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It starts tomorrow! #EnjoyTheShow
To all who doubted: byeeeee!
Still haven’t been on any Q sites, nor did I receive a tip on insider info. All I do is pay attention to patterns, and it works — every single time.

Keep doubting.
Keep assuming.
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Interesting tie. I do in fact believe #Wexner is the first Mega Group member to get arrested that will send shockwaves through the Deep State. The Mega Group and their billionaires are behind it all! #EnjoyTheShow!
More info on the most corrupt group in the world.
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😉They say a picture is worth a 1000 words....
@POTUS #Darktolight
@POTUS A Timecapsule ⏳ #HeKnew 💉
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Playlist worthy?

Luciano Pavarotti sings "Nessun dorma" from Turandot (The Three Tenors in Concert 1994)

The Sum Of All Fears (2002) - Payback

🇺🇸 Image
🇺🇸 They never thought she would lose.

#EnjoyTheShow ImageImage
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"This is a point in the evolution of the planet that brings to the forefront of each individual’s thoughts the question of why me, why now and what is really going on in the reality that is right now in the time we are experiencing... Image
What really is going on behind the scenes we are looking at through the five senses? Why is there this feeling that there is more to the story than just appearances? Who indeed has set this up & is pulling the strings? Is it really just a group of “somebodies” that is in charge?
If this is the case then is the God thing really a hoax after all? There are those who believe that to be the true essence of the scenario. Fortunately for the good of all, that is not the truth. The truth is that there are multiple levels of activity behind what appears...
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I've been of the same opinion from the start,I've said it many times.

Q always told us and showed us that "we're watching a movie","it was over before it began"...

The WHEN and WHY are clear to me.
But the HOW...?🤯

NOW our mission is #TheGreatAwakening

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #Trump ImageImageImageImage
That's why Q says "you're the calm before and during #TheStorm" because we know that everything we're going to see until the [moment of destruction]=will to change
is a movie.

So, while redpilling others, Anons are comfy. #EnjoyTheShow ImageImageImageImage
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Open thread


Il Tar Lazio dà ragione ai giuristi della Fondazione Einaudi disponendo la produzione degli atti da parte della Presidenza del CdM posti a base dei #Dpcm emessi durante il #lockdown
Il Tar dà ragione a Fondazione Einaudi, via segreto di Stato da verbali Cts
Accolto il ricorso per rendere disponibili i pareri del Comitato Tecnico Scientifico, usati come fondamento dei #dpcm che istituivano le misure di #lockdown per il #Covid_19
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For those who think @realDonaldTrump isn’t wise to the blackmail schemes of characters like Jeffrey Epstein, your hatred has blinded you to these glowing facts. (1) In his own words of advice to members of his organization as an international businessman
(2) Many credit Cohn with tutoring Trump in the arts of navigating the circles of power and getting what he wanted—at any cost. Cohn said of a young Trump, “the man pisses ice water.” Characters like Epstein are babies to the likes of these two “killers.” Image
(3) Keep in mind it was @realDonaldTrump who exposed Clinton for his trips to Epstein Island to a world wide audience at CPAC 2015 ... This was at a time when Pedo Island was considered a “conspiracy theory” by MSM
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Informative & intriguingly fun interview with Sen.@LindseyGrahamSC. Did I hear that we have the Main Source of the bought & paid-for Russian Dossier?!? 🍿

Hannity: "I see you smiling, so I must be over the target."

#TimingIsEverything #WeHaveTheSource

• Target(s)
• We have the source. Image
• Strzok KNEW and did it anyway.
• August 5th, 2020 - Sally Yates Testimony
• Sen. Graham: We haven't heard it from them.
• August
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Related to today's Q post

link to #Q1928 and #Q1929
Did we answer the signature questions?

FISA link…

p. 380 FBI - 6/-/2017
p. 389 FBI Andy McCabe
p. 390 -
p. 391 Rod Rosenstein Deputy AG 6/-/2017
p. 392 - DOJ

link to drop


Graphic in drop comes from Qposts linked in previous tweet... #Q1928 and #Q1929 Image
Who's ready to #EnjoyTheShow ??

AUGUST is traditionally very HOT.

Will Pence be on the ticket??
What else will go down?
Epstein Island names?
Republican National Convention Aug 24-27th
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Let me tell you. I have being thinking about this. We are behind 3 years since this post. Everything that we are watching it already happened. Like Q ays We are watching a movie. Enjoy the show.
#Trump2020Landslide Image
Q took us to the future so, we can see the past.
Expand further.
Make the connection.
Map currently has 43 confirmed connections.
When this breaks many won’t swallow.
You are the voice.
We are here to help guide.
Future proves past
You are the calm before and during the storm
Q Image
We are behind 31/2 years!
Look to #POTUS tweet! 👀👇
#FutureProvesPast ImageImageImage
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Our lovely @FLOTUS gave a fashionable signal to #SaveTheChildren
The dress…
The designer - connection to British Empire…
Committed suicide 2010
Hillary connection... Doorknob suicide club…
This is not the 1st time @FLOTUS wore a McQueen....

Yep... @realDonaldTrump 1st 2020 rally in Tulsa…
How bout @HumaAbedin ... She struts in NcyQueen too.…

And here's the @HillaryClinton McQueen design.…

@Madonna .... Sure, why not…
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Good day to all fellow #digitalsoldiers, truth seekers, #groundcrew, anons, and anyone else who finds their way here.

Things are starting to get a little wild, and while my friends and family continue to hit snooze on #TheGreatAwakening, I need to get something off my chest. ImageImage
We need to have a chat about Ba'al, and more importantly Ba'al worship.

If you've come here with questions there are answers here; but if you're not yet acquainted with things like #pedovore, #pizzagate, or Q:

You may want to save this one for later. ImageImage
If you've come this far, but don't understand yet that #GodWins, take a moment to read The Book of Revelations and remember Q's allusions:

It's going to be biblical
Dark to light
Symbolism will be their downfall

Do you get it?

Earth Image
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Open thread
🎶#QAnon music🎵

Since we're watching a movie, it couldn't be without a soundtrack.

In this thread I’m going to include all the music linked by Q and other music contents, ‘cause since we are talking about QAnon “EVERYTHING HAS MEANING.”

#TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA
Let’s start with Pavarotti's version of Nessun Dorma, often used at #Trump rallies.
This song is on the soundtrack of the movie THE SUM OF ALL FEARS, often references by Q in his drops >
h ttps:// Image
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Who's feeling it?

Negative thoughts
Weird feeling
Didn't sleep well

The Lord gave a vision.

You battled long and hard in spirit even during sleep.

Your spent soldier.

Get off the battlefield

Go to the barracks for rest and relaxation.

... You have fought well.

But now you need not worry but trust.

Evil wants to keep you surrounded by the negativism of the blood mud and Gore of the battlefield.

But now you are sent to the barracks to think about only good positive things and get your minds...
Off of the #Battlefield.

You need not worry the Lord will give you Supernatural strength today in the physical to carry out your worldly duties.

But let your spirit rest in the barracks in the presence of thee General of generals, #Jesus.

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Part (2) is coming.

It’s almost halftime.


Watch the video again 👇

“The only thing that can stop this Corrupt Machine is YOU.” 🇺🇸

“The only ones BRAVE enough to vote out this Corrupt Establishment is YOU, the American People.”🇺🇸 ImageImageImageImage
Did you unbuckle your seatbelt?


If POTUS wins Nov 3, he has 4 years to prosecute UNIMPEDED, and [they] KNOW IT! Prosecute now, and if he loses, WE LOSE.

#AllForALarp right?

-Oct 1: POTUS twitter removal?
-Oct 2: Election research compromised?
-Oct 3: What are they doing?
-Oct 4: Follow @10MTNDIV @1st_Marine_Div @MCB_Quantico
-Oct 5:…
-Oct 6: @EsperDoD has his orders.

#ClockWork ImageImageImage
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Official Obama birth certificate up for grabs
Google: 'Obama birth certificate'…
Of course it's not forged. Opened in image editing softwares like Photoshop, the very document on the official White House archives has several layers.
Now you could say, that's because the person scanning it forgot to switch off the OCR feature. Which is a thing.
Except. The metadata makes it clear that this particular file has not been run with OCR.
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No coincidence in the tour/trip that I made to DC ('19) was for the 1st Capitol clearing, and why my guides made me go there. I posted b4 that it was supposed to be a Graduation/Leisure trip for me/son, but it didn't turn out that way, since 7/2, eclipse, was there to anchor.
Then 7/4 occurred; next 7/5 of DC Capitol, w/c didn't click until now, bc of the recent mission phase I've been doing lately, and why it became PANIC in DC after that. The energy has been cleared/restored in the Capitol/Monument area, along w/ Q+ & Melania. Why the blue angels
hovered for Blue Ray teamwork at the time to take back control in DC, from all the dark energies/SRA done in the Capital by the Swamp/Draconians/Roman Empire w/ black magic field/sorcery in the city.
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#TheGreatAwakening #Trump
#TransitionToGreatness #6giugno #COVID19
#WWG1WGA #QAnon #Italia
Avete visto cosa hanno scatenato ora?
Pensate a cosa il deep state avrebbe fatto, 3 anni fa, se Q team avesse arrestato subito 0bama &Co.
Pensate se lo avessero fatto subito, senza prima sconfiggere lSlS, fermare l'invasione di MS13.
Pensate a cosa avrebbero avuto per le strade adesso.
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it's Sunday... religion is about truth, right? Well, get ready... this one cleans up a bit of history for those who weren't really paying attention back in 2017.
How do you ensure something important to national security is found by the incoming administration?
Leave a memo on the incoming administration's server?
Letter from April 2017
Leaked to the public July 2017
Comey Fired May 9, 2017
FISA Works both ways
Yes, many might need to rethink that McMaster thingy.. He paid dearly.

This is not a game.

What happened?

After Rice regains her clearance, lots of info from the Obama Admin comes out from under seal. Crimes cannot be sealed by law. By April of 2018, a lot was figured out.
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Interesting Decode for Post
Most Interesting is the graphic of the retweet - time is 6:40 the same time @GenFlynn retweeted @TJHproject

There are no coincidences... #TheStormIsHere
Taking all the retweets by @realDonaldTrump gives you the map.

0/POTUS-1 - #GreatAwakening
0/POTUS-2 - #CovidHoax
0/POTUS-3 - #DSCoup
0/POTUS-4 - #TrustThePlan [10] Day Marker
0/POTUS-5 - #TheStormIsHere
"Special Place" - #CampDavid
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