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Two urgent referrals of older people in desperate need just came in from @SuttonCouncil , to our coalition triage line run by @ComActionSutton

We get a call to discuss and plan

Age UK Sutton will support both people - one seriously ill and with no food or money, the other severely struggling with day to day activity under isolation.

But we’ve not got someone available to do an emergency food run tonight

But that’s ok because ...

As part of our charity coalition, we’re all helping where needed, pooling our resources for emergencies.

We call @SuttonCarers , whi spring into action to deliver emergency food boxes.

They can do this because...

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Assalammualaikum semua
Aku nk kongsi kisah hidup aku yg tak semua org tahu,aku tak pasti kalau ada org yg nak baca kisah aku. Ini berkenaan ic aku (kad pengenalan) 🙃
Aku ni dilahir sebagai anak org india. Mak ayah kandung aku pernah jumpa seorg sami,sami tu cakap aku nie pembawa malang so mak ayah aku ni dh gugurkan aku,mak ayah aku cari seorg bidan yg blh gugurkan aku sampailah mak ayah aku ni jumpa mak angkt aku.
Mak ayah kandung aku suruh mak angkt aku gugurkn aku tp mak angkt aku tolak,mak angkt aku tk buat kerja2 terkutuk mcm tu. Mak angkt aku jd nk ambik aku sebagai anak angkt,selepas aku dilahirkan mak kandung bg aku pd mak angkt aku tanpa apa apa dokumen ye
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#pleaseread Thread: Couldn’t understand why I could not sleep. I then realise that it’s four years ago to the very night that I hit my lowest point. I was in despair, borderline suicidal with no idea what to do or where to go. All because of an abusive relationship.
I was with my bully of an ex. He showed such narcissism that led me to believe that absolutely everything was my fault. I was never good enough. I’d been bullied so much that I’d lost over 20kgs in stress and fear in just over 12 months. I’d become a crumbling wreck.
He told me this night he debated leaving me as he didn’t find me sexy. I was ugly. That I didn’t do it for him anymore, and I believed it was all me. I wasn’t good enough. I was frozen. He still wanted sex but then berated me when I couldn’t do it. Too scared. Leaving me in tears
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#STOLEN #PleaseShare!!!! Erin Bennett's treasured #PRS #Guitar (see #photo) was lifted from @themeadowsfestival #edinburgh. Our whole community is absolutely gutted: this guitar toured with us throughout our #Rockbitch & MT-TV years. (1)
This #STOLEN #PRS #GUITAR is not just an #instrument but an heirloom of our #musical #history. We love it. We want it back. If you think 'all the more reason to keep it' PLEASE, WE BEG YOU, DON'T.
We are watching #ebay and all related sites like hawks (2)
We will pounce if we spot you selling ithis #STOLEN #PRS #GUITAR, so if you have it in you, please do the right thing: contact any of us on any social media or our #band #email and return our piece of beloved gear. Thank you. #pleaseshare #meadowsfestival #womeninmusic #musicians
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#pleaseshare So, I am here with a plea to fellow millennials and young people: Please #VoteBlue. I have 2 pre-existing conditions, Autism and Depression. The only reason I am able to get healthcare is because of Obamacare, 1/?
which Republicans have said they have wanted to get rid of, and have stated they want to get rid of if they win. They are now putting up a massive dog and pony show to deny this, however, the multiple votes they have done tell a far different story, 2/?
and they have not put forward a plan to help those with pre-existing conditions. The only plan they have are high-risk pools. However, these high risk pools are incredibly expensive, and the insurers will likely still deny many things essential to those of us 3/?
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