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#POTUS tweet 7 Oct 2019 - 5:54:13 PM
#POTUS RT the same Video at 11:42:58 PM
Text "TRUMP" to 88022 = 212 &
1st Tweet [5.01] Delta
2nd Tweet [0] Delta
@realDonaldTrump #POTUS as Q+ is communicating with us. He emphasized the Video.
#QPosts 554, 248 Video length, 1142 & 501
[5.01] h Delta
RR problems
@realDonaldTrump Text "TRUMP" to 88022 = 212
Simple Gematria
There Are No Coincidences = 212
They Think They Are Saved But They Are Damned=419
#QPost 212 & 419
Do you believe in coincidences?
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Thread: Q's Army

Do you think #QsArmy is just a bunch of people sitting at the computer doing nothing?

Do you think #Anons are stealing valor?

Do you think #DigitalSoldiers are wasting their time, not doing anything to help?

What is #QsArmy?

(Read ☟💊)
The first thing you have to understand is the #RippleEffect. When you find a #Fact, you share it. Now the #information has a starting point.

Everyone is a starting point for someone.

👥 👥
👥👥 👥👥

We call it #RedPilling. 💊☟
It can take a long time to find all the #facts. Hours of #digging.

Imagine if you were being told #lies by the #news and no one was willing to take time out of their day to find the #Truth. No #Opposition! No one watching [them].

#WeAreTheNewsNow. The protectors of truth. ☟
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Jewish Gematria
The Zion Matrix = 1232
Zion is the last, only known human city on the planet Earth. The city is the launching point for the resistance against the Machines that threaten their freedom.
Zion is over 250,000 humans, is actually a massive series of caverns deep under the ruined planet's surface, close to the planet's core for warmth, power, and protection.
The Living Levels of Zion
@realDonaldTrump "To the understanding of the human government living there, the location of Zion is unknown to the Machines until when they found their way into it through the Dock.

The fortified gates of Zion open as the Nebuchadnezzar approaches."
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1.) For those of you who follow Our Movement, AKA the Inauguration Speech of 45, you know Our Movement is first, foremost and has always been about bringing the Dark to Light. That’s what draining the swamp actually means.
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #W
2.) Tinfoil hatters and many others have suspected throughout our lifetimes that nefarious deeds had taken over our Gov’t, our Banking System, our MSM and our Entertainment Industry.
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
3.) Idk why We are the Ppl alive today to bring things to the light that have been going on for generations. Idk why it’s happening now, I just know that it is and well folks, here we are.
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
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1.) The tweet below is from Jack Dorsey, the guy who created Twitter.
When HRC’s Campaign Mgr John Podesta’s emails were published by WikiLeaks, there was language that made no sense whatsoever, such as:
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
2.) “Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta? What is a pizza-related map?
WHAT?! How do you play dominoes on pasta? How can a map be pizza-related?
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
3.) A couple terms were already being used by researchers, so I’m adding the dbl meanings for those terms:
“hotdog” = boy
“pizza” = girl
“cheese” = little girl
“pasta” = little boy
“ice cream” = male prostitute
“walnut” = person of colour
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
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'Force' The Q Thread.

Has Q been telling us to #ForceTheQ?

In this #Thread, I'm going to break down each #QDrop (#Qpost) that I think relates to #ForcingTheQ

I'm going to show you the #sauce so you can decide for yourself

If #QAnon told us to force the #Q, would you do it? ☟
#ForceTheQ #Sauce - 01

#QAnon said that #Trump being asked the #Q must happen. That means its part if #ThePlan.

Don't be afraid
You are the support
You are the frame
The build is near complete

MSM is not going to just ask the Q. It will take public interest (the people).☟
How do you remove evil in #power unless you reveal the ultimate truth?

WE will succeed

#United, #WeThePeople hold all the power. We the people had forgotten that.

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1.) When Giuliani told you that the Dems were walking into a huge trap, he wasn’t kidding.
As soon as Trump knew the Dems were headed to Ukraine, when both leaders would meet at the UN? It was Game on, Globalists.
#KAG #WWG1WGA #Qanons #Q
2.) Ephesians 6:12
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
3.) We are watching the battle between Sun Tzu v Saul Alinsky: Rules for Radicals. “Blame them for what you’re doing.” This is Biblical, folks.
This is the battle between Good v Evil, and we already know that in the end, God wins.
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
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How many similarities can you find in this picture?
Mothman in silver (top) and Senator Joe Manchin Dem. from West Virginia with silver hair (bottom)..
@realDonaldTrump @GenTrump @GenFlynn Q has not post since 1 Aug 2019. Q+ does it every day. We don't need Q if Q's boss is with us, sending and giving us messages daily. I found this #POTUS tweet very interesting from Sep 22 2019 9:39 AM (EST)
@GenFlynn @GenTrump
@realDonaldTrump @GenTrump @GenFlynn "I go along with Joe!" said #POTUS What does this really mean?
Capital letters: IJ=19
Time: 9:39:21 AM
[0] Delta Perfect Time!
#QPost 939 & 21 (9+3+9)=21 (21)s
intense shilling
@GenFlynn @GenTrump
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#Illuminati #Whistleblower #SRA Survivor Cheryl Hersha Interview, VL Rel... via @YouTube
@YouTube This interview with my friends at Victurus Libertas VLTV (YT, Bitchute) @TheFreedom2Live, expands beyond MKUltra to the bigger picture of my life.
*a note to my beloved President,@realDonaldTrump
, and all fellow #patriots and #Qanons, I now know the President was using their..
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Back in the days of 1960s and 70s, most of "we the children" of MKUltra, came from multi-generational Illuminati Bloodline Families with family members in the military that signed us over to the MKUltra/Monarch Program.
Our book only covers MKUltra experiences of my sister and I.
This interview with my friends at Victurus Libertas VLTV (YT, Bitchute) @TheFreedom2Live , expands beyond MKUltra to the bigger picture of my life.
*a note to my beloved President, @realDonaldTrump, and all fellow #patriots and #Qanons, I now know the President was using their..
signs, symbols, Gematria, colors, etc... (the Luciferian language) to trick those who could be tricked. IMO.
Thus, in this interview, I am on the fence about my President - it's been 3 years already! I fully support this courageous man and his Family and Admin, etc... now. He has
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Good morning all world wide!

As a fellow #digitalsoldier in these #digitaltrenches I am obligated to sound the alarm much like Paul Revere did.

There is a black moon Sept. 28th. Witchcraft and evil will be greatly active during this time.

It can begin as early as 6 days before the event.

Be prepared to experience all manner of evil.

Spirits of suicide, lunacy, worry, anxiety, depression, self worthlessness, despair are among those being conjured up and set loose.

Also prepare for attacks on your store houses. Ie your finances, vehicles homes etc.


Put on the armor #QAnon has told us about. It is thee GOD of #Qanons Armor.


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Pic of me 1975; pic of Greta Thunberg 2019.
Luciferian/satanic/MKultra Programming Evidence spanning 44 years, worldwide.
No, I am NOT signalling the no.44; it is simply the math at present. Consider SRA programming for me began at age 2yrs. (Illum. Family Lines age 2-3yrs)...
I'd like to point out both the subtle and overt body language. Long hair parted in the middle is demanded of teen girls if "Lilith" goddess is to be honored. Check.
Head tilt slightly downward, tight, half smile. Check. Obedience to Master.
Locked arm position. "In the presence..
of my Master". THEY demand RESPECT and OBEDIENCE. You do or you die.
This body language is taught through trauma-based operant conditioning.
Luciferian Language is based on body language, signs, symbols, colors, numbers, Gematria, etc...
Their children MUST learn this language.
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1.) The last bid I saw for the video footage of Justin singing Day-O in black face was $20K.
It’s the most sought after piece of film footage caught on film since the Zapruder film.
2.) Justin’s been out there virtue signaling to all of us that the word “mankind” must be changed to the more inclusive ‘humankind” when his karma backed over his dogma due to the Cancel Culture that he helped to create.
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
3.) Justin put the cherry on top of our ancient history of racism dating as far back as 2001, when blackening up for a party was not all that obviously racist, when he was 30 years old, and a teacher in a college.
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
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1.) The Overton Window is so small and pushed to the Left, that it is impossible to discuss facts regarding everything from the Left’s gender wage gap that no longer exists, or how the Left has recruited an insurgency of Islam to create a
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
2.) culture that is antithetical to the US Constitution and to usurp the Christian belief system upon which our Country was founded.
It was the Left that created Trump as a Culture. Keeping America Great is a Cultural movement.
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
3.) @POTUS Trump is the direct consequence of who it was that We the Ppl ELECTED to dispel the Left who call ppl homophobic when they’re not, who call ppl Anti-Semitic when they’re not, who call ppl racist when they’re
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
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1.) Biden says he's never spoken to his son about Ukraine business deals.
👉 .
Except, of course, right here when Joe did NOT deny that He AND Hunter were doing exactly that. 6/20/19
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
2.) JOE BRIBED THE UKRAINE to drop the investigation into Hunter, whose business partner was John Kerry’s kid, who went straight to the State Dept. That’s why BHO and Kerry followed Trump all over the globe, trying to manipulate heads of
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
3.) States to NOT negotiate business deals with @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
The same Hunter Biden that was sleeping with his dead brother’s wife. The same Hunter Biden that turned in a rental car with crack cocaine and
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
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The boss has spoken.
We have it all. This meeting with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook in the Oval Office, was to tell us that everything is under MILITARY CONTROL.
The President sends us to his FB page in this tweet. Why?
[0] Delta Perfect!
Why, do I say, MILITARY CONTROL? Let's see the background of the pic.
There is a pic. of George Washington and the 2 MILITARY flags. #POTUS brought back the MILITARY flags to the OO!
The Army Flag is in #POTUS side & the Marine Flag is between/separating #POTUS and Zuck.
Let's see what the time of post tells us 🤔
8:02 PM in FB
8:03 PM Twiter
#QPost 802 & 803
Do you think this is a coincidence? No, #POTUS is telling us [MZ] is a traitor but, at the same time he tells us EVERYTHING is GOOD. Do you see it?
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump #KAG @GenFlynn #
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Why is there so much division among us, the Q followers? Sometimes we don't know who to follow anymore. Why? Do we like it easy and want somebody else make research for us? #POTUS was a business man and now he is the American President. He is a brave man.
Every one of us have a gift and we need to develop that precious gift God gave us. It's time to do our own research on any subject we like. Every one of us can do it. Many of us are not experts in research but, we can start with one idea or theme.
That idea or theme will lead us to another and when; we least expect, we already have the answer for our question.
Many of us are thinking, I thought this person was one of us and it turned out to be a charlatan. Charlatans are used to convince undecided people
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1.) 🚨😂🚨 AG Barr denies Jerry Nadler’s request for Grand Jury material from the Mueller Investigation to be released to the
2.) House Judiciary Committee, because Jerry Nadler has no legal definition for impeachment after changing the House rules granting himself the power Impeach. Imagine that.
3.) Just because NoNadsLer changed the rules, does not a rule change make without a vote, and NoNadsLer has yet to file anything at all, let alone any grounds for his Impeachment plan to proceed.
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#Qanon And when the Word befalls them, we will bring forth for them a creature from the earth telling them that mankind was of Our proofs not certain. And the day we gather from every community a host of those who repudiate our proofs, then will they be marshaled....
...When they have come He will say: Did you repudiate my proofs when you had not encompassed them in knowledge? Or what was it that you did? And the Word will befall them because they did wrong. Then will they not talk.
For years Scholars believe this creature was the computer because chips are mostly silicon & which is from the earth. The whole thing is made from things from the earth. So are cars & refrigerators but creature & telling them does not describe any of those. However it perfectly
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1.) Once again, the climate warriors out filming a global warming documentary had to be rescued after their ship got trapped in polar ice. This necessitated ppl using fossil
2.) fuels to get them airlifted out of there by a Coast Guard helicopter, which does not run on solar power, having to burn a lot of carbon to save their lives; as will the ships that have to go out there to dislodge the boat stuck in ice.
3.) This exact same thing happened the last time the climate cult headed out to the Arctic to film a documentary on melting ice caps, only to get stuck in the polar ice.
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1.) I’ve got great confidence in America, and I say to those who don’t, look elsewhere; where else would you rather be?
-SCOTUS Justice Gorsuch
Can Hidden Camera Shots of Taylor Swift Trick America into Thoughtful via @YouTube
2.) He’s saying that life is not perfect in the USA because we’re imperfect ppl. However, the USA is the least imperfect place to be.
That’s humble American exceptionalism that ALL Americans should be very proud of.
3.) Partisanship isn’t new. Plots to overthrow the office of a duly elected .@POTUS by the losing team, that’s what’s new. The 5-4 SCOTUS decisions have remained the same since WWII.
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