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Hey 👋

I’m Erica, the Head of Content at @getgrizzle, a content marketing agency.

I'm taking over SEMrush's account to talk quality content.

-Why it matters in SEO strategies
-How to scale it

Learn how to make your content rank & convert:

@ericasmyname #SEOThread
Quality content builds trust, traffic, & conversions.



🛑 It's NOT:

-Regurgitated, fluffy, lazy, boring, & unhelpful.

@ericasmyname #SEOThread
Relevant content is more likely to resonate with your audience.

This leads to more:


Which positively impacts rankings, authority, awareness, & revenue.

Low-quality content might rank but won't convert as successfully.

@ericasmyname #SEOThread
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SEO’s make recommendations 100% of the time. But according to a recent Ttwitter poll, they only get implemented around 30-40% of the time. 😱So what gives? Why is implementation such a blocker 🛑 and how can you overcome it?

#SEOthread @JohnMorabitoSEO
Let’s start with the top reasons your recommendations sit in a dev queue.

✅Lack of understanding of the why and how
✅Lack of senior-level buy-in
✅Not tied to OKRs or KPIs
✅Not properly prioritized
✅Simply not possible

Each can be overcome.
#seothread @JohnMorabitoSEO
Lack of understanding of the why and how behind an SEO recommendation is a sure fire way to not get anything done. 😕 Make sure the team you are asking for help understands exactly what they need to do, and WHY you are asking them to do it. 💬

#seothread @JohnMorabitoSEO
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Hey there, I’m Nikki Halliwell, a freelance technical SEO Consultant and Tech SEO Specialist at @JourneyFurther.
As a lover of website audits, I wanted to share 7 steps to help you create more than just a boilerplate audit.
#SEOThread @NikkiRHalliwell Image
1. Gather Basic Website Information

There’s no point in doing an audit if you don’t know why you’re doing it. Get information from the client & click through the site like a user trying to convert; it’s important you understand their frustrations.

#SEOThread @NikkiRHalliwell
2. Gather Your Data
Spend time analyzing GSC and GA for trends or issues. Remember to also use Semrush to gather visibility and keyword data. You’ll need all of this when you get into the audit.

#SEOThread @NikkiRHalliwell
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In the last 4 years, I’ve written over 200 articles for 15+ clients (including Hubspot, Hotjar, and Databox).

Only 4 needed edits I couldn’t make from my phone.

Steal my LEMA framework for crisp–clear content that editors (and users) will love 🧵

#SEOThread @lilyugbaja Image
L for Logical

Unrestrained, you could write 4k words about tomatoes.
🔸Whether they’re fruit or vegetable
🔸Their color

Logic is what restricts your scope so that you’re only writing what your audience needs to read — in the order they need to read it
When you make a point, what’s the next logical question that point raises?

Logic answers the questions what, who, where, when, why, how…depending on context.


Statement: You should read books.
Q: Why? Because X benefit.
Q: How (do books give you X benefit)?

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Hello there!!

I am @DigitalRahulM and I am taking over @semrush’s Twitter today.

I work as an SEO strategist @novelvox
So, I will share some simple yet effective ways to ensure your SEO wins.

#SEOThread @DigitalRahulM Image
There is a possibility that you must have heard about all these pointers before, but if you can get these pointers right, you will always be sorted.

Do stay with me till the bonus point in the end.

#SEOThread @DigitalRahulM
1️⃣ Understanding the search perspective of the audience:

Your audience’s perspective will help you create appropriate and relevant content for them.

👉Ask questions directly to them.
👉Check their dwell time
👉Find through surveys and their reports

#SEOThread @DigitalRahulM
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4 Ways to Determine Backlink Quality:

Having dealt with countless DMs trying to sell me #backlinks, I can now say:

All backlinks aren’t made equal.

As with many things in #SEO

Quality > quantity

#SEOthread @adrianakstein
So what actually makes a quality backlink? Here are a few methods for determining this:

#SEOthread @adrianakstein
Method 1: Avoid Paid Backlinks

I want to make it absolutely clear that you should NEVER buy backlinks!

If someone is offering that to you, RUN for the hills!

Not to mention that it’s actually against Google guidelines.

#SEOthread @adrianakstein
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You've identified a promising keyword.

Now what? 🤷🏾‍♀️

Whether you'll tackle the content yourself or pass the torch to a writer, an SEO content brief will come in handy.

How? And what should it include beyond keywords?

The answers lie in this #SEOThread by yours truly.

Some briefs have short, unhelpful descriptions. E.g.
"for design teams."

Others reuse broad descriptions for every piece, resulting in too-broad content.

Specify the audience segment each piece is for and what they need from it.

@optimized3x #SEOThread

True, the traditional customer journey is getting rarer. But give an approximation of the stage the top audience segment is at.

It can dramatically affect how a piece is written and whether or not it satisfies the audience.

@optimized3x #SEOThread
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Hey, hey, hey… @billiegeena here

I’m the learning and development manager at @salt_agency, and I’m here to talk to you about how I do keyword research that converts.

So, let’s crack on!

I’m not going to talk about getting data, instead, I will show you how I finalise keywords. First, I break down a site into its different intent categories and priority levels i.e. Navigation = Primary, Category = Primary, Local Page = Supporting

@billiegeena #SEOThread
I then use this data to go further to work out the intent of the users and decide where they might be in the sales funnel. Typically this looks like “seeking knowledge”, “seeking clarity” and “Seeking a service”.

@billiegeena #SEOThread
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“Niche Site Beginners” tend to make a few crucial mistakes when it comes to building their own site to an authority site

Here's how to think like a successful publisher

#SEOThread @saintvienna
Why would you listen to me?

I've built my blog to more than 1 million page views per month (then I sold it for 6 figures)

I've learned a lot (about myself) along the way.

Changing how I think of “neesh websites” paved my way to success.

So, let's go!

#SEOThread @saintvienna
✨ You Need To Be Patient ✨

“How long does it take to see results?” is a common question when you're just starting out

The answer is “it depends” – anyway, you shouldn't expect serious results in the first 6 months

#SEOThread @saintvienna
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Hi everyone!👋 Gill Andrews here. I'm a conversion copywriter and a UX specialist who turns underperforming websites into slick lead-generating machines 💪

I'm here to talk about 6 mistakes of #smallbiz websites that kill your business.


#SEOThread @StoriesWithGill
Before we dive in, here's what your prospects need to understand ab. your offer to give you their $:
* What it is
* How it helps them
* How it works
* What they need to invest
* Why trust you
* Why choose you

☝️At least 1 violation = website mistake
#SEOThread @StoriesWithGill
With respect to your website, it means that your prospects need to:

* Understand what you're saying

…and find it:

* relevant
* valuable
* specific
* trustworthy


Or else they'll walk away & take their $$$ with them.
#SEOThread @storieswithgill
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Hi, folks! @dana_nic0le here, a freelancer who writes articles and copy for landing pages and ads.

Today, I’m teaching you about Featured Snippets and how you can increase your chance of ranking for them😎@dana_nic0le #SEOthread Image
Ranking in Featured Snippets is a great way to:
📈Get more clicks to your site
🤩Take up more real estate in the SERPs
💰Increase conversions on your BoFu pages (by driving more targeted traffic)

So, how do you do it?

@dana_nic0le #SEOthread
First, find keywords (that you’re already ranking for) that have Featured Snippets.

The easiest way to do this is to use @semrush (but I’ll show you another way in case you aren’t a user…yet 😉)

@dana_nic0le #SEOthread
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Hello SEO friends! 👋 I'm Alizée, a freelance SEO consultant with a passion for specialty coffee and knitting.
I'll be taking over the #SEOthread today to talk about using #searchintent to optimise product pages 🤓
So get cozy, grab a notepad, and read on! 😉↓ @AlizeeBaudez Image
First things first, search intent is the purpose of a user’s search.

There are 4 type of search intent:
→ Navigational = find something or a website
→ Informational = research
→ Commercial = compare options
→ Transactional = buy, complete an action

#SEOthread @AlizeeBaudez Image
Do you notice how information, commercial and transactional search intent coincide with the buyer's journey?

You want your website's content to take the user through each step of the journey.

Ex: blog posts, homepage information, product details, etc.

#SEOthread @AlizeeBaudez
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OMG, Y’ALL - I’m Greg Gifford, VP of Search at @searchlabagency, I speak at tons of conferences, and I’ve got a bunch of classes at @semrushacademy - and I'm taking over the #SEOthread - And today, we’re gonna chat about Google Business Profiles!
First of all, yeah - it's the worst rebrand ever. We're probably all going to keep calling it "Google My Business" and "GMB" for another year or two (and did no one at Google realize how confusing “GBP” would be in the UK?

#SEOthread @greggifford
But it's not just a name change - you can now edit your profile directly in search results (you don't have to log into the dashboard)

(and no, the dashboard isn't going away - you can still use it if you prefer)

#SEOthread @greggifford
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Hi, I'm Katherine, and I'm doing a Semrush Twitter takeover today on all things #Crawl Depth.

Follow this thread to learn:
▪︎ What does crawl depth mean
▪︎ Why it's important and
▪︎ How to improve crawl depth on your website
@Ka3rne #SEOthread
Crawl/click depth refers to the number of links it takes to reach a page from your homepage.
From the starting point, your homepage is ground 0. Pages linking from the homepage have a depth of 1. Other pages linking from the "1" pages have a depth of 2& so on. @Ka3rne #SEOthread
So, Why Is Crawl Depth Important?

User Experience
Let's say a first-time visitor lands on your homepage looking for SHOES.

If they have to dig through several links to find that category, there are chances they'd get frustrated and even abandon your site.

@Ka3rne #SEOthread
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Hi 👋, I'm Bernard Huang, co-founder @Clearscope, the leading SEO content optimization tool.

In today’s @SEMRush’s #SEOThread, I want to open your eyes to the future of SEO content.

And give you a framework on how to win more rankings with less frustration. @bernardjhuang
Once upon a time, we lived in a Google algo where longer content meant better rankings.

@Backlinko named this "The Skyscraper Technique" and a new era of one-upmanship was born among SEOs.

Competitor uses 1k words? Let's raise the ante to 2k words. @bernardjhuang #SEOthread
And for a period of time "The Skyscraper Technique" worked like a charm.

But Google wasn't satisfied just yet with their SERPs, so they continued improving how their algorithm worked.

And introduced two massive updates via Hummingbird & Rankbrain.

@bernardjhuang #SEOthread
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Hello! I’m Daniel Liddle, SEO Lead at @impression. Do you find it challenging to keep colleagues or clients invigorated with reporting on SEO? Here are my tips on ways to engage your stakeholders and prove the true value of SEO within your reporting. @danielcliddle #SEOthread Image
Have a story. A good narrative is essentially a concise story that clients and key stakeholders can takeaway with full confidence. In order to build that story, you want to combine performance, activity, opportunity and wider market trends. @danielcliddle #SEOthread
With reporting commentary, always think of SIA. Statistics - a summarised metric. Insight - What this means. Action - What you’re going to do about it. @danielcliddle #SEOthread
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Hello all!
I’m Sandra Dinardi. When I am not managing government website implementations, I am an SEO consultant and content writer helping small businesses build better digital user experiences.

@WebContentSD #SEOthread Image
Let’s change the narrative about SEO and optimize websites for humans too. Implementing SEO overlaps with accessibility and usability best practices.
Check out this thread for lessons in Accessibility & Usability with SEO

@WebContentSD #SEOthread
1. Headings and lists
We know these structures help search engines.

But did you know the significance of structure and formatting for people who use screen readers? Assistive technologies use them for in-page navigation.…
@WebContentSD #SEOthread
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Howdy! Brie E Anderson here 👋

I'm the founder of BEAST Analytics, a digital marketing analytics and strategy consultancy. I heard through the grapevine that some of y'all hate GA4... So, let's talk about it.

#SEOThread @brie_e_anderson
First thing first, what is even the point of GA4? Well, there are a few
1️⃣ Cookieless browsing is COMING
2️⃣ User journeys consist of multiple devices and properties
3️⃣ Things can change in an instant

#SEOThread @brie_e_anderson
Now, let's get started... In GA4 there is 🙅 NO MORE SAMPLED DATA! 🙅

I'm not even lying.

All standard reports in GA4 report on 100% of events even when you add secondary dimensions or comparisons.

#SEOThread @brie_e_anderson
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We are all brilliant in identifying issues and creating audits; I truly believe as SEOs we are able to take a website to the next level. But, how can we get our recommendations implemented? A 🧵 by @Kevin_Ellen_ #SEOthread Image
One of the crucial parts of getting things implemented is knowing who holds the keys to the website. Often this is not marketing, but closer to the product/development team! Which means relationships outside the marketing team will have to be created. @Kevin_Ellen_ #SEOthread
Throughout my experience I have seen many marketing teams struggle with this step; as it can be hard to effectively communicate with development teams. This is no one's fault, because the roles are different. There are ways we as SEOs can help with this. @Kevin_Ellen_ #SEOthread
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Hi! I'm Kristal Audain, an SEO working in product at Groundworks. Let’s talk a bit about the impact of having an SEO team mindset vs having an SEO Champion.

#SEOThread @SEOKristal
Recently, companies are waking up and realizing that SEO is important to their overall strategy resulting in an increase in corporate SEO positions.

#SEOThread @SEOKristal
However, more times than not, this results in only 1 or 2 SEOs on a team carrying the banner for the entire company. This can be a lonely place.

#SEOThread @SEOKristal
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Do you think about your homepage?

Hey there 👋. I’m @shelbyblackley, SEO Manager for @mashable & co-creator of #WTFisSEO?, a newsletter that helps news publishers do search better. 🤓

SEO for news is complex. But your homepage is a secret to ranking.

#SEOThread Image
We spend hours upon hours optimizing our daily articles so Google will rank them in Top Stories, Google News, and Discover.

We focus a ton on optimizing the:
☑️ Headlines
☑️ Decks
☑️ Slugs/URLs

of our daily news files.

#SEOThread @shelbyblackley
We wait patiently for Google to index the URL.

But what if there was a faster way for Google to find that fresh, new story you just published? 🤔🤔

The crawlers need to get to it somehow. 🧐

Enter your homepage. 🔗

#SEOThread @shelbyblackley
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🧵SEO is Hard 🧵

I think a lot, if not all, of us who work in SEO understand this, but what can make it harder is when you're down MoM or YoY compared to where you were.

You feel like a failure, but I'm here to tell you that is not the case.

Let me explain in this thread...
1⃣ People May Be Searching Less 1⃣

This is the case for us. As an SEO who works in ecommerce, organic growth and revenue growth matters.

When you're down in traffic and revenue, just have a look at keyword planner.. You may find people are just searching less.

That's okay!
The cost of living is higher, inflation is becoming a HUGE issue, people have re-evaluated where they're spending for 2022 compared to 2021.

If you're down, take a look at Google Keyword Planner. You may find searches are down for your key terms.

It's natural and it happens.
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I'm Joe Hall, SEO Consultant at Most of my work over the years has been focused on Advanced Technical SEO Audits.

SEO Audits are pointless if they aren't implemented. Therefore, here are 4 Strategies to Get SEO Audits Implemented

@joehall #SEOThread
Often it seems as if getting your client to do what you say is impossible. Many times audits are never fully implemented or ignored completely.

We fix this with 4 strategies: Target HIPPOs, Audit Structure, Delivery Schedule, Embedded Project Management
@joehall #SEOThread
1: TARGET HIPPOs: The Highest Paid Person's Opinion is typically what decides which direction a team moves in. If your audit isn't appealing to the HIPPOs of an organization it likely won't get off the ground.

@joehall #SEOThread
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🧵 As an #SEO, I love #StructuredData.

Why? Because it empowers us to highlight important information while also encapsulating that info in a clear and defined way.

(#SEOThread on Ecommerce Schema: THIS IS HAPPENING!) (/1)
"Sure, Google is fantastic at gleaning the meaning of our content, but with language, there's significant room for interpretation and error.

The world of has a set of rules and meanings so that our data points do not risk being misunderstood. (/2)"
So, now that you understand what makes structured data so powerful, let's take a look at some of my most used schema types to implement for #EcommerceSEO. (/3)
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