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@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala This information came out a week ago, but it tracks with the concerns I mention upthread about "teachers" only required to be fluent in English and Spanish.

But if NO ONE at Homestead can communicate with indigenous children...

Shame on them. Shame.
@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala My Senator's reaction. @SenJeffMerkley has been all up in the issue of prisons for children since he first tried to gain access to a Southwest Key facility in Arizona a year ago (and was denied, and raised a stink, and got people's attention.)

@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley This....whooooop. This is no place for a child. I just... Thank you, for writing the article, @britsham, but man, it's a hard one to take.

@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham Protesters appeared yesterday at Homestead for-profit child detention center, in recognition of Good Friday. Some even acknowledged that maybe they oughta have been out there sooner.

Some children have been there for months, waiting to be with family.
@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham More children are arriving every day at Homestead, the largest migrant child prison in the country, and the only one run for-profit, as they ramp up operations to add an additional 1000 beds.

#FreeTheChildren #FightLikeAMother
@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham Who's making scratch off imprisoning children for profit??

Lotsa corporations, and their investors!

#FreeTheChildren #NoForProfitPrisons
@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham As @brooklynmarie notes, the article above is from January, but with various state pensions finally deciding to remove such entities from their portfolios, knowing the for-profit prison profiteers has taken on increased relevance.

@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham @brooklynmarie John Kelly used to lobby for them, and "cut ties" when he joined the White House. 🙄

Given his DHS history, and his unrepentant racism, this is disgusting and doesn't bode well, but it's not surprising in the least.

The ethics concerns, tho....
@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham @brooklynmarie Homestead says it costs them ~$700/day/child to operate their facility. Which is a grotesque amount of money they charge the federal govt. And when you consider that over the past two years, this admin is now holding MORE kids at Homestead for MUCH LONGER....well, that adds up.
@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham @brooklynmarie Imagine you're on the board of this company and you see a golden opportunity to work for the govt to expand the number of charges you get paid for, and how long they stay in your custody.

And then you get to be WH Chief of Staff, and have the ear of POTUS. And he's amenable.
@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham @brooklynmarie Oh, sure, you'd "cut ties," but that's just a phrase you mouth to the press. You can MAKE SURE more kids are detained, and for longer.

And then, whenever you want, you can go back to your old company and reap the rewards. Potentially millions of dollars.

Would you do it?
@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham @brooklynmarie Of course not, you're not a psychopath. You probably have ethical standards.

John Kelly does not. Did John Kelly check in with WH ethics advisors to see if there was anything sketchy about his scheme? 🤔
@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham @brooklynmarie The worst part, tho: technically, there's nothing illegal about what he did here.

There should be.
@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham @brooklynmarie Not only is Kelly lying about the intentions behind the #FamilySeparation policy, he's SUPER lying about what happened to kids once they were taken. They were NOT immediately given clean clothes, medical exams, pregnancy tests, & LEAST of all, schooling.

@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham @brooklynmarie HHS, according to OMB, is anticipating a need for 23,600 BEDS for unaccompanied minors at ORR detention facilities, for which they need...oh, just another cool $1.4 BILLION.



(bottom, pg3)
@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham @brooklynmarie One of the constant claims by the trump admin is that what they're dealing with is unprecedented, the letter to @SpeakerPelosi even says. As if there's never been this number of children crossing the border unaccompanied before, so how could they POSSIBLY do without 23,600 beds?!
@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham @brooklynmarie @SpeakerPelosi @ImmJusticeNOW @axidentaliberal @ifindkarma @jomareewade @lfkraus @carlyinNJ @funder @TheSWPrincess @B52Malmet @JynErso_Patriot The problem with that claim, obviously, is that their own statistics just don't back it up. Here, for instance, are stats for "UACs" for FY2014, the heaviest year to date of unaccompanied children crossing the border. At least 4 months of 7,000+ just in the southwest sector.
@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham @brooklynmarie @SpeakerPelosi @ImmJusticeNOW @axidentaliberal @ifindkarma @jomareewade @lfkraus @carlyinNJ @funder @TheSWPrincess @B52Malmet @JynErso_Patriot So far, according to CBP's reported stats, FY2019 is on track to have *maybe* as many "UACs" as 2014. Maybe. Certainly not an "unprecedented" number by any stretch of the imagination.

Just like there isn't a "record number of 'illegals' coming over the border" either. Not close.
@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham @brooklynmarie @SpeakerPelosi @ImmJusticeNOW @axidentaliberal @ifindkarma @jomareewade @lfkraus @carlyinNJ @funder @TheSWPrincess @B52Malmet @JynErso_Patriot But arresting and detaining thousands and thousands of children and families and single adults sure is good for business.

1.4 BILLION DOLLARS is a lotta scratch.

And Homestead JUST got awarded a no-bid contract on THEIR for-profit facility.

@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham @brooklynmarie @SpeakerPelosi @ImmJusticeNOW @axidentaliberal @ifindkarma @jomareewade @lfkraus @carlyinNJ @funder @TheSWPrincess @B52Malmet @JynErso_Patriot "HHS would not comment on how CHS was deemed most qualified or whether any other providers were considered. The agency also wouldn’t provide compliance reviews for the company because they contain 'proprietary information.'Such reviews gauge whether vendors are doing a good job."
@DebbieforFL @DWStweets @RepDMP @DonnaShalala @SenJeffMerkley @britsham @brooklynmarie @SpeakerPelosi @ImmJusticeNOW @axidentaliberal @ifindkarma @jomareewade @lfkraus @carlyinNJ @funder @TheSWPrincess @B52Malmet @JynErso_Patriot A company like this, an administration like this, profiting off the misery of incarcerated children, is despicable, but par for the course.

But did you know your pension could be tied up in Homestead, too? Many of their investors are public pension systems. Tell em, @mle_goldman
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