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驴Os hace un #hilo de t茅cnicas de lucha usadas en Hong Kong?
(1) 'Nambar huan': equipamiento

Cada secci贸n de las columnas de manifestantes tiene su funci贸n. Acorde a eso tienen unos equipos u otros. El de la foto est谩 en la primera l铆nea, obviamente.

隆No todos van as铆!
(2) 'Nambar ch眉': Conectividad

Usan redes P2P y bluetooth para evitar usar internet (para dificultar identificaci贸n e intercepci贸n y en caso de apag贸n de nodos) y compartir el dise帽o t谩ctico de cada protesta, e informaciones actualizadas importantes.
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.@ByDonkeys might this be of interest?

Remember this piece of Leave propaganda from 2016?

Three years on, I thought it was a good time to see how their *claims* panned out, so I've tracked down the photos they used and made memes.

TL;dr 鈥 Leave was the real #projectfear!
2016 Leave claim: if you vote Remain we'll have no Parliament, no democratic voice

2019 Parliament is fighting for its sovereignty vs a dictatorial unelected govt intent on smashing our constitution & installing an Orwellian regime to inflict a no-mandate-#NoDealBrexit on us.
2016 Leave claim: if you vote Remain, it'll lead to UK break-up.

2019: #Brexit threatens UK union. 60% of Tory Party members wld rather the UK split than cancel Brexit.

Any sensible govt wld now stop this destructive project & help citizens get a grip on reality. Not this govt!
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My thread on the interim decision of the Swiss Federal Tribunal in the @caster800m case.

Full decision in French at鈥

It highlights key features of the #LexSportiva & the 鈥榗omplicity鈥 of Swiss law in sheltering it from review.

#Sportslaw #CAS
1. The #SFT reminds us that its control of #CAS awards is narrow. Hence, it orders interim measures only if it is 鈥榲ery likely鈥 that an appellant will prevail.

This is because Swiss law is traditionally favourable to international arbitration.

#Sportslaw #Arbitration #Semenya
2. This is extremely problematic because #CAS arbitration unlike international arbitration is in general not based in consent (see ECtHR in #Pechstein) and should not enjoy the same quasi-immunity from state control.

#Sportslaw #Arbitration #Semenya
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We blame a lot of things!

We run from ourselves
Thinking our problems are far
Behind us,
We smoke, sink in booze,
Swim in depression
Then blame some situations
We blame a lot,
Except ourselves
Even if we agree to be wrong
We explain very long,
We blame it on conditions,
Blaming on drugs,
We blame the system,
Blaming the politicians,
Blame our leaders, but not ourselves!
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So I finally watched that famous video of Trump saying USA will never be a socialist country. The only one not clapping is Bernie Sanders.
It's important to know that Trump is LYING about Venezuela in variety of ways, which I will explain below.
Trump basically states that Venezuela was the richest country in the world which was destroyed by socialist policies.
If we look at Venezuela from the POV of its oil reserves, Venezuela indeed was ( and still is) one of the richest countries in the world.
But that wealth from the ground has to be translated into the well being of citizens, or the metric is useless.
Venezeula has been founded as a Spanish colony in the 16th century. In 1811 it gained independence from Spain.
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My favorite (political) country held elections again and the results are both defeat and victory for Alexis Tsipras, outgoing PM. Some quick thoughts. #Thread #greekelections2019
1. There was never any doubt mainstream right New Democracy (ND) was going to win elections, and parliamentary majority was also long expected (biggest party gets bonus of 50 seats!).
2. ND will have solid majority and, at least, starts in fairly positive circumstances... economy bad but not terrible, Macadonia issue "solved", business and politics have to have reliable ND back (although both warmed up significantly towards Tsipras in past years).
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Allez, aujourd'hui on va faire quelque chose d'original, on va parler de quelque chose que je connais. 馃槃

Je vais vous expliquer la seule raison que j'ai d'en vouloir 脿 Jamy. Oui oui, LE Jamy.
Je vais vous expliquer comment vole un avion. Et j'esp猫re vous surprendre. ^^
Commen莽ons par une mise en contexte.
Je suis actuellement doctorant en a茅roacoustique, dipl么m茅 de l'Ensma en sp茅cialit茅 a茅rodynamique. J'aime la science, j'aime particuli猫rement la physique et j'aime encore plus la m茅canique des fluides. :P
Cet amour de la science a 茅t茅 largement nourri dans mon enfance/adolescence par l'茅mission C'est Pas Sorcier, que vous connaissez forc茅ment. J'aimais bien.

Quand on a 44 VHS enregistr茅es d'une 茅mission (脿 raison de 4-5 heures par VHS), c'est qu'on l'aime bien. 馃槏
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Etant donn茅 que le gouvernement 脿 l'air d'h茅siter un peu sur le d茅remboursement de l'hom茅opathie, petit d茅tail de mon exp茅rience personnel avec cette "m茅decine".

#hom茅opathie #monhomeomonchoix #MonHariboMonChoix
Je tombe rarement malade, et quand c'est le cas, 莽a passe en 2/3 jours (je vais donc tr猫s peu chez le m茅decin, surtout que j'encaisse tr猫s bien). Mais j'ai une faiblesse.
Ceci :
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Allez, j'ai envie de faire un petit #thread sur les grands nombres, 莽a fait longtemps, une figure de style et un paradoxe.

Quelle est la diff茅rence entre le plus grand nombre que vous allez jamais rencontrer et le plus grand que vous pouvez imaginer? 馃構
Commen莽ons doucement.
1, 10, 100, 1000... Pas trop besoin d'en parler, on les voit partout.
Bon, on sent bien que manger 100 pains au chocolat c'est pas une super id茅e.
Et compter jusqu'脿 1000, 莽a prend un peu de temps, une dizaine de minutes... Mais 莽a se fait.
10'000, 100'000, 1'000'000...
Un million d'鈧, c'est environ 71 ans de travail au Smic. Un million de mm, c'est un kilom猫tre.
C'est encore un nombre qui a du sens dans notre vie, mais on sent bien que c'est une quantit茅 gigantesque 脿 notre 茅chelle.
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Franco and Real Madrid, chronology of a lie.
From 1931 to 1936 (Second Spanish Republic) Real Madrid wins two out five league titles, one of them undefeated. Bar莽a doesn鈥檛 win any during that time.
Madrid wins as well two Copas de la Rep煤blica, beating Bar莽a in the final in one of them. The blaugranas, the team that won the most Copas del General铆simo during the dictatorship, doesn鈥檛 win any during the second republic.
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I woke up today with a watsapp chat from an unknown number

鈥楬ow are you 鈥....was the only thing I saw when I opened the chat.
A quick click on the profile picture showed the face of the man who raped me when I was 17.

I was in Lagos
In my cousins house
I came for holiday
I could vividly remember, few weeks after realizing I failed my second JAMB examination.

She called and told me to come over to her place .
According to her , her husband will help me with something doing till it鈥檚 time to write another Jamb .
On arriving , I noticed
Strange face .

A face I have never seen before

He was definitely not family so a quick introduction was done immediately and we all became good .
Days goes into weeks and weeks into months and I was still not working . I was always at home with the strange face man .
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I will rather die single than marrying a lady with single knowledge most particularly Western education.

Those slay Queen if I'm to advise and some of the social media activists here run away from them, most of them lack moral upbringing and home training, the case of murderous, homicides are increasing everyday women murdering husbands for little issues.....
that they can resolve without introducing the third party.

Some men are neglecting their duties and playing animalistic behaviours of following millions of women in the street and their women did everything to stop that illegitimate partnership,
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Histoire de vous faire pleurer, je vais vous raconter mon exp茅rience du syst猫me de sant茅 suisse ce matin.
Au r茅veil j'avais une sensation bizarre. J'y voyais mal de l'艙il gauche. Mas de douleur, pas de g锚ne mais une vision trouble. J'essaie de mettre mes lunettes (petite myopie) mais ce n'est pas mieux. J'arrive 脿 peine 脿 lire ma montre.
Je jette un 艙il (si j'ose dire) tant bien que mal sur Internet et je tombe sur des sites de Neurologie. Atteinte du nerf optique ? Probl猫me vasculaire ? Je commence 脿 m'inqui茅ter gentiment.
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#IDP Dernier chapitre (d茅j脿 !)
La v茅rit茅 d'une audience, par Patrick V茅ron, pr茅sident de la cour d'assises des Alpes Maritimes, ancien pr茅sident du tribunal pour enfant de Marseille.
#IDP Il a particip茅 en 1992 脿 un documentaire bouleversant, "les enfants du juge V茅ron". A voir absolument.
#IDP Un tr猫s bon documentaire sur le quotidien d'un cabinet de juge des enfants. Ca secoue, attention.
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Dans le 'vion 'vion! #ScandinavRin Photo du r茅acteur pris depuis l'avion
Bien arriv茅e en Norv猫ge, il fait tout moche (莽a sent plus les mus茅es que la baignade), mais j'ai trouv茅 o霉 prendre le train pour rejoindre Oslo, so yeah me. #ScandinavRin
Les petit鈥鈥 norv茅gien鈥e鈥 de huit ans sont en 茅tat de choc (non) #ScandinavRin
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Alan Dershowitz: Shame on Robert Mueller for exceeding his role, opinion contributor - 05/29/19
Two scenarios on Trump-Russia investigators 鈥 and neither Two scenarios on Trump-Russia鈥
(1 #Mueller #ExceededHisRole
#Trump #Russia #NoCollusionNoObstruction
The statement by special counsel Robert Mueller in a Wed press conference that 鈥渋f we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said that鈥... 2) #Mueller #Trump
#NoCollusion #NoObstruction #NoCollusionNoObstruction worse than the statement made by then FBI Director James Comey regarding Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign. 3)
#Comey #Clinton #nointent #extremelycareless
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Bonjour 脿 toutes et 脿 tous ! Aujourd'hui mardi, je souhaite vous pr茅senter l'historiographie du handicap dans les p茅riodes pr茅modernes. Comment les historiens ont commenc茅 脿 s'int茅resser 脿 ce sujet, et qu'en est-il aujourd'hui ?

Mais d'abord, c'est quoi l'historiographie ?
L鈥檋istoriographie est l鈥檋istoire de l鈥檋istoire. Plus concr猫tement, cette discipline demande 脿 mener le travail d鈥檋istorien SUR le travail d鈥檋istorien, c鈥檈st-脿-dire 脿 prendre du recul, de la distance, pour se regarder soi-m锚me (et les autres bien s没r) en train d鈥檃gir.
C鈥檈st r茅fl茅chir sur sa documentation, sa d茅marche, sa m茅thode et faire preuve de r茅flexivit茅. L鈥檋istoriographie est essentielle pour les historiens, car elle questionne la discipline historique et les changements que les diff茅rentes 茅coles et historiens ont entra卯n茅.
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% "people are worse off than 20 yrs ago" vs. % vote "illiberal parties" #Thread

馃嚞馃嚪 87 v 57
馃嚠馃嚬 72 v 54
馃嚜馃嚫 62 v 30
馃嚝馃嚪 56 v 29
馃嚞馃嚙 53 v 3
馃嚛馃嚜 46 v 22
馃嚟馃嚭 44 v 69
馃嚦馃嚤 31 v 28
馃嚫馃嚜 19 v 26
馃嚨馃嚤 17 v 51
1. Making this tweet once again brought home how difficult it is to use traditional political (science) terminology, like "mainstream" or "anti-system".
2. I use "illiberal" as shorthand for "anti-liberal democracy", i.e. against system of majority rule and minority rights. It includes extremists (anti-democrats) of left and right and, mainly, populists of left and right.
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How 鈥渞adicalization鈥 happens:

1. Someone tweets 鈥渨hite people love this stick.鈥

2. It gets retweeted a zillion times.

3. White people (like me) get self-conscious when buying groceries.

4. White people get angry that everyone else can buy groceries and not be called racist.
Next thing you know, you鈥檙e watching other people buying groceries鈥攚ondering whether people of other races use dividing stick or just let all their groceries run together on the belt.

For the first time in your life, you鈥檙e looking for racialized behavior in the tiniest shit.
And now you鈥檙e thinking, 鈥淚sn鈥檛 it racist that I鈥檓 wondering how other races buy groceries?鈥

Then you hear a voice in your head saying, 鈥淣o! That鈥檚 just your white privilege! People of other races have always HAD TO watch other people to see how their load their groceries.鈥
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With pre-final results in, most earlier predictions stand:

1. Huge victory for PSOE
2. Massive loss for PP
3. Big loss Podemos
4. Small win for Cs
5. Big win Vox
6. Significant fragmentation
7. No right-wing coalition
8. Nationalists are kingmakers

#ShortThread #28A 馃嚜馃嚫
1. Spain bucks (West) European trend of Left losing big and Right winning big. This is even more remarkable given that Left took over government midway.
2. Spain confirms (West) European trend with increased electoral fragmentation, leading to difficult coalition formation with many parties.

(Although this has precedent in Spain, fragmentation has increased)
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William I, the Conqueror (1066-1087) created a rather impressive series of monarchs in England.

He was succeeded by William II, Rufus (1087-1100) and Henry I, Beauclerc (1100-1135), his third and fourth sons respectively. #Thread
Stephen of Blois (1135-1154) was the son of Adela of Normandy who was the daughter of William I. His throne was claimed by Empress Matilda (1141), daughter of Henry I.
Matilda made a deal with Stephen who recognized her son, Henry II, Curtmantle (1154-1189) as the designated heir. Henry II, grandson of William I, is the first King of the House of Anjou (a.k.a. Plantagenet).
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Walter Rodney #HowEuropeUnderdevelopedAfrica
#Thread 馃憞馃憞馃憞

The decisiveness of the short period of colonialism and its negative consequences for Africa spring mainly from the fact that Africa lost power.
Power is the ultimate determinant in human society, being basic to the relations within any group and between groups. It implies the ability to defend one's interests and if necessary to impose one鈥檚 will by any means available.
In relations between peoples, the question of power determines maneuverability in bargaining, the extent to which a people survive as a physical and cultural entity.
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芦聽Les trains circulent 脿 vide !聽C鈥檈st un probl猫me.聽禄

Petit thread sur un argument qui n鈥檃ime ni les trains ni le climat.猬囷笍

(Photo: Andr茅 Knoerr鈥 )
L鈥檕fficine patronale AvenirSuisse sonne la charge : les trains sont vides. (En langage techno 芦聽Des capacit茅s inutilis茅es dans les transports en commun聽禄.)鈥
Les chiffres semblent impressionnant :

芦聽le taux d鈥檕ccupation des si猫ges des CFF est de 32% seulement pour les longs trajets et de 20% pour le trafic r茅gional.聽禄

Et ils sont 脿 peu pr猫s vrais (en 2017, d鈥檃pr猫s les CFF : 31,2% et 22,4% respectivement )鈥
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The #Binga Experience
This was one of my many other holiday experiences Kumusha.
Though I was as tall as my brothers
my build was one based more on lean
agile strength. I could out run any man I
knew including my native friends and I鈥檇
never been beaten yet kana pa dhudhu
1 day takabaya hedu kunovhima.
As I scanned the jungle 4
hidden danger I ruminated more &
more on the fact that my instincts sensed
something was off in the spirit realm as
much as it was in the physical.
My arrow centred on a huge clump of
ferns even as I saw shadowy
movement beyond the clump.sweat ran in2 my eye & I
blinkd against the burn of the salt,but
my arrow held steady on target.There
was more movement &then 2 my
astonishment two women walked free of
the concealing ferns
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