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Not surprised @JamesDBowie porn ⭕️ loader Joe Morin is GOOD w/ DADs posting nudes of own kids on internet while grifting $ 4 heat & rent & 👰🏼‍♀️🤵🏻‍♂️ while harassing “dangerous” RWNJS & 🟫☪️🇵🇸👩🏽 & ME, my 👧🏻🧒🏻 & my 89 yr old 👵🏼! Y’all we’re good w/my “research” til it pointed at y’all!
Invite 2 join @ResistanceCats discord Aug 28, 1st snooker or porn 📥 Aug 28 while my 🧒🏻showed me how 2 use discord, saying, “2 many dirty adults in discord!” Should’ve 👂🏼 but my damn curious nature! 🛑 yr 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛s harassment or your disclaimer means 💩! @OttawaPolice @LawSocietyLSO
I didn’t feel safe w/ 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛ B4 their invite. & they’re were worse than I thought. Exhibitionist kink porn ⭕️ jerk! I stated that I gave Serious Mother as my name cuz U folks scared me more then convoy folk 2 @resistancecats. Not so scary, just UGLY through & through! #ottnews…
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Happening now:

Ottawa People's Commission is hearing testimony on the convoy's impact on journalists.… #ottnews
First speaker is @EvanLSolomon.

Solomon thanks @ottpeoplescomm, noting Ottawa residents have gotten very little time to express their views at the Rouleau Commission.

#ottnews #cdnmedia
Solomon says he decided to testify because he was an Ottawa resident and saw its impact on his @ctvottawa colleagues.

Solomon says he’s “not an activist,” but spoke to convoy leaders and government officials alike – “I tried to get to the heart of the action as close I could.”
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I'm watching the Federal Court hearing where Doug Ford and Sylvia Jones are fighting their summons to testify at the Public Order Emergency Commission looking into the use of the Emergencies Act. I'll tweet out some highlights #cdnpoli #ottnews
The lawyer representing Ford and Jones is arguing they have Parliamentary privileges allowing them not to be compelled to testify while the ON legislature is sitting, which gives them a “lawful excuse to not comply with the summons” from the POEC #cdnpoli #ottnews
The summons has put Ford and Jones in the “intolerable position of having to assert their privilege and potentially be faced with competed proceedings” as per their lawyer, adding that if they could face "irreparable harm" if a stay is not granted #cdnpoli #onpoli
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Chief Sloly says he was recruited to deal with significant preexisting “culture” issues at Ottawa Police and was given a “change mandate.”

Sloly specifically notes “workplace harassment” and declining trust with “racialized and marginalized communities.”

#POEC #ottnews
Elaborating on the “culture” problems in Ottawa Police, Sloly references former Deputy Chief’s resignation following sexual harassment charges, as well as the arrests of multiple OPS officers in an anti-corrpution probe.……
Chief Sloly on how his “change mandate” was perceived inside Ottawa Police:

“There’s two things that every cop hates: The way things are and change.”

“Nobody wanted things to remain the way they were and everyone was fearful of change.”
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Ontario Premier Doug Ford and former Solicitor General Sylvia Jones have been summoned to appear at the Public Order Emergency Commission, looking into the use of the Emergencies Act.

The commission says they will get confirmation later today if they will appear #cdnpoli
Both Jones and Ford have come up repeatedly in testimony

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said Ford didn't want anyone from the province to attend meetings with other levels of government to deal with the Convoy because it would be a "waste of time" #cdnpoli

Ottawa's top civil servant said Jones told him "(the Convoy) was a law enforcement matter, it wasn't for elected officials to get involved with that"

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Sentencing hearing happening now at the Ottawa Court House for former PPC candidate / No More Lockdowns owner Chelsea Hillier.

Chelsea was found in contempt of court last month:… #ottnews #cdnpoli
Justice Narissa Somji is currently summarizing the facts of the case / reasons why Hillier was found in contempt.

More details here:…
Somji says Hillier failed to respect the spirit of Justice Gomery’s earlier decision, which Somji sums up “in three words”:

“Stop the defamation.”
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Hey #Ottawa, you’ve probably heard that @cmckenney plans to build 25-years of bike infrastructure in their 4 year term. There’s been a lot of talk about where the $ will come from (and what it will mean for tax payers).

I looked into it.

🧵/ #OttCity #OttNews #OttPoli Image
Green bonds are a tool that governments can use to accelerate environmental or climate action projects.

They finance the upfront costs of projects that have long-term positive environmental (and social/economic) effects without siphoning money from other areas, like roads.
Green bonds are low-interest loans. Which means yes, debt. Wait, isn't $250M in debt a lot?

How this debt would be paid off:
1️⃣ Money saved on road wear-and-tear
2️⃣ Redirect $15M/year Ottawa already spends on cycling to pay off the loan

⤴️ would make the project cost neutral.
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William Komer says @TUPOC_CA will be appealing eviction decision but will be vacating the property when they can.

When I asked about his business customers wondering where there money is, Komer retreated into the church. #ottnews
More cars have showed up and people are loading up vehicles with items.
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Back at St. Bridget's church, a local man went inside and sat on the stage

TUPOC director William Komer said the guy was trespassing and could be arrested by their private security, then the actually Ottawa Police showed up and arrested the guy #ottnews
As I outlined on Friday, the landlord put forward substantial evidence to show that TUPOC is actually trespassing.

Not sure how a random citizen can be arrested at the request of TUPOC members, who are also being accused of trespassing #ottnews…
As for the actual arrest itself, the guy was walking out of the church on his own, when he says to the cops “Nice to see you defend these guys, who shut down the city for a month”

The cop then asks for his name and he replies “you’re a fucking hero”

Then he gets arrested
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BREAKING NEWS: Capital Ward Candidate @RebeccaBromwich will be my next guest on Cross Tracks The Ottawa O-Train Podcast this Thursday. Enjoy clip from interview - “I am in favour of us looking into a Bank Street O-Train” #OttCity #OttNews #OttLife
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The most inefficient spenders at Ottawa City Hall have been the very same people who have repeated the slogan “keep taxes low”. They have done the exact opposite. Here’s how- 🧵 #Ottawa #Ottnews
1) They have put pressure on everyone’s taxes and the environment by expanding Ottawa’s sprawl. That decision alone is billions in cost to our city over time $465/person/year.…
Ottawa’s road widening and expansion program costs us dearly and it doesn’t reduce congestion. We spend hundreds of millions expanding new roads over a term and take on new expensive operations to maintain those roads. We already maintain 6000km of roads.…
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Scam alert! I’m going to start a new thread since I’ve just found something interesting re “United People of Canada”. See this thread for some background. #FreeDumbConvoy #Ottnews #cdnpoli
“United People of Canada” registered as a nonprofit in March 24/22 under the name “Les Peuple Unis du Canada”.
Even though the $6M property this group supposedly operates out of is in Ottawa, the registered address is 533 Clarence St, London, Ontario. #ottnews #OTTpoli #cdnpoli
Something interesting about that address. Not only is it the office building of St Peter’s basilica in London Ontario, turns out, #TUPOC’s director, William Komer, registered a whole bunch of businesses from that same address, including some on the very same day. #FreeDumbConvoy
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A group calling itself the #UnitedPeopleOfCanada or TUPC, has only existed since March 24, yet somehow has $6M to purchase a heritage property in #Ottawa. Oh, & they call it the “embassy” & have ties to #FreeDumbConvoy - which they gaslight about… #cdnpoli
I’ll highlight this part again because it’s significant. TUPC has already retrained legal counsel, stating they plan to be litigious towards people calling them out.

Now why would an organization not quite 4 months old, feel the need to retain legal to “intervene”?🧐🤔 #cdnpoli
Interesting thread delving into the fascist symbolism of TUPC.
“The United People of Canada” is also registered as a “nonprofit”. I smell grift & a way to launder foreign money & funnel it to domestic political campaigns (ie Polievre, perhaps?) #cdnpoli

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This fascist “movement” has hijacked our flag, hijacked #CanadaDay2022, trampled the FREEDOMS of others to enjoy 🇨🇦 Day at the nation’s capital. Hijacked peace & normal life of Ottawa residents & cost businesses. Fuck these Brownshirts & all who enable them. #cdnpoli #ottnews
Many Trump/#January6th supporters, have come as tourists to participate in this op. Right wing circles have exchanged plans to camp at KOA grounds all summer in an attempt to sabotage & disrupt 🇨🇦’s democratically elected gov’t with the full seditious participation of #CPC.
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Let’s play connect the dots. I’ll say it again #FreeDumbConvoy is about establishing a RW insurgency. It’s not a coincidence that many #January6 insurrectionists have both participated in & promoted #CoupTruxKlan & the disinformation assault on #PMJT. #CdnNatSec #cdnpoli
Enter players like Tom Marazzo. His connections to radicalized current & former law enforcement & military can be seen most readily through “vets 4 freedom” & its allied group “camp eagle”. #FreeDumbConvoy #CdnNatSec #cdnpoli #OttawaOccupation
Marazzo also ran as a candidate for Derek Sloan’s neo-fascist “Ontario Party”, which enlisted the services of malignant insurrectionist, Roger Stone. #FreeDumbConvoy #CdnNatSec #January6thCommiteeHearings #cdnpoli #OttawaOccupation #CoupTruxKlan
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2022 Canada Day Public Safety Planning:

We are working with #CanadaDay organizers and our policing partners to implement a public safety plan that allows all Canadians and visitors to freely and safely enjoy the capital during this celebration. #ottawa #ottnews
The expectation is that this Heritage Canada event will be larger than usual both in terms of crowd size and the footprint of the event.

We are also expecting several large events throughout the Ottawa area to celebrate the day.
These factors, combined with an increased level of protests and demonstrations, are guiding our planning. There will be significant road closures and a major increase in police presence. We will be bringing multiple extra policing resources from several services.
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With great sadness, we share that one of our members passed away last evening after a single-vehicle collision. The incident occurred off duty. (1/2)
Flags at all of our buildings are half-mast in honour of our friend and colleague. The collision is being investigated by the OPP. (2/2)
#Ottnews @OPP_ER
C'est avec grande tristesse que nous faisons part du décès d'un de nos membres, hier soir à la suite d'une collision impliquant un seul véhicule. L'incident survint hors de ses heures de service. 1/2
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I know everyone is exhausted but the city is committing a lot of money just 2 months before being officially declared lame duck (meaning we couldn’t spend more than $50,000 on any one item). #Ottawa #Ottnews
$150 million was recently approved for staff to work on a contribution to the new civic and parking garage, which will pave over a large park, trees and greenspace in the core. It is a provincial responsibility we’d be paying for and could end being a tax levy.
Lansdowne 2.0 is being debated on Wednesday in a rushed decision to approve $332.5 million in new budget authority without the public being consulted.…
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Police seeking witnesses to a serious collision on Aviation Parkway… #Ottnews

Enquête sur une collision grave, promenade Aviation : on recherche des témoins… #Ottnouvelles
Yesterday, we responded to a vehicle collision involving a motorcycle. The motorcyclist sustained serious non-life-threatening injuries.

As mentioned above, we are looking for witnesses.
During the riding season, keep a watchful eye out for motorcycles and bicycles and do frequent blind spot checks. We all have a responsibility to make our roads safe. #sharetheroad…
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Today, OSEG unveiled its ‘Lansdowne 2.0' with a new arena, stands, 1,200 more housing units in towers. The 100-page staff report is now also out for next Friday’s FEDCo meeting.… #OttCity
It describes needing a rezoning at Lansdowne with process to start as early as this quarter, because the new location of the arena/event centre is at the berm in the current “open space” sub zone.
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Some quick thoughts on the strategic Lansdowne leak today. #Ottawa #Ottnews

1) City Report still isn’t out, we had to get the OSEG report from journalists, and a week to consider this not ideal.

2) The transportation to and from this site remains a critical element not fixed
3) The 1200 units proposed have not been planned based on the site itself but there to help the $330M financial deal - tax increment financing (city debt to help pay for facilities which is purportedly paid back by future tax uplift from units instead of going to city wide tax).
4) Some positive aspects to this project- some housing on the site (need more truly affordable housing-TBD in this plan), smaller retail, a better waterfall for the city and public realm improvements. Important to do consultation and get real input but let the next council decide
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#OttCity council begins. A last-minute addition is a verbal update from acting chief Steve Bell about a motorcycle rally this weekend. ##OttNews
The meeting is streaming live here:

As for people deciding to come down and join the public gallery for the first time in 2+ years, very few have come down. #OttCity
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Mise à jour sur le convoi de cette après-midi : Plus tôt cette semaine, @ottawapolice a été informé qu'une manifestation en véhicule en provenance du Québec avait l'intention de faire un passage symbolique à Ottawa et de se rendre à une destination finale à Vankleek Hill.
Un itinéraire restreint (sans arrêt, sans klaxon) a été désigné afin d'accélérer le passage du convoi en tenant compte de la sécurité de la communauté. L'itinéraire a utilisé les routes des camions pour qu'ils continuent de circuler à travers #Ottawa.
Nous avons travaillé avec nos partenaires pour mettre en place de multiples fermetures de routes avec une forte présence policière dans tout le centre-ville.
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Update on afternoon convoy: Earlier this week, @ottawapolice was advised of a vehicle-based demonstration from Quebec intending on making symbolic passage through Ottawa and then proceeding to an end destination in Vankleek Hill.
A restricted route (with no stopping or honking) was designated to expedite the safe passage of the convoy with community safety in mind. The route utilized truck routes to keep them rolling through #Ottawa.
We worked with our partners to implement multiple road closures with a strong police presence throughout the downtown core.
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