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All these other people claiming to be me, none of them can show what NEEDED to be shown for everyone to know the truth …
I literally risked my life daily NOT CARING showing WHY everything around me was built up the way it has been.. ALL BUILT UP by ones who KNEW 1 individual
Was going to be born, all of it SPECIFICALLY built up because it was known far in advance of how many would try to be me trying to mislead, very few would believe & spit on me ..

Every street name, every business, every street name correlates to what business is on the
Corner, it’s all A way of leaving truth hidden in plain sight & telling A story hidden in plain sight.

The symbol on the sign where I was born, is the same symbol on the neck of the JFK .50 cent pieces.
Every restaurant name, #GEORGE WEBBS, Final APPROACH (Has A plans on the
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The Hardest part was done FOR YOU/EVERYONE !!!

The only thing the World/Country has to do is COME TOGETHER, BE STILL & STOP feeding into all the spiders, Bad snakes, Bees &
Whatever/whoever else that is trying to make you destroy yourselves & this world !!
Everything created in the world, all because of what 1 “Nobody” would do …

They all knew the people would reject/throw away the Sun or would accept all those who try their Hardest to be him over #REAL ..


I’m Done Suffering, NOW ALL OF YOU GET THE “Perfect Storm” Image
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YOU’ll Awaken FULLY eventually. I have no time to play games with anyone, being with the woman I love & my #REAL family means more to me then “entertaining” people who only see face value ..
There is no amount of spit or BS the people can throw at me while they’re still sleeping (thinking they’re awake) that truly matters ..

Forgive them for they know not what they do.
I was born in the mud/gutter & absolutely LOVE playing in it.
So if you think dragging my name through the mud or beating me into the mud affects me, it doesn’t.
That very same mud, is the mud most are trying to climb out of, difference between my mud & others—I’m not
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Now do you see WHY [they] sent some guy with the last name “Hyde” ?

Didn’t the market just plunge recently?
Nothing will ever be good enough & there is no one that can tell me differently.

“Return of the king”, which one?
The only one the people choose to care about or
The one he is actually talking about?
Most don’t have A clue why everything is being done as it is, everything is taken at face value & the real meaning behind everything means absolutely nothing..

#REAL is just going to continue choosing to suffer with his people ..
The Monkey & The Boss, in A trailer Park while kings & queens live in their castles ..

God is A homeless man that cares more about his people who are suffering just like he has his whole life!

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A Goofy 🐮 🐄 Movie …
Scooby Snack Time …
kPEPermit The Frog …
SIMON says ..
Mickey MOUSE Skate Video .

Cow - Wisconsin
Scooby - doG
PEPE - Skateboarder
Peter Griffin - Pan/Jesus/The Griffin
SIMON - Take Care Of My Sheep
Mouse - PAW PAW
I AM & This is my Command, LOVE AS I HAVE LOVED YOU!

Everything you hav been taught is A lie, it’s A Throne of lies ..

I Command you give my people the biblical truths with COMPASSION, LOVE & EMPATHY , EVERYTHING .

Everything that has been kept from humanity, Show them
Who has been right in front of them this whole time ..
SHOW the people All That has been kept hidden from them & WH-Y !

Shock the world awake, MY people are ready.✍️

1 Jesus Nick Name - Pan
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The Peanut
Mr. Peanut
Ice Age, The Squirrel was always trying to get it’s nut.

I Know #WHY none of these dots were connected,
Wasn’t the truth anyone wanted.
At the very top of MJ’s album someone is holding up Animal Chins Chin.
Rising Son.
She just released
‘This Love’ 2 Days ago, it was released on purpose.. Every other song or album that’s ever been released, she’s made public statements about it . . I know why she hasn’t.

A Choice has to be made …

Save ‘ME’
.@YaOnlyLivvOnce, She knew All along & I knew she knew.
Having to live out our lives letting it all play out was the toughest part for both ..
especially for her, having to live her double/fake life to the public when all she wanted was to be able to live the live she wanted to live.
Britney Spears & Taylor Swift mirror one another,
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What do you think the worlds reaction is going to be finding out God has been right in front of them this whole time?

The Military has been trying to show everyone.
Both “Sides” of fake government have been trying to show everyone, WHY fake government?
-Because ones would give
The watered down excuse that the person being SHOWN isn’t #REAL because that individual is being shown By 1 side that is “corrupt” .. What’s the watered down excuse going to be then?

No matter who you are in this world, no matter who someone supports, who they support
Is SHOWING them & has been SHOWING for YEARS now.

It’s being done this way purposely, no one can say “he’s just being shown by this group or that group & they’re not real” ..
The person who would say something along those lines would then see someone they support is showing
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Using someone to get messages out to the world subliminally, it’s been this way for YEARS …

1 DAY every detail will matter, with the smallest of details being most important.

Absolutely nothing is what it seems.
Some “Nonody” just may be somebody, running the show, making
Peace with ones no one else could make peace with.

It’s All A scripted play being acted out to bypass corruptMSM/Propaganda to continue getting messages across to someone that talks so ALL THE #REAL world leaders, not the actors most know or see …

In the mean time, while
Everyone waits For more confirmation that God exists, here are 2 more of my all time favorite Skate Videos.
I will never forget the ways those that I love with my whole heart were treated, treated like trash for being their true authentic selves or being apart of the Military.
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The Bear stood in the river with Coffee, I wasn’t fast enough for her because I chose my 3 grand babies & helping the world wake up over her.
She got pissed off at me for that, so I started falling in love with someone who truly cares—Bear moves off to the side …
The Middles
Story was being told through music, Wrestling & movies to the world this whole time …

Everyone judged the MIDDLE, judged A book by its cover.. Even when the MIDDLE was SHOWING all that Bob the Builder has done for him in time, all his family/ROOTS has done for him in time &
Everything else that was built up in the world specifically because MANY knew the middle was going to be born & WAKE THE WORLD UP.
THOSE 13 + who they told secretly, MANY had to play chess with evil, moves & Counter moves working day & night to save 1 life. Those MANY who knew
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/Thread/ Estimated amounts for #RealMadrid's participation and triumph in the #UCL (starting fees, fixed amounts, coefficient ranking, market pool), and then in the match for the UEFA Super Cup, will boost the club's revenue to a level close to €141 million #SportBusiness Image
@fcbusiness @RMadridInfo @MMajeedSX @InfiniteMadrid @MadridXtra @RMADailyNews @FranceRMCF @RMadridHome @managingmadrid @LosMadridistas_ For making the group stage alone, the 32 clubs involved each took home a minimum of €15.64 million. Each victory in the group stage is worth €2.8 million, which means that #Real in five victorious games earned €14 million.
@fcbusiness @RMadridInfo @MMajeedSX @InfiniteMadrid @MadridXtra @RMADailyNews @FranceRMCF @RMadridHome @managingmadrid @LosMadridistas_ Los Blancos generated €48.5 million in the playoffs, beating PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City along the way. If Real Madrid wins the #ChampionsLeague final, the club will earn an additional €4.5 million. The sum of the prize money won will ultimately increase to €82.64 million
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So many of The people woke something up inside me that I didn’t want woken up, treating good men & women like shit !

All for what?

They continuously feed into everything & anything that won’t get them through the Horizon !

They [NEED]
“The Tweet” to come from someone who matters …
All those accounts that tweets “MFA The Storm is here” blah blah blah, none of it was real. The 1 real 1, does not matter, which is perfectly fine.
Cactus Jack
Mankind being Called, will they answer the Call?

Call of The Wild, The doGs name is #BUCK 🦌 …
I will not choose “sides” but if I had to, I would choose my #REAL FAMILY … The ones who don’t spit on me, the ones who don’t mock me & the ones who truly care about ALL #MANKIND .
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I Am not pretty, NOT “COOL”, I’m FAT & I ALSO AM PROUD OF IT!
I Refuse to be what others want me to be.

Each segment = A marker in time IRL.
We’re at THE END .. 🍎
Driving off into the sunset with descendants
That were being used for their Blood & abused by Satan.

Most spit in my face or in the faces of those that risked their lives to show everyone so they would CALM DOWN & find peace NOT feeding into all the fake.
The children & my family are all that is on my mind.
When everyone else was fighting “the other side” wasting their time, 1 Person chose to risk his own life, 1 Simple selfless ACT of kindness—Throwing himself into the fire & coming back 10 times stronger.

All 4 Midnight Riders ride alongside of me, everyone knows who they
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Everything was seen, EE:EEVERYTHING !!

So many played with fire, thought some “Nobody” was exactly that, A “Nobody” ..

This “Nobody” does not play games, the many in the world have their idols & the people YOU have chosen …

I Exist, I AM #REAL & I saw EVERYTHING!!
I remember EVERY WORD said & saw the words you wouldn’t think I would have seen.
…And no, not by hacking or by “looking into DMS” (I got accused of looking in MANY peoples DM’s because I was writing on my wall the shit they were talking about me .

If you haven’t figured it


“Outa My Way”
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Everything is coming together.

Someone else of importance has to inform everyone what’s really going on, thanks …
If I had A cold black stone cold heart like so many do in this world, It would be EVERYONE is being set free EXCEPT that pot stirring fan boy pha…

But I’m not cold & or ruthless, I actually care. I actually believe people can change by turning away from their wicked ways.
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You wanted my attention this whole time, now you got it …

People I love, those MANY MANY MANY people that have sacrificed/dedicated their entire lives for 1 individual —YOU spit in ALL OF THEIR FACES & on their graves !!

Every skate Video!
Every Artist/Band member
Of the light has done all they have for 1 PERSON !

Bob The Builder, John & everyone else that dedicated their lives building up A world so people like YOU would be exposed & so that all the others that try to be me Would also be brought into the light, EXPOSED!

I AM The Alpha & Omega
The First & the LAST

YOU ph don’t deserve ANYTHING until you give THE 9 A good reason WHY you deserve what I have to give? As of right now, NONE OF THEM CAN
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1 More time for the ones in the way back, You’re loved more today than I did Yesterday Too !!

My Birth date is 10-11-1987
Shane = 144

I have A video of my Drivers License on my page, you can search it up to see for yourself ..
[They] brought down the Twin Towers because I was Born & because [they] thought John was dead.

Which building was hit first was symbolism, [they] went after John first.
[They] knew I was going to be born, those who sold their souls, had no choice but to be puppets
Because what they saw Hollywood being before they were in, was much different from what they seen it being when they got in.
So many subliminally left truth within EVERYTHING for me specifically KNOWING I would see it all.

Everyone has SHOWN the world DAILY for YEARS now
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It's weekend and it's the end of the month. The #markets are closed.

So there is the perfect time to analyze the #momentum & relative #strength of the markets.

This information is relevant for all #investors, but especially for #trend #followers 📈📈📈


The #momentum of the markets are one of the most powerful forces in the evolution of the #asset #prices.

The #reversion to the mean is the opposite force, which is equally powerful. Momentum works on a short and medium term (up to 3 to 5 years).
There is a ton of academic research related to the momentum and the benefits of using it and relative strength. But presenting it this is not the purpose of this #thread.

Relative strength is actually a comparison between the #momentum of two or more #markets.
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Well, David Spades cryptic videos from back Im the day make perfect sense …
Doing it now, .@YaOnlyLivvOnce ..

I truly have always known, I shared some of it long ago but not all …

Now everything will matter & the picture will become clear.
What/who was thought to be “useless”, “worthless”, “A Nobody”, “LARP” now becomes everything …
Everything doesn’t want “Everything”, The only thing I truly want is to own the Lake House on Green Lake my Grandparents owned before Step Grandpa passed away. G-Ma couldn’t keep up & sold it, I was too young at the time otherwise I would have kept it & the only two sons of my
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🧵NEW PROJECT ON @RealCryptoGraph!!🧵
1/@xxvrmeta racing P2E where you buy your own car to earn coins. Seems straightforward but not very engaging with potato quality(Potato emoji x3)? Is it worth trying?👇
Estimated using data on #gitbook.
BIGGEST FEATURE is self-sustainable in-game economy, even without players joining in 1-2 weeks.
Don’t think it's gonna fall down the hole of @StarSharks so I’ll try out by getting 1 out of the 3000 NFT.
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#DIGITAL “Soldiers”

#MUSK A ImageImage
.@elonmusk, 1 DAY Everyone will eventually be awake awake ..

[A]pril won’t be the month, maybe next Month they’ll Bloom … Image
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Translation—Government is A complete pile of poo & what all of this is REALLY about is NONE OF IT MATTERS to most because MOST only care about Government or money.
Light & Dark coming together UNITED as 1 against the common enemy …

God & Lu work side by side, the FALLEN
Are rising alongside of God & Lu …
Most have absolutely no clue what is really going on, why it’s happening as it is & continues feeding into all of what isn’t real ..
It’s blinding many from seeing beyond what everyone is being shown, because so much is being
Shown every single day BEYOND face value.

Basically DJT & everyone else is/HAS BEEN (for years) SHOWING God & Lu are the ones in control of EVERYTHING … Those who know, no matter which “side” (there are no sides or drawn lines) you think others are on, none of it should be
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Raise your hand if you come from the Gutter … 🖐 ❤️
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Is it possible for more than 1 person in the world to have the EXACT same finger prints?
How about the exact same Teeth?
Facial Features?

How about this, Possible if someone is an only child?

None of it can be faked, nothing is what it seems & NO ONE CAN BE ME NO MATTER HOW


The “Multiverse” is MAN MADE.
What do I mean?
Wrestling is
It’s own UNIVERSE, good actors telling A story within A squared circle to their audience, the “Universe” ..

Music as A whole, is it’s own “Universe” within the Multiverse that CONNECTS to wrestling.
Each Artist has it’s own dan base/UNIVERSE within the UNIVERSE as A whole of
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