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A thread on the Films that won the "National Film Award for Best Investigative Film"
(first awarded in 1990)
Documents the violence and terror in Punjab – a land torn apart by religious fundamentalists and a repressive government.

#UnaMitranDiYaadPyaari / #InMemoryOfFriends (1990) by @anandverite.

Exploration of the communal violence that triggered in Ayodhya following the Babri Masjid demolition.

#RamKeNaam / #InTheNameOfGod (1992) by @anandverite.

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@Microbioxdame @DanLeHibou @anthony08792 @FiatVoluntasT10 @soyotte39 @Mediavenir 1)
LOL. "Efficacité à 90%" ! 🤣🤣🤣🤡

Vous êtes de nouveau en train de faire de la #FakeMed et de la #FakeScience.

Comme vous prétendez être un très grand Scientifique, vous devriez savoir qu'il y a 2 types d'#Efficacité.
➡️ l'#EfficacitéPotentielle
➡️ l'#EfficacitéRéelle
@Microbioxdame @DanLeHibou @anthony08792 @FiatVoluntasT10 @soyotte39 @Mediavenir 2) Petit rappel de vos cours :
➡️ L’#EfficacitéPotentielle d’un #Vaccin se mesure dans le cadre d’un essai clinique contrôlé et repose sur le nombre de personnes qui, ayant été vaccinées, ont développé "un résultat présentant un intérêt" (en général, la maladie)
@Microbioxdame @DanLeHibou @anthony08792 @FiatVoluntasT10 @soyotte39 @Mediavenir 3)
en le comparant à celles qui ont développé le même résultat après avoir reçu un #Placebo (vaccin factice). Au terme de l’étude, on compare le nombre de personnes malades dans chaque groupe, de manière à calculer le risque relatif de tomber malade
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@ASlavitt , can you get some clarity on a group of people that is small in number regarding #BoosterShots . I'm a #Pfizervaccine trial participant who was vaccinated fully by Sept 2020, and now I'm a booster trial participant. I'm pretty sure I'm in placebo group for booster
trial. I have asthma, hashimotos, and am obese, and if @pfizer doesn't make the decision to unblind #placebo group in #boostertrial when the #BoosterShots will be available, I'm probably going to make the decision on my own to leave the trial. Someone needs to clarify the
situation that the vaccine trial participants are in: we were vaccinated a year ago, and some in that group are like me, almost 58, have asthma, hashimotos and am obese. So, we're MORE at risk if we wait for @pfizer Moderna or @HHSGov to clarify this dilemma. There are only a few
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Im Grunde ja. Also, #LucaApp Locations könnten einen Browser aufhaben und regelmäßig gucken, wie viele eingecheckt sind.
Läuft leider nicht laut @neXenio_Berlin ohne "Desktop"
Praxis und Realität streiten sich da etwas…

Nach meinen Tests läuft #LucaApp für Locations genauso gut im Handy-Browser wie aufm "Desktop".
Klar, Layout ginge schöner, aber wäre ja Aufwand
2/ Ach, der Scanner hat ja die Zahl immer noch. Damit könnte man #LucaApp eigentlich so nutzen: QR Code und wenn Leute reinkommen, aufm Handy gucken, dass die Zahl steigt
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📍Solución salina en ECAs de #Epicondilalgias Laterales

💉Usualmente se utiliza este método como #Placebo para comparar los efectos con tratamientos inyectados en patología MSK.

Sin embargo, ¿Es realmente la mejor opción como placebo ante tratamientos inyectados?

⬇️Hilo va!⬇️
📍En los ECAs acerca de Epicondilalgia Lateral, se suele utilizar Soluciones Salinas como tratamiento del grupo control.

De esta forma, buscan comparar esa sustancia inócua Placebo, frente a la Inyección de sustancia activa.

Sin embargo, parece que no es todo tan sencillo...
Como ejemplo, este MA de 2016 evidenció que la inyección de este tipo de sustancias producía efectos positivos en pacientes con OA de rodilla😮!!

En concreto, mejoras significativas y clínicamente relevantes a los 6 meses en EVA dolor o función WOMAC 😱…
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1/ Forget COVID for a sec! Come read about 🌟𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘤𝘦𝘣𝘰𝘴🌟 instead.

Is placebo effect as powerful as some suggest?
Not really.
But it's surprisingly consistent, & that has important implications in medicine.

I dug up an old student presentation on them.
Let’s dive in🧵 Quote from Emile Coue "...
2/ The term was 1st used in medicine in the 1800s: Treatment "adapted more to please than to benefit".

Even then, the importance of suggestion/placebos/bedside manner/whatever you call it was known to be tremendously important.
3/ A famous early Placebo-controlled trial (i.e. comparing the "treatment" to an identical sham) used wooden rods in place of Perkins Tractors, which were metal rods made of supposedly "special alloys".
It showed they were no more effective in managing the advertised disorders Front cover of early study ...
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"It is now well-established that most pediatric #antidepressant trials were #industry-sponsored & had serious methodological limitations; many trials remained unpublished due to unfavorable results, "

#Children: the sacrificial lambs of capitalism.…
"& those published were mostly ghost-written, selectively reported efficacy outcomes & misrepresented the true rate of treatment-emergent #suicidal events"

Those that claim to care about your health allow #pharmacological & #psychological experimentation on #children & #youth.
"in most countries #antidepressant use has considerably increased in #children & #adolescent over the last 10–15 years (11–13), despite #suicidality warnings, the serious limitations of the evidence-base, & ongoing controversies surrounding risks [] [and] #placebo response."
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Harmless #Placebo
64 yr old gentleman. Has mild fatty liver. On meds for high BP. Healthy, farmer. One fine day, he's lethargic. Lost appetite. Feeling under the weather
Gets blood tests done after GP consult. Liver test AST 224 ALT 138. GP says bad fatty liver, starts VitE
Comes back after 14 days. Worsening appetite. Rechecks blood. AST 542 ALT 432. GP refers to me. I ask for alcohol use. Gentleman says never in his life. His family supports him. I ask for #ayurveda #herbals. Says he doesn't believe in that sh*t. I'm impressed. But no diagnosis
3/ Checks for autoimmune liver disease markers, viruses. All negative. Ultimately convinces the elderly man to go for a liver biopsy. He does and the report says. Autoimmune liver disease. Repeat blood markers still negative. Pathologist says ask for drugs. So I do that again.
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#Antidepressants seem effective in the clinic but not in controlled studies. Why? Let’s consider all possibilities. @PeterDKramer @AllenFrancesMD @DrHowardLiu @DalackMd @blackdoginst @NAMICommunicate @Got_Anxiety @EikoFried @PsychTimes @matthewckeller @RiadhAbed1 @APAPsychiatric
Most of us who have prescribed antidepressants for thousands of patients have heard hundreds of them report transformed lives. “It is as if I walked out of a dark room into sunlight” “All of a sudden I can experience pleasure again”
But perhaps the effectiveness is an illusion. The improvement of patients taking #placebo is barely better than that for those taking antidepressants.
Here are 10 reasons why antidepressants
->Could seem effective when they are not, or
->Could seem ineffective when they are
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Repas dans la belle-famille aujourd’hui, l’occasion de rappeler le métier de feu le grand-père de madame : il était #magnetiseur .

A l’époque , pas de #nofakemed , au contraire.

Comment ça marchait ??? Très simple⬇️
A l’origine le grand-père tenait un magasin de tout et de rien, un « bazar » dans un village au pied des monts du lyonnais à la limite de la Loire et du Rhône
MAIS son gagne-pain, c’était magnétiseur : il soignait tout, ou presque. Sa méthode ?
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It took a while to digest the details of over 600 pages, but here is my review and comparative analysis of the #ACTT2 trial that compared #baricitinib vs. #placebo among patients receiving #remdesivir for #COVID19!

Some very interesting insights, I think!

Sit briefly and enjoy!
Will be mainly comparing #ACTT2 to #ACTT1, but also will get some insights and questions that come up when comparing #ACTT2 to the #dexamethasone #RecoveryTrial
The idea of using #baricitinib (aka Bari) for #COVID19 is in this commentary in .@TheLancet from Feb. when Peter Richardson & Co working .@benevolent_ai .@ucl searched drugs and noted that #bari could block inflammation & viral endocytosis.

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@myESMO #ESMO20 as a #trainee can be #overwhelming! So many good studies, some more #practicechanging then others, if you missed some and want to understand (albeit at a simplistic #trainee level), sit back, relax and enjoy as we go through some great data #ESMO20 @OncoAlert
1. #NSCLC: 2 major studies #ADAURA #CROWN for adjuvant #EGFRmNSCLC, and advanced #ALK+ experts can provide better perspective @JackWestMD @n8pennell @StephenVLiu @AMansfieldMD @CharuAggarwalMD @NarjustDumaMD @GlopesMd @DevikaDasMD @OncoAlert
1. A) #ADAURA: Stage IB-IIIA #resected #NSCLC with #EGFRm treated with #Osimertinib vs #placebo [SOC prior to this was adjuvant chemotherapy [cisplatin-based doublet based on #LACE metanalysis-] showed improvement in #DFS @NEJM…
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🔥Thread hydroxychloroquine #HCQ #COVID19

Pourquoi la très grande majorité des médecins s’accordent aujourd’hui pour dire que l'#HCQ ne marche pas ?

Parce que de très nombreuses études montrent son inefficacité et qu'aucune étude de qualité ne montre son efficacité.
Tout en haut de la pyramide de valeur des études, il y a les essais randomisés de grande ampleur. Il y en a désormais 3 sur l’#HCQ dans #COVID19 dont 1 publié (@NEJM) et 2 partagés via communiqué presse (@MartinLandray @ScienceMagazine). On y ajoute 2 méta-analyses solides.

1er essai : @boulware_dr et collègues

#HCQ en prophylaxie (en prévention de l'infection après exposition à risque) chez 821 patients : autant de patients contaminés par COVID-19 avec #HCQ que #placebo. Effets indésirables plus importants avec #HCQ (40% #HCQ vs 17% #Placebo)

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Updated the #RECOVERYtrial topline results summary table of the #dexamethasone arm compared to usual care for treatment of hospitalized patients with #COVID19.

Got additional information colleagues shared in Twitter.

Thread with some comparisons with #ACTT1

#IDtwitter 1/
the #ACTT1 authors have only reported (preliminary) Day 14 mortality, and the #RECOVERYtrial has only posted Day 28 mortality.

But these days the Supplementary Appendices in trial reports have additional relevant information:…

The paper says they were not reporting day 29 mortality, but If you look at Figure S3 in the #NEJM #ACTT1 preliminary report, you have KM estimates out to day 30.

From there you can visualize the probability of death at day

28 (see figure) have left lines and scales
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#Placebo ja #nocebo - tapauskertomus:
Joukkue jossa junnuna pelasin lätkää, oli pelimatkallaan yöpynyt hotellissa. Ruokailu tapahtui buffetissa yms. josta oli saanut olutta. Nöösit olivat juoneet sitä antaumuksella. Jokainen oli kännissä kuin käki, siihen saakka kunnes selvisi
että kyseinen olut olikin ollut ykköstä. Tämä johti jokaisen spontaaniin selviämiseen.

Tämä vastaava placebo- ja nocebo -efekti näkyy myöskin ilmiössä nimeltä #koronakriisi. Siksikin #priorisointi ja #testaaminen ovat nyt ne ainoat ratkaisut.
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Schön, dass Sie nochmal betonen, daran zu glauben, es gäbe Fakten mit unterschiedlichen Besitzverhältnissen.

Meine, deine, unsere, eure, ihre!

Das ist ein Irrglaube! Und leider nicht Ihr einziger ...

#Homöopathie #Fakten
Und schön, dass Sie in Ermangelung besserer Argumente auf irgendwelchen blauen Bändchen herumreiten, die als kleines Dankeschön für die Unterstützung der #Aufklärung in Sachen #Homöopathie verteilt wurden.

Schon gesehen? Ich habe auch eins 🤓

Und nochmal zur Klarstellung:

Weder hasse ich die #Homöopathie, noch möchte ich bezweifeln, dass manch homöopathisch tätiger Arzt oder Heilpraktiker wertvolle Arbeit leisten kann.

Es geht um etwas völlig anderes:

Es geht um Globuli und deren behauptete spezifische Wirkung!
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[#Parution] 1999 > Guide pratique de vulgarisation scientifique par #SophieMalavoy via Gallimard Montréal #LaMethSci
[#Parution] 2014 > Quand le paranormal manipule la science - Comment retrouver l’esprit critique par #SergeLarivée via ed. #PUG #LaMethSci
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1/ How about NO? RT How About 6 #Vaccines In One? #FDA Approves New #Vaccine #Vaxelis From #Sanofi, #Merck. #bigphrama…
2/ Six #children died in the clinical trails of the new #vaccine from #Sanofi, #Merck. It's on page 8 of the #Vaxelis #vaccines insert on the #FDA website.…
3/ Page 6 of the #Vaxelis #vaccines insert acknowledges it was tested with two other vaccines administered at the same time. There was no saline #placebo trial, and they only looked for serious adverse events for 5 days.…
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