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1> Tidbits by Scotty: pt 2 1st Amedment Blog Series

Are bloggers protected by First Amendment?…
2> The First Amendment provides that Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise. It protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
3>Bill of Rights for Everyone is the 1st Amendent ...freedom of speech, the press,...…
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@wod3_000 @Cogito82055344 @Ranada1967 @Advocaat_Sent @D66 @wkoolmees Chris Sent, Ranada en Elize....jullie blikveld is te beperkt. Door gebrek aan kennis over sektarisme en het sektarisch mechanisme en de laksheid waarmee jullie over dit onderwerp, dat zo breed is uitgemeten door @Teunvandekeuken @Sietze_1 en Joep Dohmen, heen stappen, zien
@wod3_000 @Cogito82055344 @Ranada1967 @Advocaat_Sent @D66 @wkoolmees @Teunvandekeuken @Sietze_1 jullie het niet. Jullie zien niet dat dit institutioneel is, terwijl dat wel uit de artikelen bleek als je het goed leest. Jullie zien niet de gelijkenis met Bibbiano en Norway’s stolen children.
Jullie leggen het verband niet met infiltratie Avatar in zorg en
@wod3_000 @Cogito82055344 @Ranada1967 @Advocaat_Sent @D66 @wkoolmees @Teunvandekeuken @Sietze_1 @harmbeertema onderwijs. Uit de artikelen, de Kamervragen, de klachten van ouders uit het hele land bleek dat dit institutioneel sektarisme is.
@thierrybaudet @ossewed @PvanHouwelingen #toeslagenschandaal
De reactie van het instituut was het sluiten van het meldpunt sektesignaal. De klachten
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2020 will show a reconfiguration of political platforms. First, history will note a dissolution of the left/right paradigm. It is but an illusion. Be not mistaken, there are loudmouths claiming to be of various polarities but they aren’t a part of the overarching systems.
A shadow government and ruling class have advanced parasitically and taking as its host the Democratic Party. Within the structure of that system layers and foundations of institutional and systemic corruption have been laid. The DNC is camouflage. Synthetic cover. It’s a front.
The shadow government owns every significant communication platform. It has merged in previous years with military and defense platforms as well as the intelligence system. Together they funded and created the Internet and its subsidiary social media. But the public is unaware.
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#MichelleObama is friends with the most vile people on the planet. And she even planted her daughter as an intern at #HarveyWeinstein's…
#MichelleObama is close friends with #Oprah, that poor black oppressed woman, who said "They just have to die"

Did MO know about the human trafficking going on in #Hollywood? #Oprah sure did. Nice friend you got there #MichelleObama ImageImage
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Tucker: Big Tech censors dissent over coronavirus lockdowns via @YouTube
Has little challenge as do corrupt politicians as long as #FreeSpeech is suppressed. The #NumberOne #HumanRight that made #AmericaGreat. The principle upon which the internet was made to acquire knowledge and exchange ideas. Let’s reflect on that #MothersDay
With out #SydneyPowell speaking up for #GeneralFlynn America wouldn’t know the general Is an American Hero set up by those involved in #ObamaGate. They would still think @POTUS was a Russian Agent when it was @HillaryClinton @DNC aid for and organized #Spygate
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Under Bloomberg, the NYPD formed such a close collaboration with the CIA that 4 active CIA officers were working in the PD. Despite the CIA's ostensible prohibition on domestic spying, one of these spies said there were "no limitations" on what he could do…
That same guy said he was not there simply to prevent terrorist acts but "to protect NYC citizens from turning into terrorists." This was of course the era of the NYPD's massive illegal surveillance and entrapment of the Muslim community.…
The person who formed the NYPD-CIA relationship was David Cohen who'd previously been CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia, a post he was appointed to by John "Khobar Towers" Brennan. Cohen was head of the CIA's NYC office in the lead up to 9/11.
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Why do you think the Dems are so hellbent on abolishing the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote?

It's the same reason our Founders created a Representative Republic rather than Democracy.


In a popular vote contest or straight Democracy, all you have to-
do is deceive at least 51% of the (easily deceived) public and you get mob rule.

Remember seeing the Iowa Buttigege supporter who wanted her vote back when she found out he was gay?

I haven't watched a single Dem debate, but knew through soundbytes that was pretty much his-
entire platform at the beginning (being gay).

And this woman was engaged enough politically to participate in a primary caucaus, yet didn't know that about Pete.

What do you think she'd say if she found out his dad was a Marxist professor, his "military experience" was all -
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Nu @toineheijmans @volkskrant zo graag het fileermes gebruikt zou ik graag zien dat Toine met zo’n zelfde scherpe blik kijkt naar de indoctrinatie en infiltratie van extreem linkse bewegingen in ons curriculum

@arnoldkarskens @Cultuur_Vuur @HenkRijkers…
Zoals blijkt uit bovengenoemde tweet speelt de activist van PvdD Lammert van Raan hierin een rol.
Graag uw visie hierop @toineheijmans
@toineheijmans ik heb de moeite genomen alle feedback op Curriculumnu door te spitten en vond daar louter extreem linkse, zeer activistische partijen in zoals Wit aan Zet, KOZP, NatuurCollege, Time is Now Foundation en Black Archives. Zie draad ⬇️⬆️
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Het is een wereldwijd politiek extreem links, radicaal ideologisch, spiritueel, holistisch en antroposofisch VN programma om kinderen te dwingen naar een duurzame ontwikkeling en micro-managed society.
Meer over #GIRFEC

“Last week, this newspaper exposed the "scary" plans for all children to be given a state guardian - or Named Person - who will have the legal right to tell parents how to raise their offspring.”…
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@priyankachopra just married @nickjonas in a highly publicized wedding Dec 1st. She then released a movie called “Pahuna The Little Visitors” on December 7th It’s a movie about child trafficking and priests eating babies. Literally. Watch the trailer.
The kids say multiple times in different variance, “we have to hide or they will kidnap and eat our baby brother.” #ChildTrafficking #PahunaTheLittleVisitors
Mockingbird media asset @mRiah who writes for the Cut tried to write a hit piece on @priyankachopra and brother in law @joejonas and future sister in law @SophieT called attention to it, in addition to @priyankachopra s many fans. Piece was pulled.
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Was the election of Donald Trump a miracle? An act of God? Is Trump blessed?
I have previously made the assertion that Hillary is certainly no fan of God's. Quite the opposite, she aligns with Satan.
You might not be religious. (((They))) are.
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I'll make this one quick because you might turn off you TV/Computer/Phone before I even get to the end of the thread. Of course the content of television programming has an effect on the way people think, but what about the signals.
How ironic that the old cliche adage so many mothers said to their children, "Don't sit too close to the TV" actually has quite a bit of merit in light of these patents and the claims they make about how television broadcasts signals effect your brain. I know my mom had no idea.
So, not only do you have to worry about how the content of what you are watching will effect your thoughts, you actually have to consider there may be some less obvious physical manipulation in the actual signals coming from the tube.…
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The Reddit hack appears to be an inside job to compromise peoples identity for doxxing.
#Q Why would anyone want to hack Reddit?.. to steal recipes & open a restaurant?

MSM is working overtime to discredit #QArmy

Ask yourself, why??

The threat is real.…
Police in the city of Cartagena have arrested 18 people, including foreigners, hotel owners, police officers, a navy captain & a Colombian woman known as ‘Madame’. The underage girls, mostly from Colombia & Venezuela, are aged between 14 & 17
Follow the White Rabbit & Take a Dive w/ @RyanOlah2 as he brings Dark to Light
#Q Who is @realJeffreyP Jeffrey Peterson? How's he connected to NXIVM & the New Mexico Mafia?
Who is:
Janet Napolitano
Luis Ernesto Derbez
Maurice "Hank" Greenberg
#QAnon #QArmy
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You must remember that the secret to all of this is not to be afraid of fear. When you can really allow yourself to be afraid, and you don't resist the experience of fear, you are truly beginning to master fear.
The stage is set
Actors are a running to the dark corners like roaches in the light
The ones that are the loudest are the main characters as no one can be that deceived
It's raining #TheRainMakers
Here comes the PAIN! #PatriotsFight
God's in Control
#WWG1WGA #KAG #GreatAwakening
Thread by @_VachelLindsay_
1. I have no doubt that Obama will be indicted and found guilty of at least THREE major felonies, just from his central involvement in the framing of Donald J Trump
@threadreaderapp #ObamaGate #MAGA #WWG1WGA #QAnon #LockThemUp…
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You think these rare occurrences are a coincidence?
2018 will be the year that pedophiles are exposed!
The unrepentant knee will bend!
Eyes will be open!
If the knee doesn't bend then this will likely be the result for more exposed pedophiles to come.
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