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Do we want to see an #EndToBadGovernance in Nigeria?

Do we really mean what we have been saying?
Can we identify problems? I think so.
Are we ready for the solutions? Not sure.
One problem IDENTIFIED. It is called PENSION for Ex-Governors.
Can @StatiSense show other States?
Do you really want an #EndToBadGovernance in Nigeria? Then you must first understand the arms of Government in Nigeria beyond your emotional crescendo.
There are 36 States in Nigeria.
Each State has a Governor.
Lagos Gov is solving one of the problems, ask your State to do same.
I read one funny article circulating on whatsapp tagged "The Truth behind Sanwo Olu’s proposed cancellation of pension payments to Tinubu, Fashola and Ambode"...

I simply shook my head, Instead of pushing other Governors to do same, they were doing everything to insult SanwoOlu
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Pension Laws for former Governors & Deputies in YOUR STATE:
3.Akwa Ibom
13. Delta
16. Oyo
17. Niger
18. Bayelsa
19. Katsina
20. Ondo
21. Borno
22. Anambra
23. Ebonyi 🤣🤣🤣
You see why some of us laugh at the naivety of genuine ones who said this #EndSARS protest also include #EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA
The same people clamoring for an end to bad governance were insulting @jidesanwoolu who took step to stop this evil pension, but MUTE on other Govs!
I practically zero my mind not to have any issue with radio analysts in Ibadan because listening to them simply show the high level of hypocrisy & classy display of arrogant ignorance. How do you insult @jidesanwoolu for taking that step when your Governor hasn't even done so?
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1 "Justice Mohammed froze the accounts for 180 days subject to renewal, but said anyone who was not satisfied with the ruling was free to challenge it."- Judge on Frozen accounts.
Why can't those affected approach the court instead of all the noise?…
2. A Nigerian decided to enforce his fundamental human right by approaching the court filing charges against some promoters of #EndSars protest and there's been so much noise.
Why can't those affected get a lawyers and go defend themselves instead of all the noise and blackmail ?
3. Am sure lots of people on this street were giving so much thumbs up at the ability which the protesters managed monies, medical and legal issues during the protest.
Why can't those legal dexterity be showcased now that it's needed instead of the noise, blackmail & propaganda?
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In 2013 I just gained admission to study in Enugu State University, when someday my mom called me that early morning saying "EDNA I THINK YOU SHOULD COME HOME TO BENIN.SARS SHOT YOUR DAD" I died
And woke up. I quickly rounded up what I was doing and ran off from Enugu to Benin. I got there and went straight to the hospital she had told me they were. Being the first child, I was so close to my parents because after me, it took almost 8 years before my siblings were born
I came and hugged my mom then held my dad. He had bandage round his head and wasn't moving. I cried like my life would end. Later, mom started telling me the story that they were driving to ugbowo when the police swooped in on them and started harassing them.Before much was said
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REVEALED: How To End Bad Governance In Nigeria Within 2 Years

If there's just ONE word with which you can describe and sum up Good Governance, what would it be? Think about it for a moment...
It didn't take long before the #EndSARS protests morphed into a call to #EndBadGovernanceInNigeria; hence, it is imperative that we really understand what good and bad governance really is. CLARITY is the first step to transformation and change.
When it comes to interpersonal relationships, LOVE is what sums up everything that makes for a healthy relationship. In like manner, when it comes to the relationship between citizens and government, JUSTICE, more precisely, SOCIAL JUSTICE is the word that perfectly defines and..
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I woke up this morning angry at two things;

1. The cowards threatening @AishaYesufu for her fierce demands for a better Nigeria.

2. Senator Ali Ndume's interview on @channelstv over the weekend.

Let me start with the masked scoundrels threatening Aisha.

#EndSARS - #Thread
In 2014, General @MBuhari, @GovKaduna Mallam @elrufai, the former national chairman of the @OfficialAPCNg, John Oyegun, and others were pictured protesting against the @GEJonathan-led govt.

Like the #EndSARS protests of today that @AishaYesufu is visibly part of, they tagged their protests 'salvation rally'. Their goal then was to draw global attention to the hijack of @PoliceNG by the @OfficialPDPNig govt, piloted by Jonathan.

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1. Former President Obasanjo
2. Fela Durotoye
3. Atiku Abubakar
4. Omoyele Sowore
5. Donald Duke
6. Dr. Oby Ezekwesili
7. Professor Charles Soludo
8. Pastor Tunde Bakare
9. Pastor Sunday Adelaja
10. Father Ejike Mbaka
11. Professor Pastor Yemi Osibanjo
12. Professor David West
13. Professor Wole Soyinka
14. Rev. Chris Okotie
15. Professor Pat Utomi
16 Nasir El-Rufai
17 Dino Melaye
18 Lai Mohammed
19 Bola Tinubu
20 Rotimi Amaechi
21 Bukola Saraki
22 Tambuwal
23 Rabiu Kwakwanso
24 Adams Oshiomole
25 Raji Fashola
26 Non Vocal Majority Nigerians
27 Buba Galadima
28 Sheik Ajani Bello
29 Pastor Adeboye
These people actually believed that Buhari had what it takes to lead Nigeria into a first world.

These people went to school. Many are
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I really think we need to focus on building national consciousness in every sphere. From schools, especially primary and secondary, to religious groups, media houses, film makers etc. 1/

As we seek to build political consciousness, we should focus even more on building a national consciousness among the people. A nationally conscious people are more inclined to be politically conscious; 2/
History should be taught, as unbiased as possible, from childhood by teachers, parents, uncles, aunties, etc. Just 10 minutes a day would go a long way. Tell the stories. 3/
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My Crazy Thoughts On #Lekki

When the #EndSARS protests began, no one mentioned President @MBuhari

But, just like aides of Governor @senatorbenayade often find a way to make others opinions seem like direct attacks on their principal, apologists and handlers of the @NGRPresident did same.
Minister Lai Mohammed succeeded in selling the narrative to the press that protests were hijacked and it was bought hook, line and sinker! What a spin! That was to justify what will happen next especially as the seemingly facelessness of the protests made negotiations difficult!
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Our dear gallant youths, you have done well and virtually the whole nation is proud of you.
You have accomplished much and you must gain maximally from this unprecedented national achievements.

You really have #sorosoke with no disguise. 👌

I want to particularly ask you to note that in all dealings with governments and sovereignties worldwide, and throughout all history, including wars, everything ends on the negotiating table.

Yes! It all and always ends up on the table.
You must be ready to go to table soonest lest you lose your momentum and colossal gains and citizens support.
Please observe that the government has demonstrated ready acqueisces to virtually all your demands.
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This blood thirsty vampire!!

His name is Jackson.
He headed Enugu SARS.

I almost lost my elder brother & his good friends(Nonso & Nwabueze) when they were in medical school in UNEC.

This happened in 2011/2012.
My brother & his friend Nonso had a disagreement with a lodge mate who made contact with this man, Jackson. He came with this team & rounded up all the able bodied young men in the compound at the time who were present. That was the beginning of the nightmare.
I was called by a girl who lived there at Port Harcourt street & immediately, I left Nsukka campus to Enugu. I got in around 4pm as that was the earliest I could because I could miss the practicals I had at the time.

I wasn't so scared because I believed it was a civil matter.
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This is Adekunle Adepeju, the 1st Undergraduate Victim of Police Shooting in Nigeria, he was a second-year Agricultural Science undergraduate of the University of Ibadan.

He was shot dead by the Police on Monday February 1, 1971, during, a police student riot at the University of Ibadan. Some others were wounded. Students were protesting the de-humanizing feeding and welfare conditions of Zik’s Hall in particular, and the entire campus in general.
The Vice-chancellor had invited the police to help contain the students action, which started on Saturday January 30, 1971, when a major confrontation ensued.
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1. A friend of mine had a brother who told his parents he wasn't going to school. My friend went ahead and studied law in uni. But His brother chose to join motor parks boys, and became 'Yes' boys for politicians
#EndSWAT @henryshield
2. He boasted to their parents that he was going to be more successful than the one who went to school. He gave many examples of people who went to school and have no jobs. He said the only way to make it here is the path he chose...@segalink
#AlausaProtest #BetterTogether
3. He continued to grow and Political Seasons were seasons of mega monies. He was part of those who gave him monies to get into law school. He had become richer. He got a lady pregnant, he became an husband...and he was living the #Naija dream
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For the past few days, we have protested against police brut
In 2004, before the proliferation of smartphones that made the internet ubiquitous, if you wanted to browse, you had to go to a cybercafe. Late that year, a childhood friend of mine was leaving Umuahia for Port Harcourt. #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #SARSMUSTEND
None of us had a phone then, so we agonized at the prospect of being cut off from each other. After a while, we hit on a bright idea; since I had an email and could browse, I could show him how to open and use an email. #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #SARSMUSTEND
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I call it the #BBNaijaExperiment

When Nigerians came together and supported #Laycon, every other thing became a mere distraction

The experiment was conducted inside the Big Brother house, as much as it was done on the bloody streets of social media
Here, Twitter remains D GOAT, D champion - D ultimate leveler where duels were fought & trybes formed out of virtual bloodlines

#BBNaija's decentralized voting allowed online, via mobile apps & SMS votes & collated by Deloitte giving confidence that pples VOTES COUNTED!
After #Laycon won with an unprecedented 60% landslide, A MONUMENTAL CHANGE OCCURRED

It was D realization:

That there's no gladiator without a crowd

That silence is sometimes not a virtue

That 60% of a population below 25 is a formidable firepower more potent than

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In 1993, one Andrew Ozone, a security officer with a petroleum marketing from in Apapa, Lagos State, was arrested by the Nigeria Police on allegations of stealing drums of oil from his employer.
When he was brought out for interrogation, he was asked to confess to having committed the offence. He refused complying with the Police by confessing to an offence he never committed.
The Nigeria Police of that jurisdiction got annoyed and beat him 'blue-black' with a rough edged glass on his 'hands and 'ribs'.
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Some of you are so dull to think that we are supporting @MBuhari or the @PoliceNG. Am I immuned to the rascality of the Police or SARS? Am I safe from the bad governance in Nig? If anything, the two politicians I respect most are those I constantly criticize. Check my history.
But what we are saying is, we see deeper than you do, on many things. Come for my PhD, you will only look foolish because you can't have something like that 🤪. We see where the #EndSARS protest is taking some opportunity seekers & we are alerting you. Yes #endsars and Swat.
Those of you taking this opportunity to begin a process of destabilising the nation are long exposed. They can't hide under a legitimate protest to seek political relevance or plant their ethnic agenda. You are exposed before you even go further.
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If there is anything I have learnt from this movement, it is the fact that the majority of the adults in Nigeria have a warped perception about the Nigerian youths (1/10)
#EndSARS #EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA
The silence from “their” corner is so loud, it is safe to deduce that they “indirectly” support SARS as they saw majority of the youths as riff-raffs! (2/10)
#EndSARS #EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA
Dear Nigerian adults, the youths are perceived to be “riff-raffs” because of the environment they inherited from you! (3/10)
#EndSARS #EndBadGoveranceInNigeria
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I’ve looked for trouble on a family group chat 😂.
@seunlaosinowo you’d love the way they’re reacting 😂.

Only 16 missed calls?
Well the day is still young. They’ve forwarded the hashtag. We move!!!

They are PRESSED! 😂😂
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