Siria”.
È possibile che gli Stati Uniti nei prossimi giorni ordinino una rappresaglia per l’attacco. Ma non essendoci vittime è improbabile che si possa trattare di un attacco aereo o missilistico su larga scala.
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Missile attack in #Erbil, capital of Kurdish Iraq tonight.

May have targeted the US 🇺🇸 Consulate, or adjacent airport.

Meanwhile top "Erbil" tweet?

A blue check account with a false tweet.
2/ Count of # of missile impacts varies... but plenty of actual footage is emerging from Erbil.

Jerusalem Post has a developing story by

Footage of damage to Kurdistan 24 Channel via an employee
3/ Broken glass & twisted metal...but multiple outlets are reporting: no known casualties at this point, citing Iraq state news / Kurdistan health minister.

Meanwhile, multiple US reporters are tweeting that Pentagon says no known 🇺🇸 military casualties.…
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+++ EIL +++

Mehrere Raketen wurden auf die #US-Botschaft in #Erbil, #Iraq abgefeuert.
Sorry, es ist NICHT die Botschaft, es ist ein Konsulat.
Laut Bürgermeister von #Erbil sei noch nicht klar, ob das Konsulat, oder der Fulghafen das Ziel gewesen sei.
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#BREAKING: Unable to attack #Israel in retaliation of the death of two #IRGC Quds Force officers in #Damascus on Monday, Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Corps of #Iran just carried-out a combined drone/ballistic missile strike at #US Army base in #Erbil Intl airport in #Iraq!
Total six Fateh-110 ballistic missiles launched from #Iran's #Kermanshah province hit the #USArmy base in #Erbil International Airport in North of #Iraq. Surveillance drones of #IRGC Aerospace Force flew over the base before missiles hit it.
It is unconfirmed but, the pro-#IRGC sources claim that a #USAF's E-11A Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) aircraft was one of the targets. It is not clear if it is destroyed or not. The moment ballistic missiles hit military section of #Erbil airport.
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NEW - A U.S. Military base in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan has come under intense missile attack as had the U.S. Consulate in the City.
It is reported 5 missiles and/or rockets fell inside the U.S. Consulate compound in #Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan within the past 30 minutes.
Roads around U.S. Consulate and Erbil Airport have been locked down following a fairly heavy and accurate series of missile strikes.
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#BREAKING Three heavy explosions have hit the US consulate in Erbil, the Iraqi Kurdistan.
#BREAKING Footage of the Erbil attack, via @RudawEnglish correspondent, apparently involving rockets.
@RudawEnglish There are unconfirmed reports & footages that missiles/rockets have been fired from a base in Iran’s Tabriz almost at the same time as blasts hit Erbil (290km southwest of Tabriz).
Iran-backed groups say Erbil has been struck by 14 missiles. Many nearby houses have been damaged.
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Initial report of a large explosion in #Erbil.
Initial reports of a rocket impact near the #US consultant.
Several local reports of at least 3 explosions, suggesting the potential of 3 impacts. Will update accordingly
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Something's happening in Erbil
Unconfirmed video of rocket attack(s) on Erbil #KRI #Iraq 🇮🇶
Rocket impact near the US consulate in #Erbil #KRI #Iraq 🇮🇶
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Oh hello…. A drone reportedly from “Eastern #Iraq” that was intercepted by coalition forces near/on its way to #Erbil.

That drone looks familiar…. 🙃 ImageImageImage
This design shares more of a resemblance/design characteristics with the ones we’ve seen used in #Yemen / #Saudi, but they all are derived from the #Iran|ian “Shahed-136” ImageImage
The Iranian variant and the derived Wa’eed which belongs to the #Houthi’s (Yemen has two variants, technically) have a slightly different nose and winglets. ImageImage
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High security alert at #US military base in #Erbil, #Iraq.
All runways in Erbil international airport closed.
According to documents from #Iraq’s intelligence service, there’s an attempt to targeting #Erbil Military base from Abzakh village between #Mosul and #Erbil.
The base hosts #US lead coalition troops.
Seems that reports about #Erbil Airport are true.
The last flight was delayed at 07:45 and no informations about other flights.
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#Video of recent drone attack that targeted #Erbil airport, air defenses repelled.

Initial reports:

▪️Exlosive drones targeted coalition soldiers and airport.
▪️Three drones shot down by air defences.
▪️ Casualties still unknown.
Behind the attacks, there are allegedly Iran-backed Militias.

Thread 1/3
At least three blasts were heard near the airport. According to initial reports from Rudaw reporters citing security forces, the blasts occurred outside the airport perimeter. 

There are no immediate reports of casualties.

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Initial reports of explosions heard in the vicinity of #Erbil International Airport and sirens sounding at the #US consulate. Cause currently unknown.
Situation is on going at Erbil International Airport, additional explosions are being reported.
CRAM was active this evening at Erbil International Airport, reportedly engaged several targets, mixed reports on drones and/or rockets, which are unconfirmed at the moment. Will update accordingly
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Macht sich die #Bundesregierung zum Büttel der #Türkei?

Einer #Linken-Delegation wurde durch die #Bundespolizei eine Reise nach #Erbil (#Irak) untersagt, weil „das Ansehen der Bundesrepublik im Ausland“ durch die Teilnehmenden beschädigt hätte werden können. /TN #CSU #Seehofer
Die Delegation wollte sich vor Ort über die Militäraktionen der #Türkei in dem von #Kurden kontrollierten Gebiet eine Übersicht machen.

Verschiedene Medien spekulieren darüber, dass dies eine direkte Anordnung aus Ankara an die #Bundesregierung war. /TN
Die Pressemeldung der @bpol_nrw findet ihr zur Vollständigkeit hier:… /TN
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Happening now: @CENTCOM Commander Gen. Kenneth "Frank" McKenzie briefs Pentagon reports on #Afghanistan withdrawal

"I would advise the #Taliban we will be prepared to defend ourselves" he says
"We do plan to continue support to the Afghan will just be more difficult" per @CENTCOM's Gen. McKenzie

"We intend to continue to support them" he adds "It will be a tough fight for the Afghans"
"It is our intention to bring the contractors out, the US contractors will come out" per @CENTCOM's Gen. McKenzie, saying planner looking at other options to support Afghan air force

"We may be able to work some remote, televised way to do that"
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