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THREAD - What happened at the Huanan #seafood market?

The @WHO report is quite clear on this point: #SARSCoV2 might have jumped from a wild animal sold in this market and maybe other markets in #Wuhan. But what do we know exactly? 1/15

#originsofSARSCoV2 Image
After all this time, the Huanan seafood market still remains the main suspect for a simple reason: most of the early cases had visited at least one market in Wuhan city, and several of them visited the Huanan market. 2/15 Image
According to the report, 10,000 people visited this place every day, making it a perfect setting for an #outbreak. One might argue: what about the cases without market exposure? Good question! 3/15
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Five years ago today, USFWS banned 201 species of #salamanders from entering the US to prevent a #chytrid extinction crisis (see here:…) Unfortunately #frogs can also carry this pathogen & their door remains wide open:… #WildlifeTrade
As a freelance #WildlifeTrade scientist, my work integrates #science & policy to help reduce potential harm trade may cause. The example above shows the dangers that occur when government laws & policies don't keep up with scientific progress (2/N) @NatGeo #nature #OneHealth Image
After @USFWS enacted the 2016 #WildlifeTrade restriction to help keep this deadly fungus out of the US, it was found that frogs can also carry this "#salamander" pathogen. Thus #frogs might be carrying 2 species of #chytrid into the US (see…) #SciComm (3/N) Image
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IMPORTANT REMINDER! If you ever see a sick or dead #salamander please snap a photo & add it to my disease surveillance page on @inaturalist at… A novel #chytrid fungus is attacking #salamanders & you can help! #CitizenScience #CommunityScience #salamanders
Just realized I hashtagged salamanders 50 times in the post above. Sorry! Chytrid fungus gets me all fired up!
And just to be clear, the photos you upload do NOT necessarily mean that the animals had #chytrid fungus. Lots of things cause amphibians to die. But we have *so* little info about what a "normal" amount of dead #salamanders looks like. Your records have sparked field responses!
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Good news!

The salamander #chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans, #Bsal), that is causing massive mortality of #salamanders in Europe, was not detected in an intensive survey of wild North American #amphibians!

Read the complete study here:…
Through intensive survey efforts, a collaborative team of over 35 researchers led by the USGS Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative and USGS National Wildlife Health Center has found no detection of Bsal across the US and one site in Mexico.
The results published on August 3 in Scientific Reports by Waddle et al. found no evidence of Bsal in over 11,000 collected skin swabs. These findings suggest that if Bsal does occur in the US it is not likely to be widespread in many of the high-risk areas that were sampled.
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Hey, that’s me! 😆

Enjoyed giving a guest seminar about #biofluorescence in #amphibians @MetroStateU this evening Image
Got to show this neat new video on what #biofluorescence looks like in live tiger #salamanders
Curious to know more? Check out mine & @Bathypterois paper…
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Representing @SCSUCOSE #Biology at this #STEM #outreach event for high school students! Will talk about #biofluorescence, #biodiversity , & #gradschool ImageImageImage
@SCSUCOSE students Noel & @Anoplogaster_ doing #STEM outreach Image
Teaching high school students about #biofluorescence in #salamanders & marine #fish , some of our ongoing #research @SCSUHUSKIES in
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#HerpFall2019 students will check traps & learn about #fieldwork notes & disinfection protocols tomorrow!

Hoping the #herp gods look kindly upon us & fill our hoop nets, minnow traps, & cover objects with critters!

Stay tuned! (All wrk w/appropriate permits) Image
‘Twas a good day in #HerpFall2019 !

Turned up 7 species in central MN during #fieldwork today!

Highlights: a feisty female painted #turtle , & SO MANY blue spotted #salamanders , boreal chorus #frogs , & wood frogs.

I think it’ll be a fun year 😊
Here’s the class posing next to a statue of a painted turtle (that you can hardly see 😆...we’ll get better at team pics) Image
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#Fieldwork yesterday & today yielded several highlights:

A dozen blue spotted #salamander #larvae , plus one dead in a trap (with a massive belastomatid insect [aka "toe biter"]).

These larvae are part of a student's project, which he'll be presenting @MWPARC this August! Image
Plus metamorphosing or recently metamorphosed #amphibians of a few different species! (It's that time of the year in central #Minnesota )

In some spots the ground was littered with tiny wood #frog (Lithobates sylvaticus) metamorphs. You can see this one's remaining tail nubbin. ImageImage
And right as I was reminding us to "keep an eye out for metamorphosing #toads" I came across this American toadlet (Anaxyrus americanus) Image
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Fun take on the #biology of the Demogorgon on #StrangerThings !

Demogorgons develop front limbs first. Interestingly, that’s how some #salamanders develop too!

#Salamanders in the family #Ambystoma (aka mole salamanders) develop their front limbs first as well!

Here is a young marbled salamander #larva showing off its front limbs & frilly external gills. Image
But for #frogs we see the back limbs developing first.

Cool #FrogFacts :

The back legs are visible as they develop on a #tadpole , but the front are hidden under a layer of skin (the operculum).

As the tadpole develops, they BURST out through the skin!

Aliens style 😉
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Happy end to first attempt at trapping blue spotted #salamanders (Ambystoma laterale) during #fieldwork in #Minnesota.

This good looking male (see the swollen cloacal region posterior to hind legs) was caught at a pond where we had previously found eggs but not adults. ImageImage
Things I have learned:
- I'm still agile in chest waders 💪
- Blue-spots will lay eggs that are individually attached to vegetation/leaf litter (rather than in clumps, which is what I'm used to with other species of #Ambystoma #salamanders )
🤞that we have luck in a week or so with tiger #salamanders & their eggs! If anyone has photos of tiger sal eggs in situ, we'd appreciate seeing them!

#HERper #herpetology #fieldwork #amphibians
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#Minnesota #herp #fieldwork thread:

Spent yesterday afternoon with an undergrad researcher (Alex) hoping to find breeding blue-spotted #salamanders

Here's one of the ponds where we've got traps out. 🤞🤞🤞
Didn't see any sally activity, but other #amphibians were active! Image
The three ponds we are trapping for #salamanders had *deafening* choruses of boreal chorus frogs (Pseudacris maculata).

Here's male chorus #frog . You can't see it in the pic, but the skin of their throats turns yellow when they've been calling. Image
Alex's first wood #frog catch of the season!

Wood frog males were calling while supported by submerged, dead grasses in another pond we checked for #salamanders . Image
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Went to sample a site for #HerpSpring2018 & turned up: southern leopard #frog tadpoles 1/? Image
@jenylamb plus a munched on #salamander (Siren intermedia, see the gills?) #HerpSpring2018 2/? ImageImage
@jenylamb plus a #newt still sporting some fancy pants (males have thick keratin on thighs) #HerpSpring2018 3/? ImageImage
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Wasn’t going to miss #plethodontidweek ! Wanted to get recent pics of local #salamanders 👁13 gorgeous dwarfs 1/2 ImageImage
@jenylamb and got a good “where’s Waldo?” shot. There is a female dwarf #salamander in this pic! #plethodontidweek Image
@jenylamb these are both handsome males. Check out those cirri (elongate fleshy projections from upper lip, aka #salamander mustache)
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