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Operator just told us the call will be taking place "shortly." The waiting continues...
Kenney starts by saying yesterday's meeting was 8 hours long.
There is no one single way through this pandemic, Kenney says.
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@CMOH_Alberta says there's a backlog of cases for contact tracers. Positive cases have received results but AHS has not been able to do contact tracing investigation.
Effective tomorrow, if 10 days have passed since you received a positive test result, AHS will no longer call you to do a contact tracing investigation.
Hinshaw says she's asked AHS to start with the most recently diagnosed cases and work backwards through the backlog.
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Kenney says there were 802 #COVID cases yday and 609 are being reported today.
He says there are 171 people in hospital with 33 in ICU.
He says #AB is at a turning point. If we don't bend the curve, we will face tougher choices in the days ahead, the premier says.
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If you test positive for #COVID19 now and aren't in a priority setting, you have to do your own contact tracing. Here's the script from AHS:
"Hi – this is ___ (name of positive case). I am calling to inform you that I have tested positive for COVID-19. 1/4
2/4 "Alberta Health Services recommends that I notify you that you have been exposed to COVID-19. I am sorry to have to tell you this. It’s very important that you MUST immediately self-isolate, and go to,
3/4 "to complete the online assessment and go for COVID-19 testing. According to my files, you were exposed to me on ___ (date that this person was in close contact with you). You will need to isolate for 14 days from that date."
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@CMOH_Alberta starts by saying, due to a technical issue, there will not be detailed case numbers today.
However, she does say there are about 800 cases in the last 24 hours.
She says the measures introduced 10 days ago, which may have helped cases plateau, are not having enough of an effect.
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Oct 27 update: TAKE HOME

#Canada is performing similar to peers such as Germany in testing & controlling #COVID19 spread.

OUR FAILURE: When #Canadians get COVID-19 we’re more likely to die.

WHY? Longterm, congregate care, retirement homes.

Oct 27: Cumulative #COVID19 CASE FATALITY RATE (CFR) among high income countries with populations >20M

Worst to best:

1. Italy
2. UK
3. #Canada (declining)
4. Australia
5. Spain
6. France
7. US
8. Germany
9. Japan
10. South Korea
11. Poland
12. Taiwan

Oct 27: Cumulative #COVID19 DEATHS per capita among high income countries with populations >20M

Worst to best:

1. Spain
2. US
3. UK
4. Italy
5. France
6. #Canada
7. Germany
8. Poland
9. Australia
10. Japan
11. South Korea
12. Taiwan

Why is this better than Canada’s CFR?

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Can someone help? I dont want to see someone be separated from their animal like Mark & Jaxx are facing

Lets raise the amount of $795.00 so they dont get evicted on Friday They only have to last 7-10 more days before they are able to access housing due to being on a wait list 🙏

Etransfer: HarvestHillsCaresCalgary@Gmail.Com

PayPal info can be found in their profile bio on Twitter and on their website

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4 hours & 1 minute left til the deadline. Only $125 has been raised so far! @CalgaryFoodBank @HarvestHillsYYC





I will match each donation to a total of $2000.00 each!
Until 11:59pm tonight...I will match any and all donations made to @HarvestHillsYYC & @CalgaryFoodBank.


1.) Follow both @CalgaryFoodBank & @HarvestHillsYYC
2.) DM me proof of your donation via screenshot.

*I’ll match donations up to $2000.00 for each org*
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Canada Health Regions 900 pm Sep 9
Canada's PHU's report 583 new cases. The weekly per 100K trend continues to increase, up 25% from last week.
More ⤵️

#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19MB #AB #BC… Image
Canada's speed signal is the highest since the start of May. The signal is a warning of increasing infection spread. Image
Toronto led the country with 58 cases today. Image
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🇨🇦 Health Regions 830pm Sep 3
Canada's PHU's added 588 cases today. The country has now reached 9.9 weekly cases per 100K. That's the highest since mid-June.
#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19MB #AB #BC… Image
Another region turns red, this time in Quebec - Estrie. Image
Daily cases.
Peel spikes to 70. Image
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1,053 new #COVID19 cases reported today in #Canada. It's a Monday, which means we get Saturday + Sunday + Monday #COVID19 cases in today's report for many provinces, particularly #BC and #AB. But still, we haven't seen a one-day total this high since May 23. (1/x) Image
THIS IS PARTLY ARTIFICIAL. AB used to report on weekends and BC used to report on Saturdays, which means these cases would be spread out instead of all being reported on Monday. (2/x)
On the other hand, there really is a positive trend in cases in two large provinces. In the past 7 days (threshold: 15% change):
📈 QC
📈 AB
➖ ON
➖ BC
➖ SK
📉 MB

(3/x) Image
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Public Health Act Review is taking place this morning. Cdn Civil Liberties Asso executive director spoke earlier. He is asking the committee to recommend all orders under the act be made available online, tweeted out, etc.
Michael Bryant also says he doesn't know if there was a necessity for health records to be made available to police to see if they were exposed to #COVID19 by a suspect. He says there is already a process for police to get a warrant for that info. 1/2
2/2 He asks whether there was an epidemic of people spitting on police officers and whether there was any data to support this "supposedly scientifically necessary public health order?"
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#CoronaVirus dunya geneli

Vaka sayisi-22 milyon
Kendi kendine iyilesen-14 milyon

Elitlerin sehri Dubai
vaka sayisi-65 bin
Kendi kendine iyilesenler-58 bin
#Corona öldürmüyor,Sistemi degistiriyor

Dijital Sistem
Kripto Para
Nakitsiz toplum
Özel Pasaport
MikroCip ImageImage
#GDO'lu ürünler
siz doyasiniz diye mi üretildi saniyorsunuz?

#Kamera Sistemi
Siz Guven icinde yasayasiniz

#GenetikMühendislik Calismalari
Siz daha saglikli kalasiniz

#DNA sifreleri
Siz rahat edin diye mi cözüldü saniyorsunuz?
Kiminle dans ettiginizi bilin;
#Seytani'ler ImageImage
#Seytani Küreselcilerin Dergisi olan
Ekonomistin Kapagindaki resimleri
Saat Yönünde
soldan saga takip edin.

Hazirladiklari #Günes #Patlamasi senaryosu var.

Cin Komünist Devletinin baslattigi
Yapay Gunes ve Yapay Ay Projelerini hatirlayin.

Adim Adim.. ImageImage
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Think of the students... the mental and emotional impact (in no particular order) of:

• someone in their school dying... their class. A friend.
• a teacher dying
• having to self isolate anytime someone in their cohort is symptomatic.
The impact of...

• having to be continually reminded to put their mask on
• the breakdown of student-teacher relationships with teachers continually nagging students
• an unexpected school shut down for deep cleaning
• feelings of guilt if you transmit CoVid to someone
The impact of...

• wondering why your friends are coming to school
• sit down, shut up, and do you work for all classes
• no, you can't go take a moment to collect yourself in the hallway
• no toys
• no sharing
• no socializing
• no fun
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I'm on the COVID-19 beat today, follow along for details as we will soon get an update on Alberta's numbers after the August long weekend. #ab #covid19 #yyc
For reference, here are how the numbers stand now after the last update on Friday. Image
Case numbers going down!
Friday: 97 cases
Saturday: 67 cases
Sunday: 74 cases
Monday: 65 cases

85 are in hospital with 23 in ICU. Five new deaths reported over the weekend, three of them at the Southgate Care Centre in Edmonton. It is now the deadliest outbreak in the province
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I am dialed into the press conference and waiting for it to begin in about 20 minutes. Can also watch online on or listen live on our station @660NEWS #yyc #yeg #ab
Operator has informed us the presser will be delayed by at least a further ten minutes.
Meantime, here are the latest COVID-19 numbers: 141 new cases, two more deaths. #yyc #yeg #covid19 #ableg Image
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The numbers are in...and they are bad. 368 new COVID-19 cases from Friday to Sunday. Three more deaths. Calgary zone ballooning to 553 active cases. #yyc #yeg #ab Image
Three Calgary areas are on the watch list. Upper NE added on today, after Calgary-Centre and Calgary-Elbow were identified last week. Image
A look at the ages of those being infected. A warning to fellow Albertans between the age of 20-39. Image
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105 new cases of COVID-19 in Alberta over the last 24 hours. 859 active cases, 385 in Calgary zone. We will not get any more updates until Monday. #yyc #yeg #ab Image
Also, two new deaths and there was an increase in people in the ICU. Hospitalization numbers are stable from yesterday.
Here's a look at the current outbreaks in #yyc. Most recent ones on the list include the Cactus Club and Fire N Ice Lounge, along with a "private gathering". Image
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Getting ready to watch a press conference from the RCMP about comments made by Deputy Commissioner Zablocki about systemic racism, and details on the investigation relating to the arrest of Chief Allan Adam. Will have details here. Watch on our website @660NEWS #yeg #ab
We all know the background on Chief Adam. But also, earlier this week Zablocki told a press conference in Edmonton that he didn't believe systemic racism was an issue in policing. He revised the claim later on by stating "racist individuals can be anywhere throughout our society"
Correction, we will not be hearing about the Adam investigation. Only hearing from Zablocki here. Press officer says they can't comment on Adam due to sensitivities around it being actively investigated.
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Almost time for the Friday edition of the #COVID19AB update. Stay tuned here for the details, or you can watch/listen live on @660NEWS #yyc #ab #COVID19
In case you needed a refresher, here is the data from yesterday's update. Calgary remains a hot zone, with over 800 cases in the city alone out of over 1,100 province-wide. Image
There are 1,073 active cases in the province, with 62 in hospital and 9 in the ICU. 58 new cases in the past 24 hours. Also, results from asymptomatic testing are coming in. This has 50 new cases among people without symptoms.
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Today's #COVID19AB update due to start soon, follow along for details and as always watch or listen live on @660NEWS. Yesterday, we had 62 new cases and two deaths as the province announced Stage 1 of the relaunch would start, with exceptions in Calgary and Brooks. #yyc #ab
Dr. Hinshaw begins today. 50 new cases found in the last 24 hours, and one more death. This is at a long-term care facility in Calgary.
There are now 65 people in hospital, with ten in the ICU. Hinshaw comments on the reopening, and frustration in Calgary and Brooks. She says this decision was not made lightly, and they had to find a balance in this situation as there are so many more cases in these communities.
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Shandro starts off today's update by talking about how some non-urgent surgeries are starting up again. #ableg #abhealth
Shandro says as more surgeries are phased in, they will monitor and evaluate if more procedures can resume, such as short-term overnight stays. He says if there's too much risk, they may take a step back if need be.
Hinshaw says 70 new cases have been identified, total now in #AB is 5836. 2942 cases have recovered. #abhealth
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Pension War room™️ begins a dive into the dung heap of AIMCo corporate governance. CEO Kevin has been busy. He appeared on a youtube broadcast of the Canadian Club "Pensions and the Pandemic" (it's boring)

This is what is wrong: CEO KEVIN IS NOT A PENSION EXECUTIVE. He is an investment executive. There is a big difference. Never has he gone to a job interview and been asked specific questions about pension liabilities. The Canadian Club called him a pension executive. He isn't.
Which gets to the AIMCO Board. It was an okay arrangement if you were just investing the Heritage Trust Fund. You know, a board selected from business luminaries in AB giving something back to AB. Undoubtedly influencing investment in AB oil and gas. #ABLeg
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