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1/11 Russia's FM #Lavrov is leaving for #Turkey in a week. Attention! In #Ankara, Lavrov will also discuss the settlement of #NagornoKarabakh with Turkish FM Cavusoglu, in addition to the topics of #Syria, #Ukraine. Zakharova announced this information today. What does it reveal? Image
2/ 🇷🇺 no longer hides that Karabakh is the subject of its and 🇹🇷's political trade. 🇷🇺 can concede one benefit to 🇹🇷 in the Karabakh issue, and instead receive a benefit in the directions of Syria, Ukraine. The settlement of the NK issue actually fell victim to 🇷🇺-🇹🇷 cooperation. Image
3/ The facts testify to that. After the Sept 2020 war, the #Russia's MoD #Shoigu announced that a successful operation was carried out with #Turkey in #Karabakh. Probably, he meant the defeat of Nagorno Karabakh. A joint Russian-Turkish monitoring center is located in #Aghdam. ImageImage
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1/5 The head coach of the #Turkish national team, Stefan Kunts, said that they were well received in #Armenia, for which he thanked.

The Turkish team won, but the #Armenian team played well. They could have won.

#Turkey #Yerevan #Ankara #EURO2024 #football #sports #UEFA2024 Armenia-Turkey football match in Yerevan State flags of Armenia, Azerbaijan, TurkeyArmenia provided humanitarian aid to Turkey in order to elimThe head coach of the Turkish national team, Stefan Kunts gi
2/5 I think that the Armenian and Turkish peoples can communicate more in the fields of #sports, #art, #humanitarian, #business.

In this way, the Armenian and Turkish peoples, who have a difficult history, will gradually restore their trust. The Turkish – Armenian Business Development Council (TABDCThe Turkish – Armenian Business Development Council (TABDC
3/5 Only then can the states of 🇦🇲-🇹🇷 have a peaceful, cooperative future. About 70,000 Armenians live in 🇹🇷, who are the descendants of Armenians who survived the #Genocide. 🇦🇲 has been independent for 32 years, 🇹🇷 closed the border, but there was active trade during these yrs. The Church of the Holy Cross located on the Aghtamar Island
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Chopper crash in Iraq exposes ‘secret air corridor’ of US-backed Kurdish groups: Report

According to Turkish sources, these helicopters – a total of four units – were rented from a local company by the #US government and given to the #PUK.…
“Such flights could only happen with the knowledge of the US govt since US forces control the Syrian & Iraqi territory,” the Turkish sources said, adding that the crash has exposed “a secret air corridor to transport senior members of the PKK between Iraq & Syria.”
“These flights have been continuing for the past two years, but they were unregistered ……
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#Turkiye to resume normalization talks with #Syria this week

Defense Minister Hulusi Akar expressed hope that #Syria would be understanding of its unwavering position regarding the #Kurdish presence on its border…
Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said during a press conference on 12 March that Ankara intends to continue down the path of normalization with the Syrian government.…
However, he also expressed hope that #Damascus would “understand” #Turkiye’s concern over the #Kurdish militant presence near its border – a main pretext for the #Turkish occupation in northern #Syria.…
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🇦🇲🇹🇷⚡️Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan has arrived in Ankara, leading a delegation that includes Ruben Rubinyan, Vice Speaker of the National Assembly, and the Armenian Special Representative for normalizing Armenian-Turkish relations.
#armenia #turkey #ankara
Mirzoyan is expected to meet with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, after which the two ministers will issue a joint statement.
Mirzoyan will also travel to Adiyaman, where he will meet with a rescue team from Armenia involved in search and rescue efforts following the recent #earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.
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🔴 #TurkeyEarthquake

JEDDAH : Le maire d'#Ankara a imputé le tremblement de terre de lundi, qui a touché l'ouest de la #Turquie et les îles grecques, à l'objectif des puissances étrangères de miner l'économie du pays.
Dans une série de tweets, Ibrahim Melih Gökçek a déclaré 🔽
que ce n'est pas la première fois que la #Turquie est visée par des tremblements de terre "artificiels".
"Maintenant, je pense que cela pourrait être un tremblement de terre d'origine humaine. Je ne dis pas que c'est certain mais c'est une possibilité très sérieuse", a 🔽
tweeté Gökçek.

"Je dis qu'il faut absolument enquêter. Un navire de recherche sismique naviguait-il près de l'épicentre ? Si oui, à quel pays appartient-il ?", a-t-il déclaré.

Un tremblement de terre d'une magnitude 🔽
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The admin of Bab al-Hawa crossing -- the sole route open for UN aid to NW #Syria -- confirms that 3 days in, zero aid has arrived from the international community.

#Assad's regime is getting aid from the @UN + #Russia, #Egypt, #Algeria, #UAE, #Saudi, #Tunisia, #Iraq & #Iran. Image
@UN In NW #Syria, financial donations are coming in from abroad, but nothing in terms of real-world assistance.

They need manpower, fuel, equipment, food, shelter etc.

#Egypt managed to get a team of rescue specialists in to aid @SyriaCivilDefe, but it's unclear how they got there. Image
@UN @SyriaCivilDefe The earthquake + @UN inaction/risk aversion has achieved what #Assad's regime never managed:

-- NW #Syria is now fully under siege; from the south (regime areas) & the north (via disaster-hit #Turkey).

Only concerted international action will see this siege ended.
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Antep, Fidanlik mah, 10 people trapped under the building
#Turkey 🇹🇷

Malatya, near Divan Hastane [Hospital], a hotel collapsed according to the cameraman
#Turkey #Earthquake
Man crying for help, looks for his mom in Hatay
#Turkey 🇹🇷
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ATTENTION: 🇹🇷| NOW: Preliminary 7.7 magnitude #earthquake hits southern #Turkey.
🇹🇷| URGENT: LAST MINUTE: Magnitude 7.8 #earthquake hits southern #Turkey; Major damage reported.
🇹🇷 #Erbil #Turkey, population is leaving the city.
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1. #Russia organized an operation to destabilize the situation in #Sweden on religious grounds: #RLI spoke about the plan of the Kremlin and the main actors.

In addition to blocking the application for #NATO membership, the operation of Russian military⬇️…
2. intelligence in #Sweden could increase the level of the terrorist threat in the country. Yes, a copy of the #Koran was publicly burned near the #Turkish embassy in #Stockholm.

"Russian military intelligence probably used the unsuspecting Paludan through Chang Johannes⬇️
3. Frick, who, according to numerous indications, is an agent of the #GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate) of the ₴RussianFederation, recruited to conduct psychological operations. The location of the action is the area in front of the #Turkish embassy in #Stockholm⬇️ Image
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1- Eski #ÜlküOcakları Genel Başkanı akademisyen Ateş'in öldürülmesinin üzerinden bir aya yakın zaman geçti.
2- Cinayet ile ilgili yirmiden fazla isim gözaltına alındı.
Bazı isimler tutuklanırken bazı isimler adli kontrol kararı ile serbest bırakıldı.
3- Kamuoyu ve muhalefet cinayeti eğer gündemde tutmasaydı #SinanAtes trol sürüsü ve medya tarafından sistemli bir şekilde itibarsızlaştırılacak cinayetin üzerine beton dökülecekti..
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🔴 #USA 🇺🇸 #Syrie 🇸🇾

📍Le pétrole volé de la #Syrie

Un texte de Firas Al-Shoufi, pour la publication 🗞️ The Cadrle
Le rôle de l'armée américaine dans le vol du pétrole syrien va plus loin qu'un simple vol. Ces fonds sont utilisés pour soutenir l'autonomie kurde et assurer la 🔽
division géographique de la Syrie.
En juillet 2021, le porte-parole du ministère chinois des Affaires étrangères, Wang Wenbin, a qualifié de "banditisme" le vol de pétrole par les #USA dans les zones qu'ils occupent dans l'est de la Syrie. Le même terme a déjà été utilisé 🔽
par le président syrien Bashar al-Assad et d'autres responsables dans des déclarations dénonçant la violation de la souveraineté de la #Syrie par #Washington.
Les médias officiels syriens évoquent de temps à autre des convois de camions et de camions-citernes transportant 🔽
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#Ankara: The Foreign Minister of the Turkish regime, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, announced Ankara's readiness to get out of the lands it occupied in Syria, leaving the way for the Syrian government forces to control them Image
The steps of the Turkish regime's rapprochement with the Syrian government are accelerating, and contrary to their habit in the last ten years, and make concessions in order to obtain public friendliness from Damascus
Çavuşoğlu emphasized the return of the Syrian refugees to their country, and it seems that the Turkish minister forgot or neglected the words of the President of the regime, Recep Erdogan, when he described the Syrians in his country as guests, not refugees.
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#Turquie 🇹🇷 #Syrie 🇸🇾

Une nouvelle guerre est sur le point de commencer. La #Turquie se prépare-t-elle à envahir la #Syrie et éventuellement à une campagne élargie en #Irak en affirmant qu'elle lutte contre le terrorisme après le récent attentat à la bombe à #Ankara imputé 🔽
aux groupes kurdes en #Syrie ?!

Le ministère turc de la défense a annoncé dimanche 20 novembre le lancement de l'opération spéciale "Claw Sword", présentée comme une opération antiterroriste.

"Les avions ont décollé de leurs bases, l'opération aérienne a commencé", a 🔽
déclaré le ministère, une semaine après l'attaque terroriste dans une rue du centre d'Istanbul."

"Le temps est venu pour rendre des comptes", a annoncé le ministère turc de la Défense sur Twitter dimanche.

Mais le président turc #Erdogan est allé plus loin en déclarant 🔽
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IDLIB 7/11 - Hayat Tahrir Al Sham (HTS) a modification of Al Qaeda launched provocations with UK-incubated White Helmet organisation in response to undesirable rapprochement between #Damascus and #Ankara. Image
Russia's Syria Reconciliation Center Deputy Head Oleg Yegorov warned that a provocation was prepared for the 6th November. Intelligence information had been received during the night of the 5th November.

#WhiteHelmets #Syria
Yegorov said: "We have information that the Al-Nusra Front (Heyet Tahrir al-Sham) is planning a provocation in the Idlib region together with the so-called "White Helmets" human rights organization.

#WhiteHelmets #AlQaeda #Syria
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We succeeded in recreating a Neolithic flatbread!

This is about as close as I can figure out how to make bread as it would have been baked in one of the first daily bread-making cultures, ca. 9,000 years ago. I’ll let you judge the authenticity…but the taste is fantastic.
Bread thread 🍞🧵 follows...
I should start from the beginning. A year ago, I went to the Çatalhöyük site in central #Turkey. A proto-urban Neolithic community, pop. as high as 8,000, inhabited for 1000+ years starting ca 7200 BCE. ImageImage
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📌Bütün yönleri ile Ahmet Cem Ersever...

1- 1950 yılında asker olan babası #Kerkük asıllı babası İzzet Ersever'in görev yeri olan Erzurum’da doğdu.
2- Babasının mesleği sebebiyle ilköğrenimini yurdun değişik yerlerinde gördü.
3- 1967 yılında #TED Ankara Kolejinden mezun oldu.
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1) Vehbi Koç’un #yaşamını aktardığı ilk kitabı Hayat Hikayem ile

#İş ve hayat #tecrübelerini aktardığı ikinci kitabı olan Hatıralarım, Görüşlerim, Öğütlerim’in derlemesi olan, 7 ana bölüm ve 395 sayfadan oluşan Vehbi Koç Anlatıyor kitabını,

#kitap #işdünyası #yatırımnotları Image
2) yaşanmışlıklardan ders çıkartmak ve yeni kazanımlar edinmek adına özetlemeye çalıştım.

“Benim #anayasam şudur: Devletim ve ülkem var oldukça ben de varım. Demokrasi varsa hepimiz varız.

#Ankara’nın bütün #ticareti Ermeni, Rum ve Musevilerin elindeydi.”
3) “Müslüman #Türkler, ülkenin sahibi olmakla birlikte, çoğunlukla bu üç zümrenin emrinde çalışan, #basit hayat süren kimselerdi.

En güzel #binalar, en güzel #mağazalar, en güzel #yazlıklar gayrimüslimlerindi.

İyi bir okul #eğitimi göremeyişimin ve #dil bilemeyişimin”
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1- #Peker’in 13 Ağustos’ta 1980'lerin meşhur bombacısı, Hasan Yeşildağ'ı bombalı eylemler sonrasında arka sokaktan kaçıranın Fahri Kasırga olduğunu iddia eden paylaşımlar yapması dikkatleri Kasırga'nın hayatı üzerine çekti.
2- Hakkında yakalama kararı bulunan #SedatPeker , kendisine ait Twitter hesaplarından biri olan @delicavus_nth hesabından 13 Ağustos’ta yaptığı paylaşımlarda adı geçen Fahri Kasırga kimdir? Merak edenler için bu sorunun cevabının peşine düştük…
3- 20 Ocak 1953'te, Nazime ve Şaban çiftinin oğlu olarak doğan Fahri Kasırga #RİZE 'nin Çayeli ilçesinin Çilingir Köyü nüfusuna kayıtlı.
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Levent Göktaş'ın seccadesi ve telekızları...

1- Bazı gazeteciler #leventgoktas'ın seccadesini yanından ayırmadığını alperen olduğunu yazdılar...
2- Çünkü yıllardır #NecipHablemitoglu'nun katili konusunda aldatıldıklarına inanmak zorlarına gidiyor.
3- Oysa ki yıllarca bir çok derin cinayette olduğu gibi Hablemitoğlu cinayetinin gerçek failleri konusunda bal gibi yanıltıldılar.
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"#ISIS remains a real & potent threat" @DeptofDefense Deputy Asst Sec. for the Middle East Dana Stroul tells @MiddleEastInst @ICSR_Centre

Says ISIS "working to infiltrate population centers" while also working in small cells in rural areas
"The #UnitedStates is committed to maintaining our force presence in #Iraq & #Syria to achieve the enduring defeat of #ISIS" per @DeptofDefense's Stroul
10,000 #ISIS fighters still being held in make-shift prisons across NE #Syria by the #SDF, per @DeptofDefense's Stroul

"No secret" ISIS wants to replicate January's attack on prison in #Hasakah, she adds
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Day 134 📌 Russians burn wheat fields with phosphorus bombs in the Polohy community, #Zaporihzhzhia region. While the harvest is approaching, this looks like a deliberate shelling. More on the current situation in Ukraine is in our brief by the link ⬇️…
The Governor of the #Luhansk region underlined that not all of the region is occupied, as 🇺🇦 still controls some of the territories. In the #Donetsk region, due to the 🇷🇺 shelling, 35 objects were damaged, and 7 civilians were killed (including a child), 2 people were wounded.
In the morning, 🇷🇺 forces attacked one of the districts of the #Odesa region with two rockets. Two agricultural warehouses were hit, and 35 tons of grain were destroyed. Over the night, the occupiers also attacked a boarding school in #Kharkiv.
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#Putin's invasion of #Ukraine has thrown a spanner into the #Russia-#Turkey relationship.

That offers the U.S. (& NATO) an opportunity to explore avenues for improving ties with #Ankara -- far from straightforward, but it's an opening.

For #Syria policy, this could be vital.
War in #Ukraine will have extremely negative impact on the humanitarian situation in #Syria -- and #Russia is now more likely than ever to veto cross-border aid access in July.

Any alternative plans will be dead in the water, without #Turkey playing a central role. We need that.
The #Biden admin appears to already be preparing for a possible severing of X-border aid access -- in part by seeking to provide a full sanctions waiver to NE & NW #Syria.

But we'll also need a massive #Turkey-based aid effort to fill [some of] the gap resulting from a UN veto.
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