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THREAD: There are 100 days until #Election2020. Ensuring voters will have an array of safe options to #vote will require additional funding for states to conduct secure and inclusive elections. This is the last opportunity we have before the November elections. 1/
Niskanen was an early proponent of bipartisan support for ensuring access to more varied voting modalities. In March, @RuleandRuin highlighted the partisan divisions despite calls from Republican and Democratic state leaders for more funding. 2/…
Along with our coalition partners, we asked Congress to help fund elections. @IssueOneReform, @DemocracyFund, @RSI, @StandUpAmerica, @protctdemocracy, @ProjectLincoln, and many others published incredible analysis. From @BrennanCenter:…. 3/
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#Abrohilo del día que decidí ser cupido y casi muero en el intento
Todo empezó hace un mes, en una fiesta con mis amigos de linaje linfoide. Nos encontramos a un tipejo super extraño que nadie conocía aka. el antígeno
Me acerqué porque me encanta #ELCHISME y presentar a todos porque #dendrítica. Lo llevé al área VIP (ganglio) para que conociera nuevos amigos @LT @LB. LT se llevó tan bien con él que empezó a mostrar sus mañas de Th2. #polarización
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We must remember down-ballot candidates.

This is a list of progressive/leftist congressional candidates endorsed by at least one of these groups:


Please remember:


Double check your registration at least 1 MONTH 🗓 before any election you plant to vote in.

Also, endorsements are an ongoing process
Some races have 2 different candidates endorsed by different groups, so they’re both listed.

📖➡️ platform/issues link
💵➡️ donation link

If the pinned tweet is related to their campaign, I included it.

Now, onto the (long) list.
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Tested it out with this new KY map. Based on 2016-2019 results, intrigued how it would do in 2020. The #KY04 (R+7 PVI) seems more competitive than the real #KY06 (R+9), with the movement in the Cincinnati and Lexington suburbs. 2/27…
However, I also did a bunch of Democratic gerrymanders after 2012 redistricting to compare with the real Republican ones. Thought I’d review how my designs performed in light of 2016. The contrast shows just how much of a difference partisan control makes (spoiler: a lot). 3/27
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Attention Berners the following states need volunteers to collect ballot signatures to get Bernie on the ballot. Volunteer.
#Bernie2020 #FeelTheBern…
Notary Publics needed! Volunteer for Bernie. #Bernie2020…
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Why elect men to positions of power if they cower obediently to Trump at the expense of our democracy?

Women are the courageous ones stepping up, speaking out and defending our laws, values and honor:

➖Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch
➖Christine Blasey Ford
➖Sally Yates
Another one:

➖FEC Chairman, Ellen L Weintraub

Trump wants an FEC that obediently serves him personally.
Chairwoman Weintraub insists on upholding her oath of office, administering campaign finance laws and insuring election integrity FOR THE PEOPLE.
Meanwhile, another bootlicking republican man-boy:

➖Rep. Rodney Davis

abandons his separate/equal-gov’t-branch role, acting instead as a servile quasher of dissent for Trump, and demands an investigation of the chairwoman’s “partisan” refusal to submit to the lawless autocrat.
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So @RodneyDavis, on top of having his campaign sending out belligerents and plants posing as reporters, is also having them write supportive letters to the editor posing as regular Joes across the #IL13. #IL13isWatching how low can you go?
@RodneyDavis You asked us to give you the benefit of the doubt with the belligerents. You called the fake reporter a teachable moment. But there's a pattern of dishonesty by people associated with your campaign, @RodneyDavis. This is an ongoing pattern. This is on YOU. Clean up your act!
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THREAD: @RodneyDavis
I can’t let something go. I am going to keep bringing this to light. @BetsyforIL never accepted money from a malicious group. Not only that but she never talked tough on something while taking money from companies that want weaker regulations. Rodney has:
@RodneyDavis accepted $2000 from this company.…
@RodneyDavis accepted $3000 from this company. They settled over Medicare/Medicaid fraud which the policies Rodney backs also are defrauding these programs.
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🚨MY MASTER THREAD of #Midterm2018 results analysis, including an array of data dives. Will the country chose to repudiate president Trump? Health care instead of the wall? RT & strap in, folks, tonight could be a wild ride. We get the first batch of results at around 6 PM ET.
Turnout has looked unprecedented for weeks now. Indications today that it could even beat these lofty expectations. At this point I think I’d buy for pickups in Tossup sub/urban seats like #TX07 #TX32 and #TX26, but sell in more rural districts that have looked like reaches.
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The #IL13Debate between @BetsyforIL and @RodneyDavis is starting! Livestream at… and some other places I'm too lazy to look up.
My prediction: #PreexistingConditionRodney will boast about his nonbinding preexisting condition resolution that never made it out of committee. And that his wife had cancer. #IL13Debate #ACA #healthcare
Davis says he fixed the "broken tax code" without mentioning the increase in deficit spending and that the tax cuts went primarily to the rich.
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Here are 10 Democratic House candidates who have a good shot at flipping red seats blue, but for lacking sufficient $$$ to run a successful campaign in the final weeks. Pls consider donating. Thread.

1. @LaurenBaer #FL18
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Q2 Fundraising is over, and Democrats did a great job!

But I was chatting with @ybbkaren and an interesting question came up:

With SO MANY great candidates, how do we decide who needs donations the most? Many are worthy, but our personal funds are not unlimited.
So I came up with an idea for my own list of Dems who need $$$ based upon the following criteria:

*They have won their primary
*They are trying to flip “swing” GOP-held seats (per @CookPolitical ratings)
*They are behind their GOP opponents in “Cash on Hand” (per @OpenSecretsDC)
That’s not to say that other Democrats in swing districts are not worthy. They are. But the following, from a strategic $$$ perspective, might be the best place to donate *for now*.

This is the list of those House candidates, and their donation links, based on that criteria:
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Coming back from the holiday and catching up on the news? Here are some of the biggest stories you may have missed!
Republicans are standing by while Trump sabotages health care markets and raises premiums AGAIN! #ACA #ProtectOurCare…
GOP candidate says something racist? Say NO to racism by voting for @PaulDavisKS!

"While CNN has rated the race to replace Jenkins as leaning Republican, Democrats have lined up behind former Kansas House Minority Leader Paul Davis to flip the district."…
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🚨 Please share broadly! As usual, the Kochs are dumping tons of money into GOP candidates...especially into *critical swing districts* we need to flip.

I've threaded links below to the Democratic challengers in these races. Please RT and support them! /1…
I focused the list of NOMINEES. These are Democrats in swing districts who have already won their primaries and are facing off against Koch-infused Republicans in fall.
GOP Koch Candidate: Peter Roskam
Dem Challenger: Sean Casten @SeanCasten
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Hey #Illinois! You're up 2nd for Primary Elections! #Midterms2018
Democratic Candidates #BlueWaveIL
VOTE Mar 20
Registration Deadline Feb 20
Register here…
Where to Vote
Illinois Primary Election MARCH 20, 2018
Early Vote Feb 8-Mar 19
Online Registration by Mar 4, 2018
County Election Board details here…
Vote By Mail…
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