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1🧵Last week @RandPaul questioned Samantha Powell of USAID & their involvement in funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Powell said they never funded GoF rearch, or Wuhan and that UC Davis' PREDICT program ended in 2019.
2🧵 Powell lied, either by omission, directly or out of sheer ignorance. USAID did fund EcoHealth Alliance & they knew that they were preforming research at the WIV's BSL-4 laboratory. Another lie is that PREDICT ended in 2019. PREDICT2 is no different.
3🧵While researching I fell upon this research article, published 1-25-2022 titled, "Predicting the potential for zoonotic transmission & host associations for novel viruses." Authors are from #Metabiota, #EcoHealthAlliance, Global Virome, Labyrinth, & Wuhan Institute of Virology ImageImageImageImage
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🧵1/5 It was nice to see the Epoch Times covering something that I've long been researching. The surmounting evidence the #EcoHealthAlliance's #PeterDaszak is implicated at the very least in obstruction and orchestrating a massive #coverup concerning C19🦠 ImageImageImage
🧵2/5 As was mentioned by whistleblower and prior EHA VP, @AGHuff there were relations between the CIA & Daszak in the years that preceded the Covid-19 Pandemic. No surprise that I find #Daszak writing in the #CIA's investment arm, In-Q-Tel's journal on Pandemics in 2016.🦠 ImageImageImageImage
🧵3/5 In the short, multi-page submission to the intelligence community journal in winter of 2016, Mr. Daszak mentions "coronaviruses" over a dozen times, and doesn't really focus on other diseases. Specifically noting the price of the SARS pandemic & likelihood of it reoccurring ImageImageImageImage
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Die Ursprünge von #Covid: Gepostet von dem verstorbenen Dr. Vladimir Zelenko #ZelenkoProtocol am 16. November 2021:

Wie eine Waffe der #Eugenik, des #Massenmord-s und des #Völkermord-s geschaffen wurde.

1. Im Jahr 1999 konstruierte #AnthonyFauci (Direktor des #NIAID) in…
Zusammenarbeit mit #RalphBaric und der University of North Carolina Chapel Hill ein "#infektiöses, replikationsdefektes" #rekombinantes #Coronavirus, um menschliche Zellen zu infizieren.

2. Im Jahr 2002 meldeten das #NIAID und die #UNC ein Patent an, um sich die Rechte an…
der chimären #Biowaffe Spike-Protein zu sichern, die nun für den Einsatz in der als #Impfstoff dargestellten #Gentherapie modifiziert wurde.

3. 2003 ließen die Centers for Disease Control and Prevention #CDC das Genom des #SARSCoronavirus #patentieren und sicherten sich…
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Dr. David Martin:
"Wir reden über 9/11, aber nicht über den 28.9.
Wir sollten über die Anthrax-Angst sprechen, denn damals hat das #Verteidigungsministerium das amerikanische Volk tatsächlich angegriffen und amerikanische Bürger mit einer #Biowaffe namens #Anthrax getötet."
"[…] Der #Milzbrandausbruch war kein Akt eines einsamen Wolfes. Es war ein Plan zum Verabschieden des #PrepAct.
Und das war notwendig, um den verfassungsmäßigen Schutz im Falle eines biologischen Notfalls, wie wir ihn gerade erlebt haben, im Wesentlichen auszusetzen."
"Unsere Regierung hat die Absicht, ihren Bürgern zu schaden"
Der Zoologe #PeterDaszak erklärte im Jahr 2015
"Um in der Öffentlichkeit das Verständnis für die Notwendigkeit medizinischer Gegenmaßnahmen, wie z. B. eines #Impfstoffs gegen das #PanCoronavirus,
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#RobertKennedyJr dice a Jimmy Dore che #BillGates finanzia l'OMS e sostiene il #GlobalViromeProject, che raccoglie e trasforma virus pericolosi in 150 laboratori biologici in tutto il mondo, e #JoeBiden sta concedendo all'OMS controllata da Gates
il potere illimitato di dichiarare #pandemie:
"Adesso hanno tutti questi #laboratoribiologici e Gates e altri sono coinvolti in questo progetto chiamato #GlobalViromeProject, in cui stanno cercando di raccogliere campioni di tutti i #virus del mondo
che possono essere usati come armi #PeterDaszak
e #USAID erano parte di esso...E poi stanno tutti lavorando in 150 #laboratoribiologici in tutto il mondo, quaranta in #Ucraina, in #Cina, in #Africa, stanno lavorando su Marburg, Ebola, Zika, Monkey Pox, Polio,
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@KimDotcom Wait…you still didn’t know the 🦠 + mRNA 💉 are Pentagon & CIA projects?

And the 🦠 was originally in USA during summer 2019?

It was a false flag 🚩 for WW3…

The evidence is insurmountable = USA orchestrated all this for global regime change…been working on it for decades.
@KimDotcom US created SARS 2.0 in 2015, then the Pentagon + CIA outsourced work on it to EcoHealth Alliance to create plausible deniability/false flag on China
Force the mRNA 💉 that DARPA pioneered into humanity.

2015 ::…

2015 ::…
@KimDotcom Jan 2020…

2017 :: ‘Over the past several years, DARPA-funded researchers have pioneered RNA vaccine technology…’…

2021 ::…
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De berechting volgens o.a. de #NeurenbergCode wacht.

Dat is ook een grote zorg voor @MarionKoopmans.

Berechting wegens #misdadentegendemenselijkheid
Georganiseerde #angstaanjaging, hetzes, grootschalig breed bedrog.
Aanzetten tot schadelijke/dodelijke medische handelingen.

We gaan eens luisteren ⬇️

@lientje1967 en @mariannezw bij BNR over de #Coronapas #Macron-Scholz-#MarkRutte
en de Brexit.
⬆️ Study:

Most of #Vaccinated Die Because of Vax-induced AutoImmune Attacks on Their Own Organs…

⬇️ video…

#SucharitBhakdi, M.D.
#ArneBurkhardt, M.D.
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1. Tracking Live Bats Story Impact #DRASTIC
1,431,746 views in 6 days:
Footage proves bats were kept in Wuhan lab

Followed up by Newsweek @Samantha__Lock…
and Fox news @TuckerCarlson…
2. Tracking Live Bats Story Impact #drastic

China accused of 'astounding cover up' as footage emerges of bats caged in Wuhan lab

745,046 views•Jun 14, 2021
3. Tracking Live Bats Story Impact #drastic

Wuhan bat video shows much of pandemic origin information was ‘Chinese disinformation’

317,167 views•Jun 15, 2021
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Sen. Rand Paul asking some pertinent questions to Dr. Fauci.

Although Fauci is being very evasive, he admits (in a roundabout way) that NIAID funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

(see final tweet on thread for proof he did)

Thread (1/8)...
What he categorically denies is funding "Gain-of-Function" (GoF) testing at WIV, stating it was conducted in the US (N Carolina).

Sen. Paul probes deeper, specifically quoting a paper Dr. Shi Zhengli co-authored, the infamous 'bat woman', who is one of the world's most...

...prominent figures in coronavirus research (she actually proved link between bats and coronaviruses).

The paper, written in Nov 2015, states not only that they were performing GoF experiments at WIV, but that funding has been approved by NIH.

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Peter Daszak - 9/14/19 - “Priority Pathogens incl. Disease X” ImageImageImage
2/27/20 - We Knew Disease X Was Coming. It’s Here Now.
We need to stop what drives mass epidemics rather than just respond to individual diseases.

By Peter Daszak
Mr. Daszak is a disease ecologist.… Image
“A few years back, Daszak was working with the World Health Organization, plotting out what the next global pandemic could look like, when he and some other scientists came up with the idea of ‘Disease X.’”… Image
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"The live SARS-like coronavirus SL-CoV-WIV1 has been isolated for the first time from bat droppings; and such virus has been confirmed to invade the host cells through the ACE2 of human beings..." ImageImageImage
Bat Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Like Coronavirus WIV1
Encodes an Extra Accessory Protein, ORFX, Involved in Modulation of the Host Immune Response. (2016) #ZhengLiShi #PeterDaszak #EcoHealth
Funding: #NIAID 110964 ImageImageImageImage
In this study, we have developed a fast and cost-effective method
for reverse genetics of coronaviruses by combining two approaches developed by others..As the genomes can be divided into multiple short fragments, mutations can be introduced into individual
fragments easily. ImageImageImageImage
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