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Today's #PhotoRetrospective2021 is for the month of March. March brought an abundance of #flowers to South #Georgia.

March also brought some really interesting tree textures to my lens.

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Thank you @IWS_Network for giving me the opportunity to share my #story 💜 ! This a part of Voices Without Frontiers program… #IWS #WomenInSTEM #VoicesIWS #ecology #conservation #biodiversity
I was born in #saopaulo, #Brazil’s largest city, very different from the #Amazon Rainforest & Rio! See me and a #samauma, the most famous Amazon tree 🌳
Also me & @IsabelaHissa in front of Sao Paulo’s #MASP (Modern Art Museum) & me and my mom in #Rio! #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Image
I can say I lived in a great #rainforest because Sao Paulo & most of the coast of Brazil are in the Atlantic Forest 🌴🌺🐍. It is one of the 34 world’s #hotspots of #biodiversity, with more than 1500 plant species and 90% of original area loss. #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Source: https://www.e-educa...
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Right now, across eastern #Australia, #frogs are croaking it in large numbers – and again it’s the ARWH that are hopping up to the agar plate to find out what’s going on... #WildlifeHealth #ScienceWeek… @jodirowley @KarrieARose @FrogIDAus #FrogID @austmus
There's a reason the humble #frog is ARWH's unofficial mascot. #Amphibians are valuable #IndicatorSpecies – being highly susceptible to environmental toxins & many pathogens (parasitic, bacterial, viral & fungal) - & right now they're indicating that something is seriously wrong
We are currently in an unusual #MassMortality event for #frogs, and Taronga's AWRH is right at the forefront of figuring out what is going on.
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**NEW PAPER ALERT** 'Road effect mitigation promotes connectivity and reduces mortality at the population level'. #turtles #snakes #amphibians #roadecology @OntarioParks @PresquilePP
Road mortality is a major threat to reptile and amphibian populations. Using a 6-year paired BACI design, we tested if roadside fencing and tunnels beneath the road would reduce road mortality rates of reptiles and amphibians.
We found that road mortality was reduced for turtles and amphibians compared to our control site- great! However, we found no effect of the mitigation on snake mortality - not good!
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Lately I have been talking to some students and friends about various places to look for academic positions. Because there is no ONE-FOR-ALL space to find opportunities, here is a thread summarizing the ones I know of 1/34 #AcademicTwitter #phdchat #phd #internationalPhD
Having said that, I must emphasize that this #database is skewed towards #Asians and #Indians (and other #internationals) to study in #EU #UK or #USA in general and is certainly not exhaustive. I have no info. on #NSF grants for example or grants within India. 2/34
Most importantly, I’m hoping this thread helps #colouredwomeninSTEM & #WomeninSTEM, please feel free to RT. And as a #biologist, I am more aware of databases in #ecology, #wildlife, #evolution and #conservation circles, feel free to add more and share. Let’s dive right in! 3/34
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The webinar on closing the loopholes in the #EU #wildlifetrade regulations, organised by @meps4wildlife in collaboration with @HSIEurope & @prowildlife, is about to kick off! We’ll be live tweeting during the debate. #StolenWildlife #EUBiodiversity
What a great panel! Thanks to @mhojsik from @RenewEurope for hosting the webinar🐍🦎🐢 #StolenWildlife #EUBiodiversity
.@mhojsik opens the discussion and points out that “non-charismatic” species like #reptiles and #amphibians play an important role in ecosystems and are often overlooked when we talk about trade regulations. #StolenWildlife #EUBiodiversity
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Sir David Attenborough as frogs.

A thread. ImageStrawberry Poison Frog (Oop...
Starry Night Harlequin Toad (Atelopus arsyecue) ©Fundación Atelopus ImageImage
Blood Rain Frog (Pristimantis erythros) ©F. Cisneros-Heredia ImageImage
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#ClimateChange is Making Fishes and Reptiles Age Faster; Cutting Their Lives Shorter: Study…

(📸: Adeline Marcos)
The rapidly changing climate is causing #fishes, #reptiles, and #amphibians to age faster while also decreasing their life expectancy, a new study has found.
While alarming, these findings could play a vital role in improving our understanding of how climate change affects the ageing of certain species, which can further be used to devise better conservation plans for these animals.
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Here's a brief thread about annotations in a book. This is one of my favourite #books on #frogs, Chris Mattison's 1987 Frogs and Toads of the World, one of the first of the Blandford Press animals of the world series... Image
My copy was purchased from the used book section of Gilbert's, a noted book seller/dealer in Southampton, today long since closed...
Whoever owned this book before me was properly interested in frogs, and was clearly collecting literature on them. We know this because they heavily annotated the book's bibliography. Look... Image
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Good news!

The salamander #chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans, #Bsal), that is causing massive mortality of #salamanders in Europe, was not detected in an intensive survey of wild North American #amphibians!

Read the complete study here:…
Through intensive survey efforts, a collaborative team of over 35 researchers led by the USGS Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative and USGS National Wildlife Health Center has found no detection of Bsal across the US and one site in Mexico.
The results published on August 3 in Scientific Reports by Waddle et al. found no evidence of Bsal in over 11,000 collected skin swabs. These findings suggest that if Bsal does occur in the US it is not likely to be widespread in many of the high-risk areas that were sampled.
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[1/6] #Climatechange can affect #amphibians indirectly, but few studies look at changes in size or #morphology
For my MSc by research @DICE_Kent I’m deciphering crest growth in #GreatCrestedNewts at individual and population levels. 🐸🦎
#DICECON20 #SpsMon3 #phenology #frogfriday
Male #GCNs grow ornamental crests every year during aquatic breeding period.
As UK seasons become less distinct, #pond arrival times are less predictable.
So what is happening with #crest development?🧐
#DICECON20 #SpsMon3 #sexualselection #ecology
We photographed >100 individual #newts over 2 breeding periods and tracked changes in crest size + shape using #ImageJ software.

Does early arrival = Early growth peak?
Or ⬆ growth period i.e. potential mating advantage?
#DICECON20 #SpsMon3 #phenology #herpetology
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¿Sabes lo que es una #egagrópila? Abrimos hilo 📢🦉➡️ Image
Las #rapaces nocturnas son carnívoras y al alimentarse devoran por completo a su presa, pero todo lo que no es carne no lo pueden digerir, por lo que vomitan unas masas que acumulan los restos no digeridos (pelos, #huesos, etc.), que se denominan egagrópilas. Image
#Owls are carnivorous, and when they eat, they completely devour their prey, but everything that is not meat cannot be digested, so they vomit masses that accumulate the undigested remains (hairs, #Bones, etc.), which are called pellets.
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t's Sunday and our last day of #AmphibianWeek! Today's theme is:

Actions for #Amphibians

What do you do to help amphibians?

Luckily there are things all of us can do help these little vertebrates 🐸

In this thread you'll find some things you can do: Image
Here are some things you can do:

At home:
🐸 build a frog pond
❌ avoid pesticides
🌿 leave natural vegetation

In parks:
❌ don’t move rocks (there may be eggs underneath!)
❌ don’t stack rocks
Whether you are an individual or an organisation working on #amphibian #conservation, there are many ways to get involved with the Amphibian Survival Alliance to help amphibians! Learn more:…

#LeaveTheLeaves #AmphibianAlly
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Today is the 4th #AmphibianWeek day and the theme is:

Threats to #Amphibians

Create your own publication about it and tag us, so we can share it!

Follow this thread to learn more about today's topic! Image
According to the @IUCNRedList of Threatened Species, amphibians are the most #threatened animal group, with 33 species currently listed as #Extinct, 587 as #CriticallyEndangered, 965 as #Endangered, 650 as #Vulnerable, and 375 as #NearThreatened. Image
With over 40% of all amphibian species threatened with extinction, many people and organisations around the world dedicate their lives to protect them. Image
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Today is the 3rd #AmphibianWeek day and the theme is:

Amazing #Amphibian Facts

Create your own publication about it and tag us, so we can share it!

Did you know that amphibians can be great mothers? Follow this thread to learn more!

Image ©Davidvraju Image
"When it comes to dedicated mothering, #caecilians have got us beat. These tube-like #amphibians sacrifice the very skin off their backs (and pretty much everywhere else) to keep their squirming offspring well-fed".
"When a #mama caecilian is taking care of a brood, she grows an extra-thick outer layer of skin that's rich in nutrients and fat. Her writhing mass of noodle-like babies use specially adapted teeth to tuck into #mom's fat suit, using a "death roll" technique".
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Today is the first #AmphibianWeek day and the theme is:

What Are #Amphibians?

Have a look at today's suggested events on this thread! Image
Event: Meet-an-Amphibian Live Webinar
Time: 12:00 – 12:30 pm (EDT) (UTC-04:00)
Sponsor: Smithsonian National Zoo
Details: In this webinar, students and animal lovers of all ages can learn about #amphibians and have their curiosities answered.
Join here:
Event: Amphibians: Nature’s Hidden Secret
Time: 12:00 pm (PDT) / 3:00 pm (EDT) (UTC-04:00)
Sponsors: U.S. Forest Service, Agents of Discovery, Wonders of Wildlife
Details: Take a journey through the life cycle of #amphibians and their role in environment!
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#EboForest in Cameroon is irreplaceable. It is home to many rare and endangered species, including the Goliath Frog.

These cat-sized #amphibians have been around for 250 million years, making them older than the dinosaurs!
#EboForest is one half of the Yabassi #KeyBiodiversityArea, making it a site of global importance to the planet’s overall health. In addition, it is also the ancestral land of more than 40 communities that surround it.
In a letter to the Cameroonian government, scientists from @Global_Wildlife and partners asked them to suspend plans to create 2 long-term logging concessions in Ebo Forest, and that they develop an inclusive land-use plan with the local communities #ProtectEboForest
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Happy Mother's Day! ❤️ Image
"When it comes to dedicated mothering, #caecilians have got us beat. These tube-like #amphibians sacrifice the very skin off their backs (and pretty much everywhere else) to keep their squirming offspring well-fed".
"When a #mama caecilian is taking care of a brood, she grows an extra-thick outer layer of skin that's rich in nutrients and fat. Her writhing mass of noodle-like babies use specially adapted teeth to tuck into #mom's fat suit, using a "death roll" technique".
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Last week in #zoology my class went over #amphibians & I was struggling to design a remote lab that they could enjoy & do easily.

Wound up going with a frog call analysis activity using #RavenLite and am ☺️happy☺️ to see how well they did at identifying the 🐸 spp calling!
Also, this comment about a student's lab assignment #frog bombing her partner's #Zoom call 😂 Image
Y'all....I am currently grading these lab assessments and the comments are making my day. #amphibians for the win! Image
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Looking for an indoor #ecology game? Try this card game! Would be good for #STEMeducation at several levels Image
I played the single player game and went with these two #biomes first

Temperate #forest Image
Here’s the #marine biome I finished with Image
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Hey, that’s me! 😆

Enjoyed giving a guest seminar about #biofluorescence in #amphibians @MetroStateU this evening Image
Got to show this neat new video on what #biofluorescence looks like in live tiger #salamanders
Curious to know more? Check out mine & @Bathypterois paper…
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It’s the time of year where I grade #HerpFall2019 field notebooks! Always fun to see how they remember things and express themselves.

Favorites below in thread
#herpetology #fieldwork
Some #HerpFall2019 students thought belastomatid #insects were “nightmare fuel” 😂

We caught a few of these aquatic predators in our minnow traps. They’ll absolutely eat #amphibians ImageImage
Whereas the #hognose #snake was a hit Image
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Talking about #conservation of #amphibians & #reptiles next week in #HerpFall2019, including impact of #invasives like #cats.

Just found a great article from The Wildlife Professional about the impact of cats on #wildlife and the intricacies of trap-neuter-release programs (1/2)
Here's a link to the ResearchGate PDF:…
Aaand have just learned that one of the authors was convicted of poisoning ferals.

To be crystal clear, I do not support inhumane measures of managing cat populations.…
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Today the #HerpFall2019 class might surpass last year’s class for total # of #amphibians & #reptiles found during #fieldwork 🤞🏼

My target species to add to their list today? ⭐️ Spring peepers ⭐️
I haven’t seen or heard that species since moving to Minnesota.
🤞🏼 🐸 🤞🏼 Image
We got sooo many spring peepers! Recent metamorphs about 1 cm long and a couple of adults. I crazy or are they calling in this video? I ask if I’m crazy bc it’s out of season. Have heard gray tree frogs call out of season but not peepers
Spring peeper habitat in Minnesota (& #HerpFall2019 students hunting #frogs ) Image
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