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NEW from me @Newsweek:

Thanks to @RepJasonSmith, @drewbrees was a special guest speaker at last week's @HouseGOP retreat in Orlando.

I went through Brees's Hall of Fame career to show why he was a good choice.…

Obviously, @drewbrees knows about adversity, and he brought a lifetime of lessons to the @HouseGOP retreat

The NFL superstar joined the House GOP in swapping suits for resortwear at the retreat, where Republicans gameplanned the next 2 years…

Teamwork was stressed throughout the retreat, which concluded with Brees giving Republicans a pep talk about teamwork and overcoming adversity. #UT04's @RepBurgessOwens, himself a Super Bowl winner, introduced @drewbrees and told me Brees's remarks were……
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SCOOP from me @TheSpectator:

Based directly on my reporting on the Chinese Communist Party and @WashWizards working together, lawmakers, along with hero @EnesFreedom wrote to @NBA commissioner Adam Silver demanding answers on their $$$ ties…

#TX22's @RepTroyNehls was the point guard, so to speak, along with @EnesFreedom on this letter to @NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

Joining him are:

#FLSEN @SenMarcoRubio and @SenRickScott
#MOSEN @Eric_Schmitt
#AKSEN @SenDanSullivan
#OK01 @repkevinhern
Members of @HouseGOP and @SenateGOP, along with basketball star @EnesFreedom, are demanding answers from @NBA about its financial relationship with the Chinese Communist Party following an “in-your-face” display of CCP soft power in DC.…

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Big shakeup in DCCC's House battlefield this AM. The committee named 12 challengers to its "Red to Blue" program, added 3 members to its "Frontline" program, added 8 new GOP/Dem districts to its "In Play" list, and removed 6 GOP-held districts from its target list.
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A RECAP of 2020 House races (now that #NY22 is finally resolved)

Dems have 222 House seats. Rs have 213 seats. They are 5 seats away from the majority

Rs flipped 14 Democratic seats & captured the Amash seat. Dems flipped 3 seats. The GOP net gain: 12 seats
The # of House GOP women grew 130%, from 13 to 30, in one cycle

13 Dem members lost in November. But House Rs didn't lose a single incumbent.

Dems flipped #GA07 (Biden+6) & #NC02 + #NC06, thanks to redistricting. The GOP flipped 11 Trump-won & 4 Biden-won districts
GOP flips by presidential margin:

#MN07 (Trump+30)
#NM02 (Trump+12)
#NY11 (Trump+11)
#UT04 (Trump+9)
#SC01 (Trump+6)
#OK05 (Trump+6)
#FL26 (Trump+5)
#IA01 (Trump+4)
#IA02 (Trump+4)
#MI03 (Trump+4)
#NY22 (Trump+??)
#CA48 (Biden+2)
#FL27 (Biden+3)
#CA21 (Biden+10)
#CA39 (Biden+10)
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It's been a terrible day for Dems in uncalled House races:

#CA21: Valadao (R) still ahead by 4,026 votes
#CA25: Garcia (R) retakes lead by 159 votes
#CA39: Kim (R) lead up to 4,160 votes
#IA02: Miller-Meeks (R) now ahead by 40 votes
#UT04: Owens (R) lead up to 1,780 votes
Look guys, I've seen enough. Young Kim (R) is well on her way to defeating freshman Rep. Gil Cisneros (D) in #CA39. In an upset, Dems lose an Orange County district Clinton carried 51%-43% in 2016.
Kim (R) just turned in an unreal performance in the Los Angeles Co. portion of #CA39 (Rowland Heights, Diamond Bar, Walnut), zooming ahead of both Trump's '16 share and her own '18 share. I'm pretty curious what happened there.
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hello! While we're waiting for more presidential results, I thought I'd give you an update on the House. @DecisionDeskHQ projects that Republicans have won back 5 seats on net so far. Rs flipped 7 seats and Dems won back 2 thanks to redistricting in NC…
Seats projected to flip D to R, per @DecisionDeskHQ

#IA01 ( Finkenauer)
#FL26 (Mucarsel-Powell)
#FL27 (Shalala)
#MN07 (Peterson)
#NM02 (Torres Small)
#OK05 ( Horn)
#SC01 (Cunningham)

Others to keep an eye on as more votes are counted: #CA21, #CA39, #NY11, #NY22, #UT04
Democrats have also fallen short on many of their offensive targets to flip R-held seats: their most promising pickup opportunity is #GA07, where @DecisionDesk HQ has not projected a winner and we should (hopefully!) get more clarity today as more votes are counted/reported
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Every state has big stakes on the ballot — it's just some are facing a perfect storm where so much that matters is competitive at once.

So I'm starting this ongoing thread of states, to encapsulate as many stakes as I can within 280 characters. (Let's do roughly one a day!)
1️⃣ North Carolina really is it:

—Could decide WH
—Could decide U.S. Senate majority
—Ds may gain at least 2 House seats. More?
—Can Ds keep governorship (& veto power)?
—Can Ds pick-up a legislative chamber?
—3 Supreme Court seats!👀
—AG, LG (if Gov vacancy...), SoS competitive
2️⃣ Montana is up there too:
—Could decide Senate majority!
—Open Gov race. Would be GOP's first win since 2000, likely give them trifecta. And it's Gianforte on the ballot.
—Open SoS & AG races
—An open, tight House race
—An intriguing Supreme Court race
—Gun control referendum
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NEW at @CookPolitical: 10 rating changes (7 towards Ds, 3 towards Rs) as Democrats' edge in the battle for the House grows...
Basically, #COVID19 has all but frozen House recruitment & severely curtailed fundraising. That's an advantage for incumbents & bad news for upstates.

At end of 2019, median House D in a Trump district had $1.8 million cash on hand while median leading R challenger had $247,000.
Today, we've moved four freshman Dems out of Toss Up based on the weakness of their GOP opposition:

#IL14 Lauren Underwood (D) - Toss Up to Lean D
#MI08 Elissa Slotkin (D) - Toss Up to Lean D
#NY19 Antonio Delgado (D) - Toss Up to Lean D
#UT04 Ben McAdams (D) - Toss Up to Lean D
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Time for super pacs to start running ads in these districts letting voters know if these people vote for impeachment, they get voted out. Period.
We're gonna make these people famous today

From now until Wednesday, it's time to put pressure on these Dems:

You vote with AOC and impeachment, and you're toast. She's in New York City and doesn't give a shit you're in a red district.

Voting for censure is your only way out


Tom O’Halleran #AZ01



(202) 225-3361

Lucy McBath #GA06



(202) 225-4501
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#MarchforTrump 📢👟🇺🇸💯

Men & Women! 💃🕺

October 17th @ 10 AM

US Capitol AND Locations across the country!

#KAG #MAGA #WomenForTrump #stopimpeachmentnow #StandWithTrump #standwithPOTUS

📢We will be having protests outside of congressional district offices in the following districts.📢
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Call & tell these AL & AZ Reps to STOP enabling Trump & being AGAINST @HouseJudiciary #IMPEACHMENT inquiry;
#AL07 @RepTerriSewell 202-225-2665
#AZ01 @TomOhalleran 202-225-3361
Call & tell these California Reps to STOP enabling Trump by being AGAINST @HouseJudiciary #IMPEACHMENT inquiry:

#CA05 @RepThompson 202-225-3311
#CA07 @RepBera 202-225-5716
#CA09 @RepMcNerney 202-225-1947
#CA10 @RepJoshHarder 202-225-4540
#CA12 @SpeakerPelosi 202-225-4965
Call & tell these California Reps to STOP enabling Trump & being AGAINST @HouseJudiciary #IMPEACHMENT inquiry:

#CA16 @RepJimCosta 202-225-3341
#CA18 @RepAnnaEshoo 202-225-8104
#CA20 @RepJimmyPanetta 202-225-2861
#CA21 @RepTJCox 202-225-4695
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Dear Dem @HouseJudiciary members;
@RepJerryNadler NY, @JacksonLeeTX18, @RepCohen TN, @RepHankJohnson GA; Experts say @SpeakerPelosi’s flat wrong. Think for yourself.

“Democrats Against Impeachment Invite Autocracy and a Loss in 2020”…
Dear Dem @HouseJudiciary members;
@RepTedDeutch FL, @RepKarenBass CA, @RepZoeLofgren CA, @RepRichmond LA; Experts say @SpeakerPelosi’s flat wrong. Think for yourself.

“Democrats Against Impeachment Invite Autocracy and a Loss in 2020”…
Dear Dem @HouseJudiciary members;
@RepJeffries NY, @RepCicilline RI, @RepSwalwell CA, @TedLieu CA, @RepRaskin MD;
Experts say @SpeakerPelosi is flat wrong. Think for yourself.

“Democrats Against Impeachment Invite Autocracy and a Loss in 2020”…
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#116th New Congress convenes soon!
43 HOUSE SEATS FLIPPED BLUE! 🌊🌊🌊 #BlueWave2018
(*Net of 40) 64 New Democratic Members in the HOUSE!
with @TeamPelosi leading the way
What do they stand for?
⤵️THREAD of ALL New Blue Congressfolk⤵️
w/ graphic, campaign website links & Twitter
Arizona #AZ02 #116thCongress
Representative Ann Kirkpatrick

"Proud lifelong Arizonan, former prosecutor & congresswoman, independent voice for working Arizona families."

Arizona #AZ09 #AZ9 #116thCongress
Representative Greg Stanton
Former Phoenix Mayor, Former Phoenix City Councilman & Attorney

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🚨MY MASTER THREAD of #Midterm2018 results analysis, including an array of data dives. Will the country chose to repudiate president Trump? Health care instead of the wall? RT & strap in, folks, tonight could be a wild ride. We get the first batch of results at around 6 PM ET.
Turnout has looked unprecedented for weeks now. Indications today that it could even beat these lofty expectations. At this point I think I’d buy for pickups in Tossup sub/urban seats like #TX07 #TX32 and #TX26, but sell in more rural districts that have looked like reaches.
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Why the slight shift? Let me try to explain what we've observed move post-Labor Day. There are basically 3 large buckets of House races we're watching...
1) Vulnerable Rs in upscale, suburban, Clinton-won "Whole Foods" districts like #VA10 Comstock, #KS03 Yoder, #CO06 Coffman, #MN03 Paulsen, #CA45 Walters, #NJ07 Lance, etc. These Rs are mostly trailing & their numbers haven't gotten any better recently.
2) Competitive races in redder, working-class districts that Trump won by double digits in '16, such as #IL12 Bost, #MN08 OPEN, #NY22 Tenney, #WV03 OPEN, etc. Overall, things have slightly improved in "Trump zones" for Rs, w/ notable exceptions in districts like #KS02 & #ME02.
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Here’s a THREAD of all YOUR Democratic Candidates
#Midterms2018 VOTE NOVEMBER 6, 2018
#UT01 #UT02 #UT03 #UT04
Register online by October 30 here:…
OR at the polls on Election Day
You can Register to vote at the polls on Election Day
OR Register online here by October 30th:…
Track your Ballot & Find your Polling Place here:

#UT01 #UT02 #UT03 #UT04
Democratic Candidate for #UT01
District 1 #Utah

Lee Castillo, Clinical Social Worker

vs GOP Incumbent Rob Bishop (R)

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You get to vote in #PrimaryElections on JUNE 26TH!
Early Voting: June 12-June 22
#UT01 #UT02 #UT03 #UT04
Register online by June 19 here:…
OR at the polls on Election Day
THREAD of all Democratic Candidates
Including Congress, State Senate & House
You can Register to vote at the polls on #PrimaryElection Day, June 26, 2018
OR Register online here by June 19th:…
Track your Ballot & Find your Polling Place here:
#PrimaryElection June 26, 2018
•In-person Early Voting: June 12 - June 22
County Clerks…
Find Early Voting Locations here:…
Be sure to check your party affiliation at
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🚨 Please share broadly! As usual, the Kochs are dumping tons of money into GOP candidates...especially into *critical swing districts* we need to flip.

I've threaded links below to the Democratic challengers in these races. Please RT and support them! /1…
I focused the list of NOMINEES. These are Democrats in swing districts who have already won their primaries and are facing off against Koch-infused Republicans in fall.
GOP Koch Candidate: Peter Roskam
Dem Challenger: Sean Casten @SeanCasten
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