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1/2 🔥#californiawildfires #California #FALSEFLAG & #geoengineering 🔥
#DEW #Fire #Explosions WATCH. aerosol spraying

#MAGA #Anons #Qanon
2/2 🔥 #geoengineering 🔥 active storm chasers monitoring 🔥radar and #California #DEW 🔥fires in #californiablackout #Paradise #LosAngeles 🔥
Watch for Hazy/Milky skies.
3/3 🔥 #FalseFlag #California #californiablackout WATCH #geoengineering More #Red Flag explosions #Ventura

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Die Aussage „die #Klimakrise trifft zuerst die Schwächsten und Ärmsten“ mag zutreffen oder nicht: sie mobilisiert nicht. Weil selbst die damit gemeinten nicht damit gemeint sein wollen, und die nicht gemeinten hören „fein, mich geht’s eh nix an!“
Solange die Haus- und Villenbesitzer in Grinzing und Hernals nicht begreifen, dass es ihnen so ergehen könnte wie den Bewohnern von #Paradise, California, werden sie mehrheitlich auch nichts ändern, ja jede Änderung verhindern wollen. Sie sind ja „nicht betroffen“
Vielleicht wäre es wirksamer, dort anzusetzen, wo es „klassenübergreifend“ allen wehtut: ungebremster #Klimawandel heißt: kein Bier mehr, kein Heuriger, kein Fußball - aber auch: kein Mon Cherie, keine Wiener Festwochen und kein Wasser für den Pool.
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ಯಾವುದನೋ ಹುಡುಕುವಾಗ ಏನೋ ಸಿಕ್ಕಿತು. ಜನ್ನನ ಯಶೋಧರ ಚರಿತೆಯಲಿ “ಭಾರತವರ್ಷ”ದ ಬಳಕೆ

#bhAratavarSha in #janna’s #yaSOdhara_carite (13th C CE)

SIrShAbharaNam dharegut-
karShaviLAsanada bhUmi sakaLajanakkam
harShamanIvudu bhArata
varShadayOdhyA suviShayadoL rAjapuram
The moonrise that’s the lustre of the boy’s teeth dispels sin which is a deluge of darkness, like moonrise dispels bees, thus folding the hearer’s hand lotuses(in respect)

Reminds of jayadEva’s #gIta_gOvindam
vadasi yadi kincidapi dantaruci kaumudi harati dara timiram atighOram
intembudumA kuvarana
dantaprabhe emba SItakaranudayadagha-
dhvAntaugha madhupa mAlike-
yan tolagise mugidudavana karasarasiruham

#yaSOdhara_carite #janna
Read 66 tweets, I’m one of those people who had such a rough childhood that I grew up way too young. I began going to Church on Sunday, at age 6, by jumping on the Church bus early in the morning.

Now, understand that I didn’t know anyone in my Family who went to Church. They read the
Bible & sometimes argued about Revelations while drinking a bit too many “spirits” but...

My Grandpa read The Scripture everyday like clock work. He was as close to religious I had! So, I continued in Church up to age 13 when my sister died in a horrible car accident. I blamed
God! I was VERY angry bc in my YOUNG 6 yr. old mind- I had “made a deal” with God (ha ha!). But, I believed if I was good, really good, that my family would be okay even though they didn’t go to Church & they did stuff they shouldn’t be doing! When my sister passed, I felt
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“Operation Torch California is a very real ongoing black operation being conducted by the U.S. Intelligence Community in collusion with Operation Gladio. These false flag terrorist attacks are first &... 
foremost a highly sophisticated psyop. They have many goals.  And they will continue until California has been completely subjugated by the globalists.  
When I first learned about #DEW and how it works. The "wild fires" in California was obvious. I highly recommend everyone to watch this clip on "Lockheed Martin's Directed Energy: Speed of Light Defense"
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Was the destruction of the Northern California town of #Paradise by #fire 🔥 unforeseeable? The answer is no. Paradise sits at the edge of a big crack in the Sierra Nevada, California's greatest mountain range, through which every fall, big winds come roaring. (thread)
It's this part of California's version of the Santa Ana winds of Southern California, or the Diablo winds of the Bay Area. It's part of the rhythms of California, as high pressure in the Great Basin seeks a way to send wind down to low pressure areas toward the California coast.
California fire officials knew #Paradise was at risk. A 2005 state document warned that the greatest risk to Paradise was an "East Wind driven fire that originates above the communities and blows downhill through developed areas" — which exactly happened on Nov. 8.
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"Excuse me everyone for tagging you.  I am reaching out to many as possible in re: to "wildfires in California.
The recent "wildfires" in Paradise, California 1000's of people died and 30,000 + homes destroyed. What most people don't know the "wildfires" are man-made. I will provide clips, links of evidence, what we're up against and a solution. The mainstream media has been downplaying...
...on the "wildfires" to keep us all ignorant for not knowing the truth.  This is a 4  part thread." 
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#California’s deadliest wildfire devastated #Paradise High School’s Class of 2019: Their town destroyed, post-graduation plans in chaos. I went to #Chico, a city turned makeshift #campfire refugee camp, to see how the #seniors are handling the trauma.…
Their school is now temporarily operating in a shopping mall storefront, wedged between a JCPenney and a toy store. A “#Paradise Strong” banner hangs on one wall, near donated backpacks filled with new school supplies intended for students who lost theirs in the fire.
I met Kaleb Nelson, a #Paradise varsity football player who fled the fire barefoot, fire on both sides of the road. He forgot to save his dad’s wedding ring. Now he’s living in an old R.V. with his girlfriend, Adrianna Orozco. “All we have is each other,” he told me.
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We’ve spent this week reporting on the aftermath of the deadly #CampFire in Northern California for @newshour. Here’s a thread on what we’ve been seeing.
Three weeks in, there’s obvious relief that #CampFire is 100% contained, but thousands of people from #Paradise are still homeless, with no obvious remedy. Almost 90 people died in the fire, and nearly 190 more are still unaccounted for.
The scene up in #Paradise itself is just shocking. Photos just don’t do it justice. There’s a lot of talk about the “restorative” power of fire, but what we’ve seen was *anything* but....
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Let's talk about #CampFire for a second. My family moved to Paradise in 1991, as I was starting 8th grade. I lived there through high school, until heading to college. The family stayed until all kids had graduated high school - the last in 2004.

This was us at home in '91.
While news has referred to Paradise as isolated, we actually were moving from an even smaller town. I'd spent elementary school in Brownsville in Yuba County. When my dad got a new medical practice in Paradise, we were blown away by the McDonalds and "all those power lines".
I only spent one year in the Paradise school district, before my mom got a job teaching at Chico Jr. High. Through high school, I spent every early morning at church in seminary, and then driving down the Skyway to Pleasant Valley High School. (Here's us in front of our house)
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If Northern California had received anywhere near the typical amount of autumn precipitation this year (around 4-5 in. of rain near #CampFire point of origin), explosive fire behavior & stunning tragedy in #Paradise would almost certainly not have occurred. (1/n) #CAfire #CAwx
Rainy season has started late this year in California...again. While autumn precipitation isn't usually huge fraction of overall annual average, it's hugely important to ecosystems & in bringing "fire season-ending" moisture. This yr, autumn precip was <20-30% of avg. #CAwx (2/n)
Objective indicators of vegetation dryness and potential fire intensity were at record-high levels for the date this week in vicinity of #CampFire--and would have been very high even for peak summer levels--at a time of year when the rainy season is usually ramping up. (3/n)
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