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New Haven showing up big! #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #AbolishPIC #DefundThePolice
#JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor #NoJusticeNoPeace #DefundThePolice
New Haven got I-95 SHUT DOWN! #ShutItDown
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Folks at Barclays, if you are arrested & the cops ask for a DNA swab, you have the right to refuse. If you are offered a drink, cigarette or gum in the precinct, beware that it is a trick to steal your DNA for the NYC's rogue index. #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd @NLGnews @NYCLU
For more on how @nypdnews steals DNA and keeps it in a secret databank, @Jan_Ransom breaks it down….
And @georgejoseph94 on how even kids get caught up in the DNA index…
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Took my 1st AsianAm Studies course in 1993 w/Yuko Kurashashi (now @KentState). We watched @rtajima’s WHO KILLED VINCENT CHIN. Changed my life. Thrilled 2 B part of #AsianAmsPBS series debuting tonight! Thx Renee @sleochiang + team 4 dreamy opportunity to talk AsianAm history!
Fueled up the fam w/homemade scallion pancakes, precious hot and sour soup from frozen lunar new year stash, beautiful salad greens from local Peoples Market CSA, dumplings gifted from @CaraCaddoo. Ready for #AsianAmPBS!
Here we go! #AsianAmPBS
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153. @TLAVagabond presents part 1 (first half) of the full 3 hour interview between @_whitneywebb and #JeffreyEpstein victim Maria Farmer

"No one in the media is willing to talk about it"

154. Connection between Bill Gates' buddy #JeffreyEpstein and Dr Fauci
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152. #JeffreyEpstein victims lost an appeal claiming his plea deal was invalid because they were not made aware of it.

There are still other civil legal actions in play.
153. @TLAVagabond presents part 1 (first half) of the full 3 hour interview between @_whitneywebb and #JeffreyEpstein victim Maria Farmer

"No one in the media is willing to talk about it"

154. Connection between Bill Gates' buddy #JeffreyEpstein and Dr Fauci
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1/A lot of people, especially certain Wall St. people but also Trump and some local leaders, have depicted us as having a choice between human suffering and economic pain.

Here's why they have it exactly backward, and why shutdowns help the economy.…
2/AS my colleague @skominers reports, new research on the history of the Spanish Flu -- our last really big pandemic, a century ago -- shows that shutdowns RAISE long-term economic growth in the face of a pandemic.…
3/Once again: Cities that did shutdowns earlier and more aggressively had HIGHER employment levels after the end of the pandemic.
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If coronavirus kills as big a % of the American population as the Spanish Flu did, that will be ~1,635,000 people.

Assuming a 4% case fatality rate (from hospitals being overwhelmed), that would mean ~40.8M cases.

At recent rates of growth we'd reach that in 27 days.
So, governors and mayors (and Trump), I suggest we SHUT IT ALL DOWN everywhere, right now, and keep it shut down for a while.

Keep in mind: This isn't a prediction, it's just an illustration of how fast things are moving...
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Criminal not to protect workers. Reporters PLEASE look into Baker's motivations. In terms of Enbridge compressor construction, Baker's scant orders aren't even being followed. Initial "essential" biz even included LSPs & nebulous "strategic" projects, likely written by lobbyists
LSP = licensed site professional. The kind of ppl employed by Baker's very good friends at @TRC_Companies. An LSP is in charge of the compressor site right now. Now that I think about it, I bet TRC, @MLStrategies @Mintz_Law wrote parts to protect their/@CharlieBakerMA's interests
Nebulous yet specific…
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This website will show you a worst-case scenario for what will happen to your state if you don't #ShutItDown.

If you haven't #ShutItDown already, there is zero time to lose. Do it now!!
For example, here's Texas.
The site is endorsed by a number of infectious disease experts, so this isn't just some data scientist's back-of-the-envelope guess.
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Anti-coronavirus plan:

Step 1: #ShutItDown and do social distancing while we ramp up testing

Step 2: Track patient contact, do fever screening, and test test test

Step 3: Treatment + Vaccine
For this to work...

1. Basically all states must #ShutItDown

2. People have to be educated in social distancing and have to care enough to do it

3. We have to loosen testing criteria as tests become available

4. We have to do aggressive contact tracking and preemptive testing
Right now we are in the #ShutItDown/social-distancing/test-ramp-up phase.

So keep yelling at recalcitrant leaders to #ShutItDown, and keep telling everyone to do social distancing.

Then in a month or two we'll see where we are!

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1/Some quick back-of-the-envelope coronavirus math.

Currently, confirmed cases are around 4200, probably 4500+ by end of day.…
2/Recent models suggest the true number of cases is 10x-20x higher than the confirmed cases, so let's say we have 50k-100k actual cases in the country. 100k to be on the safe side.

3/Now, the confirmed case number has been doubling every 3 days. But studies suggest the true doubling rate is more like 6 days. So if these trends continue, the ratio of confirmed cases to true cases is cut in half every 6 days or so.
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We should tweet about every single shutdown that happens. Make it clear it's a wave, and that every state and city that hasn't followed suit is falling behind.
Also we should start including the hashtag #ShutItDown every time.
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🚨#RETWEET TO Breakthrough Censorship🚨
📢#Breaking 📢
Bill Gates Funded The PIRBRIGHT Institute, Which Owns The Patent On Coronavirus

Bill Said He wants to lower World Population by 15% & overall Goal to get World Population to 500 Million PPL
1) Believe it or not, the coronavirus strain that’s currently spreading throughout China & abroad is a patented virus that’s owned by an entity called The Pirbright Institute, which is partially funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

2) coronavirus patent “may be used as vaccine for treating &/or preventing a disease, such as infectious bronchitis,” suggesting that this is just another weaponized viral strain designed to sell more useless, deadly vaccines, while killing off a few million, people.
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I’ve waited till I was sure of who I would #endorse for President. I just heard the last piece of input I need.

With joy and conviction, I ENDORSE @ewarren FOR PRESIDENT! #ImWithHer

Here’s why. 1/…
I remember the first time I heard @ewarren speak. She was running for Senate for first time. She waged fight that gained national attention bc, not only was she sharp as a tack, but she made us believe another way of living together was possible! 2/ #ElizabethWarren2020
As soon as @ewarren entered the Senate she was tasked to lead the effort to protect consumers from the predatory lending that led to the housing crisis! Black families were the hardest hit by economic corruption! Warren #shutitdown! #ElizabethWarren2020 3/…
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.@laurenceb is killing it onstage right now *snaps fingers*. #NotOkGoogle
@laurenceb As he points out... Google pushed out @mer__edith and @clairewaves, but that didn't stop him from taking their place as a leader within the organizing movement. Now there are over a hundred people there on the ground protesting that he has been retaliated against. #notokgoogle
But we need to not just fight for FTE organizing rights, we also need to fight for TVC rights; they have experienced much much worse - being outright terminated for organizing, being locked out of documents, etc. #notokgoogle
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Where were the police? Extinction Rebellion roll up to the door of the Treasury and use a fire engine to spray 400 gallons of fake blood over the building - without an officer in sight…
absolutely unacceptable...

The "activists" used a decommissioned, diesel-glugging fire engine and its hoses in an attempt to spray a message onto Treasury in Horse Guards Parade, but the hose broke and they were unable to control it before the liquid went everywhere.
no-job-mobs are ready to face arrest, go to jail & go on hunger strike in an attempt to curb global warming somehow

Hopefully police start immediately arresting people. These idiots have no idea how many people they are preventing from getting to work.…
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Twitter Family, I had a wonderful, peaceful trip with Black American women to Ghana, followed by a productive, solo artist retreat, only to return to the USA and see two Black women in my city of #Pittsburgh being brutally beaten by FOUR MEN @ExxonMobil!…
We are still gathering the facts; but based on what has been reported so far, one woman pumped $17 worth of gas⛽️ but noticed the pump was leaking. She went inside the @exxonmobil (at 2501 Brighton Street, 15212), to report it and was rudely dismissed by employees. #Pittsburgh
An employee claimed the woman had not paid. The situation at the @exxonmobil turned violent and at least four men of apparently foreign origin, are viciously beating two Black American women in the head, slamming and hitting them on the ground, etc. Completely unacceptable!
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1/ Some thoughts on #8chan's move to ZeroNet.
2/ First point: this is not official. Some users set up something very like #8chan on Zeronet a while ago just in case 8chan was targeted and then forgot about it. I laughed: this is exactly what I did with 8chan /cbts/ when #qanon was still on 4chan /pol/.
3/ So this is just another exodus to a different platform in response to a crackdown. But there's a big difference: ZeroNet is not a website - it's a bunch of data files shared by people all over the world using the bittorrent protocol. Those data files are images and comments.
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Word of their successful entries into the US this yr clearly reached home countries bc now a swell numbering as many as 35,000 is on an infamous migrant passage through which migrants have long funneled from South America to North America: the Darien Gap.…
interesting...had never heard of this "darien gap". Wonder why?
Darien Gap: Desperate Journey
A dangerous 60-mile stretch of jungle separates Colombia and Panama. It's known as the Darien Gap, and thousands cross it every year, hoping to reach America.…
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Where to start....

With it not being obstruction to fire Mueller....

With it not being obstruction period because Mueller has been on his witch hunt for years, unimpeded......

With the New York Times being the enemy of the people.....

That one. Enemy of the people.
Only the freaking fake news, left wing radical media could take in all the information about the FBI and DOJ trying to illegally overthrow the President with no evidence of criminal wrongdoing and pretend that Trump is the unprecedented danger here.

and it's like 100+ paragraphs long. I really really don't want to read this garbage lol.…
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🙄 more "lying to the investigators" and still NO COLLUSION. This witch hunt is is the biggest waste of time and money in history. Manafort is already going to prison for a long time, they're just trying to get him to lie about President Trump. Disgraceful. #ShutItDown
"But Jackson found that Mueller's office did not prove that Manafort intentionally made false statements about his contacts with the Trump administration" 😏😏😏
"Mueller's office has said they don't plan on bringing criminal charges against Manafort related to the alleged false statements. Whether Manafort lied and violated his plea deal bears on his sentencing"

Just trying to jam him up after he couldn't give them Trump.
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“I don't think there'll be a report,” John Dowd told ABC News....

“I will be shocked if anything regarding the president is made public, other than ‘We're done.’”

Very interesting, h/t @budswdrbobbillw…
“I know exactly what [Mueller] has,” Dowd said. “I know exactly what every witness said, what every document said. I know exactly what he asked. And I know what the conclusion or the result is,”

“there's no basis. There's no exposure. It's been a terrible waste of time.”
"Dowd’s overall view of the investigation -- he called it "one of the greatest frauds this country's ever seen" -- echoes Trump's claim that it is a hoax or a witch hunt."

Lol yes. This is over. No one, not even Congressman Schiff is talking about Mueller saving the day anymore.
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Jeff @themarketswork broke worldwide news the last two weeks by releasing huge portions of the testimony of Lisa Page, Ohr, and Baker. In that time, his work was cited in the NYT and on Fox News and (indirectly) by the President. Anyone wanting actual news should be following him
I read the news all the time. Unfortunately, almost all of the news nowadays is fake so that means I'm reading fake news almost all of the time. Thanks to Jeff Carlson and others, and places like the @epochtimes I get to read some real news in between and I really appreciate it.
For example, I still need to finish this, and I think I'll do that this morning. After a weekend of nonstop nonsense about Roger Stone and how "the media is the real victim in the Covington situation" it'll be good to start the week off on the right foot.…
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1 Trust & Verify Show with @BoogieBumper @Realpersonpltcs
had me ROFL!🤣

Here are 2 Bold Examples of "Left Hypocrisy" you gotta hear!

Thread uses Boogie's quotes from show. Links to show/articles/vids at end
Pls RT @TheSharpEdge1 @CoreysDigs @PrincessDi_2017 @TheRealHublife
2 Left Hypocrisy Example #1:
TOPIC: "Is Mexico 'Sending' Rapists?"

MSNBC anchor says POTUS is '...running on Mexico sending rapists…?'
That would be very un-progressive...‘To say that Mexico was sending rapists…
3 "Well when it comes to Mexico sending rapists, I’m here to announce… to my comrades on the left, Donald Trump is merely repeating the talking points of the Huffington Post Article!":…
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