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@MikkoVapa @ECHR_CEDH @osce_odihr @anticorruption @RSF_inter @oikeusasiamies @oikeusmin @anna_maja @STM_Uutiset @MFredman #UnitedNations #Convention Against #Torture
- The text of the convention was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1984[1] and, following #ratification by the 20th state party,[3] it came into #Force on 26 June 1987…
@MikkoVapa @ECHR_CEDH @osce_odihr @anticorruption @RSF_inter @oikeusasiamies @oikeusmin @anna_maja @STM_Uutiset @MFredman #Finland again reprimanded by the committee against #torture | 20/08/2015
- there is much room for improvement in the #conditions of #Finnish #policeprisons.
- previous recommendations have still NOT been #implemented, even made 20+ years ago.… Image
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#Zionist-#Leyen's Revenge:
#EU #Ombudsman - page down at least since Feb 14, 2023, 8:22pm CET.
EU institutions and bodies profiles | #EuropeanUnion!btCjND ImageImage
#Zionist-#Leyen's harsh #revenge:
#Ombudsman's last webpage saved Oct 7, 2022
The European #Ombudsman, Emily #OReilly, works with the institutions, agencies and bodies of the @europeanunion to achieve the highest standard of #administrative practices… ImageImageImage
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@CristianTerhes @vonderleyen @AlbertBourla Swedish Radio SR:
#Sweden had to #destroy 8,5 million '#Covid19-#vaccine' shots.
- Swedish are not interested enough to take 3rd, 4th or 5th jab.
@CristianTerhes @vonderleyen @AlbertBourla #EU #Ombudsman to identify good #practices on how the EU admin keeps #records of work-related text and instant #messages | 02 July 2021
- has written to several EU institutions and agencies to ask what #measures they have in place for #documenting msgs
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#BackTo60 #FullRestitution
1. 1st they came for #50sWomen as they:
💥initially added 5 yrs to our State Pension Age whilst deliberately not telling us
💥took no notice of the lifetime of inequality suffered by #50sWomen
💥or that their private pensions are a fraction of men's
💥& auto-enrolment discriminates against women
💥ignored their own pensions committee report that told them exactly those things
💥& the unpaid caring many women carry out
💥then accelerated the rise in SPA by several years
💥& added another year to the SPA for women & men
💥reneged on a promise to give women auto-credits that 9.8 million men had been given over 35 years
💥increased the qualifying years to 35
💥reduced widows' pensions especially for those on the New State Pension
💥raised the age at which a couple could get pension credit
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13. Update 10.2.23
💥#EDM430 was tabled by @IanByrneMP, recognising the #discrimination against #50sWomen & calling for #FullRestitution…
💥 @davidhencke produced another article regarding the flawed #ombudsman process…
💫The Judge's Report out of the #CEDAWinLAW #PeoplesTribunal was published
💫demolishing the #SupremeCourt refusal to hear our case #WednesburyUnreasonableness
💫& clearly identifying #DirectDiscrimination against #50sWomen…
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a thread by Danang Hidayatullah - Ketua Umum Ikatan Guru Indonesia (IGI).

Hari ini Ikatan Guru Indonesia (IGI) diundang Ombudsman untuk menghadiri kegiatan Update Publik "Seleksi CASN 2022-2022: Evaluasi dan Perbaikan ke Depan". Ketua Umum Ikatan Guru Indonesia (IGI) - Danang Hidayatullah
Kegiatan dihadiri oleh Ketua Ombudsman RI, perwakilan Kemenpan RB, BKN, Kemendikbudristek serta undangan dari berbagai instansi dan Orprof Guru.

Dalam forum diskusi saya menyampaikan beberapa hal penting untuk perbaikan pelaksanan seleksi ke depan, diantaranya validitas dapodik sebagai data awal, keseriusan Pemda dalam mengakomodir kuota PPPK, coaching clinic bagi Pemda serta mendorong
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So, what’s the deal with the Polish #ombudsman’s term and the Constitutional Tribunal ruling on that?
The Polish #NHRI, ombudsman, Commissioner for Civil Rights, a man of many talents, @Adbodnar, was appointed for a 5-year term according to the Polish #Constitution. (1/7)
The appointment of an ombudsman requires a vote in BOTH chambers of the Polish #parliament – the lower one, Sejm (controlled by the ruling party) and the upper one, Senat (controlled by the opposition). Currently, this means a deadlock on any contentious candidacy. (2/7)
What happens if both chambers of the parliament can’t agree? The #Constitution is silent on this, but according to the #law on the ombudsman, the incumbent stays in the office until the parliament decides. Which means that Adam Bodnar is now an on an “extended” term. (3/7)
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Hey, dispute resolution field. Yeah, you. Listen up, y'all: We really, really, REALLY need to stop using the term 'Ombudsman.'
#ombudsperson #ombudsman #Ombuds #disputeresolution #ADR #conflict #alternativedisputeresolution
We need to stop talking about how we maybe need to stop using it, or how we might use other names alongside it, and we need to just STOP USING IT.
Wondering why I’m tweeting such an atypically, a-professionally unneutral position on this? Then you’re perfectly primed for the next tweet. The unneutral medium really is the unneutral message.
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#TRIBECON begins #Pravara; felicitations to #AbhayBang @SearchGad & #sudarshan #VGKK for their inspiring work on #TribalHealth; @DrLahariya @whoindia among others felicitated
#abhayBang #healthsystem design for tribal communities need to be relooked for #UHC; strategies & schemes must adapt with local social & cultural context; recollects #Brainstorming with @DesirajuKeshav at @SearchGad leading to #ExpertCommittee #tribalhealth @TribalHealthIND
#TRIBECON #AbhayBang notes with happiness increasing interest in #tribalhealth research, yet this continues to be “off the beaten path”; congratulations to #pravara medical college in bringing this together; the proposed #Bandardhara declaration to improve #tribalhealth research
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I'm not a @maggieNYT hater. But the wagon-circling around her today by her colleagues is a sad commentary on journalism. Defensive. Obtuse.
Y'all work at the @nytimes. You don't need to be each other's cheerleaders. Just hire an ombudsperson and show you learn from mistakes.
Here's one example. Martin is a terrific reporter with really good political instincts. Yet this tweet is so tone deaf. Martin is communicating the opposite by tweeting this. It communicates weakness, not toughness. It is not helpful to anyone.
Here's another. Was there a meeting at the @nytimes today to send everyone out to defend Maggie? I can't imagine she'd want this. So why are they doing it? It communicates deep anxiety.
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1/Children & young people with autism and learning disabilities who could be living in the community with specialist support are languishing for years in Assessment & Treatment Units, some of them locked up 24/7 in isolation rooms, bec of severe financial pressure on Local Auths
2/ At the same time, private providers running these ATUs are raking in profits, being paid £452m per yr in what has become a market driven provision where autistic and LD people are little more than commodities
3/ This in spite of the fact that caring for them in the community would be far less expensive not to mention far better for the individuals concerned, their quality of life, their security and safety and their wellbeing
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